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Part 136: 10/23-10/24: The Akechi Gambit

Part 128: 10/23-10/24: The Akechi Gambit

Anon: world-famous fail loool
Anon: hurry up and end the world
Anon: got dox on the thieves yet?
Anon: Shut this site down!!!

He’s just trying to get popular, isn’t he? He wants to stand out.
Just hurry up and arrest the Phantom Thieves already…
I’m curious… It seems like he knows something.
I bet he found out some really juicy secret!

Anon: support went to shit lmao
Anon: Officer, look!
Anon: low expectations, ho!

Music: Disquiet

Well… Sis actually stopped mentioning anything about work in front of me… It’s possible I made some sort of mistake…

Yeah, you sure fucked up that data transfer.

Regardless, I thought over the matter of who we’re going to invite for our school festival… I’m considering asking Akechi-kun.

For real!? Weren’t you talkin’ about how you didn’t wanna draw danger to us or whatever?
I understand this is dangerous. But without a powerful source of intel, we won’t be able to win against the police network. And I can no longer rely on my sister for information…
Wait, is this because of Akechi-kun’s police connections? You’re going to use him as your “powerful source of intel”…?
Bold move. I’m surprised to hear that suggestion coming from you, Makoto.
Did you see his press conference yesterday? One of his comments defending the Phantom Thieves stood out to me. “There is more to this.” I think he said that knowing for certain that the Phantom Thieves would be watching.
Still, there will be so many other students at the school festival… What are the odds of success?
It’s a gamble. And the odds are less than favorable… But we can no longer afford to hesitate. (to Maaku) What are your thoughts? Should we invite Akechi-kun?

Music: Suspicion

In that case… I’ll do it. Is everyone else OK with that?

The group nods.

I’m good… Whatever he says has gotta be more reliable than what I’ve been able to come up with.
It would be reassuring to gain him as an ally, rather than simply a source of information.
Hold on, how’re we even gonna get in touch with him? It’s not like we got his contact info…
We have all the data from the PC of a public prosecutor! Finding his phone number was a no brainer!
Damn, you’re real impressive…
But then, wouldn’t he wonder how we acquired his number?
I’ll just say my sister had it. That isn’t even technically a lie.

Ha, devious. Though if he ends up asking Sae about it we’re totally boned.

Can you send me the number, Futaba?

You already agreed, Ryuji. Shut up.

Now’s no time to be petty.
Just think of him as a source of intel, nothing more.

He says, “Let me think about it.”
Wait a sec. Didn’t he say he wasn’t gonna do any more stuff for the media?
That’s likely why he’s so hesitant.
What’re we gonna do if he turns us down?
I’ll keep trying. It may be frustrating, but he’s all we have at the moment. We need him to do it, no matter what.

What if he refuses? Are you just gonna wear him down with “pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease”?

We’re counting on you, Makoto…

Music: Beneath the Mask

I wonder if he’ll really be interested in our offer…

Stock prices of security companies are on the rise due to growing concerns about public safety. Overall stock market performance, though, is down, and phantom thief goods companies are suffering…
I never expected that even the economy would get worse… This isn’t our fault!

You’re not at fault. Still, he might try to harass you…
I have Futaba’s uncle’s name. I promised Futaba we’d change his heart together. I should talk to her during the day...

All right, Akechi-kun, let’s get you home. Your family is probably worried about you.
Hmm, there’sh an inshident, offisher! Which way’s yer car? Heeey, taxi!
Geez, my patrol car isn’t a taxi.

They only target high-profile people like artists and CEOs. And who could believe they’d have a change of heart, anyway? I’m sure it’s all staged! Scumbags deserve to be destroyed, not have a change of heart. The world’d be better off that way.

What? Are you going against the grain just to be cool? You don’t have to push it. Just be yourself. Isn’t that what you promised when you changed your image and moved out here?
I haven’t changed anything! But perhaps I have forgotten who I am, deep down inside…

And this, children, is an example of how an errant comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Murder’s a step too far. My friends in class were shocked.
OK, OK, enough worrying! We got more important concerns, like when our next party’ll be!

I see you’ve been practicing. Your Japanese is much better.
I no longer fear prejudice, now that I’ve learned to be sincere and hospitable! I wonder if the Phantom Thieves are struggling with he same thing. I don’t think they murdered anyone.

Aww, Foreign Barker! You do believe in us!

So, we need Guts to advance Iwai, and pretty much all of our night Confidants are gated by Mementos. This means that we’re going to be consuming a lot of burgers to increase our Guts instead of advancing Confidants.

Maaku gains a boosted Guts +3. This is about where I start getting concerned that we haven’t ranked up yet.

Anon: They were screwing with us.
Anon: I reported this website.
Anon: lol dont be fooled so easy
Anon: throw em in the slammer!

Music: Suspicion


Also, how the hell did that leak? I doubt Makoto was going around telling people, unless the faculty jumped the gun.

I kinda saw that coming. Everyone I know voted for him.
Didn’t he say he wasn’t gonna make any more appearances though? Why’d he agree to come here?
It probably has to do with the Phantom Thieves. Wasn’t Akechi going around saying how evil they were before?
Oh yeah! That proves they’re connected to our school somehow then!
Hey, you’re right! Maybe he’ll tell us some stuff about the case! No way am I gonna miss the panel this year!
Hmph… They just say whatever they want with no thought… But for now we’ll just need to endure it. At least until we can get some more intel…

Music: So Boring

I’m the advisor for the ESS, so I’ll be busy helping them today. ESS stands for English Study Society, by the way. We need to advertise that Shujin’s a school that provides an education you can use anywhere in the world. Hey! Mr. Hamiru! There are tons of three-letter acronyms like ESS in the world. Can you tell me what the S in SOS means?

Correct. SOS is often said to mean “save our ship.” “Save our souls” is another interpretation too… ...But in reality, it’s not an acronym of anything. It’s just the simplest thing you can send in Morse code in an emergency. If you haven’t finished preparing for the festival though, it’s too late to send an SOS now.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The school festival isn’t just a time for you students to goof off. It’s an important event where we invite prospective students, PTA members, and the like to attend. This time, we have Akechi-san for a panel. There will be twice as many guests even though it’s a weekday.

Did I miss something? Did he already agree?

I’ll have to spend twice as much time on my makeup tomorrow too… Be on your best behavior! Got it?
The school festival, huh… Is Akechi really going to be there…

How’d you do?
Damn… I’m dead…
Hey, look at that! Look who got the top score!
I wonder what score I got...

That’s amazing! Everyone’s gonna have their eyes on you now!

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Music: So Boring


Then why was everyone talking like it was a done deal!?

But tomorrow is the start of the school festival. Will this be OK? If Akechi-kun declines our offer, we won’t have a guest…
Huh? That’s what you’re worried about?
I appreciate the concern, but it will be fine. I just need to get Akechi-kun to agree to this somehow.
What’s that bastard up to anyways?
He hasn’t done anything since he said he was gonna go into hiding.
I’m not sure. I’ll try explaining the circumstances surrounding the school festival to him again. Hopefully he can give me a response by the end of the day. I’ll let you know if I make any progress on that front.

Music: Everyday Days

Yadda yadda yadda, he throws chalk at us and we dodge. Maaku gains Charm +2. Geez, they really want us to max Charm.

Music: Suspicion

There’s really only one option here.

Jesus christ, he played along!

Take a look around. ...Is the Niijima lady doing well?

Last time you saw her she threatened to revoke your custody, dude.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other lately. We had a… difference of opinion.

This dude again!?

Music: Disquiet

And because they’ve targeted only prominent figures, our government leaders have been hesitant to act. I apologize for any concern they may have caused and will henceforth search for an apt countermeasure.

Saying he’s gonna do it all fast means he’s lying, you simpleton.

The selfish criminals enacting this “social reform” are in fact the ones most deserving of reformation. Answering to the interest of the people as hastily as possible is my natural duty as a politician.

What a fuckin’ rube.

We must resolve this problem, and I assure the people of this noble country that I will do just that.

Yeah, you also thought that the last time you saw him. Jesus christ, what a dope Maaku is.

Standing here’s my job.
That politician is honest and carries an overwhelming amount of charisma. It feels like a trustworthy leader for Japan has finally come forth. Don’t you think, Boss?
Sorry, wasn’t listening.

However, that is ignorant of their true nature.

It may be somewhat of a stretch to say I’m “on their side.” Having said that, I won’t deny that I empathize with them on some level. If this Okumura incident was not the Phantom Thieves… If they only change the hearts of criminals… Then even though they can’t be considered “innocent”… Perhaps my goals are not so different from theirs.

Hahaha. I knew there was something special about you, ever since the first time we met. I feel as though I could tell you anything during our conversations.

Man, Akechi’s really into me. Shame we didn’t pick that route. And also that he’s a cop.

I feel like I understand Akechi a little more now...

Oh wait, I’m sure you know that already. Considering it’s such a good opportunity, I’ve decided to accept the offer.

Glad you liked it.

I’ll be going now.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Okay first off, “prolly”? Don’t think I didn’t catch that, localization team. Sojiro would never say that, you clearly just ran out of space. Second, I’M TOP OF THE CLASS, DUDE.

Hm? Really?
Either way, the real issue is what we do next.
The lecture is on the afternoon of the second day, yes?
Wait, you’re coming to our school festival?
It’s during my exam week, so I’ll be able to go in the afternoon.
You wanna come too, Futaba? C’mon, it’ll be fun!

That sounds incredibly suspicious, yo!

This is the perfect chance for us to relax though.
Haru, um, are you sure you’re OK? This seems a little soon.
I am, thank you. I’ve just always dreamed of walking around my school festival with friends.
I suppose if you say it like that, I can resign myself to enjoying our time there too. Thanks, Haru.
It’s my pleasure.

We conducted a survey about the Phantom Thieves, who have been the target of intensifying criticism. Close to ninety percent of respondents said they do not support the Phantom Thieves.
The whole world’s against us now… This could be bad.

I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Then maybe you didn’t need this… Oh well. Take it.

I made it myself. It has the finest coffee bean I have in it. I wanted to give it to you before the exams… but well, you still have more tests. Don’t let up on the finals.

The Leblanc Charm nulls Sleep. Not great.

This country’s got a first-rate economy with a cut-rate government. He’s a rare specimen. Our souls resonate on the same frequency… That is, exceptional people can always recognize one another. You’ll see one day, hahaha. Well, I’ll be going home then.

The real question is, how do we get info out of Akechi…?

Let me warn you again: if you do anything this time, it's over, you hear?

And another burger. Maaku gains a boosted Guts +3.