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Part 141: 10/30: Beloved Smother

Part 133: 10/30: Beloved Smother

Anon: they’re def guilty
Anon: they’re running loose rn…

Poor Mishima.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later...

Just concentrate on your food.

Come on, let’s finish eating and then send a reply once we go upstairs.

I’ll be counting on you.

Don’t worry, Maaku. I trust you. That’s why I ask that you lend me your help.
There’s no need to get too worked up about this, right? Take as much time as you need to get ready. Anything goes as long as it helps out our mission. You have our trust. You’re our leader, after all.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

All right, it’s now or never. We’ve got to steal Sae’s heart and clear our names… but first, we have a lot of fucking around to do. A lot. We want to unlock the last of our Confidant requests before we head into Mementos so we can knock them out all at once. Unfortunately, Iwai has one, is our only remaining night Confidant we haven’t reached that point for, and is currently gated by Rank 5 Guts, the last unmaxed stat parameter for us. We need to get his and one other Mementos request, but it’s going to take a bit.

It’s believed that all of them have been caused by the Phantom Thieves. The public remains terrified of the cruel and inhumane acts the Phantom Thieves are committing.
Dammit! What’s going on? None of that’s our fault!

The only one who can rebuild this rotten world is… that man.

You’re still blindly following the Phantom Thieves? They were nothing but a sweet, sinful trap. The Phantom Thieves played Robin Hood, but they committed those crimes just to please themselves. When they’re inevitably caught, it’ll be a poignant fall from grace, just like in the movies.

The only one who’s giving us a reason to hope is that one politician.
That Shido’s very competent. He worked his way up from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. More than anything, I can tell that he’s a good, upright, and honest man. I like him.

Approval ratings remain low, and it seems that a dissolution of Parliament is inevitable…
I’m not surprised. Politicians do nothing for us. That’s the way it’s always been.

Around this point, this guy moves in and starts selling sweet potatoes that restore SP during the day. It’s quaint, but not that useful.

Did… Did they scramble Kotaro’s brain because they’re bad people?
What? Who told you that? Don’t worry. Everyone’s all right, OK…?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I’m just singing! I don’t need anyone’s permission to rock out!
You’re gonna break your mother’s heart if you keep this up, kid.
We’ve had to tighten city security because of the Phantom Thieves case. Pack your things and be on your way.

Young Rocker, nooooo!

The surge of darkness spreads… Sun God… please come back…

Now that the Phantom Thieves have been covered by shadows, the world will fall into darkness… Sun God, the people are scared! Now is the time for you to shed your light on the path…

And those weird religious protesters, too!? What’s happening!?

His aura of popularity was on at full blast. He kinda had the same smell as you…

What? Gross.

...Who’d you go with? A girl? You did, didn’t you?

Man, “Veteran Pick-up Artist” is getting pretty desperate.

Of course, I went with a girl. She’s a fan of Akechi, so…

I’m just glad the company survived in one piece—and that my family’s got plenty in our savings. By the by, how’s your guy? Oh, I’m sorry—should I not ask?
Well, actually, because he helped with the case so much, they promoted him to CEO. Ohoho…

What are you saying? Did something happen with your boyfriend?
I told him my real age and apologized. And then he said, “No way”… I broke up with him! I guess being honest really isn’t worth it!

A moral we can all get behind.

I figured out where the Phantom Thieves’ hideout is. I can sell you the info for a cheap price.

Whoa! Wait a sec, you involved with the investigation or something!? ...Heh, yeah right. A kid like you? I don’t even care. Just get outta here.

No way, we’d just get killed. The police can handle it, so let’s leave this to the pros.
Hey, we can pick up more fares near those government agencies if they’re gonna get busy. But I’m not sure they can catch the Phantom Thieves. They can just make you go brain dead, easy.

Amazingly, we’ve gotten five times more contract sign-ups this autumn than we did last year! That’s because people know that Wanna-B-Alert will protect you when evil suddenly strikes! To celebrate our high contract numbers with our customers, we’re giving away Wanna-Wanna-kun dolls!

It also seems suspicious though. Doesn’t this situation kind of feel like it was all set up?
It’s probably the police sending a message. “This is what happens when you cross the authorities.” This whole thing even impacted the government. I doubt the police are looking forward to Christmas.

The Phantom Thieves are all over the news. People on the internet are always talking about them. If I won that 30 million yen reward, I’d reserve the entire cafe and have a humongous party!
Yeah, yeah. We’ll be waiting to welcome your arrival…

No way. It’d never work. Did you forget? Guys like us make for some annoying enemies, but we’re pretty useless allies.
You know what? That does sound like us, huh?

Wha…? But we just signed the contract… You know… I never thought I’d say this, but I…
D-Don’t worry! I borrowed 1 millin yen from my parents… The stock market’s small-time! I’ll win it big on the foreign exchange market! Celebrolution!


It costs 500 yen each try, so I can only play once in a while.

Do you have some time?

Yeah, then… let’s go… somewhere quiet.

Music: Suspicion

But my mom told them that it was the kid’s own fault for having his money taken… She just told them to leave without hearing what they had to say. Something’s wrong… with my mom. The other day she called my school to complain that the cost of lunch is too high. I begged her not to do it, but she said it’s for my own good… I doubt it was really ‘cause of me though. Once everyone finds out, I’m gonna get made fun of again… But… She told me that once you stop fighting, you lose. And that those who complain, win. My mom was never like this before… She never used to care about stuff like winning or losing…

You are ambushed by a wild MOTHER!

I knew it…

Music: Tension

Constantly talking back to me… I knew someone new must have come into the picture. So? Are you the one who’s been such a bad influence on my Shinya?

Yes. Children should obey their parents. But he doesn’t! I want my obedient Shinya back!

S-Stop it…!
Will you take responsibility if my Shinya turns into a juvenile delinquent? All that time and money I spent on him, wasted! What are you going to do about THAT, huh?

Jeez lady, that’s an awful way to talk about your son.

Hamiru-san, hm? I’m going to remember you. You’re a high schooler, right? Hm, I may just have to tell your school… ...One of their students is stalking my son.

This is supposed to be some massive threat but all I can think about here is that this scene is completely fucked because I’m doing it on a Sunday and am thus not in my uniform. What is she gonna do, call every high school in Tokyo?

Stop it… Mom…
Come on, Shinya, we’re going home!

He’s my son. I can do whatever I want to him! If you keep meddling with him, I’m going to call the police!

...Fine. Just know this: I don’t intend to lose. Now let’s go!
Shinya…? You ARE Shinya, aren’t you!?

I just wanted to say, I’m really sorry about earlier!

Crap, I gotta go… I don’t like the person my mom’s turned into. She won’t listen to anything I say… That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about today… Um, do you think the Phantom Thieves can turn my mom back into her old self…?

Oh shit!

Shinya appears to be on the verge of tears...
Please tell the Phantom Thieves… To change my mom back… to the way she used to be…

Her name? It’s Hanae… Hanae Oda… I gotta go. Let’s play again sometime… Um, and please don’t hate me…
I feel Shinya’s brotherly affection...

I need to do something about the target for Shinya… I should discuss this with everyone…

Music: Suspicion

And we meet immediately! Sure, why not?

And we’re gonna do it by changin’ his mom’s heart? ...I bet that was a real tough decision to make.

I mean, we already changed Hifumi’s mom’s heart, and this time we actually have permission, even if it was given to us by a grade schooler.

I mean, he’s only in elementary school, right? This is a lot for a little kid to be dealing with…
You’re right… We should try to help him as soon as possible. As for the calling card, let’s have him deliver it himself.
I guess this counts as a unanimous decision?

So, we don’t actually have the request yet. Because we’re going to have Shinya hand-deliver the calling card, we need to wait until we next meet him to get the request.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Don’t know what to say… I’m glad you made it home…

What is it?
You got any idea who the true culprit might be?
Oh yeah! You said you saw a masked guy, right?
I wanted to ask about that too.
Did you really see him? That masked guy’s gotta be the true culprit, right?
If this so-called true culprit is acting alone, then there can be no mistake about it.
I see.
The next question is, who is that masked man?
Unfortunately, I do not know that much.
Ugh, you’re useless.
That is quite harsh.
Aw, you’re making me blush.
That wasn’t a compliment...
At this point, I have yet to even grasp any clues.

Man, you seem bad at this.

Perfect. Leave it to me. It may sound somewhat odd for me to say this, but I am an exceptional detective.

I assure you, I will catch the culprit. Look forward to it.
He doesn’t have any clues, but he’s confident enough to say he can definitely catch the guy… No wonder he’s a star detective. Even the way he talks about these things is different from us.

What a rube Morgana is.

So, I actually forgot to include the last time I went to Shady Commodities, but all I did that time was unlock the last tier of items from the previous set of purchases and buy some more transmutation catalysts. There’s a bunch of new, incredibly overpriced items, too. The Roland Medal is the big new thing, increasing all stats by +5, but we’re really just here to show that it exists, so we buy some washable armor and bounce. We probably won’t ever even end up laundering it.

About that… I think I would really rather stick to singing.
This is just business as usual for the industry. Besides, you need to understand something… In this world, it’s not enough to just sing. You need to be a star. You need to be entertaining. Got it?

Can we change this dude’s heart, please?

We’re ready for TRIAL BY BURGER.

What!? That sucks… All that time you spent studying hard is just gone!
I hate it when our parents just make us study all the time! I’ll get them back for this… I’ll get back all the games and manga they threw out!


Offisherrrrr! I got ‘em! I caaaaaught a Phantom Thief!
OK, quiet down, sir. Sorry about this. Now let go of him, and we’ll get you home.

Offisher! I believe I jus’ won th’ thirsty jillion yen rewarrrd. I caught… muh Phantom Thief.

“Thirsty jillion” makes me fucking lose it, it’s so dumb.

OK, OK. Who are you talking to? There’s no one over there.


Hmm? Wha’ are you sayin’? Are you shayin’ yer not a Phantom Thief? Can’t fool meee! Yer a Phantom Thief!
OK, stop right there. Let go of him and head on home, OK?

Our club’s gonna bag that reward! Every one of us should be diggin’ up on [sic] dirt on the Phantom Thieves!
Well, hold on now. We don’t want to put ourselves in any danger.
Relax, buuuddy! We’re unstoppable!

Those who are swayed by fads are fools. The people of this country will never learn.
Is this really what we should be focusing on? Aren’t the elections at the end of the year?
Yes, and the ruling party finally split up. Although, it’s too late, considering the approval rating.

Our company’s been hurting financially too after investing in Phantom Thieves related stuff.
We’re always the ones getting the short end of the stick. I’ve had enough of this.
Politicians are also to blame. They’ve been ignoring that dangerous group for a long time.

Oh, it’s you. Your Japanese has gotten pretty decent.
I want to get better at speaking to customers. Communication is key. That’s why I started following current events more on the news.

Does that mean ya finally wanna come back home to the country?
No. I worked too hard to get here just to leave now. Just gotta hope they’re caught soon.
I’ll keep ya safe. We’re all real worried ‘bout ya, y’know.

Man, this poor idiot. She’s not gonna fuck you, dude.


And we’re finally maxed out on everything! Iwai, here we come.