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Part 105: 3/20/12 Part 4

Look at them. Such fragile creatures, yet still they come to defy me.

VIDEO- "Meeting"

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Well thank you very much, Ms. Root of All Evil!
You granted certain individuals the power to enter the TVs. You created the Midnight Channel as well.
And lastly, you started a rumor about the Midnight Channel to raise its public awareness…
Is this correct?
All save one point.
This "Midnight Channel" you speak of…
It is indeed a device to draw hearts into this world.
But it was always your individual wills that would determine what appeared on it.
Humans ache to expose their suppressed sides, while the prying eyes around them are curious to see them laid bare.
The want to show, and the want to see… I granted a "window" that catered to both.
That is all.

For seekers of the truth these ignorant, chattering children are still far from grasping it.

And the Midnight Channel was there to grant their wishes.
Once the person they wanted to see entered the realm of human thought, they would appear even more clearly…
I see… So that's how it worked.
Are you saying… All you did was give that initial spark to Senpai and the others, then watched things unfold?
And the rumors spreading, things going wrong… We're to blame for all that's happened!?
People's curiosity was at fault…?
Everything was for your sake… To create the world mankind so wanted.
Man struggles to understand one another.
You can only truly know a finite number of people within your lifetime…
But humans disregard this fact, and try to know more people than is possible.
Only by comparing yourself to others can you define yourselves. Thus your ever-present anxiety…
Your anxiety causes you to see only what you want to see, and believe only what you wish to believe…

Their lack of understanding would be laughable if it weren't so infuriating.

That's not true.
I must agree that the vast majority of people are exactly as you say.
But we don't intend to live that way.
If we were fine with the world you're making, we'd never have come this far, dammit.
We'll keep searching for truth and figuring out who we are, as we go on with our lives.
We all will… together.
That's right! No more butting into our business!
We will continue to live in our world with everyone else.
That's why…
We'll decide our own fate.

Insolent children must be punished…

Man, it's hazy…

So I decided to play with them for a while.

Wha…!? Geez, it's huge!

Come on, you know we've been through way worse than this thing!
This is just the sendoff our leader deserves!

Such resolution!

Such determination!

Such futility.

Alright! Time for the grand finale!

Time indeed…

VIDEO- "Izanami"

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Yet drunk with truth, you exceeded your role, and became too involved…
Now, learn for yourselves whose wrath you have brought down…
We're not just fighting to solve the case anymore!
Then come, sinful sons of man!
This will end it all… We have to believe!

Boss Battle: Izanami
So here starts the first phase of the final boss, the battle with Izanami. Izanami doesn't have any particular elemental defenses in this phase but she has stats through the roof. She starts out pretty simply, throwing around ma-dyne spells. You want to be a bit careful about Yukiko and especially Teddie, she's pretty much guaranteed to cast Maziodyne at least once. After you've done a little damage, she gets serious.

Now she'll start using Megidoloan pretty heavily, which can do some serious damage if she's not debilitated. As her health gets lower, she'll also start Mind Charging. Needless to say you need to guard, as she'll follow up with a Megidoloan that's basically certain to wipe your party. Try to conserve your SP on this fight, because you're about to need every bit of it…

Try as they may, the pitiful creatures can do true harm to one such as I.

Can you not understand…? It is impossible to defeat me…
You understand nothing, I see. Ignorant mortals!

But it seems they are not entirely without resources.

> You recall what Igor and Margaret told you…
"That is a crystal of power which you have nurtured through your journey…
"…An orb that repels fabrications of all sorts, dispels lies, and shines upon the truth."
"Truth is a thing which only appears to those who have observed, considered, and made a choice.
"At the end of the path you chose lies the truth… Believe in it, and continue without faltering."
> The Orb of Sight begins to unmask Izanami's true form…

Even if they see through the lie…

It will do them no good…

VIDEO- "Izanami-no-Okami"

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I'll teach you the truth of your miniscule existences.
This battle will determine our future…
We've made it this far. We can't lose now!
You cannot defeat me with strength alone… Soon, you will understand.
Look out! We've never seen anything like her!

Boss Battle: Izanami-no-Okami
Here it is, our final boss. She's got weaker defenses than her first form, though she now drains electricity. She also hits a bit softer in absolute terms but now she gets two actions. Once again you want to keep her debilitated as much as possible. She has and will use sometimes ma-dyne spells (especially maziodyne and mabufudyne) but she mostly uses her own unique Almighty skills. At first she'll mostly use Fury of Yasogami. This is an interesting sort of skill, because it does Almighty damage but is flagged as a physical attack. This lets it crit, which is needless to say bad. Izanami will generally use Dekunda on herself when she gets One More if she's debuffed and Debilitate on the MC otherwise. She'll also use ma-ndas and Debilitate sometimes, so having Dekunda yourself is pretty handy. As the fight starts she'll immediately Mind Charge and debuff your defense. Any time she Charges you of course need to guard. The fight proceeds like this for a little while before she gets even more angry.

Now she'll start threading in Kuro Ikazuchi, a very damaging magical Almighty attack. This tends to increase the damage you'll be taking as a group, but it's not too bad. One big threat is that she can Mind Charge her Kuro Ikazuchis, which can really lay the hurt on you. When you get her health down a bit more, things get really dangerous.

Now she'll use Galgalim Eyes, which if you recall reduces you to one HP and enervates you. Then we'll see her next signature move, Summons to Yomi. This instantly kills anyone with a status effect. Obviously this is a pretty significant danger, and it gets worse after you've done a bit more damage to her. She'll use Stagnant Air, which makes status effects more likely to work, and Mind Charge. Then on her next turn she'll unleash her ultimate attack, World's End. This is like Nyx Avatar's Night Queen attack, it causes a bunch of Almighty damage and random status effects. If you're still alive after World's End she'll compound it with a Summons to Yomi. You 100% need to guard no matter what after the Stagnant Air/Mind Charge because otherwise you are basically guaranteed to die. But once you've gotten this far, if you can just keep it going, you should be good. This can be a long fight, so don't be afraid to use any SP restoring items you may have. Not like there's any use for them after this. Take her down to zero health and the fight will end…

There is only one truth.

And that simple truth is this: All mortal things are fated to just one end.

The one in red was first, though she was not my intended target.

Her screams were most amusing.

Then another threw their life away for nothing.

Just another useless human.

The chatty one was last.

Yes… Just one truth.