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Part 126

It's been way too fucking long. Sorry

After Rise's capture into the TV world, and now with Mr. Morooka having met his untimely demise, too, the pressure keeps mounting on the Inaba Investigation Team. Margaret has another very important duty in Souji's quest to find the truth about the murders and kidnappings that are happening in Inaba.

Margaret also keeps a close eye on the changes in the collective unconcious, and the effects of the fog that covers Inaba. Like a mystical weather woman, Margaret maintains a Fusion Forecast, another unique feature that has first been introduced to Persona 4. What it entails for our craft of Persona's, however, will be explained shortly.

   Enjoy something snazzy.

Lesson the Third, Fusion Forecast: Chance and Mastery

The Fusion Forecast is a new addition to the Shin Megami Tensei series - or rather, something familiar in a fresh coat of velvet blue. Margaret can tell, similar to the weather forecast extending in the real world, what mutations exist on top of fusing a Persona. Crafting specific Persona's or using specific ingredients may net you new skills, bonus experience, and the like. Earlier Shin Megami Tensei games have a system that is somewhat similar to the Fusion Forecast, in that by certain phases (of the moon, planet, or other celestial body) may grant a fused demon a new set of abilities or bonuses. However, these tended to be either random or static, with very little means to see just what exactly was to be expected. Margaret tells you exactly what's up on any given day, for any given fusion.

In the year Souji will stay at Inaba, there are over one hundred instances where fusion will be... a little different. Chances aplenty for various small bonuses, but at the same time, very few instances for very particular bonuses to pop up for your favourite Persona's - gotta keep a moment free to craft for that specific day!

A Fusion Forecast generally looks like the following:

Of course, this is but a basic example of a forecast. Fusion Forecast bonuses (and their conditions!) are rather varied. Every single bonus is always added after fusion, so you may tweak your Persona's in crafting, get a bogus skill in its results, and the tables may yet turn thanks to Fusion Forecast! Note that you may get more than one bonus on any given day, so keep your eyes on Margaret's Fusion Forecast.

After this wall of text, I can imagine people going   Don't worry, that's the last you'd ever see like this.

With this beast out of the way, there is but two more things left to explain, but that's best for a last update. Heck, Feinne him/herself may yet get the next fusions, they should be pretty close to introduction. Look out for the next dungeon, it's a doozy, and a fun one.

Next time, Shuffle Time! Arcana Chance! Me finally stopping to sperg out about Fusion!