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Part 119: 9/23-9/25: Executions Are Better With Friends

Part 112: 9/23-9/25: Executions Are Better With Friends

All right, finally purged everything and can get back to working on this fine Let’s Play. But first, a little payback.



Music: Sweatshop

Back to the old music, though it won’t be playing for long.

So this is where they’re being used.
But what are they…? It’s hard to tell just from looking…
Dude, let’s leave the factory tour for later. We gotta focus on the Treasure right now!
Huh. It’s rare to hear Skull say something sensible…

Portraits fixed. Also, are you really gonna try to start shit with Ryuji already, cat? Goddamn, we just got through your last spat.

Final saferoom of the Palace, go.

Dude, I could totally get used to all this flyin’ through space shit! But we’re almost at the end…
You don’t look so good, Oracle. Is everything OK?
She must have gotten motion sickness…
It’s not much further to the Treasure. Hang in there, Oracle!
Mm… I’ll try.

Cute character beat, here.

Damn, we just bought a Hero Eyepatch. At least we get the Ointments, which let us reflect a Physical or magical attack, respectively.

There’s the Treasure, dead ahead.

Music: Disquiet

But we haven’t found any information about the mental collapses. That bothers me…
Oh yeah, you’re right…
Maybe he’s hidin’ it? We got this far. Wouldn’t it be better to just squeeze the truth outta the guy?

That plan is fine by me.
Let’s send out the calling card and take his Treasure then. You can decide when we do so.

>Return to the real world
Now returning to the real world from Okumura’s Palace. Thank you for your hard work.

We finally secured our route to the Treasure! All we need to do now is send the calling card.
Sooo? When’re we gonna send it? We don’t wanna be too hasty… but sitting around is pretty annoying. I guess just lemme know when we’re meeting at the hideout next. I’ll be counting on you, Joker!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Huh? What happened?
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, y’know the whole kerfuffle between you and Mona?

“Kerfuffle” is a way of putting it, sure.

Do you really gotta bring that up again?
It’s all good. It was because of your fight that we met Haru, after all.
Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to do this without your help.
Now is not the time to thank us. The finishing touch still remains.
The calling card, right? What do I need to do?
Once he does that, we’ll meet up and discuss the details.
I’ll prepare myself for that. I leave it in your capable hands, Hamiru-kun.
This is Haru’s first mission, and we’re going after her father. Give word when you’re ready.

A man living in Tokyo was arrested by police for running a scam. He tricked victims into paying him money with the empty promise of getting to meet #Millennials.

Sometimes, that name we chose really pays off. Also, I hope this wasn’t our “good buddy” Fishy Hawker.

Some people are just really bad at heart. I’d like to take them all out someday, but…

Anon: ppl sure talk big on anon

For some reason this one makes me crack up.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

I’m sure you must have a better understanding of the resolve that drives a bushido master.

Maaku gains a special Guts +3. It’s seven points instead of five because the book was three sessions long instead of two.

Music: So Boring

Stores will use whatever reasons they can to pull in customers. This season in particular. Ah yes… People also say that autumn is for sports. A while back, baseball was the national sport, but these days people have been into soccer. As you know, black and white are the common colors for soccer balls. Now then, Hamiru-san. Could you take a look at this picture?

Correct. When they stated broadcasting soccer on TV, the screens were still black and white. Color combinations like white and brown were difficult to make out.

A contrast of colors stretching over a surface, uninterrupted… Don’t you think it’s elegant?

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

A recent design that’s caught my eye is the Moon Burger, which uses an egg to represent the moon. I’m well aware of the bad rumors surrounding Okumura Foods, but you can’t argue with hunger…
You think someone like her really eats hamburgers?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

First thing we do upon leaving school is head over to Chihaya.

Then we save. Double nice.

Now, we head over to Jinbocho to get a new book, now that we’ve finished the first one.

Well then, let me sell you another book you may enjoy.

Now, we head over to the hideout.

Music: Suspicion

But she’s new to the team, right? Shouldn’t we do what we did for Yusuke and Makoto?
Ah, you mean the Phantom Thief Basic Training. There’s much we need to teach her.

We have a name for it?

Please do!
Someone’s excited.
Then again, I already told her the gist of things. What other stuff should we talk about…?
Oh, about how we defeated my fiance in there… Will that have any effect on my father?
Nope. They did something similar in my Palace, but I’m perfectly fine.
I-Is that so…?
But man, that cognitive person stuff is crazy! He was so similar that even Haru couldn’t tell!

Except for the part where he turned into a robot.

That might have just been a coincidence. Usually cognitive people look totally different. The version of me in Kamoshida’s castle was terrible.
Ah, and the version of me at the museum was a painting, not even a person.
Now that you mention it, why isn’t there a cognitive version of me? Is it somewhere in there?
Well, I could imagine a couple of reasons why we haven’t seen it… but I don’t think you’d like them.
Come on, don’t think about that dark stuff. Anyways, if a dude’s cognition can change the scenery or even the people in the Palace… Couldn’t you use that to make a dream world filled with places and people you love!? Man, Palaces are super promising! My greatest hopes and dreams might still come true! Well, that’s kinda impossible this time, hehehe… but maybe we should try in the future!?


Boo. Makoto, you’re no fun.

...In any case, if Haru followed that conversation, there’s nothing else we need to teach her.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I finally figured out why the “mission active” music plays in Yongen now. It’s not about the location of the target, it’s about the location of the hideout.

All right, let’s do this!

Music: Suspicion

Why did Makoto and Yusuke switch places?

OK… I place this in my father’s study, and the Treasure will appear, correct?
If he notices the calling card, then yes. Are you afraid of doing this to your own father?
To be honest… a little.
Try to recall your anger. It will guide you in the right direction.
...So we’re carrying out this plan tomorrow?

We can laugh or cry all we want, but we only get one shot at this. Everyone… I’m counting on you!
*nodding in unison*

Music: Beneath the Mask

Not since Okumura took first place in the rankings.
Perhaps the culprit behind them is being cautious due to the success we’ve had recently.
So it’s cause of us! Damn, I’m glad we’re famous!
But it’s highly probable they’ll become active again. Especially if they think the Phantom Thieves aren’t actively attempting to do anything…
We’re also gonna be in trouble if we let public opinion go down the path it’s heading.
Yes, there have been a great deal more instigating comments lately. And we’re all trying so hard…
Our inactivity must be upsetting. We should keep that in mind.

Nah, instead I think I’ll go downstairs.

Oh goddammit, Naoto But Prettier showed up. I guess he escaped the hell realm we accidentally trapped him in!

I simply happened to be passing by, and had an urge to drink a cup of fine coffee here.

Haha, how cold of you. Are you busy, perhaps?

Man, nothing fazes this guy.

My apologies. I’m sure it must be closing time soon. I will be on my way soon enough. I must be going now. The coffee was delicious.

We followed a student who worked part-time at one of these companies. What we saw was a young person pressured by immense responsibilites.
Looks like Okumura Foods isn’t the only company like this…

There isn’t much you can do to prepare at this point, but make sure you give this all you’ve got.

We decide to make two Treasure Traps (which boost the rate of encountering Treasure Demons) and three Lockpicks. One of the Treasure Traps gets a double craft proc.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3.

So true!
So much for being a great detective. Akechi-kun is finished.
I’m really curious about their true identities!
Those calling card posters are collector’s items now!

Music: Desire

Wait, his sin is greed!? Uhh… maybe I was a bit hasty in writing off the possibility of him being an unflattering stereotype.

Your success and global fame exists due to the tyranny you rain over your employees. Thus, we have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth. Hmph. From, #Millennials…

None of this is in quotation marks, but I’m gonna assume the “Hmph” is a little editorializing from our good buddy Kunikazu here.

Don’t make me repeat myself. Give it to the police. That’s an order. These scoundrels have threatened me. Aren’t the police supposed to side with law-abiding citizens?

How is he using the phone through his helmet?

Music: Disquiet

This is different from normal. He has some nerve, delivering the calling card to the police himself.
Either he’s certain his heart won’t be changed, or he’s colluded with the police from the beginning…
As strange as it is for me to say… I could see that being the case.

“Take him down, Phantom Thieves!” “I don’t care what the Phantom Thieves do as long as they show up haha.” “Just do it quick lol.”
They’re just saying whatever they want. At this point all they care about is seeing those in power beg for forgiveness.
Dammit! This isn’t a game…!


The means and the ends have been reversed. We’re starting to be seen purely as entertainment…
But we gotta do this! We can’t just drop everything now!
Considering the existence of the Palace, his desires are indeed distorted… In a sense, the earlier we pull the root, the better…

It’s not like we can come back another time, guys. We already sent the calling card. There’s no second chance here.

And given the issue concerning Haru’s fiance, we don’t have another choice in the matter…

There’s also that, yes.

If we don’t… then everything we been doin’ up until now would just be for nothing!
I believe this is best too. After hearing my father speak… I saw no remorse in him.
Ryuji and Haru are right.

Holy shit, a totally unqualified agreement between Morgana and Ryuji. It’s a miracle!

Honestly, everything the public is talking about does bother me a little… But Okumura may just be the one behind the mental collapses. We can’t leave this be.

I feel like he’s hiding something. Something big…
True… And we already sent the calling card, after all.
Let’s do this like we always do… and steal his Palace’s Treasure.

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version)

Before we take on the big bossman, let’s do some fusing. We haven’t done any of that in a while.

Music: Aria of the Soul


Our master admires the progress of your rehabilitation, and hence has given you use of a special ritual.
It requires the cooperation of the Phantom Thieves who stand against ordeals in the hidden world… It’s a special fusion called Public Execution!
Apparently luck plays a great role in this ritual. It will determine what form your new Persona takes. Additionally, I have heard that there are some special powers only attainable through this method.
Basically, whether or not you make good use of it is up to you! You better devote yourself, Inmate!
The development of rituals is now complete, but your rehabilitation shall continue onward. Please keep pushing forward toward that ultimate goal.

First thing we fuse is Kikuri-Hime, from Lamia and Take-Minakata. I should probably mention before I forget that I don’t have any of the DLC Personas, which can screw up which result you get… except Izanagi and Izanagi Picaro, which were digital preorder bonuses. This is probably far too late in the LP to actually help anyone, though. Those DLC Personas, I should mention, are largely game-breakers and thus not really worth using anyway. I kind of regret even selling that free Soma at the start for the same reason even if the earlygame of P5 is kinda fucked so as to almost require it for *optimization*.

I shall be your mask and guide you along the border between life and death…

Kikuri-Hime was a priestess that mediated on behalf of the goddess Izanami so she could debate her husband, the god Izanagi. Seems like he was probably sleeping on the couch after he (checks notes) abandoned Izanami in the underworld, hyuk.

Next up, Kushinada from Mothman and Kin-Ki.

It is time I become a new mask and free the pristine power hidden within your mortal flesh…

Kushinada was the wife of Susano-o, promised to him in exchange for his defeat of the serpent Orochi. Pretty much just the first arc of Okami, this bit.

Now, let’s try out Public Execution. Here’s how I think this works, which is always a great thing to hear, especially from me, the guy who’s always right: You send a Persona, and it automatically gets fused with a Persona someone else sent via Public Execution, kinda like Wonder Trading from Pokémon. Given that it’s been a year since release and there’s still no wait time, I’m going to guess the results are not one-to-one and it simply gives us the result based on a recent Persona sent rather than waiting for someone else to use Public Execution and spitting out the result from there to both users. We can also only use Public Execution once per day for reasons that will quickly become obvious, though you can savescum to get around that and just reload until you find something you wanna stick with.

Let’s send another Kin-Ki. Sure, why not?

Even we don’t have any idea what this Persona’s gonna turn into. You’re sure of this, right?
>Go ahead.

Besides not showing us the second Persona involved, it goes down just like a regular fusion.

The radiant light and somber darkness within me are both within your mask now.

This is the Persona we received. It’s two levels above ours, but that’s not an issue for Public Execution. In fact, this is probably a lesser result, all things considered. We put in a Persona 12 levels below ours and got one two levels above ours. Public Execution unlocks so late that people generally aren’t putting trash in like I am, they’re trying to game it for stuff way above their level and exclusive skills. Oh yeah, there’s exclusive skills, too. Almighty Boost (25% stronger Almighty attacks), Almighty Amp (50% stronger Almighty attacks), and Magic Ability, which boosts all magic damage by 25%. All of those stack. Yeah.

However, we don’t get any Arcana Burst experience, and we can’t control what skills we pass on, but that’s a small price to pay for a chance at something fucking amazing. We probably won’t fuck with this much because the results can be game-breaking and impossible to replicate.

Anyway, Girimehkala is the mount of the demon lord Mara. Those who stare into its eye are said to fall ill with a sickness that cannot be cured.

Back to regular fusions, we’re gonna make a Unicorn with Zouchouten and Matador.

Me become your mask, protect you from unclean thing.

It’s a fucking unicorn. You know what this is. Pure maiden, healing horn, blah blah blah


Sorry, this *retch* is Hecatoncheires, which we’ll fuse with Unicorn and Lilim. It’s actually the next target of our Strength requests, so we make sure to give it Lilim’s Masukunda as one of its skills.

These one hundred hands which have emerged victorious in such varied wars are now held within your mask.

Hecatoncheires are giant beings from Greek myth. Their name means “those with a hundred arms,” and they had fifty heads as well. They were thrown into Tartarus (not that one) by their father, Uranus (ohhhhhhhhh snap). Zeus eventually freed them to help him fight the Titans. Can’t believe something this weird is now in Maaku.

We don’t have enough time to get to the boss fight here, and there’s not enough time in this update or the next for a Strength visit today, so we’ll turn in this request later. The important thing is that after these fusions, we’re prepared.