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Part 100: 9/2-9/3: The Worst People In The Game

Part 97: 9/2-9/3: The Worst People In The Game

Music: Beneath the Mask

You some kinda misfortune magnet or something? Just don’t bring any bad luck down on me, got it?

No, my sister still hasn’t come home.
Mannn, she’s seriously that busy?
Probably because of us.
So, uh.. do you still want to go through with this…?
Yes. I can do it. Hold on, I have a message. It sounds like she’s on her way home.
All right! It’s finally time!

Understood. I’ll report back tomorrow.
Oooh, I can’t wait to see what comes of this…

But who did it? Could #Millennials be possibly involved? We investigated to try and get to the bottom of this.
Wow, everyone’s so interested in the Phantom Thieves. Make sure you don’t blow our cover, OK?

I’m gonna murder all the rich people, old man, and you can’t stop me.

By the way, is your house ever going to get air conditioning? Maid outfits get too hot during summer and really cold in winter. They’re so impractical. Oh, well. Does your room need cleaning, or did you need me to cook for you? I provide all sorts of services! But, um… there’s stuff I need to talk to you about, so would you request me?

I’ll be heading over right away, thennn. Please wait for me, Master!

…… But I have to say goodbye to it today.

Music: Alleycat

The thing is, I’ve decided to quit! ...My boss found me a part-time job that pays better than this one.

Oh no.

Takase-kun’s guardians keep increasing their demands… ...So this is just what I have to do.

Takase-kun’s guardians say the only way to apologize to Takase-kun is by paying them. If that’s not true, then what’s the right thing to do here…? I wonder if I can escape all this if I quit being a teacher. People like me have no right being a teacher. If I quit on my own, I won’t have to pay them… That’s why I’m going to quit both my teaching job and my maid job… What do you think?

But did I really decide it on my own…? Now that I think about it, it’s too late for me to stop being a teacher. If I really felt bad for what happened, I would’ve resigned the day he died. And yet, I still felt the need to teach… I wonder why I feel that way even now.

...Hamiru-kun. …… Oh, that’s right… I decided the way to apologize to him was to make sure there won’t ever be another student like him. Because I might’ve been able to save him if I hadn’t been afraid of rumors or labels back then. I wanted to become a teacher who takes care of her students. That’s the mindset I had! But now, I spend all my free time at part-time jobs, just so I can continue working as a teacher. I put the critical work of a teacher on the back burner, so I could make “apology” money. That’s where it all went wrong… I can’t make things right with Takase-kun like this…

I’ll be the teacher I aspire to be… That’s the right way for me to make amends to Takase-kun. From here on, I refuse to pay them any more money! And that is my answer! ...Well, what do you think?

...I learned that from you. In a way, you’re MY teacher. ...Haha, just kidding.

This fall on Disney Channel, experience the heartwarmingly funny tale of the teacher who might just have more to learn from her students than the other way around! and also she’s a prostitute

I feel Kawakami’s trust in me strengthening...

I’ve been so worried about making money that I haven’t been paying attention to my students. Especially to you. I averted my eyes from you because you were labeled, just like Takase-kun was… But from now on, I’m going to protect you too. As your teacher, I will never betray you.

The first option here is hilariously weird and line-crossing, even if it fits with the tone of the conversation better. Therefore I went with the second option, which is basically the equivalent of responding to “I’ll defend you with my life” with “Cool,” and just seems ridiculously non-chalant.

I’ll speak with the Takases. I’m not going to run anymore. Everything should be fine as long as I talk to them face to face. All right, it’s time for me to go. Thank you… I’ll see you later. Good night.

Music: Days of Sisters

I’m listing up the evidence that’s been taken into storage. It’s a chore that any part-timer could do. I don’t have time to waste on something like this… I felt like my irritation would show on my face at the office, so I brought it home.
Sorry to hear.
The Phantom Thieves case isn’t so easy that I could pursue it in my spare time… The media keeps making a ruckus about it, so people have been wary whenever we make inquiries. Why, I couldn’t get anything out of a man who seemed to have intel… I even tried threatening him.


All I did was question him a bit harshly.

It’s unclear, but I think it’s possible she’s talking about Sojiro, in which case this is a hilarious understatement.

Oh, I almost forgot… I’ll be going on a school trip starting next week… The senior faculty are being questioned, so I’ll be going in their stead…
Sounds good to me. The school will owe you for it. It won’t get in the way of your entrance exams, will it?
Not at all. ...Feel free to take a bath first. I… need to study.
OK. I think I’ll do that.

Music: Disquiet


A progress bar appears onscreen.

This should do it, right?


I want to change my toothbrush.
I-I bought a new one already! It’s on the shelf!



An extremely soft thud can be heart from the bathroom, so quiet I had to rewind the video and turn my volume all the way up to hear it. There’s zero chance anyone playing this on a TV would have heard this, is what I’m saying. Also Sae’s been in the tub for maybe twenty seconds at this point.

It's pretty great that according to the portraits Sae bathes fully clothed because they couldn't be bothered to give her a whole second outfit.

It’s so close to being done too…!

What is it?
I bought a new bath salt. It’s on the same shelf, so would you mind putting it in the tub?
Not at all.

The process completes.

Music: Suspicion

I’m not entirely sure I did it correctly though…
Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
I have to head to school right now though…
Whoa! My bad! Bring it right after then. I’m gonna punish you if you’re lateee!
Looks like it went well! I wonder what we’ll find… Oh! Before that, we should get over to school!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

He knew all about Kamoshida, but kept his mouth shut. Ridiculous…
Well, let’s vote him up on the Phan-Site. I can’t imagine the Phantom Thieves wouldn’t go after someone so rotten. I’m sure other teachers knew, too. Anyone who did deserves a change of heart.
Yeah… But, wait! What if it messes up our school trip? Maybe we should wait until after.


Music: So Boring

Your destination is none other than Hawaii. I hope your passport isn’t about to expire. You’re heading out on Wednesday, so there’s no time to get a new one printed.


Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time sightseeing in Hawaii more if you have more knowledge.

Fucker, I’m MAXED

Now then, Hamiru-kun. Look closely at this picture.

Yes, really. That’s his name.

In this famous statue, he’s holding a spear in his left hand, but what does he have in his right?

We’re gonna get sued.

That’s correct. He’s actually just holding his hand in the air.

As an aside, it seems that this statue is not of King Kamehameha himself.

I want you all to know that “Kamehameha” does not set off my word processor’s spellcheck. Dragon Ball is real, y’all.

After Kamehameha’s death, another king commissioned the statue, using a boy from his court as the model.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I hope you will make the most out of your five days there. Let me just say that I have a fondness for macadamia nuts, so…
Souvenirs, huh… I definitely wouldn’t want to get some wooden figurine. I can’t understand why people would send things like that as gifts…

I repeat, Hamiru-kun, please come to the Student Guidance Office.
That sounded like Kawakami. I wonder what’s up…

Hmm, what could Kawakami want with us during lunchtime?

I told them… that I’m not going to pay them any more money!

Good for you!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m going to devote myself to being a great teacher! No matter what others say, I won’t waver. So, thank you for giving me such good advice. I just thought you should be the first to know…


Music: Desire

Tch, him again?

How rude… I guess a student is only as good as his teacher. Obviously you lack a proper education.
You thought you could just call and say you’re not going to pay anymore? Who do you think you are?

Wait, I thought she said she was gonna do it in person? Guess she got cold feet?

It’s what I decided, for Takase-kun’s sake. I’m going to make sure there won’t be any more students like him, who…
So you’re just trying to get out of your responsibility? I bet you don’t even care about Taiki! How are you still a teacher? Maybe we really should sue the Board of Education! Are you OK with that? A teacher who caused her student to die would surely cause a scandal.

If you want to take legal action, then go ahead. Regardless, I’ll continue teaching. I’ve decided that that’s the best apology I can make to Takase-kun. Paying money to you two is not the solution, to say the least!
Hmmm… Along with suing you, maybe I should tell everyone about your little secret…


How did you…!?
Oh? So I’m right, am I?

I mean, the amount of money you’re paying us can’t come from just a teacher’s salary. Well? Shall we head on over to the faculty office?

Hah! A teacher working in the sex industry? You’ve definitely done it this time. How unfortunate for you that you thought you could just leave Taiki’s matter unsettled… You know what you have to do now, right? Pay up! And don’t ever call us again with this garbage about stopping the payments!

Music: Suspicion

I know! But what am I supposed to do…? ……

Now there’s a plan.

Kawakami appears to be deeply hurting… I need to do something for Kawakami…

...Who? The Takases? The husband is Toshio-san… and his wife is Hiromi-san… Haha, I could never forget them. I send them money every week…

Please don’t. A Shujin teacher asking the Phantom Thieves for help would be…

Who said anything about the Phantom Thieves? I was going to break into their house and kick them until they stop moving. Holy shit, what awful people.


Just forget everything, OK? If you think about it, I’m right back where I started… …...

Haha… Class is about to start… I need to go.

This is just heartbreaking.

I need to do something about the targets for Kawakami…

Man, that was depressing. Time for some whiplash!

Music: Wicked Plan

If we’re gonna lay low, we might as well enjoy it. Aww, look at this one! Gigantic sea-turtle sightseein’ on some beach.
Come on, food’s more important than some turtle. You really don’t find steak this big and thick in Japan! Also… mahi-mahi? Is that some kind of fish? Think it’s good?

I thought Ann’s deal was sweets, not meat. You’re infringing on Chie’s gimmick!

It seems that it’s the season for schools all around. We’re going on our school trip as well.
Yeah? Where you guys goin’?
I believe it’s Los Angeles.
Ahaha, that doesn’t suit you at all, Yusuke! I bet you wanted to go somewhere like Nikko or Nara.
Anywhere is acceptable. Natural mineral pigments used for Japanese art was also originally imported.

What country’s that…?
Our place.
Wait, are you scared of airplanes?

I dunno guys, it’s so hard to pick, and I’m just a little distracted by the fact that my homeroom teacher is being forced into selling her body against her will to raise money to pay her blackmailers. That’s still pretty fresh. But I’m sure whatever you fucks are goofing off talking about is pretty important too.

We’ll make sure to buy a souvenir for you.

Just no wooden figurines. He hates those, apparently.

Ooh, here comes some interesting data.

Music: Disquiet

But it says “perpetrated” and “connected.”

Actually, it’s not just about people having shutdowns. Looks like she’s inferring that the psychotic breakdown incidents are connected to the same case.

Flashbacks to previous events made completely meaningless by the fact that none of it’s in fucking English!

How long do you think it’ll take to analyze all of it?
Hmm, there’s a lot, so it’s not happening overnight. But I’ll manage by the time you guys get back. I demand souvenirs from Hawaii and LA for my reward.
I don’t really get all this, but you’re as amazing as always, Futaba! I guess it’s called an information war? It’s so high tech and modern, it kinda reminds me of a movie.
We’re the Phantom Thieves, so it’s not that big a deal. I mean, I can turn into a car and stuff too…
C’mon, don’t try and compete with her.
What did you say!?
You’re fine the way you are, Morgana. Like, you’re cheeky cute?
Cute… Lady Ann… I…

I can’t wait to see how much the Phantom Thieves’ popularity has increased by then!

Music: Beneath the Mask

You’re really sounding like a teacher right now, man. What’re you even saying that for?
Didn’t I tell you? I’ll be coming along.
The teachers have asked me to chaperone the trip in their place.

Yes. I was worried about how many troublemakers will be there.
Are you talking about us!?

Wait, what? I just said I’m glad she’s coming and she immediately turns around and insults me?

But why are they having you go at all, Makoto?
It seems some teachers have to stay behind to deal with that tabloid article. So, they decided to get a couple of third-years to act as additional chaperones. It seems a few others besides myself will be going as well.
Oh, I see.
Either way, this overseas trip has been truly long-awaited. I expect leaving Japan will be a great eye-opener for us. This is a wonderful opportunity, so we should be sure to enjoy it.
Don’t forget souvenirs!


...Things have blown up in my face ever since I criticized the Phantom Thieves. Sae-san even warned me to watch what I say to the public. I suppose their popularity is beyond my imagination… I should think more before I open my mouth. I must be going now. The coffee was delicious.

He’s a sharp kid. Why don’t you try learning from him?

Donning a cloak of wind, a Feather Arrow will cleave the sky! Revive and fight Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Feather Pink’s Victory.”

Let’s get another Affinity Reading.

Yusuke again.

And we can rank up next time we see him, perfect.

Music: Layer Cake

I barely use a PC ‘cause I’d be in trouble if it got hacked. So, you’re here ‘cause you saw my message, right?

This time, I’m going to have you gather some info. You’ll be on your own though. I gotta take care of some other business.

The guy you’re lookin’ for is homeless, but he knows what’s up. He’ll be somewhere in Shibuya. Get info on the “rumor about the underground deal,” and don’t act all suspicious. I gotta take care of some other business, so I’m countin’ on ya, kid.

Y’know you can find anything you need on the internet, right…?

Music: Suspicion

...Who sent you here?

As funny as it would be to immediately narc on Iwai, nah.

Sure. Anyway, I’ll tell you… but just this once. You’re gettin’ into some shady business here. All right, just act like I’m mumblin’ to myself, you got it? No promises I’m gonna say anything useful either.

Apparently something big went down with a huge Asian investor. Deal was worth about… 100 million yen.

I’m fucking serious you guys, Iwai’s Confidant so far just seems to be a random mishmash of every single Yakuza game.

Though you’d figure something that massive woulda got more people talkin’ about it… Maybe they leased some kinda high-end club to keep it as private as possible…? I didn’t hear a thing about that though.

It’s nice to hear that comin’ from you, Tsuda-san.

Music: Desire

All right Iwai, I’ll take one of everything you showed me today. I’ll need an entire arsenal. How long would that take?
Depends on how quick the parts come in. Some stuff’s prolly gonna have to go through customs… How long things get stuck there’s totally outta my control though…


...That’s right.
Well then… if you don’t deliver on time, I might just have to let Kaoru-kun in on your little secret.

God, what is it with today and blackmail?

Tsuda-san, please…
I wonder, how will an adolescent boy like him react to finding out his father was in the yakuza…? I guess if things go sour, we could always try to sell him again...

I’m sorry, what?

Fine… I’ll put a rush on your order. Happy now?
Very much so. Well then, I look forward to hearing from you again… soon.

Music: Suspicion

*sigh* Sorry you had to see that. Anyways, how’d it go today? You learn about anything good?

Huh. So someone made a big deal with the Hong Kong mafia worth 100 million yen… And it happened sometime ‘round New Years… ...Wouldn’t surprise me if Tsuda had somethin’ to do with it. I hear he’s been braggin’ all over about a big score he made right near the start of the year. I’ve gotta do some more research into it myself…

But, uh… another time, yeah? Man, I can’t wait to see the look on Tsuda’s face. It’s been ages since I’ve felt this excited. And it’s all ‘cause of you, kid. Turns out you’re pretty useful.

Well, I’m gonna head home early and spend some good ol’ quality time with Kaoru to celebrate. Damn fine job again, kid. Get on outta here.
I feel like helping Iwai with his work has honed my Proficiency

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

I’ll see ya next time.