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Part 52: 8/30/11-8/31/11


I trained with Chie a bit today, not much happened. Things got much more… eventful when I got home.

Oh, welcome back!
Um, Dad…!
Later, Nanako…
B-But, this paper…
"Scheduling of Parent-Teacher Interviews"?
A survey, huh…?
It's fine…
It's fine already!
You don't have to write anything! You don't have to come!
It's just another case to you, right? It's more work, isn't it?
Bad people and everyone else are more important to you than me, huh!?
You're not "real"…
You're not my "real" Dad!

Neither of us could even move as Nanako ran out the door.

What's gotten into her…?
Let's go look for her.
Yeah… Yeah, you're right. Now's not the time to stand around asking questions.
> Dojima nods strongly.
I'll go check Junes. Souji, you look around the shopping district!
I'm counting on you!
> You need to find Nanako…

The shopping district was empty, of course.

> You didn't see Nanako…
Man's Voice: Hey, Souji!
I ran into Dojima-san at Junes, and he told me what happened.
You coulda just asked!
We got a call from Yosuke-kun.
I'm sure if we all look, we'll find her.
Hey, do you know what kinda places she might've gone?
> A place where Nanako would go…
> You recall that Nanako said her family used to go to the Samegawa River when her mother was still alive…
> You told your friends about that…
The river, huh…?
Alright, Souji, you head straight there. That's our best bet.
The rest of us'll split up and look around. If anyone finds anything, give the others a ring, okay?

Dojima had the same thought it turned out.

Dammit… Where is she…?

She was sitting alone on a bench.

Could you… talk to her?
I'm not her "real father," huh…?
Souji… You should go pick her up.
She'll listen to you…
…Sorry about this.
As long as Nanako is okay… I'm fine.

I think he was afraid she'd run again.

Let's go home.
> Nanako looks like she's about to cry.
> You told Nanako that her father was the one who found her…
He was looking for me…?
Did Dad say anything about the river?
Did he forget about Mom…?
He never talks about her…
I wanna see Mom…
> Nanako is struggling not to cry…
> Through Nanako's fierce resolve, you feel that your relationship with her has grown deeper…

I don't think that's Dojima's problem, though…

Dad must've forgotten Mom.
There aren't any pictures of her at home. He probably threw them all away…
Is he going to throw me away, too…?
He hasn't forgotten.
…I'm going home.
Let's go home together.
> You called your friends and told them that Nanako was safe…
> You returned home with Nanako.

Ughh. Tomorrow is the last day of break. Almost back to school.


Dojima had the perfect way to end the summer.

VIDEO- "Watermelon"

Click Here For Video!

Um, I got a call from Dad… He said someone gave him a watermelon.
It's too big for us to eat, so he said you should call your friends over.
Do you think Teddie and your other friends can come?
> Nanako seems to want everyone to come…
> You decide to give them a call.
Whoa, definitely! I haven't had any yet this year.
I'm gonna call up the others, so you better not smack it open before we get there!

It's almost hard to cram everyone in here.

> Nanako may well have been a factor in their decision as well…
Um, Dad got a watermelon from someone, so he said we should call everyone.
Man, a watermelon!
'Cause of all the stuff that's gone down this summer, I completely missed out.
So where is it? The fridge?
Gee, Kanji. They invited us over… At least show some manners.
We gotta smack it open first.
Huh? Are we seriously gonna do that? We can't eat it if it gets all crushed.
But, but, doesn't it sound like fun?
I wanna do it too!
I'll swing at it with everything I've got!
The splattering fruit juice! Bursts of joy! One night of live… The bitter sweetness of those days is the essence of youth!
That makes no sense at all…
And dude, will you cut out those commercial lines of yours!?
That's the essence of youth!
I'm home-whoa, that's a lot of shoes. How many people are here?
Welcome home!
Um, let's split the watermelon open!
Say what!? …Uh, well, you see…

Turns out Dojima had already cut the watermelon so he could share it with the neighbors.

…I'm really sorry.
It never occurred to me that you'd want to do that…
Hey, Nanako-chan. Let's do it again sometime.
Next time, we'll do it right-at the beach!
Whoa… Does that mean we get to see you guys in swimsuits!?
Oh… but there probably aren't enough days left. We'll have to do it next year…
Next year…
Will you play with me next year too?
Of course we will!
You betcha!
You betcha!
Did you hear that, Nanako?
Yep! Thank you!
> The fun time slowly passes by…
> Eventually, everyone went home.
> Nanako must have gotten tired too. She already seems to be asleep in her room…

Dojima had something to say I think, but he couldn't get it out.

It's been a while since I last saw Nanako in high spirits like that.
The case is finally solved… Now for all the-
Eh, never mind. Save it for some other time.
You know… you really made some great friends.
> The sun set peacefully…

School starts tomorrow. It's going to be a boring term without the murders hanging over everything.