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Part 50: 8/22/11-8/25/11


Well, at least Yukiko's not angry at me.

> The boxed lunch Yukiko brought looks delicious…
Don't worry, it's good!
> It looks pretty good…
> You decided to close your eyes and shove it into your mouth.
> ……
> It's…
> …delicious!
Is it good? Really?
Thank goodness… Er, well of course it is…
Half the cooking was done by the head chef… He took over again.
But he told me it's gotten a lot better!
I'm also thinking of continuing my studies for a job license.
I don't plan to leave anymore, but I thought I might as well.
I'm glad I realized sooner…
If I'd struck out on my own, I know I would have regretted it.
I wanted to become completely self-sufficient.
But I think I was being presumptuous.

Yukiko had realized what she would be leaving if she moved away.

I am who I am now because I was raised by such a kind group…
When I think of it that way, my problems aren't just my own.
That's why… I'm going to say here. By my own will.
That's good.

And just like Yosuke, she found a new power through this.

Her Persona became Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun.

> Konohana Sakuya has transfigured into Amaterasu!
This is… my new power…?
The power you've shown to me…
…Power I will treasure.
I want you to have this.
> You obtained Shrine Charm.
It's a charm from that shrine… To protect you.
Thank you.
> Yukiko is smiling gently…
I think of you as an irreplaceable friend.
No matter how far apart we are, even if we never meet again, that feeling will never change.
You're dear to me.
> You can feel Yukiko's pure, simple emotion…
> You feel a strong bond between you and Yukiko…

I still wonder a bit about what might have happened if I wasn't so dumb earlier but I guess things can only go one way in a lifetime.

I also got the power to create a persona called Scathach, who was the mentor of a hero named Cu Chulain.

I've never known any boys who I could call close friends. I'm very happy…
Let's talk, shall we?
> You spent a long while talking with Yukiko while eating her boxed lunch…

Still, what does it mean that we're still getting stronger? Is there still some use for our power, something we haven't seen yet?


That poor Namatame guy. Since Mayumi Yamano died he's been moping around town.

Even though I've earned more than enough…
…Why did that have to happen…?

Me and Chie were going to Aiya later, but before we could enter we heard something from the alley behind.

> You finished today's training and decided to stop by with Chie…
Steak bowl or a combo plate… The ultimate decision…
Familiar Voice: S-Stop it…!
Threatening Voice: Shut up, dumbass.
Young Man's Voice: Yeah, that's right. We all know it's time to cough up.
What? This's it? Quit bullshitting us.
Th-That voice… It can't be…!
Let's go, Souji-kun!

Chie's asshole friend Takeshi was getting hassled by some thugs.

Punk: Hey, someone's here.
Punk Leader: Whatever. Let's take their money while we're at it.
Punk: This guy only had 1,000 yen on him.
Takeshi: Ch-Chie!
Punk: Hey!
Punk Leader: Whaddaya runnin' for? Gonna hide behind a girl, huh?
Are you all right?
Takeshi: I-I'm fine…
Y-You've always been good at stuff like this!
Th-They took all my money. You're gonna get them for me, right!?
Well, it does tick me off!!
Hey, cowards! Ganging up on one guy… You oughtta be ashamed!
Takeshi: T-Take care of them for me!
Uh, wow, that was fast!
C'mon, what's the matter? Let's throw down!
Punk Leader: Huh? What's with this bitch?
Y'think you're all that? I ain't afraid to hit a girl… We'll kick your ass!
> The punks are aggravated by Chie's taunt…
> Things aren't looking good…

For these guys' own sake I decided to take matters into my own hands. I mean even these punks don't need to have their balls kicked into their necks.

Huh…? Souji-kun?
> Chie seems discontent…
Punk Leader: What a pain in the ass…
Punk: Yo, that guy who ran away might call the cops.
Punk Leader: Screw this. Let's go.
Hey, hold on! Wait!!
What the heck…
Running away when you step in.
…Why'd you butt in?
What, you thought you couldn't leave it up to me!? I could've handled them myself!
I charged in by myself… Caused you trouble…

She may jump into things but Chie's heart is always in the right place.

> Chie looks apologetic…
You're right, huh? I gotta remember I'm not alone…
It's always like that. Everyone's doing their best…
Then I start to worry that it's all up to me… and I've gotta work harder…
I worry that someday, I'll end up causing even more trouble, like I did today…
Haha… I'm so stupid.
> It seems Chie regrets her grandstanding…
> You felt Chie's quiet passion…

Chie wouldn't be Chie if she wasn't eating steak and charging into danger.

Souji-kun… Thank you.
N-Never mind!
I need to work harder, huh? Why am I moping…?
I'll think about it some.
…Though I'm not too smart!
> You walked home partway with Chie.

Oh, and Nanako's got some summer homework to do, so I helped her with some of it earlier.

> According to her, there's a huge pile of homework…
> The objective of Nanako's homework is to tighten the bond between family members by doing homework together.
> …It's too much for Nanako to finish all by herself.
> Should you help Nanako with her homework for the next few nights?
Thank you, big bro!
Umm… Then I'll start working on spelling practice.
> Nanako is doing her best to practice her spelling…
> She seems to be doing well… But you decided to double-check her work anyway.
> After Nanako finished her spelling, you put her to bed and returned to your room.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. I'm sure I'll figure it out.


Ugh, I've got homework too.

> ……
> From Nanako's homework last night…
> You remember that you had homework as well…
> However, it would only take you a few days to do it.
> But, you promised Nanako that you would help her with her homework every night.
> Maybe you can do your homework during the daytime…
> You can start on your homework today…

It was such a nice day, though, that I didn't get started. Instead I headed to the shopping district, Kanji was chilling out near the textile shop and we hung out for a while.

> You came to Tatsumi Textiles…
Gotta warn you-there's nothin' fun here.
Hey Ma, I'm home…
She ain't here. What's she doin' leaving the store open…?
Aiya Owner: Kan-chan! There you are!
Your mother's in the hospital!
The hospital…?
Let's hurry.
Oh, y-yeah… I need to go… and see…
Aiya Owner: I only heard from a customer, but she's at Inaba Municipal Hospital!
Hurry, go!

We rushed to the hospital, but it turned out things weren't quite what we thought.

You all right!? You were taken to the hospital!? Someone did this to you…!?
Kanji's Mother: Goodness, but you look pale.
Never mind me!! What about you…!?
You're okay?
Kanji's Mother: I wasn't taken to the hospital. I took someone.
Kanji's Mother: The poor thing got hit by a bicycle right in front of our shop.
He hit his head, so I had a doctor examine him.
He said there's no damage, thank goodness.
The one who hit him was a boy from your school. When he saw the poor child fall, he ran away.
Why don't you find him and give him a little scolding?
Cut the crap!
You've got no idea how I felt!
Kanji's Mother: Haha, I'm fine.
Your mother isn't kicking the bucket that easily. It's not like you to get so worried over such a little thing.
Shut up, you old cow!!

He ran off, and I followed after him.

Sorry. Looks like it was no big deal…
That's good.
Well, yeah, but…
> Kanji still looks embarrassed…
I thought I faced alla my bad parts back there…
But not everything can change just like that, huh…?
Oh, uh… Sorry for draggin' you around.
If I'd been by myself, I mighta been even more scared… Hah.
Hope I can repay the favor.
> It seems you were able to support Kanji…
> You sense his trust in you…

I'm just glad his mother's okay.

…I'm goin' home.
Kanji's Mother: That boy…
We were both going home… He didn't have to run away like that.
Oh… You're Souji-kun? You came to our store with Yuki-chan, right?
I've been hearing a lot about you from Kanji.
"Senpai this" and "Senpai that"… He must really like you.
I'm sorry to have made you both come all the way here. He hates hospitals, you see…
His father… my husband died here.
Kanji happened to be somewhere else when he collapsed…
So I think he was scared today.
Haha, but it's good to see you.
He's always had trouble getting along with people. He didn't have any friends like you before.

I took a stab in the dark based on what his Shadow had said.

Kanji's Mother: Oh, he told you?
He would always rather play house instead of catch, or go to home ec instead of P.E.
So he never had any male friends, but the girls didn't accept him either.
After a while, he started getting into fights every day and bleaching his hair…
I was worried about him… But lately, he seems to be having fun.
Please take care of him.
> You feel you understand Kanji a bit more…
> You parted with Kanji's mother and went home.

Nanako still had a lot of homework, but she got some extra help this time.

I have to write three proverbs for my homework today.
Oh, I know one! It's, um… "A rolling stone gathers no moss."
Dad always tells me that one.
Who can that be?
> Yosuke and Teddie came by.
We had a little event going on at Junes today. Here's a souvenir for you, Nanako-chan!
…Oh, are you doing your summer homework? I feel sorry for you.
Alright! I'll help you, Nana-chan!
Um… Proverbs… Ooh… Uh…
Oh, I have one. "Cogito ergo sum"!
Where did you pick that up…? "Don't cast pearls before swine" is more like something you'd say.
> Yosuke and Teddie helped Nanako finish her homework.

I was pretty surprised Teddie knew that one too. Where could he have heard it?


It was raining today, so I stayed in to do some of the summer homework. Not quite done yet, though. Nanako had an essay to write, and we had some more help once again.

I have to write an essay about something I remember.
Is someone here today too?
> Chie and Yukiko came by.
I heard from Yosuke that Nanako-chan is doing her homework, so I'm here to help you.
You're writing an essay? Have you decided on a topic, Nanako-chan?
Not yet?
Hmm, let' see… How about the time when we went to the festival together?
That's right! The ikayaki was sooo good, and I had so much fun!
> Nanako begins writing her essay…
> Chie and Yukiko helped Nanako with her essay.
> After putting Nanako to bed and saying goodbye to Chie and Yukiko, you went to your room.

Still a few more days of Nanako's homework to do, and about the same amount of my own. Oh well, just gotta get it done.