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Part 124: 9/27-9/28: Yuuki Mishima, The Hero

Part 116: 9/27-9/28: Yuuki Mishima, The Hero

Anon: No apology yet? :[
Anon: Ooh, a calling card! kekeke


Anon: I’ve been waiting for this

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Yeah, it’s a new fall fragrance. It’s supposed to be mysterious, like the Phantom Thieves. I thought I’d wear it to show my support while they’re out there taking down an evil corporation.

Girl #2 here is explicitly described here as “Phangirl,” for the record.

A show of support, huh? I could post a photo online of all the Phan merch I’ve amassed. Maybe they’ll be motivated by how passionate their fans are.

I’m sure they will.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Don’t know what you’re talking about, old man. I’m all about rock n’ roll—nothing else!
I saw some pretty hilarious videos of you online, but maybe I got the wrong guy?
I express myself best through music. My next song is a ballad praising the Phantom Thieves… I give you… “Phantom Thieves Jongara Bushi”! Haaa, appeeearing iiin Tooohhh-kyooohhh…

It’s occuring to me that this dude’s musical genre gimmick doesn’t really work in pure text form even in the original game, and double doesn’t work in LP form.

Well, you also lied to him about your age. Are you sure you have the right to complain?
That’s different. Anyway, I asked the Phantom Thieves to give him a change of heart.
Geez… I think maybe it’s you who might need a change of heart.

These CHATTER messages are getting intense.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

All right, I guess we should finally get to telling Takemi about her patient.

There’s nothing to talk about…
Why don’t you tell Takemi about Oyamada?

Oh fine… I’ll go to you, so wait there.

Music: Alleycat

I wanted to speak with you right away! The hospital that was on the news is the same one you used to work at, right!?
The hospital on the news?

But I knew you weren’t capable of doing those terrible things.
...Wh-What’s going on?
Oh, my. You really don’t know, do you?
Chief of Staff Oyamada turned himself in. He was manipulating things behind the scenes. Turns out he was the one who made that terrible medical error, and laid the blame on his subordinate!

Is that… true?
It’s been on news channels all over the country!
I haven’t… seen it…
I just knew something didn’t quite add up about that story.
I never believed someone like you could have ever done something like that.
Hooray! Doctor! But… What’s a medical error?
What? Um… It’s something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen… I guess.

Girl’s Father and Old Lady begin chatting idly.

Oyamada surrendering himself… at such a convenient time… Why…? ...It doesn’t matter. It’s too late. It doesn’t change the fact that I couldn’t save her…

There’s… no way…

Oh, it must’ve been difficult for her too. I heard she’s been moved to another hospital…

Music: Sunset Bridge

Are you OK, Doctor!?

I’ll compensate you well. Whatever you want, however much, just let me know.
*nods* It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper...

We’re going to have to move quickly today, so you may experience some pain during the examination. ...Sorry. Just hang in there, OK?

Sad to break the “It’s for my exams” chain, but it’s worth it not to ruin this moment.

Once the medicine is perfected, I’ll introduce you to Miwa-chan and tell her how much you helped. All right, into the examination room you go.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gains Guts +1.

That’s all for today. Take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask

His reaction was quite vague when I spoke to jim too… Is this what normally happens?
Madarame was in a similar state after we changed his heart.
It’ll be OK, don’t worry. All we have to do is wait.
...You’re right. I’ll just believe it’s going to work. Thank you, and sorry for asking so many times. I’ll message you again if there is more progress.

Just relax, Haru. I’m 1000% positive this’ll go off without a hitch. Why, I’d stake the Phantom Thieves’ reputation on it!

I get why Haru is worried… but let’s just wait for the change of heart to go through. Don’t worry, it’ll be just like it always is.


Are you among those who are waiting to see the president of that company meet his judgment?

Haha, there’s no need to hide it. There’s no shame in projecting your suppressed hopes onto them. It’s clear that they have power. They have an ethical obligation to use it wisely. The pressure and expectations that burden exceptional people… I know it well, hahaha.
*jerk-off motions*

Former Okumura Foods employees who feel they are victims have formed an association and held a meeting. The association exchanged ideas among one another and vowed not to give up until justice is done.
Oh, they’re all working together. It’s tough to do something big all by yourself.

That’s nice.

Not enough to get Hifumi to the next rank, unfortunately.

Music: Layer Cake

We’re already flush with cash, but we decide to go to Untouchable to sell our Palace goodies.

Whereupon we’re treated with this message. I’ll probably actually try to take advantage of this at some point, but not just yet.

And it’s 50% off because we’re at Rank 5 with Iwai.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The worst. Even if I drive all day, I still barely meet quota.

Well, let me tell you about this great little startup called Uber—now, you have to supply your own car, and pay for gas, and you won’t make anything near a living wage, but hey, at least the company’s so awful in so many different ways they’re losing money too!

Yeah, well—don’t get me started on my bosses. These days they’re little more than slave-drivers…
Maybe we need to ask the Phantom Thieves for help.
I hope they take down my boss when they’re done with Okumura.

The Phan-Site’s blowing up!

Oh, hey Mishima. Guess we should hang, or whatever.

Oh, so I’ve been researching that actor, and I came across some substantial new info.

Oh. Perfect.

Are you free to hear what I found?

...Sure, buddy. Sure.

Oh, awesome, what fresh hell will prevent us from reaching the next rank here? Getting sick of your shit, Mishima.

*sigh* Let’s do this, I guess.

Thanks. Let’s head to the diner then.

Music: Suspicion

He probably just couldn’t live with himself after what he did to her… His reputation did a total 180 after he announced the marriage though. People used to hate him, but now all everyone wants to talk about is how sweet and manly he is. At any rate, we can’t oppose the will of the public. Good thing we decided not to change his heart.

Yeah, it is good we all decided that.

Support for the Phantom Thieves would’ve really dropped if we had. ...I need to make sure our next target is one we can win against.


Oh, by the way… I came up with a new plan of attack. If we really wanna make you guys famous, we need to do more than just answer promising requests. Right now there are tons of idiots out there doubting you, and trying to influence others to do the same. So… we’re gonna purge them.

Holy shit!

There’s not really any better way to phrase it though.

How about not phrasing it at all because we’re not doing that, you imbecile?

The truth is, I looked up some of these idiots who were criticizing you and sent them warning messages. You know, something like, “If you don’t change your wicked ways, you’ll be our next target.”

I’ll have you know, it’s been working wonders. They totally stopped dissing the P-Thieves!

Hold on, gonna send the brainwashing crew after my forums nemesis. What!?

There are still some people who say they don’t believe, but deep down they’re just afraid of you guys.

The audio clip for this line is a creepy-ass laugh and I hate it.

Plus now that all those haters are gone, people are putting a bunch more info on the forum. Post after post after post, it’s all “please” and “help me”… ...This is so much fun.

Jesus, dude.

All I did was find my own way to change people’s hearts. I’m above the simple stuff like producing and advertising now. I can change the world. I have the strength to do that now…

Yo, Mishima… I haven’t seen you since graduation.
Hahaha… We actually saw each other here not that long ago…
...Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. ……
Are you OK?
...Whaddya mean? Does it look like I ain’t OK?
I dunno, you just seem… quiet.
...Shut your mouth, zero. I don’t got time to be listening to you.

Akiyama leaves.

He acts like I’m a total nothing, but he still takes time to try and mess with me… …… …I’ve changed though. I’m way better than a loser like him.

Sure thing.

I even heard he’s been hanging out with some shady people… They’re all scum. I wish we could change their hearts, for the good of our society...

All right, it’s decided! Your next target is gonna be Akiyama-kun!

Oh dear.

Let’s see, where’s his info…

…… Are you guys gonna come after me someday too…?

I should find this hilarious, but today I take no joy in this. Mishima, you gotta calm the fuck down.

…… H-Hahaha… Good joke, Hamiru. …… Anyway, I’m heading home. I’ll send you Akiyama-kun’s info later…

I should discuss this with the others...

Yeah, we really shou--

Wait, right now!?

Didn’t he give us some other weird request too? Something about that handsome actor? Is Mishima-kun trying to take advantage of us…?
Apparently he has also threatened anyone who dares speak ill of the Phantom Thieves on his forum. Perhaps we should enact a change of heart on Mishima, not this Akiyama fellow.

We’re really considering this? Holy shit, wow.

Whoa, wait up. He ain’t that bad.
Hm… I guess we could find out what’s happening if we managed to find his Shadow. I mean, he’s already worried that we’re gonna change his heart, right? We’ll probably be able to track down his Shadow in Mementos. All things considered, I think our best course of action would be to defeat it and change his heart.
Mishima-kun…? It feels almost wrong to consider such an option…

Haru, have you even met Mishima? You’ve been a Phantom Thief for less than two weeks. I’m not saying you’re wrong to be skeptical here, but don’t act like you have some great personal objection.

We can’t have him keep causing problems for us though.
Either way, we can decide whether or not we change his heart later. For now, we must meet his Shadow.

Yeah. Let’s head into Mementos and track down Mishima’s Shadow!

Okay, we’ll do it first thing after school tomo--

Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous.

Music: Desire

Could you be… the Phantom Thieves!? *looks around* Hahahaha! So you wanna change my heart, even after everything I’ve done for you guys!?

If you just shut up and listened to what I told you, the Phantom Thieves would get even more famous… And if you did that, I’d get some of the spotlight too. I wouldn’t be just some stupid zero anymore… There’s finally some hope back in my life… So why? Why are you so insistent on stopping me…?

I wanna talk to your leader… alone.


The others leave. This seems like a great idea!

Before you came along, I knew my role in life. I was supposed to be the guy everyone messed with… I had accepted that I was a zero, embraced it even… But once I figured out you were one of the Phantom Thieves, everything changed… You just HAD to get close to me…!

I want to change society too… I want the world to notice me! If I can just make the Phantom Thieves famous, maybe I’ll end up famous too…!

I’m not sure… but I don’t have any other choice! I don’t have any special powers like you guys… Heck, nobody even pays attention to me…! In the end, that’s why I need you guys… You’re the only way I’ll be able to make a name for myself!

I can’t even make fun of this, it’s just sad, really.

But if I can’t push my way into the spotlight now, when will I…!? Anyway, just bring it on already! You’re here to fight, aren’t you!?

“Do it yourself” is one of my favorite choices in the game.

I’m sure he learned something if he’s been spendin’ all this time with us amazin’ heroes, yeah?

It’s rude to eavesdrop, Skull.

I need to be famous…! I need to… I…

Well, that was, to my knowledge, by far the longest Confidant event in the entire game. We didn’t even get a rank up out of it. Goddammit, Mishima.

Anon: Better run Mr. CEO XDDD
Anon: Here comes the apology rofl
Anon: They better not screw it up

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

I love the sound of the word “chief.” I’d like to be called that too, someday.

I just imagined Sojiro with Morgana’s head. Yeersh.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Have you seen the Totem Pole at the diner in Shibuya yet?
Haha, yeah—it really is a Totem Pole.

I’m impressed by these students’ knowledge of the customs of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. As for me, whenever I think of a totem pole, I think of that one episode of Hannibal. You know the one.

It’s so colorful. I just love watching people try to eat it!
I’m amazed whenever someone can eat it really neatly.
Eating a Totem Pole? Neatly? I wonder why they call it the Totem Pole?

I can’t imagine what kind of food looks like a totem pole… And eating it impresses people? The mystery deepens…

It’s probably just a tall, thin thing. Not some elaborate mystery, cat.

The Totem Pole at the diner, huh… OK… I’m interested.

Looks like the diner got a new item on the menu. We might have to stop in eventually, even if we don’t need the Knowledge.

Music: So Boring

It seems so many of us have experienced this that a term has been created for it. The English name for that particular phenomenon can be abbreviated to “PVS”… Would anyone like to tell me what that stands for? Mr. Hamiru! Let’s hear it. What is this phenomenon commonly called in English?
OK, let’s try to puzzle out this acronym! So “PVS,” referring to when you mistakenly think your phone is going off… What’s the P?

Right. It’s gotta start with “phantom,” since you’re only imagining it. So next is the V part. That means it’d be “phantom...” what?

That’s it! When your phone buzzes, you say it’s “vibrating.” Last is the S. So if we have “phantom vibration” so far…

Chouno's all, "You’re taking a really long time, dude. Stop muttering to your meowing desk and answer the question."

Good! The correct English term is “phantom vibration syndrome.” If you’re anxiously waiting for someone to contact you, your brain will apparently trick you. This is an affliction that can only affect a modern society, where being connected 24/7 is commonplace.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

When I was a student, I’d get all worked up waiting for my S.O. to call me at night. Nowadays people complain if you don’t reply to a text you just saw. Kind of obnoxious, if you ask me.
Think it’ll ever get to a point where we’ll be able to read each other’s minds? ...I’ll pass on that, thanks.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Still nothing for Hifumi.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Hey, are you free today?

Only one thing left on the promise list… “Being OK without you around.” But before that, there’s something I wanna show you, Maaku. Come to my room.

See, everything on here is marked off as being done.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

But that’s kinda… wrong. There was one promise I lied about doing… One promise I never actually finished. It was “get along with Kana-chan.” This all started back when I was in elementary school.

Oh boy, bracing for a long story…

I used to get bullied pretty hard for how weird I was… The other kids always accused me of cheating because I’d get perfect scores on my tests. Then one time I turned in a test with nothing written down instead… but the school ended up yelling at my mom. My life at school was horrible. Sometimes during recess, I’d lock myself in the bathroom and cry… I didn’t have a single friend… I was always alone. But then a girl named Kana transferred to my school… She was absent a lot at first, then when she was there, the other kids bullied her… like they did to me. But one day, she said something to me: “Good morning.” She started saying it every day from then on.

To be honest… I completely ignored her the first few times. I thought the bullies had put her up to it. But without fail, she’d come over to me to say good morning… Then eventually, I decided to say it back. It felt like my heart was gonna shatter into a million pieces… But apparently, she’d been saying it to me that whole time because she thought we could be friends. She was the first person who didn’t mind how weird I was… I was so happy about making a friend that I told my mom. That’s when she added something to my promise list. “Get along with Kana-chan.” B-But… I couldn’t do it. One particularly windy morning, Kana-chan dropped her diary and the pages flew everywhere. I didn’t really mean to look… but I ended up seeing everything she had written down. And… once I see something, I can’t forget it… It was all so horrible… She wrote about how her parents hit her, how they made her take pictures in weird clothes… Kana-chan’s diary was full of stories like that… Then when I asked her about it… she got really defensive. I felt terrible, but she just kept yelling at me for reading it…

...Oh. Oh dear.

“Sounds like it was her fault.” Jesus christ!

I just… froze up… And then… I ran. I ran… and ran… I wanted her to stop yelling. I wanted to go back to how things were before… ...Kana-chan ended up moving away pretty soon after that. I haven’t talked to her since. So… I lied to my mom. Even after Kana-chan left, I would tell her we were best friends. Every month, she’d write that promise on my list… and every month, I’d lie about it.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Sorry for not helping her, though she was going through even worse stuff than I was… Sorry for reading her diary… Sorry… for running away… I hate being such a coward… But I think I might be able to face my fears now that I’m a promise-settling Phantom Thief! “Get along with Kana-chan”… I’m gonna do it for real this time!

Y-You have to help me now, got it!?

This is another part of our deal!
It feels like Futaba is starting to depend on me...

Active Support adds a few new moves to Moral Support, all of which are utterly fantastic. “Charge” here means “Charge/Concentrate,” as it adds both effects, meaning your next Physical/Gun or magical attack will deal 2.5x damage. SP recovery is always handy, too.

Oh, and.. sorry I wasn’t too hospitable today. That’ll have to wait for next time! Now, make like a cheetah and dash outta my room!

Music: Beneath the Mask

The Phantom Thieves have been trending all over the country.
Not a day passes that I don’t hear people talking about the Phantom Thieves in the city too…
That just means people are really starting to count on us, right?
This fervor may be too extreme. It is a dangerous omen. We could face great danger if anyone manages to discover our true identities.
Don’t scare us like that! Ain’t no way somebody’s gonna figure that out!
Either way, this excitement has definitely piqued the public’s interest in the Phantom Thieves. We’ll need to be even more careful from now on.
Why do we gotta be the ones who sneak around? It don’t make sense…

People come to enjoy the beauty of nature, and a few come to pray for help in finding love. It’s also the most popular shrine on New Year’s and a great place to hang out near Takenoko Street.

I really thought we’d have max Kindness by now so I didn’t bother restocking on Mega Fertilizers, whoops.

There we go. Maaku gains Kindness +3.

I doubt a kid like you could possibly understand, but… Hm? You look like you know what’s up, unlike all those phonies. I think you deserve to buy my wares. My art. Look at that Charm… You can buy whatever you want.

Street Accessory Seller will sell us a bunch of (overpriced) accessories. Some of them unlock after getting to Rank 2 or 3 Charm, however. He also only appears on certain nights. I’ve just been ignoring him up until now.

The Vitality Sash gives 30 HP, the Stamina Sash gives 20 HP, the Chakra Choker gives 10 SP, the Soul Choker gives 30 SP. The three belts give Auto-Tarukaja, Auto-Rakukaja, and Auto-Sukukaja, respectively, which gives you the requisite buff at the start of battle. None of this is worth shit, except the belts, and even those are worse than SP Adhesive 3. We buy another Black Rock and probably never talk to this dude again.

Now, one may consider that the corporate culture of Okumura Foods hasn’t changed one fucking bit due to Okumura’s failure to confess his misdeeds as of yet, so the company is just gonna keep doing evil shit and buying from them is supporting a bad business. To that I say:

welp, time for a burg

Music: Big Bang Burger March

We first partake in one of the “autumn-only” promotions going on and buy a Moon Burger, which restores 120 HP to the entire party. Then, we go for the challenge, which is discounted to 500 yen because it’s night. There’s no further ranks, as the employee reminds us, but we’ll do it anyway.

As I’ve already explained, there are no more rewards...

That’s all right… I’m in it for the sport.

However, to commemorate your further challenge success, we will grant you some free burgers.

Woohoo! Free food!

Maaku gains Guts +3, and is an unholy eating machine. No bonuses to other stats because we’ve already completed the challenge, but still a useful way to increase our Guts.