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Part 130: 10/11-10/12: The Foregone Conclusion

Part 122: 10/11-10/12: The Foregone Conclusion

Music: Desire

When last we left off, Okumura finally bit it like two full weeks after his Shadow died, goddamn.

Good to see in this shocking, heartbreaking scene that our cast is still wearing the fucking animal ears.

Wh-Why did he collapse?
That didn’t look right at all… Don’t tell me...!
Mona-chan, what’s going on…?
No… That’s impossible!

I want to know that myself! We made sure we just took the Treasure too…
*gasp* I should call home!
This-- This isn’t our fault… is it? It’s been OK all four times so far—ever since Kamoshida!
If we let the Shadow live, the real person won’t undergo mental shutdown… right?
That’s how it should work…
Yeah… it’s gotta be.

What’s wrong?

I remember now… It’s just like… what happened to my mom…

Oh shit.

So this is the moment when mental shutdown occurs…
But why did they target Okumura-san…?
Dammit! The hell’s goin’ on here!?

I’ll talk to the staff before I leave. Feel free to take your time…

This ain’t our fault, right…?
I’d like to think so…
Some welcoming party, huh…
I’ll get in contact with Haru later. But for today, I think we should all return home.

What are you watching?

Akechi begins retching.

This is just a hypothesis… But perhaps Okumura was bitten by his lapdog.

Are you implying that the Phantom Thieves triggered a sudden mental shutdown on Okumura?
There might have been a falling out of sorts, so the Phantom Thieves abandoned a useless employer. ...And to cover their tracks, they dealt with Okumura.
I hate to bring this up, but I’m actually here about that.
Did you find any evidence?

Aww, Akechi believes in us! Well, sort of! Whatever!

How do you mean? You were suspecting the Phantom Thieves as well.
It is still hypothetical at this point… but I don’t want to rule it out.
We’re searching the Okumura residence tomorrow. Same with Shujin and its principal. We will find evidence on this… no matter what it takes.

...You haven’t looked at my laptop or taken files from it without my permission, have you?

Uh-oh, looks like Makoto fucked up somehow.

That’s quite out of the blue.
There were traces that someone transferred data from it. It was only a small error pop-up… But I noticed it immediately after I had that argument with you last month.
And that’s why you suspect me…? Oh please, give me a break.
Are you saying you didn’t?
As a detective myself, I honor the value of information—as well as the effort invested in it.

For someone who values information so much you’d think you’d be better at conveying it in a reasonable way. Jesus christ, this argument is stilted.

I take pride in what I do. I thought you of all people would understand such values, Sae-san.
...I apologize.


I let my guard down. They’re mine… I’m the one who will catch them…!

Did you see? He collapsed during the interview… This is serious!
That was gruesome… Wish they put some sort of warning on the video.
They said President Okumura died!
Really!? Whoa, you’re right! I just saw a news report about it!

Anon: Too bad! It had to happen
Anon: good shit for us plebs lol
Anon: Did they make a mistake…?
Anon: whoa wtf
Anon: There better be a statement
Anon: That was all an act, right?
Anon: Well that was disturbing…
Anon: Is he really dead…?
Anon: die capitalist pigs!!!


Music: Confession/Secret

The news said it was a cardiac arrest…
There’s a chance he’ll pull through, right…?
I hate to say this… But usually after such a report, the only thing that follows is a confirmation of death…
Why is this happening!? Can someone die simply from having a mental shutdown!?
I don’t know! I suppose it’s possible that the shock could kill a person… Haru did mention how her father wasn’t in the best of health…
But… for him to just up and die? This has gotta be some kinda joke…

Futaba, you gonna say anything other than Haru’s name?

...Are we responsible for his death?
But I thought it was supposed to be fine as long as we didn’t kill their Shadow! Ain’t that what you said, Morgana!?
It should’ve been OK!

Well, it wasn’t! It was very much not!

It… should’ve been…

Great, the cat’s not even sure anymore.

We did everything the same as always too…
In any case, let’s compose ourselves for now. We need to act normally in public. But keep Haru in our minds…
Dammit, this doesn’t make any sense… Why he suffered a mental shutdown is one thing… But what are we supposed to do from here on out…?

Music: Beneath the Mask

The president of Okumura Foods collapsed during his conference and was taken to the hospital. However, we just received confirmation that he passed away. Truly a shocking turn of events.
I can’t believe he died…

Well, ain’t you chipper!?

Music: Aria of the Soul

Our master has an important matter to discuss with you. Heed his words well.

...Or so I’d like to say, but something odd seems to have happened.

Oh god, Igor, we fucked up big time, man. We need a place to lie low for a while, you dig?
Yeah, you really botched that one, my dude.

Who knows…? However, don’t you sense it? The malicious will of another… It seems a contingency has occurred.

Why does everyone in this game talk like a fortune cookie?

At this rate, your rehabilitation cannot be completed… though I doubt that will be the case. I truly look forward to seeing how you overcome this predicament…
I feel like my bond with Igor is growing deeper...

...We shall meet again.
Time’s up, Inmate! Hurry up and return to your world!

And our approval went down, but that’s kind of to be expected, isn’t it?

Anon: his face, holy shit

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

He collapsed during his press conference, right? I wish I’d been watching when it happened.
You’re probably better off. It was a total disaster. I never imagined seeing a heart attack would be so unsettling…
The news says it was because of illness, but either way you spin it? Still bizarre. Damn. Wish I’d seen it live…

Kids today are sick.

Music: So Boring

Did you see that interview? I thought it was gonna be some hidden-camera show at first.
I was so scared I changed the channel…
He really looked like he was in pain… That was sick.
Will you quiet down!? We’re in class right now! Not to mention, you have midterms starting on Monday! Focus on studying!
...Things are getting pretty bad.

Later in the day...

The police? What for?
Your sister hasn’t told you about any of this?
Nothing at all.
Could this be related to Okumura’s death in some way?
But there’s no connection between our school and Okumura Foods.
Think they came to talk to Haru?
She’s… absent today.
Then seriously, what’re they here for?
I can’t even begin to fathom the reason. Anyway. let’s be particularly careful not to stand out. And head straight home once school ends. Understand that, everyone?

Music: Suspicion

I see.
We were hoping to find something more than the calling card too.
We’ve confirmed the victim’s connection to the Phantom Thieves at least.

I’d have assumed Okumura would have already turned the calling card over to the police, but whatever.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Music: Disquiet


That’s right…
Please contact me if something catches your attention. It doesn’t matter how trivial it seems. ...You don’t have to force yourself though. Just anything that comes to mind.

Music: Interrogation Room

And even the death of Shujin’s principal, who we found a calling card for, was the work of another?
*sigh* You don’t sound like you’re lying… If you wanted to deceive me, you could’ve easily woven up a much simpler lie than this “Metaverse.” Moreover, your account coincides with my own investigation. Is that even possible if it were made up? And I hate to admit, but… with my line of work, I know a false testimony when I hear one. Still, if you set your sights on Okumura based on my intel, it’d be before his name was even ranked. You could’ve ignored him and targeted some other famous person. Why would you go so far as to further investigate and pursue this criminal?

Heh… simple enough. There’s still no proof that another suspect exists. That said, it’s safe enough to say that you aren’t the murdering type.

Is it really? That’s kind of a big leap there, Sae.

I feel like my bond with Sae is growing deeper...

Pressed to prove your innocence, your next objective was…
*shakes head*

What in the world did the police inject into you?

Sae’s voice sounds far away...

Maaku Hamiru! You need to stay focused!

If what you’re saying is true, you must tell your side of the story to the end. We’ll both be in trouble if your testimony becomes unreliable.

At last we arrive at your most recent crime.

You know what I mean, don’t you? This calling card was delivered to your latest target—the one you had decided would prove your innocence.

Now, explain everything to me.