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Part 144: 11/4-11/6: Affecting Family Moments And Attempted Fucking Murder

Part 136: 11/4-11/6: Affecting Family Moments And Attempted Fucking Murder

Anon: this site pisses me off
Anon: why wasnt this done earlier?

Music: Suspicion

Good morning, Maaku-kun, Mona-chan. The Phantom Thieves are all over the newspapers and television. We’re outlaws now. We have to clear our name, for my father too. So, I’d like to make some progress. Why don’t we go to the Palace today?

I’m too busy fucking around.

I’m sorry for rushing you. I’m just worried about Mako-chan. There’s a lot to think about when the target’s someone close to you. Anyway, I hope it goes well. Let’s give this our all.

Music: So Boring

The Phantom Thieves should target somewhere bigger, more global—not this tiny island country. Like… Oh, I don’t know, the casino city of Las Vegas or something. It was like a dream when I went there… Hehe, I might not look it, but I’m good at card games. The four suits of cards all symbolize something. By the way, Mr. Hamiru. Look at this.

Aren’t you an English teacher? Why are we talking about this?

Excellent! Yes, the answer is the Holy Grail. The heart was originally drawn as a cup.

Who is “they?”

However, there are cards that belong to no class, in other words, they have no suit.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The only card without a suit is the joker. Some theories say it originates from the Fool in tarot decks, but no one knows where it really came from. However, both are trump cards that can bring about unexpected effects. How you use them is critical.
You heard her, Joker. Pretty good name, if I do say so myself. I kinda wish I’d given myself a cooler name…

I don’t even get what “Mona” is supposed to be.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Music: Tokyo Emergency

About my uncle, um… I wanna head into Mementos right now.

This won’t be an easy task…
So, are you free to go today?

We don’t have the option of hanging out with her normally due to her own Confidant request block, but even if she was available, this Mementos trip for the Hierophant Confidant takes precedence, just like when we needed to recruit her to deliver Shinya’s initial calling card. In either case, we can’t hang out with her until the relevant situation is resolved. The good news, though, is that either situation can be resolved on any afternoon we have free instead of waiting for Futaba to be available.

Thanks. This is a family issue, so I wanna do it alone with you. Oh, and I sent my uncle an anonymous letter, so the calling card part’s taken care of.

He’s saying, “money, money”… He forced Sojiro to pay back his debts. He made me go through horrible things, too. ...Maaku, make him have a change of heart!

Music: Desire

Hey, did you bring me money!? Why don’t you sell that stupid shop and give me the money? It’s consolation money! It’s reparations! You have to…! You have to give me your money!

If I have enough money, I can keep gambling until I hit another jackpot! If you won’t give me any money, then I’m gonna destroy you!

I’m not getting destroyed by someone like him! Let’s go, Joker!

Shadow Isshiki

Music: Keeper of Lust

So, we’re going to regret Futaba’s decision to make us come alone here pretty much immediately. Virtually every advantage we have in combat evaporates fighting solo: we have less time to capitalize on the power of buffs, debuffs, and status ailments, have to use our only turn to heal in between attacks, and we just generally have fewer opportunities.

There’s also the fact that this boss is kind of hilariously overtuned. All this adds up to make this fight legitimately one of the most annoying fights in the entire game. The one thing we have going for us is that unlike Girimehkala, the Persona it shares a model form with, it doesn’t have any resistances—so no repelling Physical and Gun. That’s it.

Though given how this thing is capable of depleting 1/3 of Maaku’s health on a bad day in one attack, we’re not really going to be using attacks that are cast from HP.

Once or twice I managed to get a lucky Burn or Shock ailment off an Agilao or a Zionga.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capitalize on this because it fucking knows Fast Heal, that skill Haru started with that heals status ailments in half the regular number of turns. That’s not even the biggest fuck you, though:

See, I decided to switch to a Persona that’s immune to Physical to see if maybe I could cheese the fight, or at least get some relief.

Nope! If you do that, it switches to spamming Almighty attacks at you!

(I also in the process of writing this update went back and discovered that he doesn’t switch to Megidola if your equipped Persona is only resistant to Physical instead of immune. I had two Personas that fit this criteria, but unfortunately they’re both relatively weak and had bad skill lineups so I didn’t use them. Whoops!)

(edit: Apparently you can use Physical-immune Personas, just not ones that reflect it. Aw geez, one more mistake immortalized in the LP!)

Anyway, I eventually managed to win by just spamming attacks, only healing with Beads (full health restores) when I was about to die. It sucked and I wasted some items I’d rather have kept. This is your fault, Futaba! Curse you for not being emotionally ready to tell your friends about the horrific abuse and neglect you suffered at the hands of a relative!

Music: Sunset Bridge

Oh boy, time to learn about what makes this piece of shit tick!

You were thinking about Mom…?
Even back then, I thought just being normal was OK… Then, my whole world changed when I won a lot of money through gambling. Everyone who thought I was worthless started being jealous of me. Haha… I couldn’t forget that feeling… It made me feel like I was smart and confident, like Wakaba!

I like the part of this game where I get to mock the sad backstories.

Ha… Haha… You’re absolutely right… But maybe I’ve realized that too late… Futaba, I’m sorry… Forgive me, Wakaba…

Sojiro’s safe now!
Youji Isshiki seems to have had a change of heart. I should check on Sojiro…

Music: Beneath the Mask

We discuss his private life and the type of person he likes… at only eighty percent speculation!
A lot of women have been calling him their ideal man, right? He’s even more popular than some idols.

First, let’s head in for a quick fuse. We need to pick up a matching Persona anyway.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Well, uh… you look kinda familiar. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was almost lawsuit-worthy!

(Hell Biker comes from Kaiwan and Jatayu)

Hatred and violence are the best, don’t you think? Wear my mask and let’s kick it on over to hell…!


For… some reason, Hell Biker doesn’t have a real backstory. He’s a biker from hell. That’s it.

Music: Beneath the Mask

...You’re not to blame. I’ll chase out anyone who says otherwise.

Thanks. I’m letting you handle today’s curry.

Sojiro Sakura, I presume?

Music: Suspicion

Our apologies for coming in so late. We’re investigators from the domestic affairs court.

Moreover, this report stated that you are abusing your child… Futaba-san.
N-No… We didn’t make it… Uncle sent his report to the police before we could make him have a change of heart…!

Maybe shut up about that in front of all these people, Futaba. I guess it’s implied she’s whispering?

However, the anonymity of the report has led us to question the validity of its content. May we have a word?
...Fine by me. I’ve got nothing to hide. Please, take a seat.

It’s true that Futaba was living as a shut-in, but she overcame that weakness under her own power. And… I would never abuse her. She’s like a daughter to me.
And what about the assault claim? His criminal record points to a history of such violence…

The kid never laid a finger on that guy. He just stood in the way to try and protect Futaba.
To be honest, Hamiru-kun, we looked into your current reputation at school… And it seems there have been no issues whatsoever.

What? Everyone there thinks I’m a murderer and I got into a suspicious argument with the gym teacher like a week before he got brainwashed.

Now then, it’s our job to make sure children like you are safe. How is it… living with Sakura-san? Please, you can speak honestly.

And what do you think, Futaba-san?
I… I’m OK. I couldn’t go out for a while… but everyone helped me get better. I’m not afraid anymore.


...I see. It’s quite obvious there was no truth to the report we received. I don’t think we’ll need to schedule any additional check-ins for Hamiru-kun either.
…Are you sure about this?
They wouldn’t have been able to answer so genuinely if they were trying to trick us.

I mean, you’re right in this case, but you sound like kind of a putz saying shit like this. I’m a very accomplished liar.

Besides, meeting them only served to to reaffirm my suspicions… These children are the real victims here. The truth of these things will be clearer to you once you’re a little more experienced.

Cool it on the sexism there, bro! “I guess you’re just too green to see past your emotions.”

Anyway, thank you for your cooperation, we’ll see ourselves out.

Music: Sunset Bridge

“Sunset Bridge” is a very underrated track, and it’s in moments like the ones coming up where it almost makes me cry.

There’s another pretty important person living here too.

Anyway,s I hungerrr! Gimme some curry!
Heh, so much for the sentimental moment. All right, sit your butts down. This is where you two belong.
Mweheh! C’mon, Maaku! It’s time to eat!
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper...

This increases the SP restoration of curry from 30 SP to 50 SP. It’s still not really good enough to justify making curry.

What you said before… When you called me your dad… Do you, um, think you could say that again…?
Sorry, I didn’t catch that. My stomach was too grumbly! What’d you say?
Oh, never mind…

Anon: ooh, gonna make the big bux
Anon: stop shitposting lol
Anon: Record-breaking evil

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

This seems like a fun place to go with a special lady… ...In any case, it’s not somewhere you’d want to go by yourself.

Seaside Park seems to be a great place to go, day or night. It’s mainly a date spot, though.

You should invite someone to go there, but… Hmm… Who would you choose?

Music: My Homie

Uhhh, ahem… Mr. Ushimaru, please come to the faculty office at once.
What…? I don’t know what business this is… ...You better study on your own until I return!

Everything from high-class, traditional cuisine to street food, like xiao long bao. This seems like a fun place to explore and try out street food.

There’s so many shops in Chinatown, aren’t there?

You should invite someone to go to Motomachi Chinatown sometime.

Music: So Boring

That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?
Hm, I suppose Futaba’s ability to process information is truly world-class, after all.

I know so much now, it’s hard to make heads or tails of it. Suspicious people appear, then disappear. It’s been that, over and over again.
So they are manipulating information to keep anyone from reaching the truth…
Well, there’s one thing I know for sure. Whoever we’re going against now is more dangerous than we can possibly imagine.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Oh, so you’ll take a look? Thank you. It really helps.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Within its gentle care, even a tiny seed can awaken, spread its roots, and grow up towards the sun. It’s almost like a mother. ...Perhaps that aspect is why I find this place so comforting.

I was hesitant at first… but I liked it so much that I kept them long past the original request. I started mixing my own fertilizer, adjusting soil ratios… Now I raise these plants in complete secret. But um, Maaku-kun… I’m worried what the school might do if they found out about this.

In that case, we can be partners in crime! Honestly, Maaku-kun… I really enjoy the time we spend together. ...It’s so different from how I feel when I’m around him.

Oh, sorry… I meant my fiance. That reminds me though, I wanted to ask your advice about him… This whole arrangement began when my father first introduced us around the beginning of this year. I was told we were just meeting his friend for dinner… but then he said that “friend” was to be my fiance. It was surprising… but I suppose I had always known I would someday be married off for political gain. So… I accepted, and that was the start of our relationship.

Haru sweats.

A-Anyway… I was never exactly fond of him to begin with, but now he has grown far worse. Recently he’s been suggesting we go on an “early honeymoon” together to celebrate our coming marriage.

Now, that’s just hilariously gross!

I can’t even stand to look at him though… let alone spend any actual prolonged time together. So, um… what can I say to decline his offer…?

As you know, my father passed away before he could fulfill his promise to rescind the marriage proposal. So… any conversation about putting a halt to the marriage will have to come from me. To tell the truth… I’ve already mentioned it to my fiance.

You go, girl!

But he refuses to listen to a single word I have to say. Apparently, he’s even been telling the employees at Okumura Foods about the contract he made with my father… How the company would have to pay extreme reparations if it got called off for any reason…

It seems like the megacorporation could probably afford to hire a decent contract lawyer to make this go away.

I just… don’t know how to handle this. I can postpone while I’m still in high school, but after that…? Thinking about it now, it seems my father’s death has turned out to be quite favorable for my fiance. After all, he’s now engaged to the majority shareholder of a massive company… I suppose in the end, all he really cares about is his own personal gain… But that’s not what a relationship is supposed to be built on. It should be something more… Something like… a love so intense that just seeing the other person makes your chest tighten up. Have, um… Have you ever experienced that?

But… there’s no spark like that with my fiance. Spending time with him is almost like some kind of training… Still, any hardship I go through now will surely help the Phantom Thieves eventually. I’ll get through this!
I can sense an earnest resolve from Haru...

Well, I think I’ll be staying here a little while longer. See you later.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Psychotic breakdowns—thought to be caused by the Phantom Thieves—show no sign of slowing down. Although police claim to have made progress in their investigation, many still have doubts.
This isn’t just our problem… We have to stop those mental shutdowns from happening.

Music: Layer Cake

Iwai is finally available tonight, so we take the first opportunity to go meet him.

I’ll do my best to protect you. But… I can’t guarantee your safety. ...You can say no.
Should I go with Iwai to meet with Tsuda as his witness?

S’that right? I appreciate it. It’s gonna be under the girder bridge. It’s close by, so follow me.

Music: Suspicion

Wait, that’s the brat from your shop, isn’t it? I should’ve known he was working for you!
He’s here as my witness today. Now listen. I’d be glad to keep my mouth shut about your failed deal… if you stay away from my family. That includes me, Kaoru… and this kid here.


Hmph. So you’re still sticking to the code, even in retirement.
Rules ain’t meant to be broken.
Heh, you’re as sharp as ever, Mune. Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch in your absence. I bet we never would’ve gotten duped by those Hong Kong motherfuckers if I still had you as my right-hand man. Instead I’m stuck dealing with the mess that idiot Masa made for me… Hey, kid. Sorry for getting a respectable teen like yourself wrapped up in our bullshit feud.

“Respectable?” Hahahahahahahahaaaaa… Man, that’s a good one.

I hope dealing with all this yakuza business hasn’t been too much trouble.

Tsuda-san, I gotta be honest with you… This whole thing has been a real goddamn pain in the ass. But it’s over. You’re finished.
I don’t think you understand, Mune…


Music: Tension

The hell’re you doin’…!?
I’m done playing nice with you. You’re gonna make me what I need one way or another, Iwai! And if you can’t do it fast, both your son and this little “witness” of yours are gonna pay for it!
Christ, Tsuda! You’re not some random thug off the street! You’re s’posed to be better than this…!
Times have changed, Mune. You’re hung up on bullshit like pride and duty, but you know what? Nobody gives a fuck about your goddamn code of honor anymore!
You bastard…!
Now you listen to me, you little piece of shit.

What an amazing line.

You’re going to make me those guns, and you’re going to do it fast. Don’t make me tell you again.

Based on what just happened here, I’m done for the second I give him the guns he’s lookin’ for. God dammit… ...Look, kid. You should prolly go. I don’t got any more tasks for you. Just forget all of this…

I… I’m gonna make those guns for him. I gotta do what I can to protect Kaoru… If it means helpin’ out that psychopath, so be it…
It seems like Iwai’s been painted into a corner… He might end up dead if I don’t do something about Tsuda soon… ……
Tsuda… When did he turn into such a heartless bastard…?

Huh? Why do you… ...Actually, it’s prolly best that you know. It’s Akimitsu Tsuda. He was famous around here for being an incredible martial artist back in the day.

I keep saying this is just a Yakuza game and it keeps going even deeper than I thought.

If you see him ‘round town, run. Go to the police if you hafta. They’ll keep you safe so long as you tell ‘em who’s after you.

The cops are kind of after me already, buddy.

...Anyways, we’re done here. Thanks for all you’ve been givin’ me. And… take care of yourself, kid.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

It seems they only hold it around this time of year. Would you care to join me?

Sorry Haru, we have plans tomorrow. This trip to the Asakusa festival gives points with Haru and Ohya.

Hey, you don’t have many chances to go to a festival like that, do you? Why’d you turn her down?

I feel kind of bad.

Anon: lol this place went to shit
Anon: Enough is enough!!!
Anon: Oh how far they’ve fallen

Music: Tokyo Emergency

The only one who can rebuild this rotten world is… that man.

With the attention he’s getting, you’ll know soon enough. He’s the real deal. His words have soul… The Phantom Thieves played Robin Hood, but they committed those crimes just to please themselves. When they’re inevitably caught, it’ll be a poignant fall from grace, just like in the movies.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! It’s a Hachiman Belt! Just wearing it makes you feel more tough!
It’s perfect for you flabby weaklings out there! You know who you are!

Great way to sell your product, asshat.

And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 9800 yen!

Fuck it.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Money, money, money.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

All right, we’ve finally gotten all the rest of our Confidant requests, so it’s time… for Mementos! God help me.