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Part 77: 10/31/11-11/2/11


We had the day off today, I was down by the river and decided to drop in on Hisano, even though she'd told me not to.

Haha… I'm no good.
I said I didn't want to see you, and yet part of me was hoping that you would come anyway…
I'm happy that you did…
If it's all right with you, shall we talk?
I'd be happy to.
> Hisano smiles gently…
I was half expecting you to come, and half thinking that you'd given up.
Being noncommittal… floating around, never deciding to be one thing nor another. Can a man understand that?

I certainly do get what she's talking about, because I was doing it up until yesterday.

I see… I suppose this kind of feeling isn't gender-specific.
> Hisano smiles cheerfully.
I just remembered something…
Before we were married, you remember that my husband and I could only meet once a year, yes?
So we exchanged letters, all the time.
I'd wait by the mailbox every day, wondering when his next letter would arrive…
The days one came would fill me with joy, but I also felt that reading it immediately would be wasteful.
But I wanted to write my reply so badly, so I would grow impatient and read it carefully, over and over.
What were they about?
Do you know, I've forgotten after all this time. Haha!
> Hisano smiles.
When you find yourself somebody to love, try writing a letter for them.
Just one line can convey so much more of your feelings than a hundred speeches.
> Hisano smiles nostalgically…
> You feel some of the loneliness she is bearing…

I wish I could help her but I'm not sure how I'll ever find those letters.

But you know what? I've lost the letters he'd sent to me.
I thought I kept them in a safe place…
…Well, I suppose I don't need them anymore, anyway.
> Hisano looks sad…
> Maybe having those letters again would cheer her up…
> You left Hisano and went home.

It's starting to get cold out, it kind of sucks. They had some special report on the fog on TV.

VIDEO- "Sickness"

Click Here For Video!

Announcer: Now for our next story…
Mr. Kozai of the Environmental Concern Society visited a local elementary school to investigate the effects of the fog.
Thick fog has appeared frequently in Inaba over the past few years, and the cause of it has yet to be determined.
There's been much conjecture on the origin of this fog, and some are concerned about its effects on the human body.
Town officials believe it highly unlikely that the fog could be harmful.
One official suggested that the concern is largely tied to public anxiety in response to the recent murders.
One hearing about the phenomenon, Mr. Kozai visited the local elementary school to investigate its effects.
He interviewed the children playing happily in the fog about their health and any anxieties they were facing…
Oh, that man came to my school.
Announcer: Upon completing the investigation, Mr. Kozai issued a statement.
"In this day and age, one must stay aware of even slight changes in the environment and react politically.
"Today, I talked with a young student who spoke her own mind, free from the influence of those around her.
"It was an attitude and an example that we as adults can learn from.
"Our primary concern should always be to protect these children's futures."
On that note, Mr. Kozai ended his statement.
The assembled parents applauded, but some raised concerns that it was a show to attract voters in the next election…
> The news continues…

While we were watching TV, Nanako started sneezing.

My head hurts…
> Nanako's face looks red…
> She has a high fever…
> You need to put her to bed…
> You gave Nanako some medicine and had her lie down.

Nanako had some hard questions for me.

Are you… going back home in spring…?
It's going to be winter soon…
If it snows, can we make a snowman…?
We can play a lot…
Let's play all the time until spring…
> …Nanako seems to have fallen asleep.
> You should take her to bed later…

We've got to do the most we can with the time we have left.


Nanako was feeling better in the morning fortunately.

Mr. Kondo: I sure hope none of you are wimping out with hand warmers under your clothes!
Today, I'll focus on building your immunity against colds! That way you'll move on to the next year in good health!
Does anyone here rest your chin on your hands!? That's a sign that your muscles are weak!
Let's see, I'll pick Souji, since you hang out with Yosuke, who does that all the time!
Which muscles do you think are weakening when you tend to rest your chin in your hands?

This was a trickier one than normal.

Mr. Kondo: Correct! Bad posture usually comes from your back!
Come on, don't hunch over because it's cold! Stand up straight!
Now, I've some special exercises for you! I'm the one who invented them! Haha!
Everyone! Form a circle!

I had a lot of resources on hand, so I headed down to the Velvet Room to see about that request Margaret had. It took a bit of doing, honestly.

This Yatsufusa has Mediarama… You have successfully completed the quest…
I can feel your heart.
Words can express nothing. The only way to convey meaning is through the communication between hearts.
Souji Seta and Margaret…
What do those names have in common…?
Oh no, there's nothing in common.
I was testing your generosity.
Good job… You passed the test.
> Margaret seems a little embarrassed…
> You became a little more intimate with Margaret…

These always sort of confuse me.

Well then… For my next request…
What I'd like is a Ganesha with the Tetrakarn ability… If anyone can do this for me, it's you.
I eagerly await your return.

It turned out I'd actually had that.

Your Ganesha knows Tetrakarn… You have successfully completed the quest…
Hmhm, what a long nose…
…By the way, have you heard this song about a long nose?
"What happens in the Velvet Room nobody knows, but the master has a very long nose…"
Hmhm, how nostalgic. I used to sing this song with my younger sister…
How I miss those days…
> Margaret is smiling, her eyes narrowed…
> You became a little more intimate with Margaret…

I'm surprised she's got a sister.

Well then… For my next request…
Bring me a Trumpeter with the Mind Charge skill… If anyone can do this for me, it's you.
I eagerly await your return.

I finished up and went back to school, Naoto was still packing up so I decided to walk her home again.

> Naoto is holding a card…
That 'card' again?
Yes, it's unmistakable!
> Naoto nods firmly.
Judging by its appearance, it's on the same cardstock, the same size, unsigned just like last time…
I'm almost certain this came form the same person.
…Let's talk about this someplace more private.

We headed back to the Samegawa.

> The card reads as follows…
Writing On The Card: Dear detective, Your prized possessions are in my hand.
Can you recover them? The game is afoot. -The Phantom Thief
It seems this is the work of the figure who snuck into the Shirogane estate.
I'll send this to Yakushiji-san so he can turn it into the police as evidence.
The Phantom Thief? How absurd…
I haven't the time to waste on this…

I was surprised she was just going to let it slide.

I-I'm not fretting!
I'm just upholding the Shirogane name in seeing this case through to the end.
> Naoto is looking down…
He broke into our estate and sent me this challenge…
Leaving this in the police's hands could jeopardize the honor of the Shirogane name…
Argh! That's why I don't like this!
When I'm with you, I always seem to lose my composure…
I don't want to get involved with this sort of childish game.
But… to ignore it only makes me angry!

There was only one solution.

Of course we will… You're the one who brought this to my attention…
…Let's work together on this.
> Naoto is fidgeting with embarrassment.
> You decided to accept the Phantom Thief's challenge with Naoto…
> You feel your relationship with Naoto has grown yet deeper…

It's nice to have something like this that isn't so deadly serious.

Now that it's been decided, let's reexamine the first card.
There must be some sort of hint there…
Oh… And of course, I only intend to investigate this case in our free time…
I… have something else I must do.
> You walked home partway with Naoto.

Nanako even managed to get out to the store, she's really amazing.

> You have the ingredients to make California roll.
> You decided to make California roll.
> ……
> You decided to make sushi rice first.
> What's the key when mixing vinegar with rice?

Did I mention I'm the reigning Iron Chef Inaba?

> The sushi rice smells fantastic.
> Obtained Noble California Roll.


Rise brought up something I'd not wanted to think about when she ran into me on the way to school.

I had so much fun last week. There was the Culture Festival, and then we had the sleepover with everyone!
I was really happy. I thought that I'd never be able to experience things like that anymore.
…Oh, did you see the weather report? It looks like the weather's going to start getting rough this weekend.
We need to keep a close eye on the Midnight Channel.
It hasn't rained lately, so we haven't been able to see it. We might be in for a surprise the next time it's on.
Let's be careful.
The town seems to think that the case is closed, but the real killer hasn't been caught yet.

I wanted to talk about some things, so I asked Naoto if she wanted to share what I'd made for lunch.

> You ate Noble California Roll together.
This is quite tasty! I'm amazed you can cook so well, Souji-senpai…
I'm a stranger to cooking…
B-But perhaps I should learn to…
> It was Naoto's favorite!

Kanji wanted to grab something from Aiya after school so we headed out.

And hey, she's the expert.
Police Officer: You're Kanji Tatsumi, right? I'd like to have a word with you.
Huh? Yeah, well I wouldn't.
Police Officer: …Come with me.
You got a warrant?
S-Smooth, Senpai…
> Kanji looks happy…
Police Officer: Ah… You're the kind that's Tatsumi's been hanging out with lately. I see. So you're in cahoots…
So what if we hang out? What's it to you?
Police Officer: …You know there's been a group of teenage bullies lurking around here, don't you?
We got a tip saying you've been threatening a child at the hill and the flood plain.
Threatening? Child…?
Oh, him.
Police Officer: Hmph, so you admit it. Not a shred of remorse, either.

These guys just didn't get it at all.

Police Officer: Oh? So tell me… What was he doing?
Er, that's…
> Kanji is hesitant to say…
Police Officer: You two are going to have to come with us down to the station.
Now wait a sec! Senpai has nothin' to do with this!
Doll Boy: Oh, Mister. What are you doing?
Police Officer: You know these boys, kid?
Can you tell me how you know them?
I don't think they're being straight with me.
The hell are you telling that kid!? You call yourself a cop!?
Police Officer: Did this boy ask you for anything? For instance, did he claim he lost his money?
Doll Boy: You lost your money, Mister?
You can have some of mine!
Police Officer: Just as I thought…
That ain't…

Luckily, the kid was about to solve the problem for us.

Doll Boy: I was going to sneak in and leave them at Tatsumi Textiles, but here you are.
Police Officer: "Thanks"…? Thanks for what?
Doll Boy: He made me a bunch of dolls, like a bunny and a cat.
He's real good!
Police Officer: Dolls!? And you're saying Tatsumi made them?
What a load of… There's no way you're getting me to believe that.

There was really no point in hiding it.

Yeah, Senpai. I got it!
> Kanji nodded firmly.
Awright, listen up, punks… There ain't any lying about it.
I made the kid some dolls. What with the ones for his friends and his mom, it was eight all told!
And lemme warn you… They're so cute, they'll give you diabetes-the instantly fatal kind!
So what, you want me to teach you how to make 'em!? Huh!?
Police Officer: What…?
You 'bout to say that ain't like me, right? Go ahead and laugh, dammit!
Like I care. I'm used to being pointed at.
And what's most important is, I ain't gonna make this kid or Senpai a liar!
Hey you! That button's falling off!
I'm gonna sew it back on, y'hear!?
Kanji's Mother: Officer..? What are you doing with my Kanji?
Police Officer: Oh-Well, Ma'am, there've been several cases of bullying around here, so…
Kanji's Mother: Kanji had nothing to do with them.
Kanji's Mother: He would never do such a thing.
He may be stupid and short-tempered, but he's a strong and gentle child.

And then Kanji's mother sealed the deal.

Y-You old bag! What're you saying!?
Police Officer: W-We apologize. If you'll… excuse us…
M-Ma… You'd believe me over the police…?
Kanji's Mother: You would never do such a thing. A mother knows.
I need to prepare dinner now… Don't go stuffing yourself at Aiya before coming home.
Doll Boy: Mister… Are you crying?
N-N-No! I ain't crying!
This is… snot! I got a cold!
You wanna catch it!? Huh!?
> It seems Kanji has grown a bit…
> You feel your relationship with Kanji has grown yet deeper…

I never would have believed this a while ago.

Senpai… I-I… think I'm gettin' a sore throat with my cold…
Dammit… M-My nose won't stop runnin'…!
> You waited for Kanji to calm down, then went home.

The Midnight Channel should air again soon if the weather reports are right. Maybe this time we can end this once and for all…

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