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Part 5: 4/15/11 Part 1


There was another murder last night…

VIDEO- "Exit Saki"

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I knew something must be up right from the moment I got up, Dojima was rushing out.

> Dojima left the house…
…Dad has to go do something. He got a call, so he left.
> Nanako looks worried…

Gossip was already starting even before people knew what was up.

Red Umbrella Girl: When I looked, I saw three police cars zooming by.
White Umbrella Girl: You live by the police station, don't you? Did you hear anything?
Red Umbrella Girl: I heard yelling, but nothing more. Total disappointment.
White Umbrella Girl: Geez, you need to pay more attention to stuff like that. How else are we supposed to get the juicy stories?
> You hear sirens nearby…
> It seems there's been an incident…
> ……
> …You decide to head to school.

They called us all in for an assembly.

Long-Haired Girl: Of course not… What, is that rumor for real?
Rumor-Loving Girl: I dunno, but it seems like a lot of people have seen it.
> You overhear people gossiping about something.
Yukiko said she'd be here after lunch…
I wonder why they're holding a school assembly all of a sudden.
…Hey, what's wrong, Yosuke?
Oh, it's nothing…
Ms. Sofue: Everyone, please settle down. The school assembly is about to begin.
First, the Principal has something to say.
Principal: I… regret to say that I have a terrible announcement for all of you.

It was worse than we ever could have imagined.

Principal: …has passed away.
Passed away…!?
Principal: Ms. Konishi was found deceased early this morning…
The reasons behind her passing are currently under investigation by the police.
If they ask you for your cooperation, I urge you as students of this school to provide only the facts.
All right, please quiet down…
I have been assured by the faculty that there's been no evidence that bullying was involved in the incident.
So mind what you say, not only to the police but to anyone who asks…
Found dead…? How could this happen…?
> The Principal's address continues…

Old bastard's only concerned with covering his own ass. And nobody could stop talking about the damn details of her death.

VIDEO- "Yosuke's Resolve"

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Girl's Friend: Well, last time, it was from an antenna, but this time she was hanging from a telephone pole.
It's gotta be a serial murder case…
Rumor-Loving Girl: Someone said the cause of death was some unknown poison.
Girl's Friend: Unknown…? C'mon, this isn't some sci-fi drama.
Oh, by the way, did you hear? Someone saw a girl that looked like Saki on that Midnight Channel thingie.
They said she totally looked like she was in pain. Isn't that scary?
Rumor-Loving Girl: Haha, sounds like someone had a nightmare.
The media's been broadcasting their interviews with her nonstop, so maybe they just had Saki on the brain.

People can be so ghoulish.

Hey… Did you guys check out the TV last night?
Yosuke! Not you too!
Just listen for a sec! Something kept bothering me, so… I watched it again, and…
I think the girl on the screen… was Saki-senpai.
There's no mistaking it…
Senpai looked like… she was writing in pain…
And then… she disappeared from the screen.
You heard Senpai's body was found in a similar situation as that announcer's, right…?
Well, remember that guy you told us about? How he was all excited that his soulmate was the announcer?

It was about that point I figured out where Yosuke was going with this, and a chill ran down my spine.

Ms. Yamano might've been on that Midnight Channel before she died, too.
What's that supposed to mean…?
Hold on… Are you saying…
People who appear on that TV… die…?
I can't say for sure.
But something tells me… I just can't dismiss it as coincidence.
Plus, remember what that bear thing said? How that place was dangerous, and we should leave before the fog clears…?
It also said that someone's been throwing people in there.
And that room with the posters on the wall… It has to have something to do with the announcer's death.
I mean… don't you think there's some kind of connection there?
Couldn't that world in the TV have something to do with Senpai and the announcer's death!?
Well…? What do you think…?

At first I'd thought Yosuke was grasping at straws out of grief, but there was some definite sense to it.

…So it's not just me, huh?
If there is a connection, then it's a good bet that the two of them went inside that world.
That would explain the posters in that room.
Which means… if we look around, we might find a place that has something to do with Senpai, too.
Yosuke, don't tell me…
Yeah… I'm thinking about going in again. I want to find out for myself.
D-Don't do this… You should just let the police hand this and-
You think we can rely on the police!? They haven't made any progress on the announcer's case.
Besides, even if we told them about the world inside the TV, there's no way they're gonna believe us!
If I'm completely off-base with this, that's fine…
It's just… I need to know why Senpai had to die like this.
Oh, Yosuke…

He was right, though, if it was true that the death had something to do with the other world, the police were going to be useless.

Sorry… but you're the only person who can help me.
I'm gonna go get ready. I'll be waiting for you at Junes.
> Yosuke has asked you to take him into the TV world again…
I can kinda understand how he feels…
But we can't be sure we'll be able to get out safely again.
What should we do…?

I was inclined to help him out, but I did want a second opinion.

W-Wha? Huh? M-Me?
Uh… Anyways, let's go to Junes. We can't leave Yosuke alone…

We headed to Junes. Yosuke had made some 'preparations' in the mean time.

VIDEO- "The Promise"

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We came to stop you, idiot!
C'mon… You really shouldn't do this. It's too dangerous.
I know… But we were able to come back once, right?
If we go in from the same location, maybe we'll meet that bear again.
"Maybe" isn't good enough!
Look, I can't just act like everyone else and pretend this has nothing to do with me.
That's true, but…
What about you? Could you just walk away?

I knew I couldn't, but Chie… I don't want to see someone else put in danger here.

> There's no telling what may happen over there…
> You voiced your concern over Chie coming along.
Yeah, it'll be just you and me.
Don't worry, I'm not going in without a plan. Chie, I'm leaving you in charge of this.
Huh? What's that? A rope…?
We'll go in with this tied to me, so I want you to hold on to this and wait here.
Wh-What? Then, is this a lifeline? C'mon, wait a sec…
Here, Souji… This is for you.

Yosuke handed me a golf club and some bandages and ointment he'd picked up.

Alright… Let's go. There's no use wasting any more time.
Chie, whatever you do, don't let go of the rope!
H-Hey! I said wait!

We stepped into the TV…


Once again we had a hard fall, and once again we encountered that bear.

Is this…?
Look, this is the same place as last time! So they are connected from place to place!
Y-You guys… Why'd you come back…?
I get it! You're the ones behind this!
You're that thing from last time…!
Wait, what the hell did you just say!?
Lately, I can tell someone's been throwing people in here.
It's making this world more and more messed up…
This is the second time you guys came here. And I don't think anyone forced you in.
That means you're the most suspicious!
You guys must be the ones throwing the people in here, raaaawr!

What do you say when a bear is calling you a killer?

What're you talking about, "throwing people in"!?
If someone was thrown in here and they couldn't get out, they might die!
Who would do such a-
Wait a sec…
All this talk about someone throwing people in here…
Does he mean Senpai and the announcer?
Did that "someone" throw those two in here?
H-Hey… What do you think?

I had to agree.

Yeah… I agree.
Let's assume he's telling the truth…
Could it be that someone's throwing people in here, intending to kill them…?
If that's the case…
What're you guys mumbling about? Why'd you come here, anyways!?
It's a one-way door! You can't get out once you're in!
Remember? How I had to let you guys out?
Yeah, whatever.
We don't need your help this time! See, this time we have a lifeli-

That was when we noticed the line had broken as we entered.

H-Hey! You better let us out once we're done investigating here!
Grrrrr! I'm the one who wants to investigate!
I've lived here for a long time. But it's never been noisy like this till now.
Do you have proof!? Prove to me that you're not throwing people in here!

How the hell were we supposed to prove that?

See! So it is you guys!
For the last time, it's not us, so we've go nothing to prove to you!
Hey, you better answer our questions. This isn't like last time, when we came by accident. We're dead serious!
Listen up, 'cause people have died in our world… Every time the fog appears, a dead body shows up with it.
It has to be related to this place somehow! If you know something, tell us!
A dead body? Whenever the fog appears…?
I know that if it's foggy on your side, the fog lifts here.
It's really dangerous when the fog lifts. That's when the Shadows get violent.
Aaaah… I get it…
Huh…? If you get it, then explain it to us, dammit!
If it's foggy on our side, it isn't in here…? Shadows get violent…?
That's why I said to hurry back! It's dangerous when that happens!

The bear was firmly convinced we were the killers.

I know you guys did it! You better stop right now!
I've told you and told you, we're not the ones doing it!
I've about had it with you… Why the hell won't you listen to what we're saying!?
I-I'm just saying… you might be the culprits.
I'm just making sure…
What…? Man, this bear's driving me nuts…
What is this place, anyways? It looks like a TV studio…
Is something being filmed here…?
H-Hey, don't tell me… Is that weird show being filmed here!?
Weird show? Filmed? What does that mean?
Uh… I'm asking if someone's been filming the people that get thrown in here.
……? I don't get it…
This world has always been like this. No one has ever done that filming thing here.

None of this made any damn sense.

Only me and Shadows are here! I told you before!
Ugh… We don't know what these Shadow things are! Or what you are either, for that matter!
You keep telling us to prove our innocence, but you're the most suspicious thing here!
Maybe you're the real culprit!
And what's with that stupid costume!? I'd say it's time you showed your face!

Yosuke grabbed the bear's head…

And pulled…

What the hell…?

Wh-What the hell are you…?
I-It's empty inside…
Me…? The culprit…? I wouldn't do such a thing…
I just live here…
I just want to live here peacefully…
Okay. I'll believe that you guys aren't the culprits.
But I want you to find the real guy who did all this. You have to stop him.
Promise me, or else…

He had a very effective threat.

Y-You little…!
This can't keep going on! My home here will be a complete mess!
And then… and then… I…
Wh-What're you crying for all of a sudden?
Geez, this thing's really weirding me out…
> The mysterious bear is asking you to find the culprit behind this…
> Someone on the outside is throwing people into this world…
> If the culprit isn't you, he wants you to find the real culprit…
> The mysterious bear seems serious about this…
*sigh * Hey, what should we do?

Now it all made sense. That damn dream.

It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you…
> Could this be the mystery that will be thrust upon you…?
> What was the "contract" Igor spoke of…?
> Could finding the culprit and solving the case be part of this promise…?
> In any case, since you cannot leave the TV world on your own, there seems to be no other option…
You're the only ones I can ask. Will you promise me…?

Fate, destiny, whatever you call it. I didn't really buy into that shit before, but this was an awful coincidence.

Th-Thank you!
Damn bear… Practically holding a gun to our heads…
But… it's true that we came here to figure things out. So far, we're completely in the dark.
Look for the culprit, huh…? Bring it on! You got my word, too.
Might as well introduce ourselves… I'm Yosuke Hanamura, and this is my buddy, Souji Seta.
You got a name?

Should have seen this coming.

*groan * Figures…
But how are we supposed to find the culprit in the first place?
I dunno…
Oh, but I know where the last person came in.
The last person…? You mean Saki-senpai!?
I mean the person who came in and disappeared last time. I dunno the name.
I'll take you there. You might find clues.
Oh, one thing first. You two should put these on.
What're these classes for…?

We put on the glasses, and the difference was amazing!

The difference is like night and day… With these on, it's like the fog doesn't exist.
They'll help you walk through the fog.
…Well, I've been here for a long time. So you can rely on me!
Uh… But I can only show you where the place is. You guys will have to defend yourselves.
What happened to relying on you!? Th-There better not be any monsters! You understand!?
We brought weapons, but I mean… They're more for show!
We just got here! If it's so dangerous, why don't you do something instead of relying on us!?
Uh uh. No way. I've got no muscles.
Oh! Oh! I'll give you guys moral support from a safe distance!
How's that sound?
> Can Teddie really not fight…?

I decided to test that out.

Yeah, he can't fight.

I-Is this thing for real!?
Ugh, this is so lame…
We swore to find the culprit, and this is all the backup we get…?
…Oh yeah. Can I ask you something?
Who's this Saki-senpai person? Someone you know?
That doesn't matter right now…
Anyways, at least now we know Senpai might have been thrown in here.
Maybe we can find more information, too. Let's get moving, Souji.

We picked Teddie up and headed off. We had no idea of the ordeal that would await us…

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