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Part 15: 5/1/11-5/5/111


Today we decided to hit the TV world again. It was really Chie's idea.

Now that Yukiko's with us, I think it might be good for her to get some experience being in that place.
Just give us a call if you want to go. See ya!

Teddie had some interesting news for us when we entered.

For some reason, I feel a powerful Shadow in the castle.
Maybe this world is getting unstable from people going in and out…
I don't think this Shadow is related to the culprit, but I don't like it being here.
I'd be happy if you could defeat it for me.

I realized we'd never really properly examined the shopping district, so we headed back there. I'm pretty glad we did, because we found something pretty interesting in the store.

> ……
> Something is stuck between the barrels!
> Obtained Skill Spanner x 1.

Gameplay Notes:
Skill Spanner is an awesome weapon for Yosuke that has twice the power of what he's currently using and gives him +40 SP but isn't quite as accurate. It's pretty worthwhile to head back here and pick it up as soon as you can.

Then we headed back to the castle to get some training in.

Sensei, you should defeat it!

Gameplay Notes:
So let's talk about another new little wrinkle to the battle system: Arcana Chance. After we get a blank or Persona card from Shuffle Time, we also have a chance to see another card appear. We see the Arcanum, and choose whether we want to accept it or not. If we accept it, the card then turns around and ends up either upright or reversed. In general if the card ends upright we get a positive effect and if it ends up reversed we get a negative effect. Arcana Chance can do really good things for you, and it can also really fuck you up. Be very careful when you accept them.

I don't beat the Bonus Boss this time because it's stupidly powerful, so I'll talk about it when I do get to it.

We were a bit tired by the time we reached the summit of the castle, and decided not to risk a confrontation with a powerful Shadow today. I think we made some good progress, though. I just hope nothing comes up while we're out of town on vacation.


Well today was a kick in the teeth. First of all, it was raining in the morning.

It's raining… It's not going to last past nightfall, though.
Every time it rained while I was "over there," you must have been…
…Oh, I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be gloomy.
Um, Golden Week starts tomorrow, right? Do you have any plans?

I did, at the time.

I-I see. That must be tough.
But, at least it looks like we're going to have clear skies all week.
It'd be nice if it could stay peaceful like this, but the mystery hasn't been solved yet.
Perhaps we should visit "over there" once in a while so we can become stronger.

And then goddamn Morooka had to remind us what was coming up in a week.

Your duty is to study! You don't have time to fool around, alright!?
Especially the girls! Those skirts are too damn short! Are you that desperate for attention, or what?
You girls are giving the school a bad reputation! Try being modest for a change!
And for the guys, remember, the "greatest virtue" is attainable by those who suppress their worthless desires!
I don't think Descartes was entirely right, but I'm sure the idea of "virtue' is completely lost on you dumbasses!
Next order of business! Midterms are coming up next week! The results will be posted to humiliate the low-scoring losers!
If you don't want to be shamed, study hard! It's that simple!
If you do well, who knows!? You may become a more popular cretin! And you know, popularity leads to intimacy!
On top of that, my reputation goes up. It's a win-win situation, people! Like I said, study hard!

I went for a quick walk to stretch out at the break, and met a strange old guy by the river.

Old Man: When I was younger, I used to spend more time haulin' fish in than I did sittin' with my hook in the water, but now…
…You interested in fishin', boy?

You know I'd have to be truly bored beyond question to even consider fishing but I do sure like free things.

Old Man: Ho ho! I'll lend you some of my fishin' gear, then.
Let me tell you, fishin' is hard work. What you need is Diligence.
You can still fish without Diligence, o'course, but you'll get pretty darn tired of it quick.
…Oh, well. Here's a Fishing Set. I'll give you ten of these here Baits, too.
Fishin' in the day is fun, but night fishin'… That's just stylish.
Do you want to hear some of my advice about fishin'? Hm?

I don't know what I was thinking at the time but I said yes.

Old Man: First, you toss in the float. If there's a fish around, he'll take a poke at it.
If you rush it and pull your line up too fast, the fish'll get away. Well, you'll still have bait, so try again.
Listen, you want to start pulling right after the float sinks. When it bites, reel it in by pulling continuously!
If you don't keep pulling, it'll get away, and you'll lose your bait. Suck it up and pull as hard as you can!
If you lack Diligence, you'll probably want to go home after just one try. A tough guy like me can fish five times!
Oh, and your chances of landin' a real whopper are better on rainy days!
Do whatever you want with the fish you catch. If you don't particularly want 'em, I'll trade good stuff for 'em.
Good luck, boy.

Yosuke wanted to study with me for the exams, so we headed to the library.

> You studied with Yosuke.
Oh, now I get it. I wasn't supposed to just memorize the formulas…
This'll really boost my score on the next exam. Thanks, man!
> You were able to get more studying done by teaming up with Yosuke.

And then I went home. As soon as I saw what was on the news I started to get worried.

VIDEO- "Broken Promises"

Click Here For Video!

Announcer: The vehicle, which was abandoned at the scene, had been reported stolen by a local contractor.
Since the culprit was able to act quickly before the security guards arrived on the scene, the police have…
Dad's late…

That was when we got the call.

Yeah… Yeah.
He said to give you the phone…
He can't take those days off.

She handed me the phone.

And about that time off on the 4th and 5th… One of the younger guys got sick…
And, well, that case he's handling, we can't just let it sit… Looks like I'm the only one who can take over for him.

Not much he can do about that of course.

Sorry to spring this on you all of a sudden…
Um… How's Nanako holding up?
Would you mind comforting her for me? …Thanks.
All right then, see you.

Nanako cried herself to sleep. I need to think of something, this is just too much…


Today was Constitution Day. Nanako was already up when I got up.

VIDEO- "Justice"

Click Here For Video!

> Nanako is watching TV today, as usual.
> …It sounds like someone's here.

And sure enough there was someone here.

Oh, cool, you're home.
Hey, if you're free today, wanna go somewhere? Yukiko's coming, too.
How 'bout you, Nanako-chan? Wanna come?

I couldn't have come up with a better idea myself.

Huh? I-I can come?
Yeah. Heh… of course you can!
> You decided to take Nanako out along with Chie and the others.

I mean we just went to Junes, but as far as Nanako's concerned that's pretty much the best day ever.

> You met up with Yosuke, who's still on the clock, and Yukiko, who finished her work back at the inn.

Getting together and just hanging out without worrying about murder and monsters is such a relief.

Where else is there to go?
I love Junes!
But we were supposed to go on a real trip somewhere.
We were going to make boxed lunches…
Wow! You can make boxed lunches, Nanako-chan?
Oh, so you're the family cook? Pretty impressive, "big bro"!
Big… bro.
Whoa, you can cook? Well, you do seem to be great with your hands-Um, never mind.
I-I'm a pretty good cook too, you know… Probably.
If you'd asked, I would've whipped up some boxed lunches as easy as pie. Yeah…
Uhh, lemme think about-No.
What makes you think I can't cook!? Let's have a cook-off and see for ourselves!
My, my, doth the lady protest too much? And hey, I never said I cooked.
But I have this weird feeling… Like I'd win anyway…

Yukiko was of course sympathetic to her good friend.

What the-Yukiko!?
Here, Nanako-chan can be our judge.
I bet we'll make something that ranks up there with your mom's cooking, Nanako-chan!

I didn't know the whole story myself, but I knew that was the wrong thing to say.

Hey, Yosuke…
I-I see… Um…
Sorry, I didn't know…
It's okay.
Even if I don't have a mom, I have Dad with me.
…And now I have a brother, too.
And I'm having a lot of fun today! I love Junes!
Y-Yeah? That's good.
We'll play with you anytime you want, Nanako-chan!
Yeah, we should hang out more often.
C'mon, Nanako-chan. Let's go get a soda!
She's a strong girl…
Yeah. She makes me feel like I'm the little kid here.
That's it, I'm gonna go get something for Nanako-chan too!

> Nanako gives you a carefree smile…
> You feel a faint bond forming between you and Nanako…

Another link, and this one right at home.

Wanna share some takoyaki?

Today might have been even better than a trip, you know?


Just sort of hung out again today.

This might be kind of weird to ask after we hung out yesterday, but do you wanna hang out again today?
I'll see if I can find someone else to come along with us.
Oh, hey, why don't you bring Nanako-chan with you? Let's all hang out together.
> You made plans to go out.

Of course Nanako is down for going to Junes.

Nanako-chan sure loves this place.
The first thing out of her mouth when I asked where she wanted to go was "Junes!"
Who could blame her? This place has everything… It's like a storehouse of magic.
I can see why she likes it. Anyways, isn't she cute?
I have a younger sister too. I wish she was cute like Nanako-chan.
I-I'm not cute…
Oh, did I hurt your feelings?
Don't worry, you're not cute.
That's going kinda far…!
Are you stupid or something!?

I mean he's Daisuke.

Heheh, don't flatter me like that.
I don't think he is…
B-Big bro…
That TV is huge…
I feel like if I watched sports on a TV like this, I'd get sucked into the screen.
C-C'mon… Like that could happen.
> It promises to be an entertaining day.

Not much else today, really.


I decided to head out to some places I wouldn't normally go today.

VIDEO- "The Hermit"

Click Here For Video!

> You decide to go somewhere you don't usually go…
> First…

I decided to head to Junes for a sec first.

> ……

I saw some Tater Longs!

> ……
> You decided to go somewhere else.

I went down to that creepy shrine in the shopping district.

VIDEO- "The Hermit"

> The dusty shrine doesn't seem to be well-maintained…
> ……
> You decided to go home.
> You sense someone watching you…

As I think back, I had heard rumors about some crazy animal in the area. The truth, as always, is crazier.

Few things are quite as startling as a fox out of goddamn nowhere.

> Does it live at the shrine…?
> The fox is staring at you…
> You notice an "ema" plaque in its mouth…
> The mysterious fox nudges the ema into your hand.
> It reads: "Please help Grandpa's legs get better. -Keita"
> The ema has someone's wish written on it…
> Why did the fox give this to you…?
> Upon closer inspection, you notice an unusually-shaped leaf stuck on the back of the ema.
> You don't recognize this leaf from the local plant life…
> Is this also the work of the mysterious fox…?

The fox ran for cover as an old man approached.

Old Man: Nobody lives at this here shrine.
I come by to tidy things up once in a while, but lately my legs are so achy, I just can't do it.
I've been tryin' to get this place up to snuff, but there just isn't enough money to go around.
Well, I s'pose I'll pay my respects.
If my legs don't heal, I can't maintain the shrine. That, and…
…I won't be able to visit Keita anymore. He's my grandson, y'know.
> You wonder if it could be the same Keita who wrote the ema…
> The ema said, "Please help Grandpa's legs get better…"
Old Man: Hmm!? What's that you got in your hand there? Could it be…!?
That leaf…! That's it!
Way back when, my grandmother always used to say a leaf shaped like that was the best kind of ache remedy out there!
Ah, what memories!
But how'd you get your hands on this!? I didn't think you could find those in the mountains anymore.
P-Please, young man! Can I trouble you to spare me that leaf!?

I handed him the leaf from the fox.

Old Man: Ooh, this is it, this is it… Now let's see here…
> The old man stuck the leaf onto his leg…
Old Man: Oooh, I can feel it! It's working!
Amazing! The pain I've been feeling for who knows how long-it just up and vanished!
Hm…? Hrmmm…!? Why, I feel better than I have in years!
You really helped me out, young man!
I'm so grateful! Now I can go visit my grandson!
I'd better pay thanks to the shrine for bringing us together like this!
> You marvel at the amazing results…
> Not only did it heal his aches, it even restored his vitality…
> The fox looks on from his hiding place with a contented expression…
> It seems to understand that the wish on the ema has been granted…
> The fox is peering into the offertory box as if to check the contents…
> It even seems to understand that the shrine has received an offering…
> ……
> Perhaps you were given the ema with the leaf for that express purpose…

It was like the fox actually understood what was going on. Which really wouldn't be the craziest thing that I've seen in the past month.

> It seems it has taken a liking to you…
> It has a mouthful of the same leaves as the one you gave to the old man…
> It seems the fox has a large stock of mysterious leaves with healing powers.
*yip *
> The fox is looking up mirthfully…
> Is there something it wants from you?
> You cannot help but think how strange an encounter this is, as you realize a fox is showing you a pile of leaves…
> You feel a faint bond forming between you and the fox…

So I have a social link with a fox. I don't know how that works but yeah.

> Where does it find such amazing leaves…?
> You reflect how useful it would be to have this kind of help while exploring the "other side"…
> ……
*yip *
> Does it understand your thoughts…?
> The fox gestures toward the offertory box…
> Is it offering its servies for a price…?
*yip *
> It seems the mysterious fox has agreed to aid you in your exploration…
> However, it appears that it will require a fee for its cooperation…
> You returned the ema to the shrine and went home.

I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work but if that fox really can help us in the TV world, we're even better off than before. And there was more good news when I got home.

VIDEO- "Dojima"

Click Here For Video!

Announcer: The alleged thief is Pumena Sushin, a 26-year-old former employee of the company which reported the stolen vehicle.
According to the police investigation, Pumena Sushin was…
I'm home.
*sigh * How many days is he gonna call in sick? These rookies lately sure are-
Welcome back!
Nanako… I'm sorry I broke my promise again…
Oh, um, my big bro and his friends played with me instead.
I see… Thanks.
Oh, that's a Junes bag! What's in it?
Haha, good eye. Well, today is Children's Day…
So I brought you a present.

It was a shame we couldn't go on a trip, but in its own way this week was just as good.

Haha, it took me a while to decide what to get you. You like it?
Oh wow, there's a picture on the front! That's so funny! Ahaha, yay!
I got you one, too. Not that you're still a child or anything, but fair's fair.
> …It's a swimsuit with an odd design on it.

I'd not brought anything to swim in with me, so this was actually pretty awesome.

Don't mention it.
I thought you might need one soon.
Well then… let's eat.
> You spent a pleasant evening with the Dojimas.

I just hope it doesn't rain again at night until exams are done, that's all we'd need.

Next Time On Persona 4: Exams