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Part 84: 11/14/11-11/15/11


Well, the good news is that Naoto's not avoiding me. We went down to the bookstore in the central shopping district. We didn't really talk about anything much, but we did talk at least.

I wish I had more news about Nanako and Dojima. Not being able to visit is killing me here.


Well, at least one thing makes sense now. Naoto came to me at lunch, wanted me to meet someone.

…Um, do you have spare time today? Could I see you after class if you do?
> Naoto seems really serious…
Thank you. You see, there is someone I would like you to meet.
I will come for you afterwards.

I met Naoto by the river as normal, and the man in black was there.

Yakushiji: I am Yakushiji, secretary of the Shirogane estate. I humbly apologize for the other day.
I must also apologize.
Thought I may not have known, I involved you in this…
It was an act put on by my Grampa.
Yakushiji: My master has been terribly saddened by Naoto-sama's state of affairs lately.
Lacking acquaintances to confide in, she devotes every fiber of her being to work…
My master wanted Naoto-sama to regain the joy she felt in days past.
To regain the feelings when all that she wanted was to be a detective, regardless of her heritage or gender…
Yakushiji: I involved you at my own discretion, believing you to be trustworthy.
Please forgive me.

Even if there never was a 'Phantom Thief' I can't complain too hard about any of this. Anyway, Yakushiji handed Naoto one last card before he left.

> The card reads as follows…
Writing on the Card: I did what you can't stand to at a place you'd be fond of.
But underneath, rather than inside.
A place I'd be fond of…?

I remembered a while back she said she's always liked high places.

…You remembered?
> Naoto is nodding cheerfully.
The highest place around here is…
The hill.
Next, what I "can't stand" to do. There are several possibilities, but…

I could think of one or two that seemed possible but in this case only one made sense.

That's right! Did I mention that before…?
> Naoto has an embarrassed smile on her face.
Considering what's at the hill, the most likely answer is the trash can.
…I have an inkling of what might be there.
Let's go, Senpai.

We headed up to the hilltop to check the trash can.

I forgot this thing even existed.
It's the last of the seven tools… The "Detective's Pocketbook."
All the things I had forgotten about are packed in here…
I think Grampa wanted to remind me of them.
This childish game… He's selfish indeed.
Forcing me to recall all this now… I was trying so hard…
Not to be underestimated, not to be condescended to…

Naoto had been thinking about why she was here trying to solve this case.

They would acknowledge me as the 5th in the Shirogane lineage of detectives.
…That's what I told myself.
I just wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be needed.
That's why I fretted and stood on my tiptoes… and focused only on solving the case…
But the original reason I wanted to become a detective…
It was because mysteries intrigued me… and I could help people by solving them.
That's all. I remember now…
Souji-san, do you recall the time I faced myself in the TV world?
It was my task to accept the self who yelled, "I want a reason for me to stay…"
But my "reason to stay" was not solely to solve the crime…
You… everyone… gave me a reason…
You gave me a place to stay…
> Naoto is trying to smile through her tears…

And she'd also been thinking about herself.

I don't need to look for something to change or something to accomplish…
I only need… to have faith in myself…
I finally think I can accept myself.
That I'm a woman…
That I haven't yet become the detective I wanted to be…
I… I am a woman… and a detective…
One who is seeking the truth with you and the others.
> You can sense Naoto's strong will…
> You feel your relationship with Naoto has grown deeper…

I think she's happy with herself now, and that makes me happy.

When I'm with you… I become scared.
Afraid that the instant I admit the truth, everything will spill out…
But… I need to say it… My true feelings…

And I got the answer to my question.

E-Err… Anyway, that seems to be the truth.
> ……
> There's no turning back…
> Your relationship with Naoto has become intimate.
Hrmph… I'm so embarrassed… I feel like I could die.
> You passed a long while with Naoto.

So needless to say my day was going pretty well up to that point. I decided to check out that tutoring job I'd seen an ad for.

Shu's Mother: I'm sorry, he's just a shy boy.
But he's so mart, you know? He got the highest score in his class on his last test, and the teacher-
…E-Enough of that. We're going to study now, so get out.
Shu's Mother: Oh, of course, dear. I don't want to bother you while you're learning.
But, still… Souji-kun, was it? I hear Yasogami High's scores are starting to climb up there.
Shu's already in his second year of middle school, so we need to start thinking of applying to high schools.
Well, knowing him, I'm not worried about getting into a good school. But, when it's time for college…
Mom! That's enough, I said…!
Shu's Mother: Oh, my. I guess you're right. Well, then, Souji-kun, please make sure you teach him well.
Study hard, Shu-chan, okay?
…Souji-san, right?
Let me tell you up front: I have no intention of attending Yasogami High.
The cram school I was going to wasn't that good, so I decided I needed to switch to private tutoring.
You were the only one available, so…
If I think you're inadequate, I'll have you replaced immediately. Remember that.

Today's been such a great day that I gave the kid a pass on his massive rudeness.

…Same here.
…Then, what should we start with? I don't have any subjects that I'm particularly bad at.
> You feel confident that you should teach him:

I was also in too good a mood to mess with the kid about the subject he's obviously not so good at.

That will be fine.
> You tutored Shu.
> He grasps concepts quickly. He answers the problems you have for him in no time at all.
> You worked hard in explaining the subject to him in an easy-to-understand manner.
We'll continue next time.
You were a good tutor. It was easy for me to understand what you were talking about.
…I'm sure my natural intelligence had something to do with that as well, of course.
You're more than welcome to come again whenever you have the time.
I'll keep working at my own pace, as well. So, uh… Please come teach me again.
> …You were accepted as a new tutor.
> You have become acquaintances with Shu Nakajima, the snooty tutoring pupil.
> You feel a faint bond forming between you and Shu…

Kid seriously lacks people skills.


I'm really starting to get worried about Nanako. If she's sick because of the TV world, can the doctors even do anything about it? Still, we all need to stay positive. That's all we can do for her right now.