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Part 121: Side Note: Some Trivial Bullshit

Part 113.5: Side Note: Some Trivial Bullshit

There are a few things that we never got to show off relevant to the last update, just due to the structure of it as a boss fight update.

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version)

First, we get ambushed.

But what’s this?

Why, it’s Position Hack, which not only gives us an opportunity to All-out Attack, but also gets us out of that pesky ambush situation by changing the “surrounded” formation to the normal line-up. Again, this can only proc when we don’t get the ambush. It’s also definitely more common when we get ambushed, seeing as how it procced twice in a row when I failed to run past these guys on one of my takes.

Also worth noting is that Hifumi’s Kakoi Kuzushi would have allowed us to get out of an enemy ambush instantly, as opposed to trying to escape when not surrounded.

Music: Blooming Villain

And so we end up back here, to see what happens when the timer runs out. It will involve waiting.

A lot of waiting.

Ah, here we are.

Weirdly, it doesn’t seem like the timer will actually expire until you take your last turn. Or maybe it’s just a weird quirk that gives you five extra seconds.

Music: Desire

What’s goin’ on!?

*snicker* There’s nothing here for you thieves! I’m going to launch you all out into space! Aaahahahaha!

Fuckin’ RIP.

Music: Blooming Villain

Finally, this is what happens when we let Mammon take a turn after killing the Executive Director. ...Nothing! What a thrilling update this is and not at all filler because I need a little more time before the contest ends!

Here’s his nameplate, in case you care (you don’t).