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Part 114: THE DAY BREAKERS Part 2: Oh Wait, I Had It Backwards

THE DAY BREAKERS Part 2: Oh Wait, I Had It Backwards

Previously on THE DAY BREAKERS, we engaged in some light stalking!

Then I’ll be on my way.
Right. See you later.

Let’s do it.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We can just call in a tip and get them arrested...

...What? We’re the Phantom Thieves and you want to call the cops!? What’s wrong with you!?

True, that just might be the solution. Only a temporary one, though.
After they get out of prison, what if they just pick up where they left off? If we’re really going to save any victims…
We’ll have to straighten out our targets’ hearts 100%.
Right. And that’s something that…
...only the Phantom Thieves of Hearts can do.

Actually, hold on a second, I think I agree with Ryuji for once. Wasn’t the point of the Phantom Thieves to take down targets the police couldn’t or wouldn’t? Why are we just going, “Fuck it, man! The System’s too busted to take down these petty crooks”? Yusuke seems weirdly hasty to jump to the brainwashing option.

Huh? Morgana…
It’s unanimous. That settles it.

Why don’t we show this gang of low-level crooks how overmatched they are?

Oh, hey, my bad, my bad!
Well, I think we should get some evidence first, just in case…
I’ve already thought of that.

Uh, what? Evidence? Why would we need evidence? Knowing that he’s eligible is kind of all we need, right? We can’t accidentally change the wrong person’s heart, and once we’re in the Metaverse he’ll just confess it all to us anyway. What’s the point, besides padding this thing out to a fat twenty-four min—oh.

Do they really exist?

Oh, for God’s sake!

They’re actually harder to find than you’d think. Restaurants with lax security. And by the way, you’re not allowed to smoke here!
That’s why I didn’t light up, all right?

At this point I paused on the old guy making this face:

and all I could think of was:

(talking loudly) Still, that manager there’s pretty careless.

Ryuji and Ann really shouldn’t be eating here, I hear they treat their employees terribly.

They say he’s got a whole stash saved up. Not only that, but he hates banks, and I hear he leaves all his earnings in the shop!

These stupid motherfuckers.

Nobody said anything to me about that!

You know, that dude Kaneshiro’s group has been acting scary lately, so…

Surprised they even managed to reference Big Money K in this joint.

(whispering to self) Don’t give me that!
Well, from now on, no more Shibuya for us!
It’s Yoncha Time all the way! Yay!

I assume this is supposed to be Yongen, as Yongen-Jaya is not a real place but instead based on Sangen-Jaya. They clearly say “Yoncha,” however, which means someone somewhere fucked it up.

What good would it do to target this place?

Um, why is the locksmith standing away from the door?

Hey! It’s unlocked, guys!

Let’s get this one over with!

It’s too dark to see anything.


Music: High Pressure

Where’d it come from?
Oh crap, it’s got a loud voice!

Recycled footage go!

We’ve never needed a physical calling card for Mementos targets before, but maybe we’re doing this one in style for some reason.


And then they killed Morgana. Great plan, guys!

Just as we thought, they’re the crooks we’ve been hearing about.
Hey, but you’ve really got some balls, you know? Using the shop that’s taken you in as bait…
If they destroyed the place, how were you planning to explain it to your boss?

This was the exact reason we decided not to actually do this in the game, for the record. I find it kind of hilarious how weird and bad this tie-in is if the primary conceit of the whole thing is something immediately rejected in the main game the instant it’s brought up. Also, the other reason we didn’t bait them with Leblanc in the real game is that it’s kind of a shithole.

Maaku channeling his inner Tick.

A horrific screaming siren goes off, probably waking up Sojiro who lives right down the street, you geniuses.

That’s not what we heard!

Maki grabs the calling card and slips it into his pocket. Also, the “Sayuri” is missing. The fiends must have already stolen it.

How do you get your hands on stuff like that?
Is it from that Iwai guy, maybe?
Well, yeah.
That guy, he’s got everything, huh?

Maaku’s not really much of a talker, so the thought of him openly discussing his Confidants with the other Phantom Thieves is pretty odd to me, even if Ryuji has actually met Iwai in-canon.

Morgana purrs happily.

What the hell is going on, anyway?

Phantom Thieves? Give me a break. No way do they really exist… And besides… In the end, I…

So who in the world… ratted these guys out?

There’s a deafening subway horn, and the camera pans out...

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version)

Let’s go, everyone!

Obscured figures dart through the darkness behind him.

This is the perceived world. The other reality given shape by human souls. We’re the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. We’ve come to answer the cries of the oppressed.
Cries? What are you talking…
Target: Kazuya Makigami.

Wait, Kazuya?

Nature of charges: “Help me! My older brother’s going to kill me!


So, yep, the big twist is that this guy has been Kazuya instead of Naoya the whole time… except it’s ruined by our prior knowledge of the story around the burglary ring from the game, as well as Kazuya’s fucking name being written in huge capital letters in the subtitled calling card. I guess we were supposed to assume one of the other members was Kazuya and this guy was Naoya, and he was protecting them? Well, it didn’t work.

Also, should we really be telling Kazuya his brother snitched him out, even if only inside his head? I mean, there’s a reason we use codenames.

As for who Naoya is, well...

Remember this dork?

“Dear Phantom Thieves. I live with my older brother, who physically abuses me every day.”

How do you beat someone so hard your knuckles bleed to that extent? That’s just practicing poor self-care, man. Irresponsible.

“He’s threatened to kill me if I ever tell, so I can’t ask anybody for help…”

So you posted his info on a message board. Smart.

“It’s like I’m my brother’s slave.”

Kazuya’s breakdown here leads to some amazing faces, I tell you what.

“It seems my brother has been committing some kind of crime with his no-good friends.”
“And I think he’s been beating me up to vent his stress over that.”
“I’m begging you, please help me, Phantom Thieves! At this rate, I’m gonna end up dead!” That’s it.

You bastards…
First of all, I investigated any signs of domestic violence.

Something about Yusuke’s face here just cracks me up.

Oh hey, don’t mind me, just peekin’

I was able to confirm the domestic violence. But although I made some casual inquiries, I was unable to uncover this crime he’d spoken of.


You guys are the gang of crooks we’ve been hearing about, right?
Do you have anything to say for yourselves?

Kazuya begins laughing hysterically.

Music: Desire

It’s MY gang of crooks! Don’t ever underestimate me!
Hey. Don’t tell me this guy is…
I thought he was just an underling who got forced into this.

This would be a lot more surprising if they hadn’t literally referred to him as “Boss.” Which is mighty confusing, by the way, considering that’s also Sojiro’s apparent nickname.

Yeah, that’s right! I’m the leader of this gang of crooks. Who prodded those idiots into taking on part-time jobs?

I only meant it to be like a minor prank, but those guys got too cocky!

“Hey man, we’re gonna go commit some larceny. It’ll be a hilarious prank.

Every one of them is a total moron! All they had to do was shut up and do as I say! Dammit, they piss me off!

Is that why you treated your kid brother like that, too?
That little punk was always following my ass, the tagalong! When he was a little kid, he’d shit his pants and go, “Brother! Brother!” Sniveling and wailing… but look at him now!

TMI, dude

Oh man, we’re gonna want to remove those from your fingernails

What are you—oh, don’t do that

Ohhhhhh dear

And the fight begins.