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Part 104: 9/7-9/9: Aloha, Phantom Thieves

Part 100: 9/7-9/9: Aloha, Phantom Thieves

100 updates everyone! Time to celebrate with a Hawaiian vacation! I’m sure this will be vital to the plot and not a huge waste of everyone’s time, especially mine!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’ll look after Futaba and the cat while you’re gone. You owe me one.

Oh, thank you so much for taking care of your own daughter in my absence, Sojiro. What would we ever do without you?

Well someone’s excited for their vacation…

Music: Alright

It’ll take over six hours to get there, so why not sleep on the plane?
I’ll do that...
It’s almost time to check in.
Phew, looks like it’s gonna take off on time. I feel like a lot of flights headed to America tend to run late or get canceled… Is it just me or is Ryuji not here yet?

Coming late even on a day like this?
That’s all you’re bringing?
It’s only four nights, right? Ain’t it enough?

I think that was sarcasm...

Ooh, sounds good!

Lemme join in too! You too, Makoto.
All right.

*rubbing eyes* Holy shit, she’s right...
How could you tell, Futaba?
You surprised? I snuck an app on Maaku’s phone. I can see all I want through his camera! You’re looking now, right Maaku? Mwehehe. You can’t underestimate the original Medjed.
Talk about a nasty trick…
I am so glad she’s not an enemy of ours.

In that critical scene, we find out that Futaba is watching us during our every waking moment! Hi-larious!

Hawaii (Watch this)

Music: New Beginning

Coming right up.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our initial descent into Hawaii. We ask that you return to your seats and ensure that your seatbelts are safely fastened.


How long will you be staying?

So, in the original Japanese, Ryuji was speaking terrible, random English to this dude. I believe he says, “OKAY OKAY! I AM JAPANESE!” As can be seen here, the localization team didn’t even try to translate that joke.

Also worth noting: in the Japanese version, the Customs officer somehow has an even worse, less intelligible accent than Ryuji, because finding a native English speaker for his two lines would probably be a waste of time and money.

Music: Hawaii

Mmm, I love it! The tropical air…

You can find your buses that way.


Ryuji is freaking the fuck out.

Music: New Beginning

Wait a minute, in the lecture a few days ago the teacher said we’d land the morning of the 7th due to the time difference. What the fuck happened to that day? Did King Crimson attack?

(My guess is the game engine doesn’t let the devs go “backwards,” and since we already had a scene that took place on the evening of the 7th, we can’t have a scene following that taking place in the morning. That, or they just fucking forgot. One of those two)

Yes! We’re here! Hawaiiiiiiii!

Is this the smell of Hawaii? Actually, I’ve been wonderin’ since the airport, but what is this smell?
Supposedly the lingering scent of carpet cleaner. It’s coconut-scented. Plus, I’d say the scent of plumeria for the leis are amplifying the tropical atmosphere here.

Why is Mishima even hanging out with us

What are you, the king of random facts!?
I’m the type that likes to look up stuff beforehand.
Then tell me a cheap but good place to eat.
Do that after we’ve figured out room assignments. We can’t go out until we get our keys!
I wanna room with this guy.

Mishima? Why? Oh, you mean me.

I can’t?
It complicates roll call.
Everyone butts you out, after all. I bet there aren’t many people who’d be OK rooming with you.


Shuddup, we both stick out like a sore thumb, you know.

Oh hey, the second person out of two in the entire game who pronounces Ann’s last name the way a normal human being might.

No, not yet.
In that case, how about rooming with me?
And if it’s OK with you, do you want to walk around together once we’re free to go about? We’ve never gone overseas before, so we thought it’d be reassuring if we had someone who knows English.

They’re taking advantage of you, you idiot!

Well, see you guys later.

Then, is it OK if I room with you?

Oh god someone save me

Too many people here to be mean… fuck.

It’s decided then.
Anyway, don’t do anything stupid, OK? This isn’t Japan, you know.

Oh, I guess Ann just ditched those two girls she said she’d help, because we’re never going to hear from them again.

There sure are a ton of people here. And… a lot of tall buildings, like hotels.
It’s a little too clean here. It feels like an artificial resort.
Still, look how clear the ocean is. The palm trees definitely give off a tropical vibe too.

Makoto is the worst chaperone ever. She’s spending the entire trip hanging out with her friends.

I thought Ann was pretty impressive, but compared to the foreign ladies… eh.
Then stop looking!
You think so too, don’t you? Like, these ladies are massive, unlike the girls in Japan!

I’m struggling to find a way to interpret this other than “Ryuji likes them hefty,” unless he’s talking about cup sizes or something. Either way, TMI.

You like ‘em slim, huh?
Moving on, take a look over there. Isn’t that Diamond Head?

But why’s it called that? Are diamonds a local product?
Wouldn’t it say online?

Wait, people long ago mistook volcanic rock for it? The eff?
Might as well look up recommended places in Waikiki too. Oh right, I wanted to eat pancakes.
I wonder if there are any online recommendations of scenic spots.
We should check for cheap and popular restaurants then.
...Hey, we’re on our phones and chatting. This is no different from when we’re in Japan.
Even if we’re overseas, we can see all the news in Japan if we got our phones… It’s like… this ain’t what I was expectin’...
We should do something that’s more Hawaii-like.
What’s… Hawaii-like?
Hula dancing…?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Oh, by the way, you know how the polls for the Phan-Site ranking’s started, right?

It’s been really lively, huh. I’m the one who made the website, but even I’m surprised. I can’t believe I’m part of such a huge thing! I’m so glad I’ve been rooting for the Phantom Thieves! On the contrary, did you hear about Akechi, that detective against the Thieves? The good-looking one. His popularity plummeted after Medjed was dealt with. Supposedly his official blog’s up in flames. He posed as some hero of justice, but that’s what he gets for not seeing eye to eye with them.

All dissent must be crushed.

To be blunt, I can’t focus on this trip. I keep thinking about the Phantom Thieves. Don’t you think about them too?

I don’t wanna talk about work shit here, Mishima.

...You sure are calm. Something this amazing rarely happens, you know? But, then again, I think I’m feeling a bit tired too… Let’s go to bed. Good night.

Music: Alright

I thought we were gonna be gettin’ alohas comin’ from all directions and stuff!
It costs money to enjoy that atmosphere, you know. There’s not much we can do as students.

What’s with the low energy, Makoto?
I just had to listen to the taxi driver complain for thirty minutes straight. I’m used to dealing with students’ troubles, but I never expected to have to do it overseas as well…
That must have sucked...
We should be doin’ some more excitin’ stuff! I mean, we’re in freakin’ Hawaii for god’s sake! Isn’t the school supposed to plan stuff? I wanna go divin’!
It seems there wasn’t enough time to come up with any kind of coordinated travel plan.

Okay, then what the fuck is the point of this trip, both in-universe and in terms of the game’s story? Hello? Why are we fucking around here?

That lack of coordination is what led them to using students as chaperones as well.
By the way, Maaku… you’re roomin’ with Mishima, right? How is it? Anythin’ interestin’?

Really? Mishima-kun is the one who made the Phan-Site, correct?
Phan-Site… Y’know, I do hear people talkin’ about the Phantom Thieves every so often…
Are they really mentioning us…?
I think so! We’ve already made our international debut! Man, just talkin’ about that makes me wanna go back to Japan so bad!
You really have no chill.
Come on, let’s try and forget about those things for now.



Music: My Homie

What are you doing here!?
Wasn’t your school supposed to be going to Los Angeles?
Apparently they couldn’t land the plane due to a terrible storm brewing on the west coast. There were no signs of it letting up, so our destination was changed on the spot to Hawaii.

So, let me get this straight: That typhoon we saw on the news a few days ago hit the west coast of the US. That much I understand. But from there, Yusuke’s school trip, which was coincidentally on the exact same days and for the exact same duration as ours, instead of heading for a different airport on the west coast (or the plane just not leaving at all), decided to go to Hawaii? And they landed at the same airport on the same island, where they headed for the same hotel, where they inexplicably managed to find enough open rooms for another high school class in addition to the one that was already being served there. Is that about right?

I did some research just now and while it makes sense that pretty much any flight from Japan would land at Honolulu International Airport in Oahu (now Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, having changed its name in 2017, after this game likely takes place), which is fairly close to Waikiki, where we seem to be staying, that doesn’t explain the hotel issue at all. A cursory Google Maps search for hotels in the Waikiki neighborhood gives us this image:

Which, as you can see, means that there are several dozen options besides just wherever Shujin picked. I find it kind of unbelievable that Kosei could find enough rooms at any of these hotels for all of its second-years with no prior notice, even still. It is still summer, after all, even if only the tail end, and even if school is starting back up for most tourists. Hell, I have no idea how they even managed to afford all these rooms.

But Yusuke showing up out of nowhere’s pretty funny, I guess.

Could it be that what happened at the fireworks festival was his fault as well…?
Don’t go bringing any storms here, you got that?
I’ll do my best.
By the way, there’s nothing planned after this. What are you all going to do?
Uh… Oh yeah, I still gotta buy souvenirs. My mom asked me to grab some stuff for her.
I totally forgot about that! We need to pick things up for Futaba and Morgana too.
I was hoping to do some shopping myself.
Then it’s settled. I wonder what Morgana would want…
Man, our group’s totally the same even outta Japan…

Music: Break it Down

You’d think Yusuke’s school would be pretty cagey about him mingling with the students from another school considering there’s no travel itinerary for them at all.

Yeah, it’s been gettin’ real popular in Japan lately. I guess they wanted to branch out.
Now that you mention it, I read a news article recently about the success of Okumura Foods.
Ah yes, the company that owns Big Bang Burger.
Okumura…? Ain’t that the guy who’s at the top of the Phan-Site rankings?
Is that true?
I guarantee it. I don’t make mistakes about that kinda stuff.

Do I hear sarcasm?

Oh, now you understand sarcasm.

(to Makoto) Hm? What’s the matter?
Oh, it’s probably nothing. Just a rumor I heard about Okumura Foods… Supposedly… all of their overseas competition has mysteriously pulled out. Never mind. I’m surely just overthinking things. Sis’ habits seem to be rubbing off on me.
Hey, why don’t we take a pic together!? Y’know so we can remember the trip and all!

Another one?

Ooh, good idea!

Are you sure you don’t want to be in it? Thanks.

Can you not worry about that stuff for one second?

We still have some time to spare, right? Where to next?
There’s a convenience store down by the beach. How ‘bout there?
That sounds lovely. I would quite like a short rest.
All right, let’s head over there.

Music: New Beginning

You might be right… Oh, shoot! I forgot my sunscreen… I’m going to go buy another bottle at the convenience store.
I’ll go with you.

I’m so bored… By the way, you think we’re the “thieves” everyone here’s been goin’ on about? It’d be pretty freakin’ crazy if that was true, huh?

Hm… I had not heard of such rumors. It sounds wonderful. We are already here, so why don’t we confirm if that is the case?
Oh! Good idea! Let’s try askin’ around while we wait for Ann and Makoto!

You kids are from Japan, right? Are these Phantom Thieves special people like samurai or geisha?
Hm, I suppose that understanding isn’t necessarily incorrect for someone from a foreign country…

I read about them in a news article recently. What of it?
That’s actually all I wanted to know. Thanks.

It’s so awesome how they kick the bad guys’ asses! I wonder how they steal hearts…
...He actually seems to be quite knowledgeable.
Damn, it’s crazy how many people know about us! This is freakin’ awesome!

Hey, ain’t she kinda cute? Maybe we should ask her some questions too.

Fun detail: the loading screen images for this part of the game have leis on.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Oh, hey. It’s Girl with Watering Can. Didn’t expect to see you again.

Free time is almost up. Shouldn’t you be heading back soon?

Oh, yes… By the way, your blond friend seemed very excited on the airplane coming here.
Hey, you’re that girl we saw watering the plants!
Sorry to surprise you. I’m another third-year who was asked to come chaperone this trip. I accepted the task to take my mind off of things, but I wasn’t sure how to spend my free time…

See you.

Welp, guess we’ll never see her or her unique character model ever again.

Hm, that girl you were talking to just now… Do you know her?
No, that was my first interaction with her. She said she was a third-year. Same as you, Makoto.

Uh, I don’t think you were the one she was asking, Yusuke.

Mm-hm. I’ve never really spoken to her though. Ah, it looks like our free time is over. Let’s head back to the hotel.

Music: Wicked Plan

Found it! One after another too…
What did you find?
Still working. Can’t tell you.
She can handle this without me…
(to self) Oooh, so much.
All I’m good for is driving them around in Mementos… I’m basically useless...
Kitty! Your mumbling’s distracting me! If you got something to say, just spit it out.
It’s nothing.

Lemme go!
You feel so nice.
I do not!
So smooth and silky. It’s kinda hard to believe fur this soft belongs to a human.
Don’t make me say it again! I’m a human…
Couldn’t you just be assuming that? I had the wrong assumptions about my mom for the longest time.
That’s not the same! I understand myself better than anyone!
That’s true.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Oh, wow! The president of a company called Okumura Foods is rising very quickly up the rankings!

Come on, you can’t let this chance pass you by! It’s rumored that Okumura Foods exploits their employees. Stuff like underpaying staff to reduce labor costs. That’s how they have so many stores...

Why are you here?

Music: My Homie

Just hear me out! The guy I’m roomin’ with went and brought his girlfriend back to the room! I felt totally awkward stayin’ in there with them. I’m just gonna sleep here tonight.

It’s not going to be less awkward with Mishima around, dude.

Even though there are only two beds?

I know that feelin’!

Oh, jeez. This place is filling up. I’m half-expecting Yusuke to arrive because he got expelled or something.

Also appreciate the implication that Ann’s roommate is the girlfriend of Ryuji’s roommate. I ship it.

And she took the key! I stepped outside for just a second and the autolock kicked in! I can’t get back in my room!

How did you think hotel rooms worked, Ann?

Ever since the Medjed case, many people from overseas have been accessing the website… Isn’t it crazy? The Phantom Thieves are finally making their worldwide debut…! What should I do about overseas requests?
I don’t think we’re the ones you should ask about that…
They took down Medjed. I wonder who they’ll bring justice to next. It’s not just Japan anymore. The whole world’s waiting to see the Phantom Thieves’ next move.
That reminds me, what time is it?
*yawn* So sleepy… I’m feelin’ pretty pooped. You think this could be that jet lag thing?
It’ll be too much hassle for me to go anywhere else. I’ll just sleep in here tonight.

Wait, what? I dunno if that’s a good idea.

Don’t worry, I trust you guys.
I saw that one comin’...
There are only two beds… Even if someone sleeps on the sofa…
One of us is gonna have to sleep on the floor…

Uh, you can’t see it from this angle but Mishima was just sitting in an armchair a few minutes ago. It’s just below the camera’s perspective. I’ve never been able to sleep sitting up but that doesn’t mean it isn’t more comfortable than the fucking floor.

But are we really so insecure we can’t even share the beds? It’s a California king full bed, I promise we won’t touch Ryujiiiiiii.

So who’s that gonna be?

Oh hey, playin’ cards. Why don’t we use these to decide?

Goddammit, Mishim—wait, why the fuck didn’t Ann have to play!?

Hey, where’d Mishima go?
He’s in the bathroom.
Ain’t he been in there a while?

If he’s not back in five minutes I’m stealing the other bed.

The school trip… Shiho was really looking forward to this…

I believe this is the last time Shiho is ever mentioned outside of Ann’s Confidant and the only time it’s happened since Makoto joined. What a critical character that the game totally doesn’t just completely discard once she’s served her purpose.


Music: Alright (Elp Version)

...Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring the mood down. But it’s already been almost six months since then, hasn’t it? This all feels so strange.
Right? Hard to believe the rowdy kids at school are now famous all over the world.
Don’t you think we still have a lot to learn about each other though? Y’know, things like what kind of people we like… So, time to come clean, Ryuji.

Uhhh, well… She’s gotta have a good personality. I’m OK with anyone who’s modest and nice…
What about if two girls with equally good personalities confessed to you at the same time?
If they’re equally nice? Then it’d hafta be the one with the hotter bod.
So looks are what’s most important to you.

Your first answer was just superficial. The second answer was your true beliefs. Huh, so you really are that kind of guy…
That ain’t fair!

It’s kind of a bullshit gotcha question, but to be fair, you walked straight into it, dude.

What about you, Maaku? C’mon, spill the beans. What kind of girl is your type?

Wait, are you talkin’ about her…?

So, I picked the “mystery” option, thinking it was a joke, but no, Ryuji actually thinks I’m talking about a specific person here. I’m pretty sure I know who he’s referring to, but it’s weird that they’re even an option at this point. Picking one of the top two options results in the same answer, likely in reference to girls you can probably guess based on the answers themselves. If you pick the bottom answer Ryuji just gets mad at you for dodging the question. While I didn’t mean to voice preference for the character I picked here, I kept it in because it’s a really silly answer even if the game doesn’t seem to agree.

Well, we answered honestly. It’s your turn next. So, what kinda guy do you--

Uh-oh. Looks like Mishima’s having trouble in the bathroom.

So, what kinda guy do you--
M-My stomach… Hrgh…!

Y’know, wasn’t he drinkin’ the tap water earlier…? That’s like, the one thing you’re not supposed to do when you’re outta the country.

First, I’m goddamn shocked that Ryuji knows anything about what you are and are not supposed to do when traveling. Second, I never realized it before but I guess this makes Mishima our very own Johnny Sasaki. Huh. It’s really rather fitting.

Music: Desire

Though it was some third-rate tabloid’s article, unnecessary information was leaked, after all. Besides, his investigation of the Phantom Thieves showed no progress since then… ……. Yes, there’s a possibility that he’ll betray us out of spite since he was let go. Well then, we’ll make it so that it was a “heart attack.” As usual, he’ll be left to deal with the-- ……. Oh? I wouldn’t have thought of that. Well played, sir. It no longer matters if we deal with one or two of those connected to us.

Ominous. But what could it mean?