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Part 132: 10/14: Strictly Platonic Massages

Part 124: 10/14: Strictly Platonic Massages

Anon: Police were negligent too.
Anon: i never trusted them
Anon: got anything better to do?
Anon: wat do they want, anyway?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I won’t be able to respond for a little while longer.
You don’t need to mind us.
More importantly, are you doing all right?
I’m more worried about the people at the company, to be honest. It seems everyone’s having difficulty with not only clients, but the press as well. They’re even handling the preparations for my father’s funeral. I just feel so guilty that I’m unable to help out at all…
You shouldn’t. Everyone understands this is a trying time for you.

Thanks. Talk to you later.
Bless that girl, worrying about others even at a time like this…

Music: Suspicion

Why else would they kill him during a press conference?
I read somewhere that Okumura raised his daughter alone. Maybe he wasn’t a great manager, but as a parent I feel for him…
Murdering someone to make a point is textbook terrorism. Like Shido and that Akechi kid say, the Phantom Thieves are a menace.

It has to be a setup! The Phantom Thieves aren’t like that…
They’re not heroes! They’re just criminals!
I believe in the Phantom Thieves! They wouldn’t do that…

Aww, thanks random disembodied voice #4!

I’m really disappointed… Were they just lying?

Anon: their fans are guilty too
Anon: they def crossed the line
Anon: Hurry and arrest them
Anon: criminals should die
Anon: lel. regret backin em yet?

Music: So Boring

Does anyone have any idea?
Course not.
If I were to guess, I would say the culprit behind the mental shutdowns.
Wait, how do we even know we got set up to begin with?

Is Ryuji even paying attention? God damn.

They found a calling card in Principal Kobayakawa’s office.
Someone else had to have planted that, obviously.
In the worst case scenario, it’s possible they know our identities.

How’re we gonna do that though?
It looks like our only choice now is to find the true culprit. Although, we don’t have any leads…
Dammit, why’s this gotta happen to us…?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

We’ll just have to keep laying low and wait. Let’s not do anything conspicuous, OK?

I know it’s been tough after what happened to President Okumura and all… But this is the perfect time for smaller changes of heart to restore your reputation. Anyway, here’s the info I have… If true, this one is pretty crazy. Apparently an ex-mercenary who works as an assassin is hiding out in the Shibuya underground.


It’s not… it can’t be!? Our buddy Homeless Man!?

Never thought you’d have to change my heart, did you sonny? Ohohoho!

Right!? I can’t breathe easy knowing he’s out there. Well, according to the rumors, his name is Yohei Kiritani. I’m pretty scared. I don’t want anything to do with this… I’m leaving this to you, #Millennials!
Mishima really does get some amazing info for us sometimes…

I’m starting to wonder how that nerd lovable scamp gets his hands on this information. That guy would probably kill to keep that quiet.

Our reputation may have taken a hit after Okumura’s death, but we can still prove our justice in Mementos. We should discuss this with everyone when we have time. Oh, and we have to meet up with Haru before we can go in!

Poor Okumura-san…
They’re murderers! Someone needs to capture them already!
We should never have turned our backs on Akechi-kun. All we can do now is ask him for help…

President Okumura died ‘cause of the Phantom Thieves, right…? I heard they’re behind all the weird shit that’s been going on… They tricked us good, huh… Does that guy not watch the news or something? Way to bring the mood down…
They’re treating us like villains or something… Damn it…

I figured as much, but I wasn’t sure what angle I would use when I write it… Do you think the Phantom Thieves are responsible for President Okumura’s death…? I can’t think of any other possibilities… Hmm…

That might be a good idea since we’ve got the school festival coming up after midterms. We have a guest coming to the post-festival party, so it should be a lot of fun.

You’re right. Sorry… I got a little depressed. I bet people will start slandering the Phantom Thieves. The public is so quick to turn on its heroes. It’s extra disappointing for me… I had such high hopes for the Phantom Thieves too.

The Phantom Thieves did it, right? I really hope that rumor about them going to Shujin isn’t true…
They could be right next to us for all we know!? This school’s too much!

Is it confirmed that the Phantom Thieves did it? I can’t think of anyone else that could, though.
After people called them saviors or even gods, perhaps they let their power get to their heads. When people lacking in character or education gain power, it always leads to tragedy.

I guess it is better to try to get popular through sports than to act more like those guys.
I thought those guys were really something, but… Maybe I had the wrong idea about them. I guess if they really were determined to carry out justice, they wouldn’t hide their faces.

I’ve been hearing that he got murdered. You think whoever did it was…?
I’m not sure if the principal’s death was a suicide now. The same guys were probably behind it.
The mass media might come to our school again. Now’s not a good time to be focusing on sports.

I know you must be worried, but the police can handle it. Geez, though, it’s been a busy year.
I kind of like it busy. There’s lots to talk about, especially with my friends back home.
Maybe you’re right. In ten or so years, all this will become a memory we’d all share.

What? You don’t believe me, either? Stop it! Stop looking at me with those accusing eyes!

Ah, sorry… I overreacted. I just got too angry at society talking bad about them like this. The Phantom Thieves must feel so betrayed. Er, and I would know. Because I-I’m a Phantom Thief.

Why? Oh, right? As a Phantom Thief, I-I should really consider turning myself in! There has to be a good reason for all this. I really want to believe in them…

Geez, now I just kinda feel bad for this dipshit.

No, it appears that the people from the bank have given up.
I’m going to take all the money I saved and move overseas to start a business. That way, we can keep making money and live a life of leisure forever!
I’ll be by your side all the way, Akitsu-sama!

Looks like one of the targets we have is planning to bail. We should take care of it when we can.

He had it coming after lying to everyone like that. I wonder if that’ll happen to me, too…
Lying about your age isn’t that big of a deal. Apologize, and you should be fine. This poor man. Killing him was just too much.

I asked the police, and that guy in the black suit I talked to the other day, but no one knows… Someone… Someone please tell me. What’s… What’s my name…?

Homeless Man seems completely gone at this point.

You think so? There were people who committed suicide because of that guy. Don’t they deserve your pity? Talk about double standards.
...Even so, there has to have been a better way…

It’s a rainy day, so we can’t hang out with anyone at all (besides Takemi, who isn’t ready) or even go to Chihaya to boost a Confidant. So, we decide to go to the hideout for a Mementos visit, because why not?

…Oh, right. Because we actually can’t. See, the “unanimous consent to change a heart” rule is still in effect, and Haru isn’t here. Considering that our number of unconfirmed requests is >0, we can’t go to Mementos until she gets back. The game actually ingeniously uses this against us by enforcing it; Mishima just so happens to give us a text message we can’t ignore with a new request today, meaning it’s impossible to go to Mementos no matter what, even if we’d already confirmed all these other requests before. It’s an interesting way of getting around not having Haru here for story reasons.

So instead, let’s do something we’ve never done before: go to the library and read a book during the day.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

The grimoire Necronomicon… I wonder if its author also wielded great power? The world in that book is so frightening, though. It must have taken a lot of courage to read it.

Maaku gains Guts +3. Still no rank up.

Music: Beneath the Mask

God, even Sojiro’s heard about this? We’re fucked.

It seems extremely likely #Millennials was involved in the incident with Mr. Okumura. We’ve received reports that police are investigating them under suspicion of attempted murder.

Well, it’s not “attempted,” now is it?

They’re blaming it on us. Everyone’s changed their minds about us so quickly…

What? Phantom Thieves? What are you talking about?
Those popular and glamorous Phantom Thieves are recruiting! If you take this class…
Class? You’re kidding. Those guys are criminals. I want nothing to do with those creeps.
Gah, this Phantom Thieves fad fizzled out too fast! In a way, it’s kinda funny.

Murdering someone in cold blood! That’s so scummy!
You’re right, they went too far this time. I’m traumatized by the look on that man’s face…
Yeah, I’d rather look at the face of a gorgeous boy. Bring on the era of Akechi-kun!

Why am I even transcribing this

Are you talking about the conference? I dunno if they had to be so harsh. He was trying to apologize… I guess what that Akechi dude’s been saying is true after all.

We must create a country that can give birth to life. And we must create a country that can nurture that life. The power of this country lies with the power of its people…

I wonder if the Okumura empire is over now without him at the helm.
Many people sympathize with him. Their stock price hit rock-bottom, but it has since rebounded.
So then he was a sacrificial lamb for their business… What a world we live in.

Yeah, that president just collapsed all of a sudden. Was it because of stress?
Nah, those phantom thieves must have done something. I heard they tortured and drugged him.

What the fuck!?

So they’re a dangerous group after all… It seems like there might be other victims too.

He was just trying to apologize, but they punished him anyway… Are the Phantom Thieves pissed off? Do they not accept apologies?

Foreign Barker, no! You have to believe in us!

You talkin’ about Bangarang? I bet the whole company’s goin’ under. That CEO’s face was… terrifyin’. Those Phantom Thieves are ruthless.

It’s actually not as fun as you’d think.

Was he tryin’ to stop me through suicide or something? Heh, looks like he doesn’t have the guts. Well, whatever. That guy’ll disappear soon enough. Then, it’ll just be me in this body. *chuckle*

Everyone’s saying that. Even my cram school teacher says the Phantom Thieves are bad guys.
Really? Man, I never should have thought they were cool. I feel so dumb now!
Akechi is totally cooler than them. I hope he can catch the bad guys.

God, the theme of today is “everyone fucking hates us.”

Let’s wrap this up with a nice chat with our old buddy Drunken Souse.

Right, I’m a police officer. Come on, let’s get you home.
The po-po-police are here! And now, I’mma call over th’ pershon you wanna meet…
OK OK, I’ll call for help. You just stay put.

He’s gonna get one of the big futons!!!!!

Not as your maid, but as your teacher. Could I visit Leblanc later today?

OK, I’ll head over right away.

Kawakami Rank 10

Music: Break it Down

That’s actually been happening a lot lately… I wonder if they see me in a new light now…? I need to work hard so I can make up for all the times I let my students down in the past.

What!? No! That’s not what I was getting at in the slightest!

So, um… Now, this is coming from me as your teacher… An awful thought occurred to me the more I spent time with you. ...And I can no longer overlook such a grave “danger.”

Oh god, please no. I avoided that option!


Music: Sunset Bridge

And the state of your room! You need to stop slacking. I mean, look at how dusty this place is. I put up with the mess because you were my client, but you need to thoroughly clean in here!

Well, it’s very important stuff. There are just some things you have to prioritize over your studies, you know? Oh yeah, there’s one more thing…


That whole thing with Takase-kun’s guardians worked out way too good for me. And you’re the only one who knew about my situation.

Hm, well… Don’t worry. I have no intention of telling anyone. There are a lot of stories about the Phantom Thieves but in the end they help people like me, right?

I just thought you were a problem child with a criminal record… but now I know better.

You’re not just a student to me. You’re someone special who helped me realize my path as a teacher.

…A little much, but whatever. I get the motivation behind it.

A new path where I’ll never abandon any of my students…

For my students… and for you!

Again, reiterating that I’m not just one of her students. This is kind of weird to me.

I feel a strong bond with Kawakami...

Music: The Spirit

We’ll go into the perk in a second.

Sadayo Kawakami is… interesting. I’ve made it clear I don’t really care for some of the overtones of this Confidant, but she’s a good character. She’s voiced by Michelle Ruff, who was Yukari in Persona 3, and in this last Confidant rank she really sells this infectious renewed enthusiasm that makes me like the character a lot more.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Ughhhhhh, why is this so sexual!? I turned her down, game! I turned her doooooown!

The massage is actually incredible and most people blitz her Confidant for it ASAP because if you’re going into the Metaverse with any frequency you’re lamenting that lost time. Also worth noting: because Kawakami is no longer a maid, this and all other services from her are now free.

I don’t want you to flunk your exams. I’m going to go the distance with you!


I received a special lesson from Kawakami… I grew tired all of a sudden…