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Part 138: 10/26: Catching Up With The Family

Part 130: 10/26: Catching Up With The Family

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Let’s just ignore all the catastrophic shit that went down and enjoy the rest of the culture festival.

I tried to think about what happened earlier, but that has gotten me nowhere… So, I could use a change of pace. How about it?

We don’t actually get an option here, but if we had chosen a romantic partner by now, we would. If you have no romance options, you’re locked into Haru, but if you have any of the “school” options (read: Ann, Makoto, or *sigh* yes, Kawakami) you’ll be able to hang out with them. Weirdly, having a romantic partner is also a prerequisite for unlocking the last available option, Ryuji and Mishima, meaning you have to neglect your girlfriend in order to hang out with… them. Apparently, you just need Ryuji maxed to unlock Ryuji and Mishima as an option. Anyway, Haru is our only option right now.

I’ll be waiting at the gymnasium.
I should head to the gym...

Everybody give them another round of applause!

There are light, scattered smatterings of applause.

I’m sorry. I can’t stop thinking about what Akechi-kun said…

*giggle* It feels like nothing bad could ever happen when you say that.

Round of applause, everyone!

More light applause.

Sharing…? I never knew we had such an event.
All right, who has something to say? Anyone, anyone!? No, I’ll just have to pick someone then!
Ooh, he’s going to choose? I wonder who it will be…

Yes, I also wonder who ever it could be. *wink*

wah waaaaaaah

Is he… looking this way?
Well then, come on up!

Music: My Homie

So it really is me…
Come, come. Everyone’s waiting!
Well, I’m going.

The MC somehow didn’t recognize the only girl in school who wears a pink sweater over her uniform.

Um, yes…

The crowd starts cheering, saying stuff like “She’s so cool” and yelling “Senpaaaaaai!”

U-Uhhh… I’m sure you’re, um… still grieving… My, um… deepest apologies…

Oh god, this is gonna be painful.

This scene has a disproportionate amount of the “sweating” emote, so I’ll just call them out in-text from now on instead of screenshotting all of them.

Oh, please don’t worry!
So uh, do you have anything you’d like to share with us?

Haru sweats.

Something to share… I have too many things…

The MC sweats, now.

Err… Here, let me give you a question then… Do you think the Phantom Thieves are really Shujin students?

What the hell, man? This is the worst culture festival ever!


The crowd gets lively.

I mean, they are… uh… your father’s killers…

Tactful Student strikes again!

We’re all dying to know what Akechi-kun was going to say about their true identities. So, are they from Shujin? What do you think, Okumura-san?

Why would she know!?

Haru sweats.

Haru is in trouble… I need to change the subject…

Now this is drama! A boy caught in the throes of bittersweet youth! A stunning confession of love!

The crowd becomes lively once more, and Haru sweats… twice.

I think it was him!

Sooo, Okumura-san! What’s your relation to this guy?

Haru sweats again.

Th-That wasn’t what we were talking about…
My, she’s quite flustered! IS this a hot scoop!?

Someone call in Newspaper Club Member, stat!

The crowd laughs.

But I’m a gentleman. It hurts my heart to bully such a sweet girl! Well, did you all enjoy our blushing beauty? Thank you very much, Okumura-san!

The crowd moans, and someone yells, “Just when it was getting interesting!”

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

It turned out to be more like an interview party, huh? I still can’t believe you said that…

Huh…? Right… At any rate… I’m not sure what I would have done without you. Thank you for saving me. You’re a mysterious person, but you’re so reliable. I think the two of us will get along quite well in the future…

What? Well fuck you too, I guess!

Who knows what may lie ahead. For now, I’m worried about what happened with Akechi-kun… But I have to say, my first post-festival party was quite fun. Though… I guess it’s my last too. Here, I’d like you to have this.

The Sakura Amezaiku restores 100 SP to one ally.

I… bought it earlier…

*giggle* Now then, let’s go home.

Yeah, there’s been a sudden increase.
I bet it’s because of that Phan-Site.
I heard the victims were on the rankings there.
We should really be blaming the people who requested it.

Anon: Criminals should die
Anon: Go Go Detective Prince!!
Anon: media’s garbage as expected
Anon: bring on the breakdowns~!
Anon: typical bandwagon, gg
Anon: “Justice” sounds hollow now

You took off somewhere during the festival, huh… I tried to find you, but I gave up pretty quickly.
Futaba? What are you doing here in front of the store…?

Not just Akechi, but other stuff too. We’re in deep trouble unless we can do something soon. But anyway, I was just thinking about going inside, so your timing is perfect. Let’s go.

How convenient for the upcoming scene!

Music: Desire

“No Countermeasure for the Phantom Thieves,” “The Sorry State of the Police,” “Destruction of Safety”… They’re saying whatever they want. So, how’s the investigation progressing? Any clues yet?
Nothing that leads to a firm conviction yet…
What’s going on here? Didn’t you say that you were sure about closing this case? And I thought I told you that failure won’t be tolerated.

It’s been like a week, dude. Chill the fuck out.

Well, this is troublesome. If things continue at this rate, never mind a promotion… we’d have to let you go entirely.

I had high expectations for you, but it seems this task was too much to handle for someone so young.

Man, fuck this dude.

We may need to reform the operation as well since the selected personnel for this--

I know that you’ve been at this for a while now, even before the police spared us the staff for it. If you can manage an arrest, I’ve made special arrangements so that you can question them personally. ...That’s what you want, isn’t it?


I’ll make myself clear again: Failure isn’t an option. We need results.
...I understand.
You’re allowed to take some… bold measures if you need to. We need good results, no matter what.

...To you, sir?
…I said that failure isn’t an option, didn’t I?

holy fucking shit look at his goddamn face aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaha

Oh shit, time for it to really go down!

Music: Tension

This is a calling card, right? I’ve read about it online too.
Y-You went into my room without my permission!?
I’ll apologize as much as you want later. ...So, what is this?
Is it something to get flustered over? I knew it. This isn’t just some “game” you’re playing. Why aren’t you saying anything?

I mean… it was memorable…

Sojiro slams the counter.

Is it something that you can’t explain?

Futaba sounds like she can barely speak, and is clearly on the verge of tears.

Hey, if this keeps up, Futaba’s--

You will, huh? I’ll get right to the point. ...Is this a “real” one? Was a… well… a “change of heart” triggered in you?
How about it?

Chief Hardass here is gonna (further) traumatize his daughter, holy shit.

...Ever since… Mom died… there was… no exit… …I was trapped… in a labyrinth of… my heart…

Overly poetic language is maybe the wrong choice to get through to Sojiro. No offense to the dude, but he seems like the kind of guy whose brain would explode if he looked at a sufficiently daring painting. No offense to the “Sayuri” intended.

I knew I… had to leave it… but I… I couldn’t do it… by myself…
Futaba… *shakes head* Here… Sit down. I can at least listen to what you have to say.

Music: Alleycat

It’s the same as Mom’s research… They changed… my cognition… *sobs*
Seriously…? …… Wakaba’s research about altering one’s cognition… I wondered about it myself too, but still…

When she said she was gonna go to the beach out of nowhere. Even the doctors had thrown in the towel.
(quiet crying) ……
At first I just chalked it up as other kids being a better support for you than any adult. But as I kept watching the tabloid shows here day in and day out, a thought crossed my mind… I thought… your case kind of seemed similar to what those Phantom Thieves were doing.
I’m still your guardian, you know. I’d never overlook such a drastic change in your behavior.
But to think that Wakaba’s research and the Phantom Thieves changing hearts were about the same thing.

My job was to be the bridge between the country and the lab that Wakaba worked at. It’s around that time that I got to know her. She said something odd when we were out drinking… That… she might soon die in an odd way. Who wouldn’t take that as a joke? I just laughed it off…

“Hey I might soon die suspiciously”
“Lol, you’re so funny Wakaba”

But… it happened exactly as she said. If anything were to happen to you, I’d feel like I let her down. There’s something I want to ask you, Maaku. Judging from your attitude, you knew about this calling card, didn’t you? You should’ve known that Futaba had a change of heart through the Phantom Thieves as well. ...Is there a connection between you and them? The first incident of a change of heart was a teacher at your school. The kid who brought that painting here was a pupil of that artist who had a change of heart, wasn’t he? And then there’s Futaba… These scandals always seem to find their way around you… What do you have to say?

…… These people are called criminals by the general public. Why did you introduce such dangerous people to Futaba!?

I asked them! That’s why Maaku saved me! He stole my heart!

Welp, the cat’s outta the bag now, I guess.

...Asked? Stole?

Wait, are you saying that he’s the one who changed your heart?

If we started a drinking game for the word “heart” we’d get plastered in this scene faster than in a fucking Kingdom Hearts game.

So, he’s not connected with the Phantom Thieves, but is one himself…? You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?

You… really are a Phantom Thief? For crying out loud…
So basically, I’ve been sheltering a Phantom Thief for the last six months? And on top of that, Futaba’s involved too…

I… I want to find the culprit who killed my mom…!

Oh, we’re just gonna lay it all out there, huh? I should probably confess the teacher-maid thing, then, even if it’s over at this point.

She was killed! I… remember it now.
Stop this nonsense!

Dude, you just said she died in a ludicrously suspicious manner.

Why won’t you believe me!? Are you the same as everyone else? Didn’t you know already!? The way Mom died wasn’t normal! Didn’t you notice that her research was stolen by someone!? Sojiro…!
...When she passed away, I did think it was odd. It was awfully fishy. But what could I do? ...All I was able to do was run from it all. And the outcome of that… was me spending my retirement here. Also the reason I took custody of you was… me trying to selfishly atone for what happened to Wakaba. It’s basically my fault that you got burdened with all this crap.
It’s not your fault, Sojiro.
I acted all big, lectured, even yelled at you kids… And in the end, I’m the one being consoled. I’m hopeless and a laughingstock, aren’t I?

I mean, the one who killed Mom is the one at fault!
…… …I see.

Fuck yeah. This is a top-tier Fake Dad. Dojima was an all right Fake Dad, but he was too suspicious of us. And then who the fuck is P3’s Fake Dad? Akihiko? No. Ikutsuki? Gross.

I mean, who would believe such a story? Unless they catch you red-handed, it’s impossible to explain that you’re the Phantom Thieves. Let me just say one thing though. Immediately back out of a fight that you can’t win.

Don’t you get it? If by chance you pissed off the same guys that killed Wakaba… Then they’re not someone that kids like you can deal with. Listen to reason, all right?

Let’s eat. I’m so hungry ‘cause I raised my voice so much…

That’ll be awkward!

...Still, we should tell the others about what just happened.

Music: Suspicion

Ryuji! You said (well, typed) fuck again! That’s two strikes! You know what’ll happen if you violate the court order!

Wait, are you OK? Did he report you or anything?
We likely wouldn’t be receiving these messages if Maaku was not OK. I had a feeling that Boss was no ordinary man…
But he didn’t recommend you turn yourself in, did he? I think in that case we can consider him a new ally.
I’m more curious about what he mentioned to you.
You mean how our enemy might be the same people who targeted Futaba’s mother?
Yes. She was killed by mental shutdown, the same method used by the culprit we pursue now.
Wait a second though… Didn’t you say Boss had to “run from it all”…?

Ain’t you letting your imagination run wild a bit?
But it would make sense.
Wait a sec! If you’re right, then wouldn’t the police be working for ‘em too!?
...That’s not impossible.
This is getting too big for me to even think about…
Can we really win this?
We’re gonna win, no matter what!


Oh man, with that wide anime mouth I’m sure he could review the shit out of that amiibo

All the food’s so good, it’s hard to choose! This is the place to go when you splurge in Shibuya!
I heard all sorts of celebrities and even political big shots go there undercover to eat. The man who everyone says will be the next prime minister goes there too. I’d love to go try it out!

All this happened because I kept the calling card…

Is Sojiro still awake? This is kind of awkward…

Wait, shouldn’t you sleep on the sofa, so that Futaba can go ahead and sleep on the bed?

shut up dude I have back problems

…… ...I’m gonna go home. Night.