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Part 2: ???-4/9: Lap Of Luxury

Part 2: ???-4/9: Lap Of Luxury

We’re just ordinary high school student infamous thief Mark Hamill. I know you guys picked this because of the “Joker” connection, but now that I think about it, it also works really well as a reference to “Trickster,” huh.

Outside, a figure approaches.

I’m Niijima from the Public Prosecutors Office.
The Prosecutors Office? What business do you have here?
Just let me through; it’s urgent. There’s something I need to confirm with the suspect.
Niijima-san, I believe this case is no longer in your jurisdiction. Besides…

I’m fairly certain this detective shares a voice actor with Dojima from P4 and it freaks me out every time.

There’s a call from your director. Hurry and get it over with. To be frank, you’re being an inconvenience.

I’m responsible for this case, yet I’m not even being allowed an interrogation!?
I’m calling because I knew you’d bring it up.
I will not be convinced unless I confirm it for myself. This is MY case.
*sigh* Good luck to you then. I won’t be expecting much though.
Ah, Prosecutor. I forgot to mention something important. Your time will be cut short. We can’t permit you to talk with him for long.
It’s for your own sake. His methods are unknown. After all, we don’t even know if it’s safe to simply meet and speak with him.

Why, sure. That sounds not suspicious at all.

...I understand.

Inside the interrogation room…

You’ll be answering my questions this time.

Can you hear me? It seems you’ve been through a lot. Almost anything can happen here… and I can’t stop them. That’s why I need you to answer me honestly. I don’t have much time either.

Oh, screw off with this transparent good-cop/bad-cop BS. Don’t tell ‘em a damn thing.

What was your objective? Why did you cause such a major incident? I didn’t think it was a prank from the get-go, but I couldn’t assemble a case for prosecution. It’s because I couldn’t figure out the method behind it.

True. There’s no way I could be convinced of such a “world” just by reading the reports. It seems you’re coherent. When and where did you find out about that world? How is it even possible to steal another’s heart? Now, tell me your account of everything. ...Start from the very beginning.

Music: The Poem of Everyone’s Souls

All the light in the room drops out, and a blue butterfly flies past Maaku.

In Persona 3 and 4, the blue butterfly appears exceedingly briefly, but is implied to be Philemon, a character capable of awakening peoples’ Personas in Persona 1 and 2. He’s one of the only connections to the PS1 era of the series remaining, and this is his only appearance in this game.

The voice of a young woman reaches out to Maaku.

A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance. This is truly an unjust game… Your chances of winning are almost none. But if my voice is reaching you, there may yet be a possibility open to you… I beg you. Please overcome this game… and save the world… The key to victory lies within the memories of your bonds--the truth that you and your friends grasped. It all began that day… when the game was started half a year ago… For the sake of the world’s future… as well as your own… you must remember…


Maaku wakes up looking just unbearably like Harry Potter.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for riding with us today. We will be arriving in Shibuya shortly. This is the last stop for this line. Please transfer here for all subway lines. The doors to your left will open.

Music: Recall~Hint

Maaku flashes back.

A drunk man is accosting a woman, who’s screaming for help.

Someone intervenes.

The man drunkenly slips and falls.

Maaku stares at his hands while the man recovers.

And Maaku is arrested.

Back in the present, we overhear a conversation.

To a person, though? That’s gotta be a joke! You really love all that occult stuff, don’t you?

Later, Maaku is walking through Shibuya, staring at his phone for guidance.

A mysterious icon appears.

Maaku taps it repeatedly.


...everyone around him comes to a halt.

The flow of time has completely stopped.

Beyond the crowd, a blue flame emerges.

It erupts into a winged figure.

Its wicked smile transforms into a yellow-eyed version of Maaku’s own face.

And just like that, time has begun to move again.

Maaku does the only sensible thing and drags the app straight into the garbage can.

Music: Beneath the Mask -instrumental version-

And so we arrive in Yongen-Jaya.

Good to know. Whenever we need an objective, the top-right corner of the screen will tell us what we’re currently doing.

His house should be in the backstreets of this residential area...

We can also talk to people or just eavesdrop in their conversations like a goober.

Up ahead there’s a cop.


Really? *sigh*

I don’t talk to cops.

...But we do actually need directions, so…

What, did you forget something?
>I want to ask for directions.
Hm? You want to get to the residence at that address...? It’s in an alley a bit further back. Take a right after that apartment with the stairs.

I like how Maaku automatically turns away and puts his head down when he eavesdrops. He knows how much of a creep he’s being.

Up ahead we find the Sakura residence.

Even after ringing the doorbell, it doesn’t look like anyone will answer the door. Maybe he’s gone out...
Looks like no one’s home.

A deliveryman in a familiar uniform arrives.

Well, Leblanc’s in the back alley so I should make my other deliveries first… Mmm, next I need to take this package to...

Let’s turn back around and head toward Leblanc, then.

Here it is.

Inside, the only customers are fixated on the television.

The citizens can’t live in peace if this keeps up.
How frightening.
What could be going on? Didn’t something similar happen just the other day?

The manager notices Maaku.

...Oh, right. They did say that was today.
We’ll be going now. The payment’s on the table.
Thanks for coming.
This place is in the back alley, so there’s no worries of a car crashing in here.
A what now?
There’s been a string of those rampage accidents, you know. I just hope none of them happen around here.
It’s none of my concern.
Haha, we’ll see you next time.

They leave.

...Four hours for just a single cup of joe.

Uh, sure, let’s go with that.

...Uh-huh. I’m Sojiro Sakura. You’ll be in my custody over the next year. I was wondering what kind of unruly kid would show up, but you’re the one, huh? Have you been told? A customer of mine and your parents know each other and-- Well, not that that matters… Follow me.

I’ll at least give you sheets for your bed. You look like you wanna say something.

Let’s not get on this guy’s bad side immediately.

It’s on you to clean up the rest. I’ll be leaving after I lock up each day. You’ll be alone at night, but don’t do anything stupid. I’ll throw you out if you cause any trouble. Now then. I got the gist of your situation. You protected some woman from a man forcing himself on her, he got injured, then sued you. Right? That’s what you get for sticking your nose in a matter between two adults. You did injure him, yeah? And now that you’ve got a criminal record, you were expelled from your high school. The courts ordered you to transfer and move out here, which your parents also approved.

Thanks for the incredibly unsympathetic exposition, Sojiro.

It’s best you not talk about anything unnecessary. I am in the restaurant business, you know. Behave yourself for the year. If nothing happens, your probation will be lifted.

Cause any problems, and you’ll be sent straight to juvie. We’ll be going to Shujin tomorrow.

Shujin Academy--the school you’ll be attending. We’ll introduce ourselves properly to the staff there. There’s rarely a place that’ll accept someone like you, you know. What a waste of my Sunday…

Man, this guy sucks.

Your “luggage” arrived earlier; I left them over there.
I’ll be living here starting today… I should check out what’s in here…

You could check, but all you’d learn is “IT’S DUSTY” and “THERE’S CRAP EVERYWHERE.” Instead, let’s go ahead and open the box.

It’s full of clothes and daily necessities. I’ll change into more comfortable clothes for now.

Why were you wearing your school uniform in the first place?


Though it’s only natural you’d want to keep your room tidy. Why don’t you go to bed for tonight? You don’t have anything better to be doing, right? I’m going to close up shop and get out of here myself. I won’t be the one looking after you if you get sick from staying up too late, you got that?

Sleep takes time. Got it.

Attempting to leave the room causes the game to remind you that yes, you should go to sleep.

That day… I had to go home early...

Music: Desire

So here we are, in Maaku’s “Hometown Neighborhood.” An altercation is audible in the distance.

Maaku approaches.

Don’t give me that shit…

Ow! P-Please, stop!

You think you’re worth causing me trouble? Huh?
I-I’ll call the police!
Heh, call them if you want! The police are my bitches. They’re not gonna take you seriously.
No… Stop…!

Someone called the cops, huh? Get in the car! Incompetent fools like you just need to shut their mouths and follow where I steer this country!

This ain’t a show. Get lost, kid. See? This is all because you’re so damn slow! Get in the car!

Our intrepid hero promptly… deletes it again. Oh well. Time for bed!