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Part 111: Pesces

SaitoBatch posted:

I thought Understanding was for Nanako also, or is that another stat?

It's Expression that's required but she's got a few options that do require an Understanding level to pick. I actually put off Justice a bit for this very reason because I think it might save you a day or something.

Better Know A Shadow: Pesce

Name: Pesce
Arcanum: Priestess
Design: While they're called Pesces, these Shadows look more like dolphins. Their bodies are just a scroll wrapped around hollow space, and their fins appear metallic. Their Priestess mask is above a metallic 'nose' at the front of the Shadow.
First Appearance: Yukiko's Castle
Spoils: Paper
Notes: Pesces are another Shadow chassis new to Persona 4. Don't let their Arcanum fool you, Pesces mainly focus on physical attacks with a sprinkling of status based effects. They're almost always weak against Light and immune to Dark, and they've usually got some elemental weakness and immunity as well. Since they don't use elemental skills, you're likely to need to experiment to find any elemental weaknesses they might have.

General Combat Assessment:
Offense: Weak/Moderate (Almost all Physical but usually pretty weak)
Defense: Moderate (Pretty resilient Shadows with multiple weaknesses)
Threat Assessment: Minor