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Part 125: 9/29-9/30: A Second Chance You Probably Don’t Deserve

Part 117: 9/29-9/30: A Second Chance You Probably Don’t Deserve

Anon: Evil needs to die!
Anon: Our savior’s made a move!
Anon: its gettin exciting!

It’s getting intense, is what it is.

The sooner they get it done, the better it is for society.
We’re counting on you, Phantom Thieves… Don’t let us down.
Those politicians and Okumura both deserve divine punishment!
Aw, this place is sold out of Phantom Thieves merch too?

Anon: Here comes the apology rofl
Anon: Okumura’s got 5 sec
Anon: Don’t let us down!

Music: So Boring

It’d spell the end of this country if kids started wanting to become more like the Phantom Thieves. You’re already in your second year of high school. You should have a clear vision of your future. If you’re looking for safety and stability, a civil servant is a good option. Hey, Hamiru. Not all civil servants work in government offices. Which of these occupations is a civil one.


Oho… I’m impressed you knew that. Only the cormorant fishermen of Nagaragawa are officially used by the imperial household.

“Cormorant” fishing? According to my incredible internet proficiency, I have discovered that a cormorant is a type of bird, trained by Asian fishermen to catch fish for them. That’s rather quaint.

Those fishermen are granted spots on the Imperial Household Agency’s Board of Ceremonies. That said, you can’t break into that industry even if you wanted to since it’s a hereditary occupation. If you want a government job, try for a spot in the Diet—though some may say that’s hereditary too.

Hyuk. Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I’m honestly fed up with politicians these days. Isn’t there anyone who seriously wants to improve this country?
Oh yeah, they said on the news that the cabinet’s approval rating went down again. They’re the complete opposite of us. Our popularity and approval have been going through the roof.

And there’s no way it could ever stop...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

And Hifumi’s ready for the next rank.

They should leave reforming society or whatever to the people we elect and put in charge.
Maybe… Hey, shouldn’t we be doing something too?
What are you talking about? We’ve worked so hard up until now, so I say our work is done.

By the way, have you eaten yet, Hamiru-san? I’m starving… But the hunger doesn’t really bother me when I’m playing.

What!? Are you sure? OK, today’s training will be a “lecture.” If you pay for my meal, I’ll let you have the course for free.

I get my meal, and you get your training, so we’re both happy. Now, stop wasting time and take me some place to eat!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I gotta eat good because I’m fighting a war.

...Didn’t I tell you? I’ve been having serious battles with kids at school. They attack me in large numbers, so I can’t let my guard down. All they did today was throw eraser crumbs in my lunch, though, so I won that round.

This sounds like a problem!

...It’s a war. I’m on the defensive right now, but I’m looking for a chance to counterattack. I could finish them in a second if I put my mind to it. It’s just that… now’s not the right time. It gets kind of annoying having to watch my back all the time, though… Maybe I can ask the Phantom Thieves to take care of them…

Well, today you lost… So that means you’ll just have to try harder next time. Now, eat up and feel better.

...You’re not mad?
Of course not. You did your best, and that’s all that counts. Now, no more crying.
What a joke… Once you lose, it’s over.

“Goddamn kids today and their participation trophies!”

That’s what my mom told me. My mom’s fighting with the school… About how classes are taught, the way teachers treat students, the size of the classes… Since the divorce, my mom’s been taking care of me all by herself. She says it’s exhausting.

That’s a weird thing to say! I mean, it’s true, child care is exhausting and expensive, but it’s weird to put that on the kid.

She leaves really early to go to work. Then she comes home really late to take care of me. It’s no wonder she demands so much from the school, you know? But all my classmates make fun of her and call her a complainer… When I tell them to stop, they call me a momma’s boy… That’s how the war started. My mom gets made fun of because I’m weak! That’s why I gotta get stronger!

Shinya seems happy with her though.

But I’ve got a long way to go… Oh, before I forget, I need to show you something… Don’t tell anyone else about this, OK? But I’m going to show you a guaranteed way to win!
I feel like my bond with Shinya is growing deeper…

Warning Shot lets us potentially skip the negotiation process by firing a… warning shot. It apparently works a very, very high percentage of the time. I never got Shinya past Rank 2 in my original file, so everything from here on is uncharted territory, and let me just say that this Confidant gets us some amazing shit.

..I wish I could be a member of the Phantom Thieves and help them defeat the bad guys in the world.

Oh, it’s kinda late. I guess I should go home…
Interacting with Shinya has made my heart grow… I feel like my Kindness has increased...

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Thanks for the food. Later!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Oh no! I accidentally did an INFORMATION CRIME!

No, but seriously, I’m cracking up at how stiff that reads.

Consider the following… A: Divulging someone’s crimes/B: Insult in an internet post/ Which of these counts as slander? You be the judge!

The correct answer is...A! Spreading around someone’s criminal history… is a crime!
If you publicly say something that hurts someone’s reputation, even if it’s true, it’s slander! Insults are usually not considered defamation, and even if it was, it’d be libel on the internet.
Oh, you got it right. So everyone who spreads rumors about you is guilty of slander, eh?
It feels like I’ve improved my Knowledge.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1, despite the fact that this seems wrong! Or maybe that's just one more way Japan's a little more fucked up than I realized!

Music: Crossroads

You have any good stories? I’m takin’ a little break, so I’m all ears.

Lala-chan, two drinks please…

Both of them are for her, I presume.

Here, take a seat.

Wait, Lala actually gave it to Maaku!?

Thanks to my quota… and that shithead chief. But I made some progress on my personal investigation. I did some research on the Phantom Thieves. I’m starting to get the impression they might actually be the real deal. No signs of an internal power struggle, no dirty money changing hands…

Well, we just had an internal power struggle like two weeks back, and a lot of our revenue is technically from counterfeiting, so...

I can kinda understand now how someone like you became a fan. The more I get to know about the Phantom Thieves, the better I understand them…

I can relate to their sincerity. They remind me of how I used to be. I already know firsthand that fighting the evils of society is a never-ending, thankless job… But I still do it nonetheless. I bet the Phantom Thieves share that same type of passion.
*giggle* I never thought I’d hear you talking about passion, Ichiko-chan. Maybe all this talk about the Phantom Thieves has influenced you. Or maybe it’s just the kid.
Maybe… I mean, he is a pretty big fan of theirs, so…

...What? You found Kayo…!?

Music: Suspicion

Where is she…? What do you mean, you can’t tell me!? Why the hell not!? Hey! What’s going on!? Wait!

That was one of my journalist friends. He thinks he found Kayo. He followed up on a pretty far-fetched string of rumors for me, but now he’s saying he doesn’t want to get involved. ...Dammit! Why the hell won’t he tell me what’s going on!? I can’t just give up now!
A-At least that’s progress! I mean, we didn’t even know Kayo-chan was still alive before now, so--

Music: Desire

Well, not anymore. I’ve cut off all your resources. I suggest that you drop this investigation if you don’t want to face the consequences!
Wait… You’re the one who pressured my contact to keep quiet?
I told you… This is where your wild goose chase ends. Oh, and I’ll be doubling your quota again. No more of this personal investigation. Got it?
What!? Are you trying to kill me?
Hey now, Mr. Chief… Can you really do that?
I don’t think anyone asked for your opinion, bitch.

I’m about to leap out of this fucking chair, man. You take that back.

Listen to me, Ohya. Give it up, unless you wanna end up just like that stupid friend of yours!

Don’t talk about Kayo like that…

If you even think about talking shit on Kayo again, I won’t hesitate to beat the living crap out of you!
Whoa, hold on…
Take back everything you just said… or I’m gonna do even worse.
It’s too late now! The higher-ups have decided to put that incident to rest, and that’s what we’re doing! You understand!?

What should I do? Should I go knock him out!?

Music: Suspicion

Hmph. I know I’d be playing right into his hands if I let him get to me, but… God dammit!

Just stay calm and think… Arghhh! This sucks! An even greater quota is gonna be a problem… but I can’t give up now! I promise, I won’t stop fighting! I’ll prove it to you with another great article! “Exclusive: The Phantom Thieves, Stealing Hearts and Changing Lives!” *sigh* Sorry, I really will try and calm down now…
I can sense Ohya’s passionate devotion...

Just further security level reductions. It’s a weird mechanic and this Confidant is weird for having its sole purpose be to avoid dealing with it.

...I’m still frustrated though. All that bullshit he said is really getting to me. I wish I was better at controlling my emotions. Like you are.

I actually didn’t mean it like that, but whatever.

More importantly, Ichiko-chan… how are you gonna manage having your quota doubled?
I’ll just work twice as hard! I should be fine as long as I keep getting good info from my favorite source here.

Wouldn’t getting your quota doubled twice result in the amount of work rising like, exponentially, though?

Oh, that reminds me! Lemme hear all about today’s scoop.
I spoke about the Phantom Thieves in a way that somehow piqued Ohya’s interest… I feel like my Charm has increased...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

I should be going… See you next time you have info for me.

Anon: They finally made a move
Anon: no more big bang burg, lmao

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Hey, are you keepin’ up with comments online? There’s a lot of hate for Okumura, and a lot of expectations for us. I hope Haru’s dad has a change of heart soon.

I know! Ain’t it awesome!? This’ll be a huge uproar again. As usual, it’ll be a while before we see some results, but maaan, I am SO lookin’ forward to this.

Yes, I’m sure everything will be fine...

Music: My Homie

Um… Mr. Inui, please come to the faculty office at once.
Oh…? ...I’m going to the faculty office, so make sure you take this time to study.

Ah! The teacher’s back…!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

And we can rank up Shinya next time.

Meanwhile, I am here to observe the public in an attempt to refresh my mind. Do you need something?

Let’s hang with Yusuke.

*chuckle* You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision. Do you remember Director Kawanabe of the Japanese Art Support Foundation? ...The man who offered his support to me at Madarame’s house.

Oh, yes! The time we broke into a place and then he broke in after us!

I would like your assistance with him. Do you have time to spare?

You are truly kind. I find it quite suspicious that he would offer money to a mere high school student like myself… I am grateful for his offer… but I am unsure of what to do.

...Indeed. I must cling onto any semblance of hope I can find in this world…

Geez, you’re a downer.

Very well. I will call him.

…I would appreciate it if you could join me, Maaku. Your presence could help ease my societal discomfort, as well as diffuse the temptation of money. Furthermore, your composure will allow you to tell if he is truly attempting to scam me. Kawanabe-san is waiting for us at the sushi bar. I already told him that you will be coming, so let us go.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

We’d better eat up before the sushi gets cold.

Before that… there is something I would like to ask. ...Just who are you?
Hm… An interesting question. My work involves gallery management, but my hobbies are diverse. The foundation is but one of those hobbies. Broadly speaking, we’re responsible for scouting and nurturing talented youth involved in the art world. We offer free scholarships, mediate study abroad programs… and we also connect young artists to customers. ...At a time, even Madarame participated in our organization.
Sensei… I-I mean, Madarame?
Indeed. A good many benefited from his time working with us. We were aware of the dark rumors about him… but we could never have seen his confession coming. I suppose it’s likely he was deceiving us that whole time…

...This is all because of him. It is his fault I can no longer view paintings with a pure heart…
In the past, simply the desire to paint led me to seek beauty. But now, I find myself constantly weighed down by the search for awards or the praise of others… An ugly attachment has fastened itself upon my work… I can no longer paint how I used to. My art… is tainted.
...I see. However, it would be wasteful to let your talent dry up. Our foundation would gladly support you. Not only a former student of the infamous Madarame, but someone with those looks… There is definitely a market for you. We’ll sell you as the “tragic, handsome artist.”

Music: Suspicion

Exactly as it sounds. Having your ideas stolen by Madarame, losing a place to live, hungry for food… That unstable air about you makes for the perfect tragedy. A story like yours will sell even to those who don’t understand art.
A story…?
If you don’t have one in the modern climate, nobody will even mention your name. ...Don’t worry, we’ll handle the details. But in return, you must sell your work through my gallery. We will take a mediation fee, but you’ll be granted steady revenue and a nice customer base as well.

This seems sketchy, but I wonder how much of that’s just the track literally named “Suspicion” playing in the background. When you think about it, most of it’s really rather benign. Oh no! They’re going to promote him and his work in exchange for… a fee!

In the end, this is only about money! That which taints pure beauty…
How immature…
Excuse me!?
It seems you haven’t learned anything after all. You’re not looking at reality objectively. Is wealth really that horrible?

Well, yes, but whatever.

And beyond that, how long will you continue to chase those illusions of yours? Purity… Art…

Oh, I see the issue here. This dude doesn’t believe in ~the power of art~. It’s just a means to an end for him. For shame.

Sh-Shut your mouth! I reject your offer!
Hmph… I thought you of all people would have the resolve to use art to make a living.
I have that resolve! However, I also believe such a life should only come via proper assessment!

This is a really fancy way of saying “he thinks that you should have to think really hard about shit before you have money” or something, I dunno, I thought I understood.

It probably actually just means that he should understand art or money or both before he tries to use art to make money, it’s just not phrased well.

Hm? In that case, I have an opportunity for you. My foundation will soon be holding a competition for young artists from around the nation. The prize shall be our support. We’ll bring customers from around Japan to see the next great talent. ...There will be a great deal of pressure on you, should you enter. Or perhaps… are you too afraid?

“I’m a 65-year-old man calling you a chicken! What are you gonna do about it, art-boy?”

What did you say…!?
I wonder if you have what it takes to withstand a skill-based assessment of that magnitude. ...I look forward to finding out. Now then, it seems there’s no use in any further discussion. You can have them send the bill to my office.

Why is it that all artists talk about is money, money, money!? Has the true meaning of art been lost!?

Look man, I got 500k on me right now. Maybe I ain’t the best person to talk to about this. I’m just telling you what you want to hear at this point, money’s fuckin’ great!

You are correct… My passion can change the world. However… I would starve to death without money. Passion alone may fill my heart, but it cannot fill my stomach… What a troubling predicament… Anyhow, I am quite glad that you chose to accompany me here. I may have bit my tongue off in anger had it been only me. In other words… you are a soothing force in my life.

Yeah, all that sentiment is so embarrassing, Maaku. Aren’t you so above it all?

I feel like my bond with Yusuke is growing deeper...

And now there are no skill cards we cannot duplicate. Rad.

I… I will partake in Kawanabe’s exhibition. I am going to display my ability and prove him wrong. ...Come, let us go home. …… Actually, we should eat first. The sushi has done nothing wrong, after all.

Now then, let us head off.

Music: Beneath the Mask

“Just a heads up: nothing’s changed. Just gonna keep stressing you guys out by worrying about this constantly. Okay, laters!”

I appreciate the consideration.
I’ve yet to truly speak with him though.
As I’ve said before, this is just what happened to Madarame. There’s no need to worry.

If you’re having trouble reading it, the bottom option says “No need to get hasty.” I misread it as “nasty” several times.

He’s right. We don’t need to be worried.
In that case, ain’t it time to be talking about our next celebration party?

You know, those things that always go well!

Too soon. Too stupid.
What was that!?
We can talk about that some other time. For now, let’s wait patiently.
Yes. I’ll contact everyone if anything comes up.

Our reporters succeeded in getting an interview with a man who used to work for the company. What he described was a harsh work environment where employees are not allowed any freedom.
Whoa. Having a job sounds like a lot of hard work. What are you gonna do when you’re an adult?

I’m an anime, Morgana. I’m never going to be an adult.

*sigh* ...Hey, Mishima.

Oh, right. Do you think we can talk about last time again?

Fine. I can’t believe I’m not done with you after your most recent escapade, but I’m so close to dropping you completely, just give me a damned excuse.

Thanks. I want to go somewhere I can talk to you alone… How does the park sound?

Here we go, he’s probably going to send us after this dude again...

Huh!? W-Well, actually… I was just gonna say the same thing.


I mean, going after him wouldn’t even help you guys get famous. It’d practically be pointless.

For real dude, it’s bad for you.

...Wait, how’d you know about that!?

I crawled inside your soul, dipshit. Not that I needed to do that to see how much you wanted to be famous.

Music: Alleycat

Of course a thief who steals hearts would see what’s going on in the depths of my psyche…

We almost went through with it, too! Was really close, but you were just too pathetic. It wouldn’t have been sporting, really.

You know, I first started the Phan-Site so I could spread your message of justice to the world… But before I knew it, the only reason I wanted to help you guys was so I could get famous myself. Though maybe that’s always been the real reason… I don’t know… I thought I was doing it out of respect for you guys… Yet deep down, I think I really just wanted to show the world I’m more than some stupid zero. Look where that got me though… I’m just a selfish loser clinging desperately to your popularity… I don’t deserve to work alongside the valiant Phantom Thieves.

Well, at least he’s realizing it and doing some serious introspection. This is good for you, man.


Wait, dude, you don’t need to--

goddammit man, you gotta ruin every moment, don’t you?

Music: Alleycat

For some reason Alleycat restarts here despite the fact that it was already playing.

Welp. That’s Mishima for you. Even when he’s doing something right it’s somehow pathetic. *sigh* That’s just him, though.

I’m such an idiot… Hahaha… I can’t even run away right… *sigh* Working alongside the Phantom Thieves has made me feel like I myself can change the world… But it’s only ever been you guys… I’m still just as powerless as always. That’s the truth… Hahaha… I wonder if there’s really any way a pathetic guy like me can help you...

Am I… really doing this?

…Dammit, Mishima. I’m… I’m giving you another shot. You haven’t really earned it, but… it’s worth a go, at least. Just… try. Try and be better. Hopefully I won’t regret this.

Thank you… I’ll just have to think of what that might be… Wait, that’s it…! The Phan-Site! How could I have forgotten something as important as that!? I don’t want it to be about public relations anymore though. First and foremost, that site needs to be a safe haven for people in serious trouble. After all that happened to me with Kamoshida, I know how hard it can be to speak out against injustice… So… as long as there are voices crying out to the Phantom Thieves, I’m gonna help them be heard.

This seems like a good first step. Good thinking, man.

Mishima seems to be showing renewed motivation...

Even more experience, great! Even if Mishima isn’t always on the ball as much as we’d like, his Confidant abilities are at least top-notch.

I’m still worried about some of the rumors I’ve heard about him, but I’ll do some more research. By the way, he’s not as bad a guy as he pretends to be. Apparently he’s super sweet to his girlfriend. Can you imagine that? They’ve been talking about getting married even since back in middle school. ...I’m honestly kinda jealous.

Good on you Mishima, acknowledging that even your tormentors contain multitudes.

Anyway, I’ll see you later.

...And that’s probably one of the better Confidant events in the game, totally turning around (for me at least) a character who mainly exists to get rightfully shit all over constantly. Mishima’s still not a great person, but he’s a good character, at the very least.