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Part 108: 9/17-9/18: Animal Cruelty

Part 104: 9/17-9/18: Animal Cruelty

When we left off, we had discovered that someone was cavorting around Mementos filling requests all willy-nilly. It’s probably Morgana and Haru, who we need because Haru is the only person who can get us further in Okumura’s Palace Morgana is our friend, I guess.

Anon: Exploitation is not OK.
Anon: we all agree on Okumura
Anon: This should be easy~
Anon: Annihilate all corruption!

Music: Confession/Secret

I mean, there are tons of other companies that do the same thing.
Maybe they’re singling him out for all of the praise he gets? Besides, there are a bunch of strange rumors starting to surface about his company…
Oh, you mean like all that stuff happening to his competitors? Don’t tell me you buy that occult BS. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Skeptical Guy: believes in phantom thieves but not mental breakdowns. For more information, watch his YouTube channel where he roleplays a statue of some really old Greek dude to find out why the Phantom Thieves are the best and why eating tuna will turn you into a gay feminist dolphin or some shit!

Music: So Boring

Come on, you’re young! Hawaii doesn’t even count as going to a foreign country. It’s full of Japanese tourists. I bet you were able to speak Japanese wherever you went, weren’t you? The shopkeepers will use Japanese to pressure you into buying things as if their life depended on it. I’m used to it though, so I actually haggle with them in English. Mr. Hamiru! Show me how much your English has improved. We have a saying in Japanese: a skilled hawk hides its talons. What hides its claws in English?

Oh. That’s just way too easy. Worth noting: 99% of people got this one right, but like one dude actually picked “pig,” it seems.

Very good! “Cats hide their claws” is the saying. Are you hiding some claws of your own? There are actually a lot of other expressions involving cats.
I feel like I got a little smarter from being able to answer that question…

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

“A cat has nine lives” for instance.

Oh, Morgana better have nine lives after all this bullshit.

It means that cats are so resilient that they wouldn’t die even if you killed them.

That’s absurd. I dunno about cats, but people die when they’re killed.

In another class...

I mean, duh. He was doing tons of shady shit.

Hell yeah!
That aside, does everyone remember the plan for today?
Yes. We’re to hold a stakeout in Mementos.
You think they’re gonna show?
We’ll just have to wait until they do.
For real…?
We can’t go back until we make up with Morgana.
I’m sure they’ll come.
I hope you’re right…

Music: Mementos

I know already! And why’re you just sayin’ that to me!?
We need to be wary of the Beauty Thief too.
So we’re doing a stakeout here.
We better be ready for the long haul!

Hold that thought.

Music: Wicked Plan

You guys are seriously slacking off way too much!
Do you have business with us?
Aren’t you fulfilling the requests on the Phantom Aficionado Website? Even leaving comments?

“Fulfilling” is spelled here as “fulfulling.”

It’d be best if you don’t accept them so recklessly.
The police will track you down in no time. If that were to happen, we’d be caught up in it as well.

Uh, we never really acted with all that much care ourselves in regards to what requests we took on. We’re still going after a fucking arcade cheater, guys.

Also Yusuke’s second sentence here is just remarkably callous. Chill out, dude.

That’s not what I intended…! But… that would be my fault…

Why’re you apologizing!?
They’re telling us for our sake. We should be thanking them.

So I’m the one you’re here for?


Goddammit Ryuji

We’re sorry too, Morgana. We weren’t taking your feelings into consideration at all.
Lady Ann...

Forehead has a point.

Ryuji didn’t really mean what he said, you know? He wants to apologize...

Ann elbows Ryuji.

Well, it’s like… It was my bad too…

What the hell is wrong with you dude

Sometimes this game just says exactly what I’m thinking, and it rules.

Ann’s setup was completely ruined.
Oh, is that right!? So I AM just some useless cat to you guys!

Now, hold on, just because Ryuji is a total idiot doesn’t mean that’s what we think! It’s what I think, but I’m not an actual character in this narrative, so that’s irrelevant!

You’re so full of yourselves, but do you have the skills to back that up!?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Try and catch me then! Get in, Beauty Thief!

Haru gets in.

If you can’t do this, don’t count on me ever coming back!

There they go…

Geez! This isn’t what we came here to do!

We need to go after him and talk things through.

And yep, we have to chase Morgana through fucking Mementos, christ

Morgana takes off down the right tunnel.

Hm… We are facing a car here. Does it not seem somewhat reckless to chase him on foot?
You sure give up easy. There are dead ends all over this floor. We can do this if we manage to corner him in one.

When Futaba says there are dead ends “all over,” she of course means that the entire floor is composed of nothing but dead ends, because who gives a shit about level design for an area we won’t spend even two minutes in?

Hmph, how naive. You really think you’ve captured me?


Shit, look out!

You just tried to kill us, man! What the fuck!? I’m super not okay with this!

When we inevitably reconcile, I’m not letting this fucking cat spend all day in my bag and make it smell like turds.

Sheesh, what would he have done if he ran us over!?

You’re maybe understating the gravity of what just transpired a tiny bit. The cat just tried to commit Murder 2: This Time It’s Personal!



Stop complaining and let’s get after him again!

All right, geez. No need to get snippy, Makoto.

And we’re in pursuit again.

Mona! Will you listen!?
Shut up! I’ve got nothing to talk about with you guys!

Okay, just don’t try to run me over agai--

Well, that’s just rude. Also, the “whoosh” sound effect is absurdly loud.

Ngh, not again…!
There will be no end at this rate…

Music: Tension

What was that!?
It came from over there! Let’s go take a look!

The Phantom Thieves run to check it out...

Oh no! Morgana crashed!

Music: Everyday Days

...Or it’s funny, I guess? That our “friend” just got into a “car” accident?

Yup. Mona, are you OK!?

Music: Wicked Plan

There’s nothing I have to talk to you about.
Come on. There’s no need to keep being so stubborn.
I can’t just give in like this! I have my pride to protect!

God, we’re fucking idiots.

It seems we’ve fallen for the oldest trick in the book…
Ugh… Those two…
It’ll never end at this rate… What do we do now?
I don’t hear the sound of his endgine at all… Could they have left Mementos…?
Our lack of vehicle puts us at a severe disadvantage… We should probably just head home for today.
Dammit! Freakin’ Morgana!

And, uh… that’s the end of our Mementos stakeout. Real riveting stuff, there.

Are you sure that was what you wanted…?
...Of course it was!

Uh-oh! It’s Well-dressed Man!

Music: Desire

I would never do such a thing…!



Oh shit!

Dammit… I really am… useless at this rate… Someone… Anyone… Is anybody out there…!?
Will you shut up, you stupid cat!?

Well-dressed Man crouches down to pick something up. I assume a rock or something, but this is a fairly tidy alleyway that doesn’t seem to have anything to pick up, and also he never actually throws this mystery item so it’s kinda pointless either way.

Seems like he’s already getting it wakka wakka

Was that… Mona’s voice!?
Hey, over there…! That doesn’t seem right to me…!

Wait, we exited the Metaverse within spitting distance of each other? What?

Oh god, it’s Mitsuru all over again. I assume Haru at least knows how to eat a fucking hamburger though, so that’s one point for her.

Fian-- What? But she’s clearly fighting you!
(to Haru) ...How dare you make a fool of me. I’ll be telling your father about this too.

I’m fine, but Mona-chan--

Was that person really your fiance?

In yet another example of stellar cutscene direction, Haru nods while facing directly away from the camera, meaning it barely registers.

Whoa, so you’re engaged then!?
That didn’t seem like an ordinary fight though… Shouldn’t you talk to your parents about it?
...I think it’d be useless.

“My dad sucks and I’m not sure my mom actually, like… exists, so I’m kinda stuck here.”

I’ll just be told to beg for his forgiveness, even if it means groveling on the ground… *sobs*
...It seems she has her reasons.

Would you let Haru rest for a while?
Of course. We’ll take her to your place, yeah?

Music: Alleycat

I’m sorry… I fell asleep…
Did you get enough rest?

Morgana looks down pensively.

...Anyway, it’s just as I told you a moment ago. I can’t have you guys risk your lives anymore for someone useless like me. To be frank, there’s no assurance that I’ll turn back into a human either… This can’t be called a fair deal. That’s why I think we should split up.
*chuckle* Who said we’re acting as Phantom Thieves for your sake? I’m doing it to expand my own horizons.
No need to tiptoe around the situation. We’re splitting up.

Do you remember what you said to me when I found you collapsed in the Metaverse? That you’re a Phantom Thief. That you’re going to get stronger and have the others acknowledge you.

You love being here, don’t you?

Music: Sunset Bridge

I was lying to myself too, but when I formed a contract with my Persona… I understood it all.

Aww, what? Morgana cost us an Awakening scene for Haru here? Goddammit, man, is there anything you can’t fuck up? Err, I mean…

Doing this because my father is doing something horrible… was nothing but a superficial reason. The truth is, I--
Don’t want to get married, right?

Maybe don’t step all over Haru’s moment, Ann. Geez.

I thought that since an adult with responsibilities made the decision, it couldn’t be wrong. I was such a fool, tied down by vague notions and stayed quiet as my marriage partner was chosen…

Oh man, that’s certainly some grammar there.

But I won’t tolerate this anymore.

Phew… That’s how I truly feel.
Wh-Why’re you looking at me all of a sudden?
Mona-chan, why is it that you always talked about becoming human again?

At first, I only thought of this team as a temporary dwelling until I regained my memories. But I wasn’t making any progress on finding out what I am or why I was born…
...I wanted a reason of my own—a reason to stay with the Phantom Thieves. I don’t have anyone I want to save or get revenge on. Someone like me has no reason to stay here… That’s why… to me… this team is…
Come on, say it! You can do it!

Ann’s just killing every moment she can tonight, huh?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

That was refreshingly honest.

If you stick with me, there’s no telling what kind of trouble will come up! You better be sure about this!

I’m really, really not.

It’s a little late for all that, don’t you think?

About eleven years, to be precise. e: Update from 2019: I'm currently making minor edits to this LP to prep for archival and I'm truly, deeply sorry for making this joke. It took me like ten goddamn minutes just to figure out what the joke here was even supposed to be, and it's so, so bad. Jesus christ, I'm a moron. It doesn't even work anymore! They're bringing it back! Anyway, that's all. Thank you for understanding.

Of course we want to stay with you too.
*clears throat* Uhh, so… well… ...I’m sorry I worried you guys.

I’ll make sure to work hard to pay my dues. It’s too late to cancel our deal, got it?

We’re re-forming our give-and-take deal.
I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper...

Endure will let each party member with the appropriate Confidant Rank withstand one otherwise-fatal attack per battle. It’s pretty fucking vital for the endgame, and we’ll want it on all our characters we plan on using heavily. We’re not quite into “mandatory” territory yet, though, which is good because most of our party’s currently hovering between Rank 5 and Rank 7.

Welll, in the end, wouldn’t you say that your encounter with us was destiny?

No idea what the fuck this means, but okay.


Oh crap! The last train’s comin’ up!

Let’s continue this another time.
Stay at our place. I’ll arrange it.

Man. This place is as drab as always…

Glad to see you’re happy. We spent five days worried about you, and then you just turn up, almost kill us via hit-and-run, and then come crawling back after being emasculated, even though it turns out the entire reason you left was to prove your worth to us, which ended up being wholly at odds with nearly every single one of your words and actions in the interim? Like, we thought you were just mad for poorly-defined reasons in relation to us not going after Okumura immediately, but then it seemed like you were just mad because Ryuji was mean to you (which was pretty damn hypocritical, I might add), and then it turns out you were just harboring a massive inferiority complex and wanted to be accepted even though we spent several days explicitly chasing after you? I don’t really understand the logic here. Furthermore, you only came back once it was proved thoroughly that you couldn’t hack it by yourself, which is weird because none of the underlying issues behind your initial leaving of the team have been addressed. Or wait, maybe they have been, because there actually weren’t any. It’s confusing. Also, again, you tried to kill us, dude. Not cool.

Music: Beneath the Mask

It might not be easy for her to relax right now, but I hope this’ll at least help her cheer up a bit.

After our initial report on the protest, many people voiced their agreement on the internet. They are particularly calling for CEO Kunikazu Okumura to take responsibility.
All those employees have definitely been suffering. They must be at the end of their wits.

Not how anyone has ever phrased that, Morgana.

My body feels like a boulder slowly sinking into quicksand...

Aww, I guess I did kinda miss this dumb cat.

Anon: dat okumura stock drop lol
Anon: corrupt companies suck ass!
Anon: that ceo IS suspicious…

Music: Break it Down

What’s going on here? You brought over another girl?

No promises.

(to Haru) So, you found our cat, and even took care of it?

“Please don’t call the health inspector.”

Oh, it wasn’t a bother or anything.
I’m the one who took care of you though.
What’s up? You seem happy.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a meal with so many people.
Make sure you go home today before it gets too late, OK? I’m sure your parents are worried.

No, I’ll go home. If my father suspects something, it’ll be more difficult to change his heart, wouldn’t it? I’ll contact you again so—Oh right!

You belong here, don’t you, Mona-chan?
W-Well, yeah…

Music: Disquiet

You won’t officially be registered yet, but isn’t that how things are with young people these days? Go prove your sincerity to him. You can do that, can’t you?

If it’s slightly confusing, this conversation is about Okumura deciding that Haru is moving in with her fiance, Well-dressed Man. They kind of talk around it, but we find out more explicitly one scene later and I see no reason to make this scene more awkward just to give that one slightly more impact.

Not only do you come home late, you’ve even stayed out overnight without permission… I thought I had been clear about the friends you choose.
Father, they’re not like--

I have my hands full right now with the company. Don’t cause any more trouble for me.

...I need to discuss something with everyone. Can we all meet…?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I like the implication that Maaku hasn’t done shit today. It’s his day off and he’s just sitting on his bed.

Nobody wants to back out after we’ve come this far, right?
Of course not. It’s highly likely he has some involvement in the mental shutdown cases.
Yeah, we can’t just let that slide.
Plus, our fans’re really hoping we go for it!

Oh yeah, she said she wants to come chat at Leblanc tonight.

Why would you not tell us that immediately, Futaba?

Chat? About what…?
It sounded serious.
Let’s continue this at Leblanc then. See you there, everyone.
Haru… What could be wrong? I wonder why she wants to talk to us…

Anon: first step to world peace
Anon: we’re with you, p. thieves!
Anon: Please take down Okumura!
Anon: Take him out. It’s an order
Anon: Yeah, get that greedy CEO!

The Phantom Thieves wouldn’t let us down, would they?
They’ll definitely do it!
I want to watch the guilt eat him away…
I wonder what they’re going to tell us this time.

Music: Suspicion

It’s that same fiance guy, right? You know what’s going to happen…
Based on what Haru just told us, she’ll be taken to his house on October 11th… That means our deadline is the 10th.
But if we trigger a change of heart in your father, he’ll definitely be taken by the police. The label of a “criminal’s daughter” will forever stick with you. Your current living situation may change as well.
If I accept a happiness based on the misfortune of others, I’ll be no better than my father. And to be honest… I’ve actually left a request on the Phantom Aficionado Website before.

Huh, holy shit.

She did so around the time we were mulling over who to target next.
But… the Phantom Thieves didn’t make a move…

Yeah, uh… sorry about that.

That’s when I met Mona-chan. I thought it was fate.

The mental shutdowns, Treasure, and finally, the change of heart… Our interests have come together.
Would you cooperate with us now?
Of course. I should be the one cordially asking to be allowed on the team.
From here on, we may be going up against the culprit behind those mental shutdown occurrences. This’ll be different from our training in Mementos. You better brace yourselves.
You’re suddenly lecturin’ us?
You’re too naive! Haru’s barely a hair better than an amateur.

Wow, Morgana. So rude.

Oh, I see. So she got one of the shitty formless Patronuses, like all the lame D-tier members of the DA no one ever cared about. That’s rough, girl.

Weak? Really?
She can transform at the very least, but to be frank, she may slow us down. A lot.
I’m sorry for causing such trouble…
Nah, don’t worry about it. It’s actually convenient for us to target that CEO.

There’s a lot of negative comments in regard to the Phantom Thieves. “The names of obvious criminals have come up, so why haven’t the Phantom Thieves acted yet!?”
The way they’re getting heated is on a different level.
Don’t forget about the intel on the mental shutdown cases, all right?
Of course! We’ll get ‘em both!
October… uhh, 10th, was it? We’re gonna change Okumura’s heart by then!

Music: Beneath the Mask

As Phantom Thieves, it’s our duty to punish him!

The company has remained silent in response to questions from the media. Intense questioning from the media will likely continue until they get a satisfactory explanation.
We need to do something before Haru gets wrapped up in all this.

Oh, and you didn’t get all rusty while I was gone, did you?

Next time, it seems like we’re finally going to begin the next operation!