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Part 115: THE DAY BREAKERS Part 3: Fight Scenes Are Annoying To Capture In This Medium

THE DAY BREAKERS Part 3: Fight Scenes Are Annoying To Capture In This Medium

Music: Blood of Villain

Kazuya, in the form of a Mithras, begins charging up.

The group runs to disrupt his spell….

...but Ann gets attacked by an Onmoraki and Ryuji by an Oni.

This excellent frame of Morgana is literally blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, and I’m very lucky I caught it.


Music: Last Surprise

The use of music from the game is theoretically cool, especially because of the fact that this is meant to promote the game so why wouldn't they just use that music, but instead just makes the whole thing seem weirdly cheap, particularly because there's no original music of any kind in this thing. I have the same problem with the real-ass anime that just started airing, but at least that has a new OP and ED (and maybe they got some original music since the half-episode I watched). The Persona 4 anime, for its many, many faults, did not have this problem, having some killer tracks of its own.

Maaku speaks with two voices.

Thou art I.

Oh, so this is where all the money went. Makes sense.

Don’t get arrogant with me!

This is the OVA’s version of a Baton Pass, down to using the sound effect when their hands meet. It’s pretty cool.

Oh no, did we run out of money already?

Come out, Goemon!

What’s your problem? I managed to acquire the Unlocking Skill… So how stupid would it be not to use it?

I just provoked him a little and now he won’t let me go!

It feels so good to steal!
Huh? Panther!

The sight of Carmen with that massive cigar always fucks me up.

Carmen pulls Kazuya to the ground.

Obey me! Serve me!

Jeez, that’s… kinda graphic.

How dare you hinder me! You scumbags!
Well, that’s a selfish way of looking at it! Straighten him out once and for all, Joker!

Morgana tags in Maaku…

Maaku actually does some sick flipping move where he wastefully fires bullets in about eight different directions. It looks badass and is utterly impossible to show here.

I stole it! The arrogance in your heart.

What the hell? Phantom Thieves…

What’s this? A treasure?

It’s the key to the drawer in my room. Give it to my kid brother. You’re Robin Hood figures, aren’t you?
Huh? Why should we do anything YOU…
Do you have a message for him?
“Burn what’s inside, and toss it.”

The domestic violence, and the robberies!

We’re that gang of crooks! The evidence… It’s all in there! (pointing to van)


Music: Sunset Bridge

Ahahahahahahahahaha this dork beat Kazzy in kendo or whatever and he got so pissy he turned to crime, cry me a fuckin river

Shut up! Keep your mouth shut!

What’s wrong? Was that someone you know?
Oh, no, I’ve never seen him before… But… Who is he? That guy…

Mission complete! So are we done with this job?
It’s too early to get so giddy.
Right. Our next prey is huge.

My own personal hot take: Morgana should not have fangs. It’s creepy. But also maybe that’s just his face here in general bothering me. His head looks weirdly flat.

Oh shit, boys! We’re going to the sky bank!

Music: Aria of the Soul

But that was just one possibility… What kind of story you will weave from here on in… That is up to you.

What is your name?

I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.

Music: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

And credits! Well, that’s been “PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION THE DAY BREAKERS.” As a tie-in, it’s generally pretty lackluster, though when we consider this was the closest thing to the game’s release we had at the time, especially for English-speakers, I suppose it works well enough. The fight scene shows off everyone’s Personas decently and we get a taste of the Baton Pass, but the overall plot is rather uninspired, we don’t get a great feel for the characters, it’s more confusing than tantalizing to people who hadn’t played the game yet (which, at this time, was everyone), and there’s no Makoto. Not even “surreptitiously” stalking us, despite being perfectly positioned to do so! Lame. I give this OVA a 6.0/10. This has been yet another installment of Arist’s Anime Reviews, be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!