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Part 129: 10/9-10/11: This Should Go Well

Part 121: 10/9-10/11: This Should Go Well

Music: Break it Down

He gets his opponent to bet money, and then cheats to win it all…

Oh, hey bro. What’s up?

Man, that’s so good… Perfect for a superhero.

Shut up, dude!

Yeah! We want to do something about that cheater who comes here.
Cheater…? Oh, maybe it was that guy I just beat. I handed his ass to him and he ran home crying. I was rusty at first since it wasn’t Gun About, but it was easy once I got the hang of it.
Wh-What. Really!? But you’re just a kid…
...So what? Age is irrelevant.
So, uh… You know, I’ve seen your face somewhere before… Oh! Are you… Shinya Oda, the gaming prodigy!?
Don’t address me without an honorific. Who are you, anyway?
Y-You don’t remember me!? We fought one time in a tournament. It’s me, Mishiman!

That’s like one step beneath “THRILLHO.”

I don’t remember. I’ve fought way too many people. You’d only stick in my memory if you were something special.
Wow, you really are the King! The way you talk sounds so cool!

He’s insulting you, dude!

(to Maaku) ...Who is this guy? Your friend?

What is that supposed to mean!? We are friends!

That was the nicest option, man. Chill.

Hamiru-san, do you have some spare time? Wanna go check out the theme park? There’s no Gun About here, and I’m getting annoyed with all the people watching me. Let’s go.

Shinya and Maaku begin to walk away.

Wow, so kind! I knew the King had a big heart!

And so they spent an enjoyable day at Dome Town. There’s really no point to that event because we were full up on points with Shinya, but I wanted to indulge Mishima for once.

Well, see you!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Ugh, it’s a rerun.

Music: Layer Cake

Welp, time to die!

I wanna settle things with Tsuda. Will you come with me as a witness? I’ll do my best to protect you. But… I can’t guarantee your safety. ...You can say no.
Should I go with Iwai to meet with Tsuda as his witness?

Whew! I would go, Iwai, but I’m just too much of a cheese-boned coward!

...What? “Cheese-boned?” “What the hell does that mean?” I don’t know, man. I just made it up.

I don’t feel like I can go with Iwai until my Guts reaches Lionhearted...

Well, we can’t do that yet!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Let’s head over to Rocinante, then.

Due to the Phantom Thieves boom, they’re selling more Phantom Wafers here, in addition to the Thief Masks (+1 Agility, garbage) and a Calling Postcard, an item which we might not actually get to use in this run but I’ll try to show off anyway.

We’re about to run out of time, so let’s see some of these messages.

You know what has a big bang—my anger! I’m gonna sing a new song called “Death by Black Burger”!
Hey, you’re the guy from those videos! You’re the Rock Parody Singer, right? Sing me a funny song.
Parody!? What are you talking about? I perform authentic rock n’ roll!

Glad to see Young Rocker getting some well-deserved fame.

And Tora’s getting some of that, too! Good for him!

Depression and suicide are on the rise, and the young workforce is being crushed on a daily basis. The evil that permeates the corporate world has filtered down into society… Hello, Hamiru-kun. Stamina is important for public speaking as well. You’re still young, but take care of yourself. Come to think of it, I haven’t told you about what I aspire to do. I’m starting to uncover various behind-the-scenes situations. I want to tell you about them. Would you care to listen?

Thank you. Let’s talk before the speech.

Yoshida Rank 10

Music: Alleycat

Old man Kuramoto will likely be forced to retire from the political world. The police can’t do anything because it was 20 years ago, but he has a moral obligation. I hear his grandson Benzo resigned from the party as well. It could be due to Matsushita’s influence, or perhaps it’s just the party’s way of atoning… Now it’s all up to me… and my abilities.

To think that people would be excited to hear me speak… The article mentioned I didn’t want the real culprit to be named even though I knew who it was. Apparently, people admire me for having quietly accepted a false charge for 20 years. I didn’t intend for any of this to happen though…

I’ve struggled for the past 20 years… but I can put that all behind me after the election. ...Oh, look at the time. I should get started. Today will be the last day I’ll request help from you…

WHAT!? How did you…!?

Music: Sunset Bridge

I don’t intend to meddle. Everything I’ve told you has been based on assumptions, but if you’re still willing to listen… Then I think you should focus on your “work,” because the time is now. I can’t think of anything else to teach you. You are now an expert on giving speeches. I taught you all I know about the art of public speaking, in return for you supporting a guy like me. And over time, you became someone who shared my beliefs. Thanks to you, I was bale to overcome my crisis these last few months…

But if you ever find yourself in harm’s way on your journey, I will be there to help you. We’ll be comrades who reform the world… together.


I feel a strong bond with Yoshida…

Music: The Spirit

This is flat-out incredible. We’re no longer limited to forming contracts with Shadows at or below our levels. The world is our oyster! No more of those annoying high-level Shadows we can’t nab! We still can’t fuse higher-level Personas, but it’s still great.

And that’s it for Toranosuke Yoshida, my favorite Confidant in the game. His nickname “No-Good Tora,” while no longer having any reason to be used, was apparently “Failnosuke” or something similar in Japanese, which is a lot less good. It wasn’t known who voiced Yoshida for a long time, but recently people seem to have figured out it was William Salyers, probably best known as Rigby in Regular Show. You can’t really hear it in that role (dude’s got a ton of range) but I looked up a video of him as Reverend Putty in Moral Orel and it’s a dead ringer for Tora. Anyway, Tora’s Confidant can seem weird and complicated, but he’s just a great dude.

And our bonus for completing this Confidant is the ability to fuse the ultimate Sun Persona, Asura.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Thank you for everything. All right, it’s time to begin.

I cut my date short so I could watch this, you know!
Does anyone out there have something they aspire to do? I met a certain young man… Through a method that differs from mine, he was trying to reform the world.

“It’s not the young man standing right next to me, though. Not a chance.”

As you know, that is a very large mountain to cross. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel the same path as him. ...However, I will not say goodbye. Because we will surely meet at the peak. He is desperately doing what he aspires to do. So I encourage you all. Please find what it is that YOU aspire to do. And I will support you. Because that is what I aspire to do.
Way to go, Toranosuke!
I believe in you!
I feel like listening to Yoshida’s speech has served to increase my Charm

Maaku gains Charm +3.

I’ll listen to Yoshida’s speech a little longer, then head home…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’ll bring it to the hideout. You have tomorrow off for Health and Sports Day, right? It’ll definitely get your adrenaline pumping… I really wanna read it, but I’ll wait til tomorrow! See ya!
I guess Futaba’s coming here to show us a magazine tomorrow. It sounds like fun, but… I’m going to bed.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Sounds like Futaba’s here. Come on, let’s go downstairs.

The exhibitions reflected the students’ personal desires, and many memories were surely made.
A culture festival sounds fun. Does your school do anything like that?

Traveling is too much trouble. Isn’t it good enough to just relax here?
You’re right, it is pretty nice here. We usually relax here for hours at a time.

Oh, I have enough for you, by the way. There’s some seriously ingenious stuff in these things.
I may be able to improve my Proficiency if I read the computer magazines with Futaba… Furthermore, this may be a good chance to deepen my bond with her...

What a coincidence, I was just looking to go out to see if any movies today would help me increase my Proficiency!

So, you wanna just relax and read if we’re not meeting up with the others?

OK! Today’s a readathon!

Music: My Homie

And this keyboard is too curvy! How would the keystrokes even work…? This is great! This “self-built PC competition” is really amazing! Have you ever built your own PC before, Maaku?

We’ll put together a beast of a machine! We’ll pick out every component for this custom build! Hehehe… We should go together to Akiba sometime, Maaku!
I read with Futaba, while talking about computers… I feel that learning more about intricate PC components helped me gain a bit more Proficiency.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3.

Yo, I read this magazine and now I have the dexterity and reflexes of a trained monkey.

Oof, I hunger… No wonder I’m in power saving mode. I want curry…
Should I spend some more time with Futaba…?

Aw, never mind… Guess I’m just gonna make like a bee and buzz off… Thanks for bringin’ me home! Lates!

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’ll be OK though. The state my father is in has put that on hold for the time being.
Woo! We accomplished one of our goals!
That doesn’t mean my marriage has been called off though. My father agreed to do so in that other world… but I’m not so sure now, given his current condition.
Hm, so that too will be on hold until the next change of heart.
Well, sounds to me like we’re totally in the clear!
Yes, and it’s all thanks to you guys.

Woohoo! Sweet victory!

We actually forgot to do this yesterday, oops. Takemi’s still not ready.

Also, we decide to boost our Guts acquisition tonight.

Let’s take the challenge once more. Maaku gains 10 Big Bang Burgers and Guts +3.

Music: Confession/Secret

It seems my father will be holding an urgent press conference.
I guess Okumura finally had his change of heart. That has to at least life some of the burden on Haru’s shoulders.
For real!?
When is that going to be?
8 pm tonight.
I wonder if he’ll talk about the mental shutdowns.

I don’t really have a reason for meeting up, but it still might prove beneficial.

“We just needed a reason for the next scene to happen, that’s all!”

Anyway, how does the Shujin Academy rooftop sound?

You know, that place 2 of our members don’t actually have access to? That was also locked off last we heard?

I actually happen to have some business up there.
Sounds good to me. It’s been ages since I was last there.
Wait… The school…?
Futaba, make sure you come in through the front entrance. See you all there after school.
Hm…? Wait, where’s Yusuke? ...If he’s still asleep at this point, he’s definitely going to be late for school.

How very strange. And suspicious!

Music: So Boring

That aside, Okumura Foods has been a hot topic lately. This much media coverage must be worth at least ten million yen. At first, I even thought that all this outcry was just some kind of elaborate marketing campaign. I guess it’s giving them too much of a bad image to be that, though. Advertising and public image are more important than anything else for a corporation. Are you familiar with a psychological test using these images? You show these two images to people, and then ask them to name one “bouba” and the other “kiki.” Hamiru-san.

That’s correct. You should have instinctively felt that A is “kiki.”

According to one theory, sounds and shapes are processed in the same area of the brain. Furthermore, this sense is the same worldwide. No matter the language, the result is the same.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

A product’s name impresses an image on people before they even use or buy it. Big Bang Burger exemplifies this. The voiced consonants and short syllables leave a strong imprint. Although with the news these days, it may also evoke the image of the strong oppressing the weak.
Even the teachers have their eyes on Okumura… Well, he should be having a change of heart, so there should be nothing to worry about.

Yep, that’s what should be occurring.

Rooftop? What is this about?
Oh yeah, you weren’t there.
Can you come to our school rooftop after your classes today?

How the hell are Yusuke and Futaba going to get onto the roof without attracting attention? Yusuke’s wearing a damn Kosei uniform!

I don’t quite understand what is going on, but sure.
Is Haru at school?
I’m heading over now. Things were a little hectic this morning.

That’s right! The season is good, so I’m thinking of transplanting them sometime soon.
Flowers are an excellent hobby. I will gladly assist you.
We’ll help too.
Really? Thanks! All right. I’ll see all of you after school.

Music: Break it Down

You can just call me Haru. The seasons are changing soon, so I thought it’d be nice for the plants to change as well.

I really like Haru’s weird sweater.

This time, it’s a Yusuke Kitagawa production.
All I did was add some… how do I put it… aesthetic simplicity by balancing the color placement. Furthermore, Haru chose the flowers herself. It will surely be a great bed no matter the arrangement.
Hm, I’m looking forward to it.
Why don’t we plant you, Mona?

It’s cloudy, Morgana. That wouldn’t work!

Music: New Beginning

That’s not gonna make a difference!
Hey, y’know how we’re thinkin’ of the school festival as our celebration party? Anyone else think we should have a real celebration on top of that?
I must agree. It would be not only a celebration, but a welcoming as well. I’d like to do something among ourselves.
Let’s do it then! A joint party to celebrate and to welcome Haru!
Oh, you don’t have to do that. The school festival is more than enough.
How is everyone else supposed to get excited if the star of the party’s not into it?
Well then… how about a night party? At Destinyland.

Now, this is an obvious riff on Disneyland (specifically Tokyo Disneyland), but Destinyland actually has some history. In the very first Shin Megami Tensei, Destinyland is where the alignment lock occurred.

Also Makoto’s dialogue here is incredibly awkward and stiff. It’s like she turned into a five-year-old upon hearing about this theme park.

It would be a bit late, but there are someplans that allow us to rent out the park for the night.

You’re talking about THE Destinyland, right…?
Didn’t you say you’d like to do something amongst ourselves…?
I did, but…

The heck’s she gonna check?

We’re really gonna have it at Destinyland…? Not like, one of the restaurants, but… the entire park?
Even just for one night… the price is insane…
Oh, that won’t be a problem. We had originally booked it for a company party, then had to call it off because of the scandal…

What kind of company party books an amusement park?

We’d barely get anything back if we canceled the reservation, so why not take advantage of it?
Wouldn’t that be oddly conspicuous though?
It’s still officially under the company’s name. We needn’t worry.
In that case… let’s do this. We’ll just celebrate twice as hard today!
I’m sorry for disrupting everyone. You did come to help me, after all. Well, let’s get back to it!

For real!?
It seems like we’ll be having our celebration at Destinyland tonight…

Music: Alright

The food was arranged on my plate as though it were paint on a canvas.

Oh god, half the cast’s got weird novelty headgear.

I thought if we were going to dine together, it would be better to do it somewhere with a view.
The VIP life is incredible! Not that I’d expect anything else from a private rental!
There really is no one else here.
We are the rulers of the kingdom of dreams!

That’s right.

That’s the kinda stuff couples say, right?
Almost anyone would fall for that line in front of a sight like this!

Lady Ann, this view is not as beautiful as--

Oh, too bad, cat. You missed your chance. Better luck next time.

You say that like you’re not tapping into your inner child too, Ryuji.
This is just ‘cause Futaba kept naggin’ me to put ‘em on!
I did not!
...You said somethin’ like that!

What was that!?
*chuckle* My, this is so heartwarming…!
Honestly, I would’ve liked to see the parade as well. But given how sudden the request was, they couldn’t get enough staff together to do it.
Perhaps that will have to wait until next time.
Either way, this party’s totally the best one so far! It’s freakin’ amazing!
I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it.
Be careful, Haru. You’ve shown these guys what luxury means. This’ll really raise the bar for our next celebration party.
You’re already talking about our next party? Don’t you think that’s somewhat premature?

The group chatters happily.

Still… How do I put this…? I met Mona-chan, I got to know you all… Isn’t everything going a little too perfectly? It’s actually a bit frightening…
You worry too much.
…I must just be overly cautious because of my circumstances up till recently. I’m sorry for bringing it up.


Music: Regret

Today, I’d like to elaborate upon the whole truth behind my company’s labor situation.

Sanitation? That’s not even one of the things we heard about!

And how my corporation acted as a whole to… cover up every facet of this scandal. For all of this, I wholeheartedly apologize.

...Yes. I… am solely responsible…

Furthermore, these happened to be officials who stood against your proposal for overseas expansion. The same thing also happened to executives at competing companies who were looking to expand abroad. Is all of this true?
Was it all coincidence?

We’d like some answers.

Okumura’s going to say who’s really behind the mental shutdowns.

What’s gonna happen…?

Okumura Bares It All (Watch this)

...Fucking finally, jesus christ.