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Part 1: ???: In Medias Res

Part 1: ???: In Medias Res


Music: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Listen to this)
(Opening Movie Version)

There’s a whole nifty animated intro with the characters ice-skating through the streets, but let’s just jump right in here.

Music: Phantom

This title screen is pretty similar to Persona 4’s original opening screen, but with masks replacing glasses.

There’s a bunch more free DLC for this game, but this is the important one. We’ll explain why in time.

Similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world are purely coincidental.

...The contract has been sealed. The world is not as it should be. It’s filled with distortion, and ruin can no longer be avoided. Those who oppose fate and desire change… From time to time, they were referred to as Tricksters. You are the Trickster… Now is the time to rise against the abyss of distortion.


A helicopter flies towards a cityscape.

Music: Escape

It approaches a casino and the camera pans in.

Inside, there’s a commotion.

A black-clothed figure leaps stealthily through the air, crossing the room via the lights above.

Well, aren’t you pleased with yourself?

Music: Life Will Change (Listen to this)

Stay calm! You can get away now!
We’ll retrieve the briefcase on our end.
Hm…? What was that...?
Don’t worry about us. Just concentrate on getting away!

Our hero jumps across the lights stylishly.

Nice work as always, Joker.
I bet Skull wouldn’t pull it off that smoothly.
This happens because you have no sense for aesthetics.
Nobody asked you, Inari!

Just run! Get out of there!

Everyone remember where we’re meeting up?
No worries. I can guide you all.

The agents transform into masked creatures.

Joker leaps through the air...

...before landing directly on top of the enemy, grabbing its mask, and...

...ripping it clean off.

The enemy’s body bubbles up and explodes into a mass of red and black goo.

It then turns into whatever the hell this monstrosity is.

For future reference, this is the battle menu. It’s pretty rad.

Joker dispatches the creature with the help of the shadowed figure behind him.

Good. You defeated them with ease.
More of them? Be careful!

Joker dodges the attack with a sick backflip and jumps up to a higher floor.

Joker, behind you! Go through that door!

Dude, can he even hear us!?
Don’t worry, I’m picking up everyone’s voices. Just go, Joker!

Tch. We got away from those guys in black, but there’re still loads more of ‘em...

I can’t confirm the intruder’s location.

Joker quickly takes cover behind a nearby box.
Hide in the shadows, and sneak past when you see an opening!

From there, he can leap from object to object to conceal his presence.

Understood. I will continue the search!

Joker is now free to run up the stairs into another cutscene.

Video: Capture

Music: Run Away~Arrest

These guys aren’t playing around.

Something wrong? The exit should be up ahead.

Through there...?
Nnh...! That’s just how it is. After that commotion, the bottom floor’s--
--completely closed off. Hey, can you make it!?
Over there!

Joker hops the railing and runs across it to the other side of the room.

What a showoff.
You’re so reckless, you know that?

Joker lands safely, but...

...not alone.

Enemies, here!? These readings… It can’t be!

An ambush!?
Joker, can you handle this!?
Oh no!


It looks like we might just make it away after all.


Friendly Mr. SWAT introduces Joker to the butt of his rifle.

You have your teammate to thank for this. You were sold out.

Joker is appropriately shocked to hear this news.

Suspect confirmed! Cuff him!

Music: Interrogation Room

Wake him up.

One of the officers splashes him with a bucket of water.

No dozing off. You still don’t get it, do you?

Are you thinking it can be used as video evidence?

So you’re not that dumb.

Please stop kicking me, kind sir.

*cough* Nngh…! *wheeze*

Obstruction of justice, blackmail, defamation, possession of weapons...

To think that all these crimes were led by a punk like this... And you seemed to be enjoying every second of it... Huh?
I was… enjoying it…? Everything’s hazy… I can’t remember...

And here’s the difficulty select screen. The difficulty in Persona 5 primarily just messes with how much damage you take and inflict, and at both extremes, how much money and experience you get. We won’t be messing with it and will keep it on Normal.

You should know your place.

A cop undoes the cuffs.

It’s a confession under your name.

The protagonist just bats it away with his hand.

I see. I need your hand to sign this, but…

And in retaliation, the cop stomps on the protagonist’s leg.

Don’t expect to walk out of here in one piece. We’re going to make you understand… One must take full responsibility for their actions…

I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t trust the police.

And here’s the naming screen. We’ll stop here for today, but feel free to suggest a name. If not I’ll just go with the canon-ish name from the manga which is Akira Kurusu. I’d prefer something more interesting though if I’m going to be staring at this for the rest of my life. There won’t be a lot of votes in this thread but I feel I can leave this at least up to the audience.

You’ve got two eight-character fields to fill here, and no getting cute and trying to stretch one word over two fields, because that’ll just get really annoying to read. For the same reason I’d also prefer it be a name and not a short phrase that’ll fit within sixteen characters. As funny as the twitter post you saw where they named him FUCK THE POLICE was I’m not sure 80 hours of people calling you FUCK THE is really what we want to go for here.