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Part 5: 4/11: What Is It With This Series And Talking Animals?

Part 5: 4/11: What Is It With This Series And Talking Animals?

Music: Tension

Last time, we inadvertently cut class, ripped off our own face, and met a weird talking not-cat. What was in that curry, Sojiro!?

Morgana stops in front of this statue.

What does it look like I’m doing? I’m lowering the bridge. You, Frizzy Hair. It seems like you pick up on things faster than our Blondie over here. Try checking around the mouth of this statue, OK?

Maaku pulls down the mouth of the statue...

...and the bridge lowers.

Hmph, amateur. Come on, let’s keep going!

Another guard pops out ahead. Sakamoto promptly begins freaking out.


Music: Keeper of Lust (Listen to this DDS-ass music, good lord)

It means they’re holding nothing back and are serious to kill us! I’ll back you up, so fight like your life depends on it! Let’s go!

Time for another fight. Let’s go.

Eiha works, but not well enough.


This is how you fight!

Morgana takes the initiative here, by which I mean he’s outside of player control for this sequence. Unlike in 3 and 4, the player characters generally start in “Direct Commands” mode by default.

Also, yes, Morgana is male, despite his name. They go into it a bit later but I’m not gonna write around it for twenty updates.

The pumpkin-thing is weak to wind attacks, which happen to be Morgana’s specialty.

Use skills the enemy is weak to, knock them down and get more actions, that’s the 1 More system in a nutshell. There’s slightly more to it in this game, but nothing we can introduce yet.

Arsene learned a new skill. I’ll introduce skills when party members learn them, but for the record Cleave is a light Physical attack. Like in the previous games, Physical skills are cast from HP instead of SP. They also work off a percentage of maximum HP instead of a flat cost.

Hm, it looks like you don’t have full control over your power yet. The transformation shouldn’t normally dissolve like that. After all--
Rrgh, that’s enough! This crap doesn’t make any sense!
Can’t you just sit still and listen for once, Blondie!?
Don’t call me Blondie! My name’s Ryuji…

Finally getting a first name for Sakamoto here. We skipped basic introductions with all the naked kings and literal self-actualization.

Actually, there’s no time for me to lecture you! You wanna escape this place in one piece, right? Let’s go! Oh, but before that… take these. Use them carefully, OK?

Come on, we should hurry. It’s not much farther to the exit.

So, a cool new feature in this game is that you can restore all the party’s HP automatically out of battle. I don’t end up doing it much because it can end up pulling SP from a party member you want to keep topped up and you generally don’t always need full HP, but it’s good to have.

Despite the Medicines we just received from Morgana, this does not consume items. It instead uses skills, which are also usable from this menu.

Dammit! I’m too flustered! I can’t remember a damn thing!

It’s clearly some sort of sports uniform, and it has the name of your school on it. We’ve never even been there, but it seems pretty obvious what he’s wearing.

Come on, let’s go!
Hold on, dammit!

But… who are these guys?
Do you really think you have time to worry about other people right now!? Besides, they’re--

I’m glad you stick to your guns. Looks like it’s raring to go too!

These enemies are weak to Curse skills, making Arsene perfect.

Oh my god this UI

Another neat addition is that the game will tell you if an enemy in the fight is weak against one of your skills, as long as you’ve already hit that weakness before. It unfortunately includes enemies that are already knocked down which can get a bit confusing, but it’s still really handy.

You really don’t get it, do you? Hrgh… There’s no time to explain. Look, I’m going. If you don’t want to follow, be my guest!
Dammit… Fine, I’m coming!

Glad we’ve settled on “abandon the needy” as our course of action. What brave heroes we are.

Music: Suspicion

Finally! We’re saved…!

...It’s not openin’! D’you trick us, you jerk!?
Don’t jump to conclusions! Over here!

Ugh, amateur… This is the most basic of basics.

We would’ve done that earlier if that was possible! The ventilation shaft, you morons! You guys should be able to squeeze through it one at a time.
I see… Then we just gotta get that metallic mesh off!

Seriously, we’re finally gettin’ outta here…!
You should wait on celebrating until you actually get out. Now, get going.
But… what about you?
There’s something that I still have to do. We’re going our separate ways.

Heh. You’ve got manners. Be careful on your way.

Ryuji and Maaku climb the shelf and leave.

Especially the frizzy-haired one, if my judgment’s right...

We transport once more...

Music: Suspicion

Huh? Returned…? ...Does that mean we got away?

I dunno what to think anymore...

The hell’s goin’ on!?

Huh? No! We were tryin’ to get to school, and we ended up at this weird castle!
...What? Hand over your bag. You better not be doing any drugs.

A sensible reaction.

Why would you think that!?
Are you his friend?

Then you should go to school. Take him with you.
Like I’m tryin’ to say…! I don’t know what’s goin’ on either!
We passed by Shujin on our way here. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it. If you spout any more nonsense, I’ll contact your school. Is that what you want?
(to Maaku) C’mon, say somethin’!

Uh, that’s not what I meant…

Maaku walks off.

...Fine, I’m goin’!

*chuckle* Things are going as planned… Sae Niijima… That reminds me… *sigh* Better to leave it be for now.

So a Minister of Transport resigned after the subway incident, and this is “going as planned.” How does Sae factor into this? I’m not sure I like where this is headed...

I’m sure we came the same way… What’s goin’ on here…?

We received a call from the police.
That damn cop snitched on us after all!
It’s rare not to see you alone. Where were you roaming around until this time?
Uh… a ca-- a castle?
So you have no intention of giving an honest answer?
What’s this about a “castle”?

You seem so carefree, Sakamoto. Quite a difference from when you did morning practice for the track team.

How dare you speak that way to Mr. Kamoshida! ...There’s not much leeway left for you, you know?
He’s the one that provoked me!
Do you really want to be expelled!? In any case, you’ll have to explain yourself! Follow me!
What!? This is bullshit!
Come now. I should have been more considerate, too. Let’s just say that we were both to blame.
Well, if you say so… Still, you’re coming with me. It’s undeniable that you’re extremely late.
By the way… you’re that new transfer student, correct? Maaku Hamiru...

Ryuji shoots Kamoshida a glare before continuing up the steps.

That’s right… I remember now. ...Well, I’ll overlook this just for today.

We’re already pushing things here, let’s not go further than we need to, as satisfying as it would be to stand up to this condescending ass.

At any rate, hurry up and go to the faculty office. I’m sure Ms. Kawakami’s tired of waiting.

Man, fuck this guy.

Music: Interrogation Room

A talking cat…? Are you hallucinating from an overdose? I won’t put up with you if you’re simply joking around.

It seems like everyone thinks Maaku’s just high, both then and in the future. Including myself. Get your life together, man.

I’m going to have you continue the story. The one who received a “calling card” from the Phantom Thieves was an Olympic medalist.

It’s true that what he did were deplorable crimes from… indulging his desire. He confessed to it all. But there should have been no connection between the two of you since you had just transferred. Why did you target him?

Try and recall it once again…!

Music: Beneath the Mask -Instrumental Version-

Ah, school. How great it will feel to be greeted with open arms to this hallowed hall of learning.

Or not.

Late on the first day, too. You like causing trouble for the school?

What’s with that attitude? Show some respect! Do you even want to be reformed? I bet this is a good sign of what you’ll be like here.

Rumors spread fast, I suppose. We’re already being labeled a criminal who smokes and drinks, the two worst crimes of all.

Hm? What’s this about Ryuji?

I can’t believe he’s still behaving like this after what he did to the track team. And he’s still not expelled because Mr. Kamoshida’s covering for him, right?
Mr. Kamoshida’s too nice for not abandoning a punk like that…

Yeah, I heard about him. All the second-years are talking about it. Apparently, he’s such a problem student that no other schools will take him.
Why does he have to come here…? I hope he doesn’t try anything funny with the volleyball team.
It’s fine. Mr. Kamoshida’s on our side. The transfer student won’t do anything to us.

I feel like we’re not getting the whole picture here. The students seem to love Kamoshida, but Ryuji...

What!? But you already promised to recommend me...
I’m sorry, but you’ll have to accept that this was decided by the school. They want to prioritize students from our highly acclaimed volleyball team…

This volleyball team seems really important to the school.

Oh no, Ms. Kawakami’s class! I got so caught up in what I was doing I forgot all about it! She’s gonna kill me.

Being over half a day late on your first day…? Can you explain yourself?

I mean, it’s technically true.

How could you have been lost for this long? It’s almost lunchtime. Well, it’s probably true that you’re not used to the area yet… but you’re still way too late. Will you pull yourself together? You were given fair warning yesterday. More importantly… I heard that you were caught along with that Sakamoto-kun?

Don’t get involved with him, OK? He’s nothing but trouble. He wasn’t like that when he was devoting his time to track and field though… ...Anyway. Break’s almost over. Classes will end after fifth period today because of the subway accident.

It was really more of a “collision” than an “accident.”

I’ll have you introduce yourself when class resumes. Follow me.

Be serious about it even if you’re lying to the class, OK? Do NOT say anything unnecessary.

He looks normal though.
But he might slug us if we look him in the eye...

...Well, I’d like to introduce a transfer student: Maaku Hamiru. Today, we… had him attend from the afternoon on since he wasn’t feeling well. All right, please say something to the class.

He seems quiet… but I bet when he loses it...
I mean, he was arrested for assault, right...?
...Uhh, so… Your seat will be… Hmm… Over there. The one that’s open. Sorry, but can the people nearby please share your textbooks with him for today?
This sucks...

Whoa, what happened to you?


Does that mean he hit on her before transferring here?
That means she’s cheating on him with Mr. Kamoshida. Then again, this is Takamaki-san we’re talking about...

Wait, what?

For real. That side of the room is totally awful.
Oh, right! The volleyball rally’s in two days… Everyone’s just changed classes, so make sure you use that time to get to know each other. Well then, let’s get class started. Who’s on duty today?
Everyone, please rise...

Music: Disquiet

The school fades out, revealing the castle.

Maaku grasps his head in pain.

Hm? What’s wrong?

*sigh* Are you sure you’re OK? Also… it seems like people are already talking about you, but I’m not the one who told them. I can’t even catch a break… Why do I have to deal with this? You should head straight home without stopping by anywhere. Sakura-san sounded pretty angry.

Great, now Sojiro hates me even more. This place sucks.

Oh, and about Sakamoto-kun. Don’t get involved--

Speak of the devil… What do you want? I heard the police caught you cutting classes today.
Ugh… It was nothin’.
And you haven’t dyed your hair back to black either...
Sorry ‘bout that.

Ryuji whispers to you before walking off.

See? That’s why I don’t want you getting involved. Understood?

The principal and Kamoshida walk up.

A student with a criminal record, and the culprit of an assault case. At this rate, it’d be pointless how much I contribute to the school.
Now, don’t be like that… This school counts on you, Kamoshida-kun. You are our star. Still, a steady build-up is necessary behind such brilliance as well.
...Your troubles never seem to end, do they, Principal Kobayakawa? All right, I understand. I’ll continue to do my best to answer your expectations of me.

I should meet him on the rooftop...

But first, let’s go talk to some more people.

Wah! What!? You’re talking about the one at the center of all the rumors online? Alcohol, smoking, theft, violence… The teacher would never approve of such an article.

Everyone’s afraid of him… I hope he gets expelled soon...
Our school’s seriously full of troublemakers. Didn’t something like this happen last year too?
*sigh* And we’re supposed to be an elite college prep school. I wish they’d fix this problem.

Okay, so Shujin’s “an elite college prep school,” which I suppose explains why the uniform is so snazzy. It makes it slightly less plausible that they’d accept Maaku in the first place, though, but hey, without it there’s no game.

Maybe he called someone up there so he can punch them.
Oh, do you mean like what happened at track practice last year? I heard it was a big fight...
Stay away from him! We only just started high school… I’m too young to die!

From what we’ve gathered so far, Ryuji quit track and field, most likely due to whatever altercation occurred at practice last year. Wonder what’s going on with that.

Then again, I’m sure you two losers get along because the both of you are nothing but garbage. Get it? You’ve already gotten on Kamoshida’s bad side. That means the whole school’s against you!

This place is intense. While I’m goofing around, I should mention that “Shujin” is a homophone for the Japanese word for “prisoner,” which just seems hilariously on-the-nose for the name of a school.

Time to meet Ryuji.

Music: Suspicion

Sorry for callin’ you up here like this. I bet Kawakami already told you stuff like “don’t get involved with him,” huh?

Heh, we’re pretty much in the same boat. I heard you got a criminal record. Everyone’s talkin’ about it. No wonder you were so gutsy.

It wasn’t a dream… right? You remember it too, yeah?

Well, just ‘cause we both remember it doesn’t mean much though… I mean, even if it was a dream, you saved me from Kamoshida. So yeah… Thanks, Maaku.

But man, that Kamoshida we saw there… You prolly don’t know about it, but there are some rumors about him.

Yeah, the ripped mophead. That asshole who was all full of himself at the castle. No one says anything against him cause he’s some medalist who took the volleyball team to nationals. The way Kamoshida was king of that castle felt crazy real ‘cause of that… ...I wonder if we can go back to that castle again...

Sorry to drag you out here like this. That’s all I had to say. You know, we might be pretty similar. I feel like we’re gonna get along just fine as “troublemakers.”

I’ll come talk if I see you around. Don’t ignore me, all right? Seeya.

Ryuji leaves.

I guess I’ll just head home for today...

Nothing to do but head home and face the wrath of Sojiro. Yikes.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh boy, here it comes.

It’s only your first day and you’re already showing up hours late?

And here I thought you got up and left on time this morning. Look, just behave yourself. Your life’s forfeit if anything happens. You understand the meaning of probation, right?

OK then.

I expected way worse than that. Sojiro’s a pretty chill guy.

Sojiro answers his phone.

...Yeah, I just closed up shop. I’ll be there in half an hour.

...No, I just hired a part-timer.

...Yup, I’m leaving now. I told you, he’s a part-timer.

Sojiro, you cad, you.

Antonio Banderas, thou art I. As you saw, Morgana already has a Persona, Zorro.

From Wikipedia:

“Zorro (Spanish for "fox") is the secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega, a fictional character created in 1919 by pulp writer Johnston McCulley. He is a Californio nobleman living in Los Angeles during the era of Mexican rule (between 1821 and 1846), although some movie adaptations of Zorro's story have placed him during the earlier Spanish rule.

The character has undergone changes through the years, but the typical image of him is a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the commoners and indigenous peoples of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Not only is he too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but he also delights in publicly humiliating them. . . . His favored weapon is a rapier, which he often uses to leave his distinctive mark, a Z cut with three quick strokes.”

Morgana is relatively useful throughout the game for a few abilities he gets. He’s the party’s best all-around healer, being the only one to learn every HP restore spell, and does great damage with his wind attacks. He learns some incredibly useful physical strikes as well all of which combine to earn him a spot in the starting lineup for a good long while.

Morgana is voiced by Cassandra Morris, probably best known as Edea from Bravely Default. She’s one of the better, more consistent performances in this game. Her original Japanese VA is Ikue Ōtani, who's well known for voicing mascot characters like Pikachu and Tony Tony Chopper, fittingly enough.