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Part 10: 4/15-4/17: A Serious Health Code Violation

Part 10: 4/15-4/17: A Serious Health Code Violation

Now Ann has a Persona. Time to go to work.

Music: Will Power

That dirtbag just sees women as sexual outlets! Don’t make me laugh with that “love” bullshit! C’mon, Carmen! Let’s give ‘em hell!

This is Belphegor, and yes, that is a toilet. He’s one of my favorite SMT demons because all he wants to do is take a shit. He’s my friend and I love him.

He’s weak to fire, so he goes down real quick. Minibosses can’t be talked to, so there’s no reason to do anything but All-out Attack.

Pff, outside of school, that guy’s nothing but a pathetic loser!

Morgana also learns Patra, which cures Dizzy/Forget/Sleep/Hunger for one ally. We’ll go more into status effects later.

Music: Desire

Kamoshida runs away.

Why’d you come here, man!? And more importantly, how!?
Hey! Is that how you speak to a woman!? Are you all right, Lady Ann!?
Lady Ann…? Wait, what is this thing? Is it alive…? How can it talk? And… where in the world are we…!?
J-Just calm gown. Everything’s going to be OK; don’t worry.

Huh? What are you talking about!? What the hell are you thinking!?

Yeah, in retrospect that probably wasn’t the best thing to say.

Well, I’m stumped… A search party will be coming for us soon. There’s no time to explain. We don’t have a choice. Let’s retreat for now!
We were just gettin’ fired up, and you had to go and get in the way… Rgh, fine...

You take the other side.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Whichever’s not carbonated.
Uh, they’re both actually.

What about me?
Huh? But you’re a cat.

Um… Morgana, right? I really am talking to a cat… This feels so strange… Oh, sorry! You’re not a cat, right?
It’s only natural that you’re confused. Demanding that you understand all of this right after what you went through is asking too much.
Honestly, I still can’t believe what happened… And that power… my Persona...
It’s the will of your rebellion, Lady Ann. With it, you’ll be able to fight in that other world.
So if what you told me is true, we can make Kamoshida have a change of heart, right? Is it really possible…? Can we actually force him to confess his crimes?
The volleyball team’s keepin’ quiet about this, while teachers and parents turn a blind eye. If guys like us try and complain, they’re just gonna shoot us down. Goin’ all in on this plan is the only choice we got.
Then let me help too. I want to make him pay for what happened to Shiho. He just keeps going like nothing happened, even after what he did to her… I’ll never forgive him.
Wait, did you just say, “let me help”? You mean, you want us to take you along?
Don’t act like I’m going to drag you down. Weren’t you watching? I can fight too.
Hey, what should we do?

Ann is actually probably my least favorite party member in the game for a few reasons, including her overall lack of utility and her battle character design which manages to be both oversexualized and also just not that visually interesting, but, uh, sure, yeah, she’ll be great. I guess.

I agree as well. We are lacking in manpower, after all. Don’t worry, I’ll protect her.

This game needs an option to bust out laughing at that.

Even if you said, no, I’d just go in alone.
Oh right, she can go by herself… I guess it’d be more dangerous turnin’ her down… Rgh, fine...
Then it’s decided. Well, I hope we get along! I’m going to make Kamoshida atone for what he did. Not just for Shiho’s sake, but for everything he’s done. I won’t let any more people suffer because of him. I’ll do whatever it takes!
I sense a strong fighting resolve from Ann...

Music: Interrogation Room

It wouldn’t be odd if you had someone that was proficient in deceiving the eyes of others… ...If you’re listening, then answer me!

I guess this relates to Ann because… she’s a model? I guess?

Music: The Spirit

The Lovers Arcana represents relationships and choices, but also disharmony and inner conflict.

Ann learns Baton Pass from the first rank of her Confidant. This is a skill all of our party members will eventually learn at early ranks of their Confidants. It lets us pass the additional turn gained from a 1 More over to someone else who knows Baton Pass, dealing increased damage in the process. It’s one of the best new additions to the combat in this game over previous entries. The only downside is that not knowing it is a severe hindrance to any new party members you haven’t progressed through the Confidants of.

Hey, give me your number and chat ID. And, um…

I’ll be counting on you, then. Same goes for you, Morgana.
The pleasure is all mine, Lady Ann.

Ann walks off.

And the innocence to cast herself into the jaws of death to achieve her goal… She cares about her friends, and she’s beautiful to boot… What a girl! She’s captured my heart...

I’m with Ryuji, this is getting mighty uncomfortable.

True. Our best option would be to make a secret hideout where we could discuss these things.
A hideout, huh…? I like the sound of that.
The school rooftop would work… It seems like nobody goes up there. For the time being, that will make the perfect hideout. I can’t contact you from inside a Palace, so I’ll stay in this world. That being said, I’ll need someone to take care of me. I’m personally nominating you. You should feel honored.

...This’s all you. There’s no way I can at my place. Well, we now have our hideout, so let’s meet there tomorrow!

Ryuji runs to board the train.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Hm? Who’s this? Let’s talk to her.

Hey, lay off the customers. Sorry if he was rude, Doctor.
...I don’t mind.
Come on, you’re getting in the way. Go on upstairs.

Come back again.

Oh, that customer just now? She’s the head doctor over at that clinic down the street. Rumor has it she gives pretty crappy examinations, and sells some weird homemade medicines on top of that. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t been there myself. They should really just leave her alone. It’s not like she’s getting in the way of their lives…
Hey, are we there yet?

Well, I’ve gotta get home and start making dinner...

What the…!? What is this place!? Is this some kind of abandoned house…!?

I was wondering why I heard meowing… What did you bring it here for!?

Not my problem. Look, this place is a restaurant. Animals are a no-go… Though I guess you might stay on good behavior if you’ve got a pet to take care of… Fine… But keep it quiet when we’re open for business. And don’t let it roam downstairs, or I’ll toss it out. Oh, and I’m not gonna take care of it. That’s all on you.

Boy, you backed down quick.

He seemed pretty understanding for someone who keeps you cramped up in this dump. Then again, I suppose to normal people I just sound like a meowing cat.

Make sure you wash that dish. By the way… have you decided on a name?
Morgana? Huh… I was hoping I’d get to name it.

Sojiro’s the fucking best.

And to be honest, this place is heaven compared to Kamoshida’s cells. ...Remember how you guys asked me before about what I am? To be honest… I don’t remember anything about my birth. I think the Metaverse’s distortions made me lose both my memories and my true form.

I already told you! I’m an honest-to-god human! If I were originally just a cat, how could I talk!? It doesn’t make any sense! There’s no doubt that the distortions were what caused me to lose my real self. I’m sure that once they’re purged, I’ll finally be able to get that self back. And I have a pretty good idea on how to do it too. That’s why I was in the castle in the first place.

Let me make myself clear: Your taking care of me won’t be for nothing. It’ll be give and take. Due to my knowledgeable and dexterous nature, I have a lot of intel on infiltration tools.

Whoa, I can’t tell you more unless we settle on a deal. In exchange for you keeping me here, I’ll teach you about these tools. How does that sound?

Still not too jazzed about living with this smug cat but I’ll take what I can get.

I take it that means you accept?
Hehehe… Then it’s a deal.
Morgana seems rather happy...

Music: Interrogation Room

There’s even the possibility that you used special tools and had someone who manufactured them… ...Answer me!

Music: The Spirit

The Magician Arcana represents action or skill, but also trickery and manipulation. It’s generally associated with the beginnings of journeys, which is why it’s typically the Arcana of Your Dumb Friend Who Doesn’t Know Anything in 3 and 4.

Morgana gives us the ability to craft infiltration tools, which are items that will help us out within dungeons.

By the way, the power you used in the Palace was seriously amazing. The stronger that power gets, the more reliable it’ll be as a trump card. All right, I’m gonna stick with you wherever you go from today on. Personas are the strength born from one’s heart. Depending on what kind of life experience you gain, I bet it’ll affect that power as well!

And if you become acquainted with capable people, you might learn various, useful skills too… This is all part of our deal, got it?

I expect great things from you. Don’t let me down, OK?

Getting around in cat form sounds pretty inconvenient, though… Well, it is what it is. I’ll just have to deal with being carried in that bag of yours.

I can’t. Anyway, I wanted to let you know at least. See you tomorrow.
You guys send messages to each other with that thing, right? I want in too, so I’m gonna have to ask you to type for me. At any rate… Is this really a place for someone to live in?

In addition to sitting on the couch, we can also talk to Morgana for some more flavor text related to what we’re currently doing.

Is this the stress of Kamoshida’s threat weighing on me…?

….. While we’re riding the train, we’ve got some downtime. I wonder if we could put it to good use...

I haven’t been feeling well lately. My head’s all foggy, and I have no energy… I’ve tried every drug at the pharmacy, but nothing works. Do I have some new virus? ...Is this the onset of a psychotic breakdown? Wh-What should I do? Am I going to die!?
Calm down, calm down! Let’s go to the clinic. Come on. I’m sure the doctor can prescribe something that’ll fix you right up!
Doctors have the best medicine, huh… Hey, wasn’t that one customer back at Leblanc a doctor?

That’s not what’s important here! Though she did have an interesting fashion sense… Anyway, it might be nice to have some strong medicine to use in the palace...

Music: So Boring

Don’t text now. We’re in class.
Whoa! You mean you’re actually listening to all this crap?
Yeah, but none of it is really sticking today...
I know, right? Anyways, hideout after school?
Where exactly is this “hideout”?
The school roof.
Wait, we can still go up there?

I’m gonna fine you if you’re late!

You! Pay attention! Is that how you listen when someone’s talking to you!?
I feel a murderous intent…!

Mr. Ushimaru throws a piece of chalk that hits Maaku square in the forehead.

Ooh… That looked like it hurt.
*snicker* He hit him right in the forehead...
That’s what you get for daydreaming! Kids these days have no respect for their elders.
Good grief… Looks like you need more Proficiency to completely dodge that.

Considering that we haven’t seen even a single opportunity to raise Proficiency at this point, that check is unwinnable. It’s entirely meant for New Game +, and even then it just gives you Charm, making it kind of pointless at that stage.

Music: Suspicion

Mkay, let’s get goin’!
Hold on, it’s still too early for us to head to the Palace.
But why? Don’t we just gotta steal that Treasure thing?
Don’t underestimate the dangers of that place. We need to prepare.
Ain’t that Persona shit we got enough to deal with it?
That’s exactly what I mean when I say don’t underestimate it. You’ll die if you mess up in there. So again, we need to prepare before we head in.
But… how exactly are we supposed to do that?
I’m glad you asked, Lady Ann. First, we’ll need to find better equipment for all of you.
You talkin’ about weapons? I know a kick-ass place!
In that case, you can handle that side of things. The only other thing would be stocking up on medicine. Fatigue is unavoidable in a Palace...
And where can we get medicine?
Don’t worry, I know just the place. I hope you look forward to it, Lady Ann! Now then, Maaku and I have some business in Yongen, so let’s head off for today!

Just come with me! I won’t be able to get close enough by myself!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

The doctor who prescribes medication after a quick examination? She was sitting at the booth...

I just realized something. If she’s the kind of doctor who gets sketchy rumors like that, maybe she’ll help us out. She’s somewhere in the neighborhood, right? Take me to her.

...Well, I guess that’s the only choice we have. We’ll just have to go for it. All right, let’s step inside.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Hm? I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before...

Hmmm… Well, whatever… So, what are you here for today?

….. ...Fine. Please head to the exam room.

I’m going to prescribe you some pain relievers, OK?

So let’s go with sleeping pills instead. Sleep is the best medicine anyway. What type of pill do you want, a sweet-tasting one or a bitter one?

The plan is falling apart!

Is that right? And I bet you think you should have a year-long supply of them too.

...I’m guessing you’re here because you heard the rumors about me, huh?

Who’s to say? But as a result, all I get are patients with ulterior motives now. I guess high school kids have it tough nowadays too, huh? Well, fine. I’ll prescribe you some medication. But only medication that will help you recover your health. I guess it’s fine. You seem pretty earnest, and you don’t look like you’ll be any trouble. This is my private practice. All the medicine I dispense is original. I have a license to make my own formulas. You’ve likely seen them being sold at various hospitals. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. So if that’s OK with you, stop by anytime.

Great. It’s nice that you’re so quick on the uptake… Saves me the hassle. You’re a pretty weird kid, you know? I wonder what you’re going to use the medicine for… Well, as long as you don’t cause me any trouble, it’s not my problem...

This is where we can buy restorative items. We’ll be back later, but for now we’ll just purchase a Revivadrin (revives a downed party member) and as many Recov-R: 50 mg (50 HP restore) as we can afford.

A strange man is waiting outside. He enters the examination room.

Do you have a cold? Stomachache? Athlete’s foot? Whatever it is, you’ll need to take a number...
...Enough of this!

You’re the only one who could have developed that type of medicine.

Don’t play dumb with me. Rumor has it, it’s a drug so potent it can give a person unlimited power.
Really? That’s news to me.
Developing experimental drugs, medicine, and herbal remedies violates all health regulations. Are you attempting to create a super-stimulant? A drug like that will only become a social issue.
You’re really persistent, you know that? I’m just a quack…
The police may not be taking action, but I imagine the media will soon pick up on it. You intend to ruin my reputation again, huh? You’re a disgrace to the medical community.
What’s with the look? That was your mistake, was it not? I won’t be responsible for your criminal actions. Dispose of that “medicine” immediately and resign. The name “Tae Takemi” will never--

My eavesdropping has backfired yet again!

Maaku leaves in a hurry.

Sounded like they were talking about something dangerous… Could that woman be hiding some extra strong medicine…?

I agree. If it’s that strong, it might come in handy at the Palace. All right, let’s come back when that man isn’t here. We shouldn’t involve people who have nothing to do with this. Keep the Phantom Thieves a secret, OK? Anyway, great work! That went really well!

Sweet. Welp, let’s figure out where to meet. You at least know how to get to Shibuya Station, yeah?
Hey, I can’t make it. Can I trust you guys to check the place out for me?
You can’t come?
Not tomorrow. I made plans to go see Shiho in the hospital.
Ah, gotcha. Don’t worry, we got this. Well, seeya in Shibuya, Maaku! I’ll be in front of the station!
We might be able to get our hands on some decent stuff if this store really has model guns. Well, we can leave that for tomorrow. Let’s go home!

Once we’re prepared, let’s take on the Palace. That’s where the real fun starts, got it?

“No, for real dude, just give it another hour, the game’s gonna pick up I swear.”

Oh, um… O-Of course I’ve heard of it before. I just can’t remember a time that I’ve been there...

That seems reasonable, I guess.

But before we do that, let’s check out our stuff.

This is where we obtain the free DLC items we picked up at the start. The important one is the healing item set, for reasons we’ll see very shortly.

The next day...

Mkay, let’s get goin’. The shop’s over this way!

Ryuji runs over towards a nearby politician.

This politician’s actually saying some decent things, but not many people are stopping to listen...
Eh, people give speeches all the time. Plus, politics are pretty boring, anyways. We’re almost there. Just don’t get lost in the crowd.

Following Ryuji to Central Street, he runs down a back alley.

Don’t go into that alley. I saw a blond punk just head in…

Poor Ryuji. Well, let’s explore a bit before joining him.

That I am!

Looking for a part-time job? It’s easy money! I can make a recommendation just for you.
Hey, you’ll lose track of Ryuji if you waste time with this guy.

Shut up Morgana, I’m having a conversation with this nice man about a job opportunity.

Don’t you want some pocket change? I can help you out.

Look, it’s easy, and it’ll net you tons of cash. Just follow me and we’ll get you sorted out.
Hey, we don’t have time for this guy. We’re supposed to be getting weapons today, remember? Let’s just go after Ryuji.


Oh yeah, now that’ we’re here… you know anything about military stuff? I guess worst comes to worst we can just ask the shopkeep what they recommend. C’mon, let’s go.

Music: Layer Cake

Maybe we should try askin’ the guy behind the counter. And man, who’d have thunk model guns would shoot real bullets in that Palace?

...I dunno, just buy whatever looks interestin’ to you.
Ugh, some customer service...
Fine, whaddya want? An automatic? A revolver?
Uh, automatic…? Dude, why’re you talkin’ about cars now!?
Listen, this here’s an enthusiast shop. My regulars’ll be mad if I let a casual like you hang around.
I’m not a freakin’ casual! I bought shit from here like, last week!
Huh, can’t remember you.
You bastard...
And you? Lookin’ for somethin’?

Th-That ain’t it! We just like how they look, is all!
Anyways… you shoulda said before you two’re enthusiasts. I’m always up for helpin’ fresh faces. Some precautions first though. Don’t go ‘round pointing ‘em at other people. Keep ‘em in a bag or somethin’ if you’re outside. Oh, and don’t let the fuzz catch wind of you having ‘em. I don’t need them comin’ around here.

How ‘bout that? Me too. Now, if you look close, you’ll be able to to tell these’re models. Real guns feel… different. Maybe someday I’ll show you the real good stuff though… if you got the Guts for it, of course. ...But for now, you get the beginner selection. Just sit tight, I’ll bring ‘em out.

Oh, and here’s the cash for mine. Pick me out something good!

Time to shop.

But first, we need to sell something. This Soma from the healing item pack DLC fully restores HP and SP to all allies. It’s incredibly rare and useful as SP is at a massive premium in this game and ways to restore it are few.

So, of course, we’re going to sell it for 50,000 yen. Money’s not a huge problem for most of P5, but at the beginning at least we’re going to be pretty hard up for cash. Not anymore.

So what are we going to buy with all the money we just got? Well, we’re going to buy a piece of armor for Maaku… and that’s it. We’ll go back to the clinic and buy more HP restore items before heading back to the Palace, but for now we’re going to be pretty frugal. We’re only buying this in the first place because like in P3 and P4, if the protagonist dies it’s game over, so we need to be careful. We’re not even going to bother with physical weapons at this point, though it’s funny to think about why this airsoft guy is selling lengths of pipe for Ryuji to swing around.

Anyways, I’ll have you do the choosin’ from now on. Get me the strongest-lookin’ one!

Apparently that subway driver from the accident was acting really odd during his testimony hearing.
You talking about that psychotic whatever thing people’re going on about?
Yeah, I heard it completely alters your personality. The news is saying the driver couldn’t even speak when they tried asking him questions.
There’s no way a preposterous story like that could be true. Oh and sorry, but we’re closing soon.
Hmph, how rude. This must be why you don’t get many customers. Your coffee’s actually not half bad. The beans must be lamenting the sorry state of this store…
Thanks for stopping in. Please come again.
Hmph. I only say this out of politeness, but… thanks for the coffee.

Oh… What do you want? If you’re bored, go wash some dishes or something.

Shut it. It’s all good as long as the shop doesn’t fail. I’m not gonna go wearing a fake smile.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up living out on the streets.

You’re awful unconcerned about that prospect.

As long as I’m here, the world leaves me be. No annoyances or troublesome people to deal with. It’d like my own personal hideaway. I’d be kinda screwed if I lost it, but I guess you would be too. So, you better at least try and be useful around here. Anyway, I’m leaving now. Don’t cause any trouble.

Yeah. She’ll get better, I know it. I just need to believe in her. But… I’ll never forgive Kamoshida. He’s going to pay for what he did, no matter what.

We just need to assemble some infiltration tools. Clean off that desk back there so we can use it.

So, get materials from Shadows, craft infiltration tools, use the Proficiency you get from crafting to be able to craft more tools at once. Simple.

Everyone starts off a little clumsy. Don’t be sad if it doesn’t go well at first, OK?

Did you finish?

We got Lockpick x1.

Great! We should be able to use this.

From making the Lockpick, we get Proficiency +2. It’s possible to get +3 but I’m not savescumming for that.

We should be ready now. We’re heading into the Palace tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.

It’s all coming together. We’ve got our medicine, our gear, and our full party, and we’re finally ready to head back into the Palace. But sorry, Morgana, because before we do that, it’s time to explore the world a bit. Next time, we’re going to see just how much shit there is to do in this game.