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Part 122: 9/25: Tell Me About Your Childhood

Part 114: 9/25: Tell Me About Your Childhood

Music: Regret

Yep, seems like it. You and your whole family all suck. Uhh… sorry, Haru.

(to Haru) I will contact your fiance and rescind the marriage offer. This may be the end for Okumura Foods…


I admit, I spent large sums of money to help my company grow, and to crush business competitors…
Answer me, dammit! Did you do it or not!?
N-Not personally! I had a contract. All I did was make the requests to have them eliminated!

Holy shit! We just blew this thing wide open!

Requests…!? Then there really is a mysterious criminal in people’s Palaces after all!
So it’s true…
What kind of contract did you form… and with whom?
*sobbing uncontrollably*
C’mon, stop cryin’ and tell us!

Dammit, why now…!? Mr. CEO, can’t you stop that thing!?

Okumura does not respond.

Oh well… We can’t just throw our lives away like this.

Morgana grabs the Treasure out of the air.

We’ve taken your Treasure.

What’s up, Ann?

There’s one more thing you need to tell us. Have you seen this criminal’s face before?

We don’t got time to get that outta him!
We’ll just have to inquire about it back in the real world.

Ann snaps back into reality and runs away with Makoto. I wonder what’s got her so distracted?

Don’t worry, he’ll be fine! We’ll end up dead if we’re not out of here soon though!

That is what you’ve taught me, Father.

Haru then leaves with the others, leaving Okumura alone in his ship.

Uhhh, what the hell is going on, cause it looks like he just got sho--

Music: Desire

Oh fuck.

Music: Run, Run, Run!

Probably not… Actually, I think it’s impossible!
We’re countin’ on ya, Mona!

Four… Three… Two… One… Goodbye.

I am so glad, after all that, to see this place explode. I don’t even care that we’re still inside.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

*sigh* We did a great job in there.
You know Morgana, you seemed almost normal when you took the Treasure.

Oh, was that all you were so busy thinking about you almost died?


...And that’s the end of that conversation, I guess. No answers here!

Still, he did mention requesting people to be eliminated. He has to know who’s responsible.

Haru notices the object on the ground, which literally faded into existence in between screenshots.

His Treasure… was a plastic model kit?

Music: Alleycat

I remember Father telling me something before he changed… He said there was a model kit he really wanted back when he was a child. But no matter how much he begged my grandfather, he never got it.

Oh boo hoo, I turned evil because I never got the toy I wanted, don’t you feel so bad for me?

Your family could get like a thousand of those kits though.
Okumura Foods has been around for generations, but it was a small company until my father took over. My grandfather was a good man, but not the best businessman. He’d even lend money with no collateral… It seems the debt collectors were a frequent presence when my father was young…
That must be why… Why Okumura was so willing to pursue his own happiness at the expense of others.

Oh, so it’s actually the experience of being hounded by debt for his entire childhood that caused his desires to become distorted? And the model was just a metaphor for the promise of financial stability? And I’m kind of an asshole for making fun of it? Okay!


It is a staggering price. I’ve heard this can happen to collector’s items, but still…
People’re gonna pay that much for a plastic toy!?
By the way… when exactly is the change of heart supposed to happen?
Soon. That’s all we know. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens until then.

It’s a real pain in the ass!

Once he has his change of heart, we’ll surely be able to find out who’s behind the mental shutdowns.

Music: Desire

Everything. From the Phantom Thieves targeting Okumura to them changing his heart… We’ve lost a convenient source of income, but I’d rather not risk his connection coming to light. Okumura was not fit for the political world to begin with. He should have just behaved himself… ……. Of course. Without fail, sir. I’ve requested that he handle the matter. Arrangements have been made. A sudden mental shutdown will occur at just the right time. We’ll dispose of our disappointing connection and the Phantom Thieves at once. Two birds with one stone.

Wonder what’s going on here?

*evil chuckle*

Probably nothing important.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

And about how much of a dick you were? Good!

I was way too worried about who I am, and how I don’t compare to the other members of our group. Turns out I just don’t have any guts, huh?

I have the perfect remedy. We’re going to Big Bang Burg—wait, shit, they’re still evil.

Thanks. I think the reason I was so hung up on wanting to be human is because I needed a goal of my own. Well, not a goal per se, but something bigger… I guess more like… a reason to live. But now that I’m sure I belong with the Phantom Thieves, I know what I want to do. Do you know what it is?

Please god, move out. How am I supposed to cran—I mean, how am I supposed to get any with the cat watching?

That too, eventually. I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure the Phantom Thieves succeed. In other words, our goals are in alignment.

You’d better put some effort in too! Don’t make me regret my choice!
I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper...

Protect is a great skill. Any time a single-target attack would kill Maaku, a party member with Protect can step in to take it for him. It can only proc once per party member per battle, though, and it won’t save you from attacks that hit the whole party.

Plus… I want Lady Ann to be happy.

God dammit, cat.

I hope you’re not thinking about how sappy all of this is…!

Same, Maaku.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You must surely be exhausted. I suggest you go to sleep early.
Hey, we should talk about Haru’s welcome party!
Didn’t we just say we would let her rest, you dimwit!?
I appreciate your concern, but I’m OK, I promise.
As long as you’re OK, Haru… Well, is there anywhere you’d like to go?
Actually, I’d like to walk around the school festival with everyone.

That reminds me, we still haven’t settled on a guest.
A guest!? Like, some kinda celebrity!?
Wait, does that mean the Phantom Thieves could be one of the candidates!? How ‘bout it? Wanna show up?
That’s a bit over the top…
You’re just getting way too carried away.
Don’t say such strange things.
What a shallow idea.
Oooh, a four-hit combo!

Poor Ryuji.

The internet is rampant with speculation over the claims made on the calling card. Awareness of the Phantom Thieves is extremely high, and the world will be watching their next move.
We took care of it, but… We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Sonic Socks! They’re made with a special fiber that’s a revolution in thin fabrics!
They’re so light, it feels like your feet aren’t wearing any socks at all!
And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 4980 yen!

Nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!

Why do I keep buying this crap? I never use it.

Hm, now that I think about it, we’ve really grown quite a lot.

Sometimes saving will give us a special message from Morgana depending on our progress through the game. It’s kinda neat.

Music: Aria of the Soul

...Contrary to our assumptions, it seems you have turned out to be quite promising.
Your powers continue to grow, as do the relationships you hold with your contractors. It seems the rehabilitation is proceeding at a fine rate.


*chuckle* Allow me to warn you on one matter. Being at the peak may mean you are mere moments from your downfall.

The game’s really laying it on thick, isn’t it?

Unexpected situations are necessary in a “game,” after all. *more chuckling*

Music: Desire

What the hell...? I’m human… I have to be… I…

I kinda figured the existential crisis was done by this point, ugh.

There’s no way I was born like that...

What the hell are you talking about?

H-Hmph. I won’t let myself get worked up over some dream… I’m sure everything will be clear if we can get to the depths of Mementos…

I somehow doubt that, given that we’re running off a massive hunch of yours, but oh well.

(sadly staring at Maaku) …...

Don’t wake me up, cat, I’m hanging out with Igor in the decidedly unsexy dungeon.