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Part 54: 9/3/11-9/5/11


I ran into that weird girl who wrote the ema request the fox gave me before the summer break started on the roof again.

> Her words are harsh…
> But you dealt with the cold response well, due to your Understanding!
Awkward Girl: Wh-What…?
Normal people would have left by now, yelling something at me.
…You're weird.
Wh-What are you standing there for? Say something to me, you got that!?
> The awkward girl ran away.

If she's going to keep running off like that I'm not sure how this is going to work. Anyway, I decided to help out at the daycare center.

Man: Akio, we're going home!
Yuuta: …When is he coming back?
Hmm? You mean your father…?
Hmmmm… I don't know yet.
Yuuta: …I'm going home with Ryu-kun.
*sigh *
I guess he wants to see his father.
I don't know.
He hasn't said anything to you about it?
I'm just a stranger who barged into his life six months ago, so… I feel a bit sorry for him.
> Eri is smiling wryly…
My husband kind of set me up…
He only told me he had a child right before we got married…
…But I thought he was the one for me, so I figured the three of us would be able to work it all out.
Then, right after we got married, he was sent to China on business.
He keeps in contact with me, but… It doesn't change the fact that he's not here.
*sigh * He's so inconsiderate…

That has to be a really hard situation.

Huh…? I don't know…
When I married him, I thought he was the one… But I'm not so sure anymore.
Even so… That's no reason to get a divorce, right…?
> Eri sounds pretty emotionally detached from the situation…
Maybe I rushed into marriage too quickly…
When he told me I wouldn't have to work, I thought it'd be a good idea, but…
Oh! Don't tell my husband, okay?
> Eri is smiling… But you can't tell if it's genuine.
> You feel like you understand Eri a bit more…

I really don't get her at all though.

I wonder if Yuuta's home by now… I'd better be going now, too.
> You finished your job and went home.

Not much else to say.


Chie and I trained a bit today, then stopped by at Aiya.

> You finished today's training and decided to stop by with Chie…
Today is steak bowl day! Just you wait!
Kid's Voice: I-I don't have any more…
D-Don't tell me they're at it again!?
Let's go, Souji-kun!

This time the punks were picking on a little kid.

Punk: Huh? Aw, not her again.
Punk Leader: Heheh, I know how to handle this bitch.
Punk: Huhuhuh! You look like you got something planned!
Crying Kid: H-Help…
Punk Leader: Hear that, "Chie-chan"? He wants help.
How do you know my name…?
Punk Leader: We ran into the guy you saved last time… Had a friendly conversation.
He told us all kinda stuff. Like where you live, and about that precious "Yukiko-san" of yours.

Takeshi better not even dream of entering my sight again, that's for DAMN sure.

Punk Leader: Oh, I'm just gonna have a little chat with this kid. Stay put, okay?
'Cause who knows what'll happen to "Yukiko-san" if you get in our way…?
Punk: Huhuhuh! Man, that's nasty!
Why, you…!!
Crying Kid: *sniff *
> Things aren't looking good…

Hell with these punks.

Yeah… We can't let these guys get away!
> Chie is spitting mad…
Punk Leader: You sure about that? So you don't care what happens to your best friend?
Rrrgh… Fine, then hit me!
You're pissed at me, right!? Then why don't you just take a swing at me?
I won't fight back. Be my guest!
The face, the gut, just pick a target! As hard as you want!
Punk Leader: …Freak.
Punk: What's with this bitch… She for real? Whatever, man… Let's go…
Crying Kid: M-Miss… Thank you…
Huh? Oh, no, don't worry about it!
> The child ran off…

Chie was amazing, I have to say.

…Was that stupid of me?
You protected that kid.
> It seems Chie is embarrassed…
It might've been stupid, but I wanted to save them…
That kid, Yukiko…
I know that feeling wasn't fake. I really wanted to protect them…
> Chie is smiling gently…
> You feel you relationship with Chie has grown yet deeper…

And she's trying her hardest.

Um, well…
I also want to protect you…
I might be a little flaky… And maybe you don't even need protecting…
But… I…
I want to protect you…
I'm counting on you.
…Yep. You can depend on me!
So, let's get some steak!
> You ate with Chie and went home together.

Steak does taste better after victory I have to say. Oh, and Nanako went shopping earlier.

> You have the ingredients to make carrot and burdock root kinpira.
> You decided to make kinpira.
> ……
> You finished stir-frying the roots and carrots…
> How should you give it a flavor?

This one was a real no-brainer.

> You smell an aromatic scent from it.
> Obtained Appetizing Kinpira.


We're not the only people still thinking about the murders.

Dark-Haired Girl: You know, I don't really see the police in town anymore.
I've seen on the news that there are still some loose ends to this case, but the police are ready to end everything.
Athletic Girl: The what…? You mean those murders? Why're you still thinking about stuff from that far back?
Ignore that! The school trip starts on Thursday. Both the first and second years are going!
I might end up in the same group as Risette!
I'm so looking forward to it!
Dark-Haired Girl: Sheesh, you never even cared about idols until now…

The people of Inaba seem kind of freaked out by all the strangeness.

Mr. Hosoi: After the murder incidents, an idol comes to town, and then a detective shows up too…?
This town used to be so carefree. Every year was more of the same until this year came along…
Anyway, I'm supposed to cover haiku today. Get out your textbooks.
Haiku, unlike senryu, contain "kigo," which are words or phrases that can be associated with a particular season.
Alright, why don't I test the waters with a kigo-related question. Souji-chan!
Which of the following isn't a kigo for spring?

Even if I didn't know this it's logical.

Mr. Hosoi: Wow, I'm impressed, Souji-chan! You're correct!
"Sardine" is a kigo for autumn. You're all familiar with what it is, right? You know, like anchovies?
But we use sardines for fish oil, animal feed, and fertilizer too. It's a very versatile fish.
Oops, I got off-topic. Let's continue the lecture.

Chie eats so much steak, I figured she should eat something else for once.

> You ate lunch with Chie.
> You ate Appetizing Kinpira together.
It's delicious! I've never eaten anything that tastes this good before!
I want more, but… I don't wanna finish it all!
What a dilemma…!
Umm… Did you make this for me?
Th-Thank you…
> Chie enjoyed your lunch!

That girl from the request was back once again, and looked sort of apologetic.

Awkward Girl: W-Well? I'm busy, so wh-what's on your mind!?
Do you need help speaking?
Awkward Girl: Wha…! Wh-Where'd you hear that!?
I-It's not like I'm worried about it! L-Leave me alone!
> She's quite worried about her speech and defensive about it, as well…

I figured I'd offer to help her out.

> You offer to teach her.
Awkward Girl: C-Conversation lessons!?
I-I don't need them! Leave me alone!
But if you really want to teach someone, then maybe I'll listen to you for a while, just to be nice.
> You gave her some tips on how to converse with other people.
Awkward Girl: Y-You should've told me this earlier!
Oh… um… That's not right.
"It would have been most desirable if you would have imparted this wisdom at a much earlier occasion."
…Like that?
Th-Thank you.
I hope… you can teach me again sometime.
> The awkward girl ran away.

I ran into Chie, she seemed like she had something to tell me.

> You trained with Chie like always.
Okay! I think that's enough for today!
> Chie seems more enthusiastic than usual today.
Yeah… I feel like I haven't been that on-form in a while!
Hey, uh… there's something I want to tell you. Something I've been thinking about all this time.
…I still don't have a clue what my good points are.
But… I thought I could just keep on searching.
I'm going to fight alongside you 'til the very end.
I mean… we'll always be friends!
Of course.
> Chie is smiling gently.
From me to you.
> You obtained Wristbands.
Oh, and it's new, so it's clean!
It makes a matching pair with mine. Hahaha…
…I think this "power" of mine is what I wanted all along.
The power to protect everyone…
I understand now. I'm not supposed to use it to become more self-reliant…
I'm supposed to use this power to protect people… Yukiko, my friends, my family, this town… and you.

Chie's Persona changed like Yosuke's and Yukiko's.

It became Suzuka Gongen, who is some kind of guardian entity. Damn thing was terrifying, I'll give it that.

> Tomoe has transfigured into Suzuka Gongen!
My… new power…
…I have you to thank for this.
No matter how far apart we may be in the future, we'll be okay.
This feeling won't ever change…
> You can sense Chie's strong resolve.
> You feel a tight bond between you and Chie…

I've gotten quite a lot of these 'finished' now. I guess that means I'm making some real friends.

I also got the ability to create someone called Futsunushi, a spirit of swords.

Alright then, my body and mind are all worn out! Let's go get some meat, and I mean the good stuff!
> You went on a meat-eater's tour of Inaba with Chie…

Even now I'm not sure I can move from all that steak. I'm not sure how Chie does it.