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Part 74: 10/22/11-10/24/11


This Culture Festival is going to be a huge pain, I can feel it.

VIDEO- "Yosuke's Idea"

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Athletic Girl: The Culture Festival's going to be Saturday and Sunday next week.
There's a rumor that one of the classes still hasn't decided what they're going to do!
Generous Girl: Yeah, that's pretty common.
They'll argue about it forever, but in the end they'll end up with something lame like a rest area.
Athletic Girl: Only one more week left to get ready… I need to get fired up, too!

We were the class that hadn't decided yet, of course. We had a meeting to talk about it.

Male Class Rep: Well, as you all know, next week is the Culture Festival.
And as you also know, we still haven't decided what our class is going to do for it.
*sigh * You guys don't care, do you?
Female Class Rep: We're going to decide based on the suggestions we have so far. Please vote for one of them.
Here they are…
"Break area"… "Video room"… and "Study room."
Awestruck Student: Wow… Sounds like whatever we pick, we don't need to put any effort into it. Talk about lack of motivation…
Optimistic Student: Yeah, but the easier the better, right…?
Female Class Rep: Oh, one more. Um… "Group date café."

Yeah, do I even have to say who did that?

Was it you, Chie?
Yeah right! Why would I do such a thing!?
What's… a group date café?
Who knows… but I doubt anyone will vote for it. Our class is actually a pretty serious bunch.
Yeah, it's just a joke idea. You gotta have one weird one mixed in, y'know?
Ugh, figures!
Female Class Rep: We'll be passing around the vote sheet. Just circle one of the suggestions.
> What will you vote for…?

I sure as hell didn't want to have to do a damn group date café. I can't even seem to succeed at a single date.

> You made your selection and turned in the sheet.
Male Class Rep: Alright, time to count the votes.
Uhh, the first vote is… group date café.
Second vote… group date café.
H-Huh? Seriously?
Third vote… video room. Fourth vote… group date café.
Group date café, group date café, study room, group date café…
> ……
> All of the votes have been counted…
> The group date café is in first!

I need to punch Yosuke more.

Don't ask me! This is your fault!
I do wonder, though. Do all those people who voted for it realize they have to run it themselves…?
I've never been on a group date before, so I was a little curious…
What the-You voted for it!?
yeah… I thought it would be sad if no one voted for it.
But Yosuke's the one behind it…
H-Hey! It wasn't just me! It came in 1st place! The public agrees!
Male Class Rep: Well, since the majority rules, we'll be doing the group date café.
But what does that even mean…? Is it like speed dating?
Can we really pull this off? You'd all better pitch in on this.
Disinterested Student: Actually… would the teachers be okay with this?
Optimistic Male: Dude, how could Kashiwagi say no?
Male Class Rep: Ms. Kashiwagi is busy getting ready for those two notorious pageants.
That's why she's leaving it up to us students to decide what to do.
Appalled Student: Yeah, right! She just dumped it on our laps 'cause she didn't want to bother!
Worried Student: G-Group date café…? Are we going to get any customers with this?
Disinterested Student: Seriously, what IS a group date café? I voted for it and I didn't even know.
How the heck's this gonna turn out…?

Yosuke will pay for this, but sadly I think we all will. Oh, and I was able to find Naoto to give her that card earlier.

Umm… Th-Thank you for saving me.
Er… I apologize, but I have something I want to think about…
> Naoto seems lost in though about something…
> It seems that you need some sort of opportunity before you can become closer…
> …Now that you think about it, you do have a card that the man in black gave you.
What's this…?
He said I'd understand? What's that supposed to mean…?
Excuse me… but could you please accompany me for a brief period…?
I'd like to hear more about what transpired when you were given this card.
Please, it won't take long.

We headed down by the riverbank.

What sort of person gave this to you?
A man who knew I knew you.
Which means… it's possible that he's been snooping around, gathering information on you or me… or even the case.
The man must also know you as well.
He wouldn't have entrusted the delivery to anyone he didn't know…
But this is a small town… He could easily have looked up my address.
Why go to the trouble of giving the letter to you…? Intriguing.
Is he involved with this case? Or another case altogether…? If it's me he's after, he could be anyone.
Oh, I'll keep the card.
The man is most likely still here in Inaba. I cannot drag you further into this.

Naoto takes way to many risks onto just herself, even when she doesn't have to.

Err, well… It's good to know you're worried about me, but…
I'm sorry, I seem to have a tin ear for other people's feelings… Yosuke-san told me so before.
I'll look into this card and report my findings to you. So… don't worry about me.
As our leader… I know that you have a lot on your shoulders, so…
> Naoto seems to be worried about you…
> You have a completely different impression of Naoto than when you first met…
> You feel a faint bond forming between you and Naoto…

If there's something all this crap has taught me it's that nobody should have to just rely on themselves.

While we are here, why don't we chat a little?
Ah yes, there was something I wanted to ask you…
> You talked and about several aspects of the murders and went home.

We'll just have to wait and see what all this card business is about.


It was a nice day, Rise called me up and we went down to Okina. Not much to report, just had some fun and carried some bags. I'm glad she's trying not to let what Inoue said get her down.


We got our exam results today.

Female Student: They posted the test results!
Argh… The awful moment of truth…
Oh well. Wanna check it out?

I wasn't really surprised with the result, I thought I did pretty well.

Whoooa! You're a genius, Souji!
That's awesome! I'm just as happy as if I'd gotten the highest grade myself!

Anyway, Naoto had looked into the card over the weekend.

> It seems Naoto has something to report about the card you gave her…
As you can see, nothing is written on it. It's just a plain white card.
But it does feel a bit stiff, given its thinness…
Without any indication of its contents, however, I have no idea who sent it.
I'd chalk it up as a prank.
That's no fun.
Hahaha. One would expect there to be more.
> Naoto is smiling like a child.
> Naoto's cell phone is ringing…
Ah, excuse me.
Yes, it's me.
Ahh, Yakushiji-san. What's the matter?
A thief…? In the Shirogane estate?
Yes… Yes… I see.
I don't keep anything in that room that I'd miss terribly.
You have already reported this to the police, I assume? Then I'll leave the rest to you.
As long as Grampa is safe, it doesn't matter. I can't take my eyes off this case yet.
> Naoto hung up quickly…

Naoto didn't seem interested, but the timing of this theft sure did seem odd to me.

Oh… Sorry. You heard, didn't you…?
> Naoto looks a bit uncomfortable…
That was from Yakushihi… My Grampa's secretary…
It appears someone has broken into the Shirogane estate.
My room was targeted, and he wanted to know if I could think of any particular item the thief might have been after.
Several items pertaining to me were also stolen from Grampa's inventory.
I don't know about those, but my belongings aren't of any particular value, so…
Remember that card…?
Yes, that's precisely what I was thinking…
> Naoto nods…
Regardless, you don't have to worry about me.
We both have more pressing matters to attend to.
I'm not sure how to react to you… err… worrying about me…
> Naoto seems exceptionally edgy…
> You feel you understand Naoto a bit more…

I really can't help but be worried, though. I mean what if she's really being targeted by someone?

> Practically against her will, you walked Naoto to her house before going home.

Oh, and Dojima's really a good detective, he knew I got the highest score already and had told Nanako.

Dad said you got the best score in the school on your tests.
That's incredible!
Umm… I made this.
H-Here you go.
> Nanako gave you Bead Ring.
*giggle *

Feinne's Notes:
The Bead Ring gives Souji the passive Angelic Grace, which lets him Evade every element. This is a persona preference thing but it's actually my favorite of the Nanako exam gifts, because I always favor more defensive strategies.

Nanako really is the best. Ughh, between her and Naoto I almost forgot about that group date café shit we're supposed to do. This weekend is really going to suck.

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