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Part 67: 10/1/11-10/3/11


Today was pretty crappy and rainy, and nobody wanted to do anything. Heaven help me, I went fishing. By coincidence I actually think I managed to solve that guy's problem.

I'd, uh, better not show him what I fished up next.

I'm sick and tired and I'm calling it a night, I'll talk to that guy next time I see him.


Chie called, we all headed out somewhere. Except Yosuke, because at some point he figured out that you should never do this thing we're doing.

> The group came on the girls' insistence…
Why here…? I thought we were gonna celebrate saving Naoto…
Yeah! We're gonna celebrate with a shopping spree! And you have the honor of carrying our bags.
Senpai… now I need saving.
Give it up, Kanji.
Attaboy, Souji-kun.
I'm going to buy a lot today.
Me too! I've got money to burn!
Alright, alright…
Tch… I should've told 'em I had to watch the house, like Yosuke-senpai…
> It promises to be an entertaining day.
> You spent an afternoon with the group.

Dojima wanted to give me something when I got home.

Let's go for a walk in a bit.
There's somewhere I want to go with you and Nanako.
Oh, and…
Here, have this.
> You obtained Coffee Mug.
It's the same kind that Nanako and I use.
This is your personal mug. Write your name on it later.
Thank you.
No problem. Take good care of it.
> Dojima is smiling cheerfully.
We're family.
So, I'll fill your and Nanako's mugs anytime.
…Don't forget that, Souji.
Ready, Dad?
Yeah, let's go.
Let's go, big bro!
> The three of you went out for a walk, with Nanako in the middle.

We went down to the Samegawa.

But it's fun with you and big bro!
Don't fall in.
Why'd we come here?
You've been saying all this time how you wanted to come here, right?
Let's come again on a nicer day. We can have a picnic.
Yeah! Yay!!
Can I go closer to the river?
The fish might be sleeping!
Alright, alright. Watch your step, okay?

Nanako ran over to the riverside as we kept talking.

Souji, I'm going to keep up my search for the criminal who ran over Chisato.
But this time, it's not to escape from anything.
I'm just doing it because… I'm a detective.
Seems I forgot something as basic as that.
You made me remember what's important to me.
I owe you for that.
This town is my town. It's the place where you and Nanako live.
That's why I'm gonna live on, protecting this place. As a detective… as a father.
> Dojima has a refreshing smile on his face…
> You feel a tight bond between you and Dojima…

At least Dojima's stopped running now.

He's going to keep what's important first.

But he's still Dojima.

Young Man's Voice: Dammit! He's still after us!!
What the?
…Hey, he's…
You there! What's wrong!?
Police Officer: Detective Dojima…?
I-I'm sorry to bother you while you're off duty…
Don't sweat it. Who are they?
Police Officer: Oh, it's that group of juvie thieves. You know, the one that's been the talk of the town…
Thieves!? Those punks…
Dad, are you going?
Arresting the bad guys is my… I mean, your father's job.
Souji, take care of Nanako.

He wouldn't be happy if he weren't doing this.

> A big smile spread across Dojima's face.
Don't you know who I am? I'm Detective Dojima of the Inaba PD, feared by punks and thugs city-wide.
Don't you two worry about me. Head on home, okay?
Awwwwwwwright! Stop right there, you punks!
Go get 'em, Dad!
He's so cool…!
Let's go home.
I need to get the bath ready… Oh, and let's make a late night snack!
I'm hungry.
> You talked about what you could prepare as you walked home…


Kashiwagi does the strangest lectures sometimes.

I'm sure you all know the mucous membrane of the eye is protected by tears.
But did you know tears taste different depending on the situation?
Tears of regret are salty, sad tears are watery. It depends on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
I wonder which kind of tears all of you would shed? Hmmmmmmm…

It was sunny, so the guy who's afraid of cats was by the river.

Ailurophobe: Y'know, those creepy eyes! All muddied! Looking this way! And those scales!
U-Uhh… Is there some kind of cute fish?
> The man wants a cute fish.
> Maybe he'll think a Red Goldfish is cute…
Ailurophobe: Wh-What is that!? I-It's so cute!
Give that to me! I'll use it to ambush that cat!
> The man stole your Red Goldfish.
> The man ran off…

I decided to help out at the daycare center again.

Yuuta: ……
Where do you want to eat dinner? We can go somewhere expensive if you want.
Yuuta: …I'm not hungry.
I'm gonna play more!
…I'll come later next time.
I even left in the middle of a show just to be on time… I'm getting fed up with this treatment.
*sigh *
I should have known better than to try. We're not related, so there's nothing I can do about it…
So, you can't love Yuuta?
> Eri is remaining silent…
They say when a woman starts breast-feeing, her maternal instincts awaken.
…It's true, I saw it on television.
So, my maternal instinct towards him is shut away, especially since I've only known him for six months.
There's nothing I can do… Fate has determined that we'll be forever distant.
Speaking of fate, have you heard this?
Your entire life is determined from before you were even born.
We're just little robots following the program our creator made for us.
So, whenever anything happens, there's nothing you can do about it… It was already decided for you.
Doesn't that make you feel better? Isn't that a wonderful idea?

I would have said fate was bullshit before all this started but there's been way too much coincidence for it to all be chance.

Amazing, isn't it?
I saw it on TV. I was so intrigued, I went to see a lecture by that speaker, too.
I was moved to tears… I was so relieved to know that there's a higher power!
> Eri's eyes are glittering…
There really isn't much to do when you live this far away from the city… All I have is TV and the internet.
You can buy things over the net now! It's much more convenient. In fact, I'm having trouble staying in shape.
Honestly, though… I just want to go back to the city.
Just let it go.
Yeah… I gave up on that a long time ago.
> Eri is smiling wryly…
…I really tell you a lot of personal things.
Please, don't tell Yuu-kun… Or the other mothers.
I won't.
…Thank you, Mister Souji.
> Eri looks relieved.
> You felt Eri opening up to you out of a deep loneliness…

I hope she someday learns to be happy with how her life is.

…Oh my, look at the time! I'm sorry, Mister Souji.
I'll take Yuu-kun home now.
> The two left abruptly and awkwardly.
> You decided to go home as well.

I think it's going to start raining soon, and the Fog will probably come soon after. Hopefully Naoto will be feeling better soon. We're sort of stuck without her right now.