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Part 112: Beetles

Better Know A Shadow: Beetles

Name: Beetle
Arcanum: Emperor
Design: Beetles are large 'horned' beetles with crowns on their thoraxes. Their Emperor mask is on the end of their horn.
First Appearance: Princess Yukiko's Castle
Spoils: Horns
Notes: Beetles are, as in Persona 3, largely a physical-based Shadow chassis. They aren't quite as devastatingly powerful as they were in that game, but they can still put the hurt on you if you're not careful. Their main gimmick is that they tend to Repel attacks. Several Repel physicals, and one Repels all elemental magic. This makes Beetles pretty dangerous while you're blind attacking, so exercise some caution until you've felt out their weaknesses.

General Combat Assessment:
Offense: Moderate (Decently powerful physicals and some potentially nasty skills)
Defense: Moderate (Often repels at least one attack type, and relatively tough)
Threat Assessment: Moderate