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Part 56: 9/8/11-9/10/11


We started our trip to Port Island today. Our first day was at this school there, Gekkoukan High School.

VIDEO0- "Gekko High"

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Wait… If we can't beat 'em on size, we're totally sunk…
Gekkoukan Principal: Well, uh, next I will explain about our fine educational institution and the reasons for its establishment!
Uh, I'd like to start with a proverb… "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
*yawn * Is this principal in love with his own voice or what…?
Chie! He'll hear you!
Gekkoukan Principal: Ah-hem… Our school is closed today, but, ahh, because of this rare opportunity for cultural exchange…
Some of our students will walk you through these halls. First, though, a student body representative will say a few words…

They do certainly have some cute girls in Port Island, I'll grant that.

Welcome to Gekkoukan High School.
My name is Chihiro Fushimi. I'm a third-year student, and the Student Council President here at Gekkoukan.
It's an honor to meet you all today.
Holy crap, that girl's unbelievable!
Yeah, you're right… She is cute…
I gotta say… She's the most bewitching bespectacled beauty I've ever beheld…
You guys… Stop overreacting!
This is the first time our school has invited another student body for a true cultural exchange.
To learn about others is to learn about oneself, and is the first step on the road to self-betterment… This I believe.
To ensure a worthwhile experience for each and every one of you, we will do our best to help you accomplish that.
So let us enjoy our time together! Thank you very much.
…She beat me in every category…
Alright, everyone get into groups with your classmates!

Everyone ran off, it seems a bit ahead of schedule.

Excuse me, could I bother you for a moment?
This is today's schedule for everyone. Could you hand it out later, please?
I forgot to do it myself…
Sorry to be so disorganized. And you all came so far…
Don't worry.
*chuckle * Thank you.
In fact, I didn't write the speech on my own. One of the former Student Council Presidents helped me.
She was the president, my first year here, and she was amazing… I always looked up to her.
I should call her later and tell her the speech was a success!
Oh, I'm sorry! Listen to me, going on and on about myself… I have to stop babbling when I got nervous.
Um, your group is scheduled for a special lecture soon. The classroom is on the second floor.
I have some arrangements to make with your student council, so please excuse me.
Did I just hear her say "special lecture"?
We came all this way to be lectured!?
Let's see, our class is…
It's being taught by someone named Mr. Edogawa. The lecture's about Qabbalah…
You don't know? It's a casino.

Oh Kanji. At least Chie admitted she didn't know what it was.

Uhh… We don't get one.
We have classes all through today. Tonight and tomorrow, we'll be staying at a hotel…
We'll have free time tomorrow and the day after, until we leave at noon.
You gotta be kidding me…
Come on, guys! Let's focus on our studies for now, so we can enjoy our free time later!

The lecture, as it turned out, wasn't about Qabbalah, but something else.

VIDEO- "Class"

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My name is Edogawa, and I'll be keeping you company for this period.
You are all from Yasogami High, eh…? Aaah, a high school of many gods.
I had considered a lecture on Qabbalah philosophy… but I have a better idea. Eeeheehee…
Since I was able to meet you all today, I shall tell you a story of partings.
One could say that this is Japan's oldest tale of curses.
You all know about the gods who created this country, I assume?
The two gods who gave birth to this country are the god Izanagi and the goddess Izanami.
They got along very well…
But one day, Izanami died when giving birth to Kagutsuchi, the fire god.
Extremely saddened by this, Izanagi left for the land of the dead to bring back Izanami.
Yomi… The dark, dark underworld…
There, Izanagi asked Izanami, who had become a dweller in that land of shadows, to come back with him to the land above.
The goddess replied by saying she would negotiate with the god of the underworld, and asked Izanagi to wait for her.
Izanagi became curious to know what was going on, so he broke his promise and set his comb alight to look around.
What he saw… was the goddess Izanami, whose body was completely covered in filth and maggots!
Terrified, Izanagi ran away, but the enraged Izanami chased after him!
After dodging the many demons sent after him, Izanagi reached the entrance of the underworld, Yomotsu Hirasaka…
He set in place a large boulder as a barrier between the two worlds, and got away unharmed.

It's sort of an odd coincidence that he'd tell the story of Izanagi given that was my first Persona.

This is the curse known as the "kotodo."
Curses beget curses… and Izanami said to the god:
"If you're going to treat me this way, I will kill 1,000 humans in your world each day!"
Izanagi regretfully accepted that the bonds between them were severed, saying:
"Then I shall give life to 1,500 each day."
Thousands die, and ten thousands are born.
That is the curse upon this country.
…Many of you may have already known this famous story.
Now, the etymology… The names Izanagi and Izanami come from the word "izanau," which means "to invite."
I'd be delighted if you have accepted this story today as an "invitation" to acquiring knowledge.
That reminds me… In the olden days, people took this story seriously…
Things such as lighting only one fire at night and throwing combs were taboo.
By the way, at Hana no Iwaya, the grave where Izanami is said to have descended to the underworld…
To this day, people decorate it with flowers when they hold festivals nearby.
It may be merely ceremonial, but everyone wants to look beautiful.
It's how they show their consideration to the goddess who may feel that way. Eeeheehee…
Ahhh, is our time up already?
I may have gone on too long… Eeeheehee…

Well, at least that creepy dude doesn't teach at our school. That's something we've got on Gekkoukan High. At least, I thought that until we saw the goddamn hotel Kashiwagi had booked.

VIDEO- "Shirakawa Blvd"

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We'll be staying here tonight.
Female Student: Is this… really a regular hotel…?
> A wave of agitation seems to be spreading through the group.
So what do you think? It was me who found this place.
It just opened not too long ago. It's got that modern look-and the price was right!
Personally, I think it was an excellent choice.
Doubtful Student: We're staying here…?
Female Student: I mean the sign says "hotel," but…
Dumbfounded Student: It opened recently…? Dude, this totally looks like a lov-
You there! Don't just stand there! Keep marching in.
Isn't there something funny about this place…?
Is there? We don't have these modern hotels in Inaba, so I can't tell.

Rise confirmed this place was pretty shady.

Th-That's all right, Rise. I don't think I wanna know…
Mysterious Voice: Hmhmhm… Faster than I expected..
This is quite the hotel.
If they were to meet me… I wonder, what would the look on Yosuke's face be…?
……!? Who's that!?

Teddie had followed us!

*gasp * It can't be…!
Hmhmhm… Shoo bee doo bee…
Teddie!? What're you doing here!?
There lonely bear inside of me went stir crazy!
Grrr… If only I could detect people in the real world…
How did you come here!? Do you have some special ability!?
No, I took the train.
I swore off Topsicles and saved up the money I got working at Junes.
I knew where you were going, thanks to Yosuke's "Trip Guide."
You guys have free time tomorrow, right? No use hiding it! I already know!
How in the world did you make it here looking like that…?
I mean, why wear the bear suit here!?
I almost got thrown in the trash a couple times.
But I kept hanging onto the promise Chie-chan made to go on a date with me!
That's what gave me strength to carry on!
Uh, g-good job, Teddie…
D-Did I promise that…? Oh yeah… I do remember saying that I'd go out with you someday…

Teddie has a very good memory for things like that.

You remembered, Chie-chan! Is it okay with Yuki-chan and Rise-chan too!?
Let's all go together, then. Is that all right with you?
Mmm… It's a deal!
I've been here before, so I'll show you around tomorrow.
I guess we can go shopping first. And I know a great place we can hit later on.
Ooh, shopping. That sounds great! *chuckle *
The other students don't know Port Island that well, so they're just gonna go wherever the school recommends.
Well, I guess a shopping spree beats a factory tour. Alright, we're in too.
*chuckle * Leave it to me.
Now… before the fun starts…
*sigh * We gotta deal with this guy.
Can't you sleep outside for the night? That suit should keep ya nice and cozy.
Cruelty to animals! You don't know how much trouble I went through to get here!
I took the slow train all this way! Do you hear!? The slow train!

Eventually Kashiwagi realized none of us were in the hotel, which gave us a scare.

What's the matter? …Oh? What's this giant teddy bear?
A souvenir.
My… It's so big…
Go oh, hurry on inside with it.
By the way, these rooms are amazing. Every room has a waterbed!
But don't flip the wrong switch when you're turning on the lights, or your bed will start spinning.
A-Anyways, I'm looking forward to tomorrow…
Yeah, but I'm exhausted… For so many reasons…
> In any event, you have to do something about Teddie…
> Teddie is doing his best to act like a stuffed animal…
> Coming this far may be Teddie's way of showing how much he genuinely likes you all…
> You sense Teddie's strong trust…

By the way when staying in scenic Port Island I cannot recommend the Seaside Clamshell Inn because it's creepy as hell.

…I gotta pee.


There are a lot of stores on Port Island and I think by some grim magic we entered each and every one of them. At night, we went to some club in the local mall.

VIDEO- "Club Escapade"

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Whoo! I'm totally ready for this!
There's nothing like this back home…

We had a bit of a surprise there too.

Wh-What!? Dude, look who's talking! You were here before we were!
That's right… I guess if the first-years came on the trip, you'd be here too…
The clientele here seems above-board, so I don't expect there'll be any problems.
Huh? You're leaving?
Why don't you join us?
Are you… asking me to stay?
Uh-huh. We didn't get to chat last time.
Ah… I… I-It's just that I had some matters to attend to that day.
Well, you're free now, right?
I was really eager to talk to you. I'm curious how someone my age is working as a detective.
How about it?
Hmmm… Very well, if you insist.
Huh? What's up? You look a little red…
Th-That's not true!
Wait here. I'll go reserve the area upstairs for us.
…Wait, what!? Reserve!?
Yep. Don't worry, I think I can pull some strings.
…What's wrong, man? Stomach pains?
Th-That ain't it.

Rise still knows some people fortunately.

Are you sure this is all right? Isn't it expensive…?
No worries.
Two years ago when I had a secret show here, the power went out in the middle of it, and the gig was cancelled.
They still owe me from then, so they're willing to put this one on the house.
Well in that case, I'm gonna order more.
Whooooo! I'm not gonna hold back either!
Dude… You sound even weirder today…
Awww, you're sho cold, Kanji…
Hm… Kanji?
Kanji, Kanji… I Kanj-ecture that shomething's up! Heeheehee, that's a great one!
Man, you're already in high gear…
Kanj-ecture… Snrk… Bwahahaha!
She's looser'n usual too…
Hey, wait a sec! Are these liquor…!?

Teddie, Yukiko, and Rise were seriously out of it.

…I told them. Really, I did! Really!
Aw, sheesh… I was wondering why it's so hot…
Is this seriously booze? But the smell's-
King's Gaaaaaaame!
Times like this, adults play the King's Game. It's the law… *hic *
What's their problem…? They make me act like a ditz, call me Risette and stuff, and then say I'm a kid… *hic *
It's so obvious… Those wrap parties get a lot funner after I go home!
Morooons! I'm gonna play the King's Game now and ain't no one gonna stop me!
Yet another side of Rise exposed… I wonder if she knows what she's saying…
Get the chopsticks ready!
Wha--!? Why me…?
The King's word is law! Chop-chop!
I-It's already started!?
U-Um… What's this King's Game again?

I wasn't totally sure myself.

The King picks a number and says what that person has to do.
But who has which number is a secret until the King gives the orders!
Senpai, you're such an adult! You tell 'em!
Y-Yukiko!? Where'd you learn this stuff!?
C'mon, everyone draw!
> Which stick should you draw…?

I picked the closest one, just on intuition.

> …It says Number 6.
Okay, sooooo… Who's the King?
Teddie's is red! Red! Is Teddie the King!?
Ugh, we're already doomed from the get-go…
I, the King, command thee to smooch the King without delay!
Please God… Grant me a girl! Number 3!
I meant Number 2…
No take-backs!
Smooch, smooooch!
K-Kanji… So you were after my fuzzy fur!
Okay, but it's my first time! Be gentle…!
Whoa! Ow, quit that! Don't make me flatten you, dammit!
Aaaagh! Noooo! Heeeelp!
Ohooo… Only the first round, and two contestants have dropped out already.
Huh? Is it that kind of game?
On to round two!
> You must be very careful here… Which stick should you draw…?

I had a really good feeling about the closest one to me this time.

> …There's a red mark on it! You're the next King!
Who's the King?
Phew, someone decent… No crazy orders this time…
That's not how it goes! If the last King demanded a smooch, then the next order's gotta be more extreme.
Chiiieee, don't be such a party pooper… Ahahahaha!
Heyyy! The person who gets picked should have to rest their head on the King's lap.
Nah, make 'em sit on his lap.
Oh! Or they could have to hug him!
Better than that… A piggyback ride!
C'mon, King! Who's gonna do what!?
> Everyone is staring at you…
> What will your orders be…?

In retrospect choosing based on intuition was absolutely idiotic.

Wha--!? There's three girls here and I get chosen!?
The King's order is…
Absolute! Ahahaha!
A piggyback ride? Not cool, man! Not! Cool!

God damn was that lame.

…You've had enough, right? Please? Show some mercy…
> You suffered along with Yosuke…

Kanji had finally dealt with Teddie, and they rejoined the group.

You didn't even draw a chopstick!
Alright, then… Let's have someone talk about something really embarrassing that they'd never wanna tell anyone!
Hrmmm, let's see… Ah! Naoto-kun! I choose you!
She's breaking all the rules… Just ignore her, Naoto.
No… No, that won't be necessary.
One stipulation, though: If I do this, the rest of you must reveal "something" as well.
No particularly embarrassing experiences come to mind… Would discussing my life be fair game?
It's the rare situation like this that gives me call to speak of such things.
Damn… Way to kill the mood…
The Shirogane family has been detectives for generations now. We lend our powers to the police from time to time.
For generations? Wow, it's like that guy from a movie I watched before. What was his name… Kuzu…noha?
In days gone by, when there were no crime scene investigators, consulting detectives were considered more valuable.
Thus, my grandfather still has a strong connection with the police and looks after me, despite my youth and inexperience.
But investigators nowadays are well versed in science and medicine, so I must further my studies.
That sounds tough…
…That's it? No punch line?

I'm not sure I totally believed what Naoto was telling us anyway, nobody's got absolutely nothing embarrassing to tell. So I don't feel bad about not answering the follow-up question.

That's sooo embarrassing! Isn't Naoto-kun embarrassing?
I wanna go home…
Phew… I'm sleepy.
Well then, it's your turn now.
A straight answer, please. What is your true involvement with the murder case?
You know, you're so good at killing the mood that it's almost funny…
Weeeeell, we go rescuing people who've been kidnapped by jumping into the TV!
And theeen, we do stuff like, "Persona!" with our Personas and beat the crap outta Shadows…
Y-You idiot…
*sigh * Are you making fun of me?
Ish true!
Sheesh! Somebody put these two drunks to bed already!
…I see now that you had no intention of telling me the truth.

I'm going to be honest I'd been wondering this too since about the start of the King's Game because it was fruit juice for god's sake.

Good one, Naoto!
No, I confirmed it when I first entered. No alcohol has been served here since a rash of drunk driving last year.
Huh…? Does that mean we're all just drunk off the atmosphere?
Whooo caaares…
Whee, I feel so good… Goood niiiiight…
Hey, Senpai! …How the hell're we gonna get back with two passed-out drunks!?
*sigh * All this is giving me a big headache… Is this what a hangover feels like…?
Teddie's still totally okay!
Lesh keep drinking 'til mornin'!
Bring it oooon…
As I said… you haven't been drinking alcohol!

The crack investigation team ladies and gentlemen!

Thank god Kashiwagi was totally out of it or we'd never have gotten them back in.


We stopped for ramen at a place that Rise said was good near the station. Naoto came along as well, I think he's still trying to get an answer to that question from last night.

VIDEO- "Hagakure Ramen"

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This place serves the best ramen in town.
When we were filming, a lot of times I came here instead of eating boxed lunches.
Huh…? You're not hungry?
Um… What happened last night…? I don't remember much about it…
Oh, I think the two of us fell asleep quick. I heard it got pretty wild, though.
I see… I don't remember at all…
Ahh, this flavor never changes.
I couldn't come here too often because it's high in carbohydrates, so being able to eat as much as I want is like a dream!
Oh… This is delicious! It has an interesting taste that makes you hungry for more.
See? See?
Another bowl, please! Keep the noodles hard!
Young Man: Um, I'll have the Hagakure Bowl.
The Hagakure Bowl's a normal menu item now…!? Argh, I should've asked!
Oh well. This is just as good.
Hey, is it okay for you to be out in the open like this?
Sure, no prob.

I think Rise's been enjoying being out of the public eye while here.

That's just how it is over here. Plus, I'm barely wearing any makeup.
Oh, you're right. There's a lot of autographs on display.
Y'know what I think? The reason they don't notice you is 'cause this bear sticks out like a sore thumb…
I guess if he wore that over here, he'll have to go home wearing it…
Isn't it all steamy inside from the ramen?
Huh? Where's my bowl!?
You didn't eat it… did you?
Y-You didn't finish, so… Ahaha.
I was going to finish it!
Hey, didn't you just order more a second ago? How many have you eaten?
I dunno how to count.
You little liar! Gimme that check! Let's see here…
One, two… T-Ten bowls!?
Yuki-chan's makes it eleven. *burp *
I was going to finish mine…
Th-There, there…
I'm sorry to interrupt, but it's close to the meeting time.
Awww… Already?
I thought the trip was gonna be a bore… But now that it's over, I actually had a good time.
Hey, let's buy a souvenir at the station. I bet Nanako-chan will be expecting one.

I decided to get her a shirt, I'm not great at creative gifts.

Alright, let's get going. C'mon Teddie, we're leaving.
Yo… Hey, Ted!
Don't make me rub your fur the wrong way, you little-
D-Dude… Hey, he ain't moving!
I-Is he hibernating!?
D-Don't tell me… I-It's not because he's been in our world too long, is it!?
Are you serious!? Teddie!

It turned out that maybe Teddie shouldn't eat eleven damn bowls of ramen.

My tummy's heavy.
Leave it behind.
I ate too much… Can't move… Someone carry meee.
I mustn't be late for our rendezvous. Please excuse me.
Ah, Yukiko. Wait for me.
H-Hey, I really can't move! And I don't have money for a return ticket!
Farewell, Teddie…
We shall leave you here, along with our memories of youth…

I felt bad for him so I left him enough to take the train home. The slow train.

VIDEO- "Jiggety Jig"

Click Here For Video!

Welcome home!
Did you have fun?
Come with me next time.
Yep, for sure!
Um, I wanna go to Destiny Sea too! There's this roller coaster that goes WHOOOSH into the water, and…
> Nanako is talking about it happily.
> You remember that you bought a souvenir for Nanako.
Wow! Thanks!
*nod * Th-Thanks!
> Nanako thanked you out of modesty…
Oh, hi Dad!
Ah, you're back. We just missed each other, huh?
Look! My big bro got me a souvenir!
Hey, nice. Did you remember to thank him?
Of course!
Heh, I guess that came out of your own pocket. Thanks.
You went to Tatsumi Port Island, yeah? Haha, I guess the city was no big deal for a guy like you.

Dojima seemed sort of worried about Naoto, which is interesting given how pissed he was earlier in the year.

You talk to him much?
I guess so, yeah.
He's mature for his age, but he's still a year younger than you…
Try to make friends with him, will you? He's a cocky brat… but he's honest.
The higher-ups are losing their patience with him… It doesn't matter if his argument holds water or not.
At this rate, he won't accomplish anything but getting himself booted off the team…
Adults can be a selfish bunch.
> Dojima has a kind look in his eyes…
Oh, sorry. You must be tired.
Why don't you take a bath? Oh, but don't forget to take your stuff upstairs.
Nanako! Can you get the bath ready!?

Naoto asking what our involvement with the cases was, Dojima hinting that there's conflict in the investigation… This isn't over, is it? I have no proof yet, but now all the nagging loose ends are coming back to me. I guess there's nothing we can do but wait and see. If the Midnight Channel appears again, we'll know for sure…