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Part 148: 11/10-11/11: Now That’s Some Shit Coffee

Part 140: 11/10-11/11: Now That’s Some Shit Coffee

Anon: Record-breaking evil
Anon: no way they’re innocent
Anon: Akechi-kun, save us!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Music: Everyday Days

I guess they keep it exciting by doing things like hiring famous actors as tour guides.

I was wondering if this was a real thing but sure enough, it is. Though that article isn’t in great English, whatever. I guess part of me is just surprised that planetariums are a popular date spot in Japan.

...In any case, it’s not the kind of place you’d visit alone. I recommend taking someone.

The planetarium in Ikebukuro is probably the closest one to here, so that’s pretty convenient.

And with that, we have every hangout spot unlocked.

It’d be fun to go with someone. Just don’t fall asleep while they project the constellations, OK?

Music: So Boring

Why’re you looking at me like that? I’m not sleep deprived because I want to be, you know. My neighbors have been careless lately on garbage day… The crows were cawing away this morning. Those trash nets the city makes us use only keep them away at the start. Crows are quick learners. On that note, do you all know how to write the kanji for “crow”?

Oh boy, a kanji quiz!

The characters for “bird” and “crow” look very similar, but the latter has one fewer line. What do you think, Hamiru-kun? Isn’t it easy to confuse with “bird”?

At least this one is kinda solvable if you think about it and ignore the obviously wrong answers.


Even though the kanji is missing the eye line, crow actually have pretty good vision.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

By the way, one reading for a different “crow” kanji is “ga,” to imitate the sound of it cawing. The character for “pigeon” is the same. It’s based on the bird’s coo, leading to the “ku” pronunciation. Crows are pretty smart, so you’d better study enough so that you don’t lose to them.


Crows are scary, lemme tell ya. When your eyes meet, they start flapping and… *shudder*

Music: Tokyo Daylight

>Hang out with her
Thank goodness. Is it OK if we study while we talk?


Makoto Rank 10 (You should watch this)

Music: Sunset Bridge

Is it really a thing that Japanese students go to restaurants to study? I feel like doing that in America would get the cops sicced on you for loitering.

I think she knew it deep within her heart, and seeing him like that finally helped her realize.

Oh, and she told me she quit her job. Right now she doesn’t know what she wants to do, but she’s going to go to college and figure things out. So in the end, Eiko’s going to start seriously focusing on her studies again. I plan on doing the same as well.

Yes. I thought there was no point in continuing my studies, but… This time I’m not seeking anyone’s praise, and I’m not trying to show off my intelligence. I simply want to fulfill my own personal goals and dreams. Before now, I didn’t have a clear vision of what that meant. I was lost in life… But thanks to you, I’ve finally come to realize it.

Uhhh, what? You sure about that, Makoto?

Yeah, you should probably give up.

Also, to completely betray your own sense of justice! I fuckin’ read up on Japanese cops after the last time I complimented them for the futon thing; they’ll just hold people for three weeks with no charge to extract a confession! There’s a dude who got tortured for a confession and then spent 46 years on death row! I’m not sure that’s the kind of shit you wanna be involved in, because your sister’s already neck-deep in it and I thought you’d know better just from watching her!

There are too many incidents in this country that are never brought to light. That host was one.

You know that sometimes Japanese police just fabricate confessions and then pressure the accused into signing them?

Villains who prey on the hearts of the weak with cowardly, legally questionable methods…

I read that one prosecutor thinks that like a tenth of all confessions leading to prison time are coerced from innocent suspects, and that figure’s probably a rather low estimate.

My father risked his life trying to catch a group of those people. I will never forgive them. But I won’t be able to eradicate them all on my own… Instead, I want to head an organization that will destroy the lawless and help rescue victims.

Oh, I see. So you’re just hopelessly naive. Well, that’s a little bit better, I guess.

Yeah, that’s an amazing dream.

That is the justice I aim for. I also believe it will be a continuation of my father’s legacy.

Of vicious compromise in the name of an uncaring, unfeeling system?

Honestly, it’s a little strange that I found the true meaning of my studies outside of my studies. I think now I’ll be able to see the world even more differently. ...Thank you for all your help. Must have been difficult babysitting the uptight Miss President, right?

I feel a strong bond with Makoto...

Music: The Spirit

Makoto is one of my favorite characters in this game even with this bad, bad decision taken into account. She is voiced, once again, by Cherami Leigh.

Music: Swear to My Bones

Good night, sweet bike.

In your place we get…

A fucking lame-ass Autobot that can’t even transform! Boooooo! I want the bike back!

Anat is a Semitic goddess, the daughter of the highest Ugaritic god El. She is a goddess of hunting and war, as well as fertility. She was also the wife/consort of fucking Yahweh.

Music: What’s Going On?

*nods* Now then, in order to fulfill my dream, I’ll need to be accepted into my first choice college. *giggle* What a funny thought… Studying to become a head of police while working as a thief…

Hm. You may be right. The objective is the same, after all… Exposing the evil lurking in the dark shadows…

Not really what I meant by that. Did you know that there are actually too many cops in Japan and not enough crime?

Oh, that’s right. In thanks for helping me, I’ll gladly assist you with your studies as well. *giggle* You had best be ready.

Let’s go home.

Welp, Makoto was a fucking cop this whole time. Goddammit. Character ruined! I’m glad we’re not romancing you!

We switch out Defense Master for Evade Psy. Anat also upgrades its Curse and Nuke resistances.

Music: Beneath the Mask

A: The prime minister/B: You in front of your TV/For viewers just tuning in, you’re watching “Law Variety”! Now then, what’s your answer?

The correct answer is… B! You and me, we’re the ones running this country!
Article 1 of our Constitution states “the Japanese people hold sovereignty.” The power is yours! I may get flak for saying this, but I think every single person has the power to change society.
Oh, you got it right! So… what do you think? Do I count as a citizen?
It feels like I’ve improved my Knowledge.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I can sense it just by looking at your face. The “death” aura is emitting a strange light… Please be careful. Well then, what would you like to do today…?

So, I’ve made some more progress with the ADP case! Sit down so I can tell you all about it!

Yes! Please go ahead!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

They didn’t really believe what I was saying at first, but the truth of the matter settled in eventually… However… it seems like the members from the executive class are still brainwashed. I’m in talks with a lawyer right now though. We’re going to get refunds and outpatient care for all of them. I’m going to give back all the money I made from selling Holy Stones too. It’s the least I can do to atone for the ignorance I showed back then. That’s why… I want you to accept this, Hamiru-san. Think of it not only as an apology, but as a sign of gratitude, for helping me see the truth.

Holy shit! To tell you the truth, I had totally given up on ever seeing that money again!

Music: Suspicion

I mean, the chairman was obviously framed! Tell us the truth, please!
N-None of it was made up. As for the chairman, I need you to listen to me. Everything he told you in those seminars was a lie! The promises of a great future, the power of the Holy Stones, the need for donations… All lies. Doesn’t it seem strange that he kept asking members for money, even through times of financial stress? And beyond that, you guys should have known better than anyone where those “donations” were ending up. ...Even I knew how horrible the ADP’s scheme was. That’s why I had to come forward…
No! That can’t be true!

Shut your mouth!

Uh-oh, the crowd’s getting testy.

I’m the one who sold you those rocks! If you’re going to get upset with anyone… it should be with me!
But… Maiden…
This can’t be happening…
...No. We must continue to place our trust in her. Please, Maiden… Cleanse us of our misery! If you leave us now, we will be fated to drown in sorrow…!

These idiots, I swear.

L-Look, the only way you can change that is with your own convictions! Neither I nor one of those worthless stones will be able to help you…
B-But then, how are we supposed to avoid our fated misery…?
No… A curse is upon us…!
Maiden, please…!

Music: Alleycat

Whether yer gonna be miserable or not’s all on yer own damn shoulders! You don’t need some divine power mumbo jumbo to be changin’ yer fate!

Y’all got that strength in yerselves! Fortune-tellin’ can’t hold a candle to honest-to-goodness willpower! And heck, even if thing’sre bad now, it’ll all be fine so long as you keep your heads up!

Bahahahahahaha, oh that’s dumb.

But… I stand by what I said. Nothing will ever change if all you do is rely on others. Take me for example. I thought I was destined to live as a monster… but I had the strength to reverse that fate. If you want to control your future, that’s all you need… Strength. The only way forward is through the fortitude of your own heart!
My… heart?
It might not be the easiest thing to accomplish at first. After all, your willpower has been constantly suppressed by all those seminars and donations… ...I’m partially to blame for that. But that’s why I need to show you the light now and help you push on!
No. I’m not your Maiden anymore. I’m just Chihaya Mifune, the fortune teller who guides fate!

I know how they feel though. They want to cling onto the Holy Stones, just as I clung onto my role as the Maiden. All any of us ever wanted was to be happy… to avoid our fates…

No matter how many times I have to try, I will talk to them until they understand. And when they realize the difficult truth… I will be there to help them recover. Back in my villages, people called me a monster. Here, they revered me as the Maiden. Even now my heart continues to wander, yet you somehow saw the real me… Not the Maiden… Not a monster… Just Chihaya. Hamiru-san… Thank you.

Hey, no problem. This all started as me trying to annoy you by disrupting your predictions because you fucking robbed me, but whatever. Water under the bridge.

I can sense a deep bond of trust from Chihaya...

I mean, normally someone wouldn’t think to involve themselves in such a strenuous ordeal. S-So, um… There’s actually something I’ve been wondering for a while now… Is… fortune-telling the only reason you come to see me? I-It’s not… is it?
I should choose my words carefully…
Hamiru-san… Why do you come here?

And another one bites the dust.

O-Oh, I see… Sorry I suppose I was just feeling a bit self-conscious…

(muttering) Didn’t he say he liked older women…?
What was that?

But there’s nothing better than knowing my readings help others! Please come have your fortune read as often as you’d like! After all, we’ll forever be joined in our quest to oppose fate! Anyway, I should be going. Good night!

Anon: Death penalty! Execute!
Anon: they’re running loose rn…
Anon: this site pisses me off

Music: My Homie

I’m changing my lesson for today. Instead of a regular class, we’ll be reviewing last week’s materials. I suggest you listen carefully. But don’t think you can slack off, OK? I absolutely won’t allow it. No slacking off!
Kawakami’s graciously given us this free time, so we’d better put it to good use.

Hmm. Is it really possible to get better at batting just by reading a book?

It really went into detail about how you can identify what kind of pitch is coming at you… We should go to the batting cages sometime and try out what you learned!

We should thank Kawakami for this later.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Nine days left. We’re fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

No way… Is someone getting arrested?
I have no idea. If someone’s getting arrested though, I hope the police take them away soon.
If the Phantom Thieves hear this, we might be in danger. I hope we don’t get dragged into this mess.

Even if it’s a joke, I don’t wanna see it. That shit’s a straight up terrorist logo. I feel sick… Maybe Hamiru IS dangerous after all…?
They seriously despise us… This is too much to handle…

Awesome, tanked my own reputation for no reason!

Does that mean they don’t go to Shujin? That’s a relief…
Sure, but the police need to hurry up—they’re turning people into vegetables left and right.
The Phantom Thieves are so dangerous… Maybe Akechi-kun can do something about it.

I suppose it’s because I want to exercise my right to do it. Then again, it’s not like my vote will change anything.
I guess what I want to know is why doesn’t everyone go? I guess not voting is like having a seat change in class while you’re away! I don’t think I’d like that.

I pretended to be a Phantom Thief since I idolized them, but now I wonder what real justice is like. Hey, you think you could tell me what really defines a hero?

You’re right. Here goes. I guess a hero is someone who helps someone… who needs… help. Aw, I know that sounds dumb! It was all I could think of on the spur of the moment.

I think I get it. Even if I became a Phantom Thief, I wouldn’t be a hero if I didn’t help anyone. Hehe… Thanks, you really helped me out there. I guess that sort of means you’re my hero, you know?

Looks like Starry-eyed Student has made some startling personal growth.

So you’re saying the one-sided bashing is too much, hm? As you can see, there are some who express their doubts about the biased news reports. The media may need to consider whether or not they are truly being impartial. And that concludes our on-the-spot coverage.

This news lady who keeps railroading my answers for some reason is using it to attack… her own profession. All right, then.

The world will be swallowed by the surge of darkness… like the Phantom Thieves were!

How can I believe in murderers!? People have been losing their minds left and right, you know? What should I do…? Please tell me… Sun God...

Forget about economic reform, and focus more on the female form. We need to pick up more girls!
You already have plenty of girls though, Senpai!
W-Well, I’m thinking of learning from Shido. Maybe start the New Pick-Up Party.

Alone? What about your maid? Have you let the poor dear go?
We had to. Can’t spare any unnecessary expenses during this tumultuous time, can we?
Such an admirable woman you’ve become. Well, as they say—pride comes before a fall. Ohoho...

Just a lot of fake stuff. Any mention of the Phantom Thieves always brings in the trolls.
They used to be so popular…
That’s old news. Of course people were upset after finding out they were murderers.

I’d say yes in a heartbeat. I don’t want to bring my personal emotions into my work, but… Many people have risen up against society before, but this time, it’s on a different scale. I just really want to see what the Phantom Thieves would do.

No one knows how they commit their crimes. Are you worried no place is safe from them? Don’t be a victim of your own fear. Take the steps to be able to say, “My home is safe.” Sign up with Wanna-B-Alert now and get a security guard at your home three times a month for free!

I hear the girls at my cafe saying “Akechi-kun, save me!” all the time. Everyone sure likes him now. He used to be really unpopular, didn’t he? The whole internet was flaming him for a while.
Hey, people always switch sides! We gotta cheer on the good guys, whoever they are!

Oh yeah, that one where they’re getting stopped by the police? I laughed so hard at that!
Akechi was right… Only fools would say the Phantom Thieves stand for justice.
...Hey, didn’t you like the Phantom Thieves? Ah, and Akechi’s gone now too.

Please, can you stop? You made a profit. Isn’t that enough?
No, not yet! We have to wait until it doubles in value! Yes, this country will change! Our celebrolution has only just begun!

This poor woman.

Our veggies have been ready for a bit, but I totally blanked on collecting them until now.

Now that we’ve harvested the Sun Tomato, we can plant a Moonlight Carrot.

Would you be interested in joining me there?

Then it’s decided. This particular restaurant is an expensive hotel buffet. Hopefully the coffee lives up to that reputation.

Music: What’s Going On?

Well, I’ve decided to start studying the topic more seriously by going out to places like this. I’ve been keeping it a secret from my fiance though. You see, just a single cup of the Dark Ivory coffee here costs roughly six thousand yen.

Either way, perhaps we should try it before passing judgement… Well, shall we order? I’ll be paying for your cup as well.

I want so badly to say “Kthx,” but alas, it feels too jokey.

But allow me to handle this. I invited you, after all.
Hm, I wonder how it will taste.

Well, here we go...

There is a faint bitterness beneath the strangely mellow flavor… The coffee is clearly distinct from what Sojiro serves at Leblanc…
...It has a distinctly fragrant aroma, paired with a mild flavor. This is undoubtedly delicious, yet… I would barely consider it coffee.

I suddenly understand why it’s called “Dark Ivory.”

I’m glad you think this is funny, at least.

I just thought you might find it hard to enjoy If you had known ahead of time. I was surprised to hear it at first myself, but that was actually why I wanted to try it to begin with. Another rare type of coffee, kopi luwak, is gathered from the feces of a small cat called a civet. Interestingly enough, the flavor differs depending on what animal it was originally consumed by. Speaking of cats, do you think Mona-chan would be able to…?

Fuck yeah, let’s abuse this cat.

Oh, but we need Mona-chan for our operations, huh? We can’t afford to make him eat beans all day…

The only reason we shouldn’t do it, then.

Hm… Coffee is so profound…

You got that from cat shit beans?

Music: Suspicion

What a strange place for us to meet. It’s not often I see people your age at this luxurious buffet.

Oh, he’s a friend from school. Maaku-kun, this is Takakura-san, the new president of Okumura Foods.
*nods* By the way, it looks like we will be able to avoid litigation. We somehow settled on decent terms. You don’t need to worry. Oh, and about your shares… you should consider letting the company hold on to them for the time being. I’m sure you have enough on your plate already, given everything that’s happened to you.
Well, I…
Ah, I’m sorry to bring that up while you two are enjoying yourselves here. That aside, how are things going with Sugimura-kun? You know, these days you need to reserve a wedding hall almost a year in advance if you want a good one. Sometimes it worries me how laid-back you are, Haru-chan.

Tactful Man is on the scene!

R-Right. We’re in the process…
Well, I should be heading back to the office now. Oh, but please allow me to pay for your drinks.
N-No, that’s quite all right. And, um… about the shares… I can handle them for now. I’m going to protect that which my father left for me.
...I understand. Please do try to reconsider though. Well, if you’ll excuse me.

I mean, I’m just an inexperience high schooler… but I can’t leave the company in Takakura-san’s hands. Hey, um… what did you think of him?

But… I agree. I really don’t know whether or not I can trust him… Right now, the most prevalent rumor about Takakura-san is that he was pleased by my father’s passing… I mean, he was certainly the person who stood to benefit the most from it… It’s hard to deny that fact. But… he says he’s trying to rebuild our company image. I just can’t tell if he really means it… ...You know, sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have money… if I was normal. Don’t get me wrong, the company is definitely important… but it’s often nothing more than a source of stress. With you guys though… I feel like I actually belong. That’s why I’m going to work extra hard to make sure my harvests turn out great!
I can sense a strong resolve from Haru...

He’s been really showering me with presents lately… One night he even left a bouquet of roses on my pillow. But… he would have needed one of my servants to help him accomplish that, right? What a scary thought… Even worse, Takakura-san has been hurry us to get married after what happened to my father. He claims it’s because of the profit the marriage will bring to the company… ...But there has to be more to the situation than just that. Anyway, I’ll look a little deeper into Takakura-san. Perhaps he truly was pleased by my father’s death… Maybe I should start by asking the employees who are trying so desperately to win my favor…

Aren’t you going to finish it?

Well, goodbye.

Arrest those damn Phantom Thieves already!
Should the Diet really be dissolving at a time like this!?
Shouldn’t the safety of the citizens be the top priority?
How are we supposed to feel safe?

Anon: Death penalty! Execute!
Anon: 30 million yen OMG XD
Anon: they’re running loose rn…
Anon: who cares either way?

Music: Beneath the Mask

It seems they have no evidence that can truly be called as such.
Well duh.
However, it seems they have no intentions of changing their plans.
They’re going to investigate at both Shujin Academy and Leblanc, right?
Hm. I can understand Shujin… But why Leblanc?
The key is Wakaba Isshiki.
Is it cause of my mom’s research?
Correct. Her study of cognitive psience is closely connected to this case. Of that, there can be no doubt.
Then this guy’s really the mastermind behind all of this?
That would be the case. There can be no mistake… The one who erased cognitive psience from this world is surely the culprit behind everything.
And getting rid of the research was to ensure only they could use its powers?
How perceptive of you. Yes, that is the only logical conclusion. Both Sae-san and I were searching for clues about that research. But just as we were about to deepen our investigation, this commotion began. And to make things even more troublesome… There was only one person with strong connections to both Shujin Academy and Leblanc. And that person turned out to be the leader of the Phantom Thieves.
So the culprit had calculated all of this in advance?
Heavens no. That would be impossible. This was a miracle created by the coinciding of multiple chance situations.

Y’know, shitty luck is still luck.
Yes, your luck really is impressive.
At any rate, that’s the current state of things. And that’s why we must obstruct the investigation at all costs.
Yes, that’s our intention.
You really do have something special about you. I can say that with confidence now.

Mr. Shido’s new party, the “United Future,” sent a motion of non-confidence against the cabinet. It was approved by a majority vote, which then led to a dissolution of the House. An election is expected to be held before the yearend, and each party has already begun preparing.
Oh, sounds like there’s going to be an election. I wonder who’s going to win.

What!? Why’d you change your mind all of a sudden? Isn’t it too late to do that now?
I have to make my parents pay for throwing away my stuff. So I made a bet with them. If I make it into a better middle school, then they have to buy me everything they threw out again.
Whoa, that’s so cool! It’s like what they say on the news! Evil people deserve to be punished!

You’re like, completely surrounded! Get your asses out before shit goes south!
There's no way they'll turn themselves in, not with all the charges they're facing.
Pretty much pissed off all of Japan, huh? Must be scary, buuuddy!

You’ve never gotten into politics. What’s gotten into you?
I saw this feature about all the recent incidents on TV. I realized we can’t rely on the ruling party. They’re the ones ruining Japan. They’re the reason why people like the Phantom Thieves run loose.
Would a shift in political power change anything? I can’t really imagine that happening…

Don’t worry about it. Can’t trust the ruling party anymore. Might as well let someone new take a shot.
Japan’s like a team of great players who don’t have a coach. It’s so strange—like people here don’t care about their own country…

What, really!? Who? I wonder if we were friends…
Well, he always said he wanted to make our town better. It’s a real uphill battle, I hear, though.

If this gig I’ve got goes well, I’ll be able to make my debut soon. Mm-hmm, that’s right. ...What do you mean I don’t seem happy? I’m just worried about all this Phantom Thieves stuff, that’s all. I’m sure it’ll settle down soon. I’m so close to realizing my dream… I need to keep working really hard…

Music: Crossroads

The public blames the Phantom Thieves for both incidents, but something doesn’t add up… Maybe you’re rubbing off on me. But I guess a journalist’s gotta question everything.

Do you have a minute…?

Thanks. Stop standing and sit down.

Music: Suspicion

She’s gotten so skinny, she looked almost like a stranger… She wouldn’t say anything either. I think she had a… mental shutdown, is it called?

Oh no, that’s terrible! ...It wasn’t me.

Yeah. I was expecting it to be bad, but… it was still pretty jarring to see her in person. Her doctor said they found her collapsed in the street just about a year ago now. She had been wandering along the coast without any belongings, so the director’s wife took her in.
...Is there any hope of recovery?
...All we can do is pray. Either way, Kayo is still a suspect, so bringing her back here would just put her in danger again…
So we’ll never know what happened with that bureaucrat?
Not necessarily. I have her hairclip. It looks like an ordinary accessory, but it actually has a miniature camera built inside.

Remember that voicemail where she said she had something big? Well, it was all in the hairclip.
So then…!

Music: Desire

...It was a picture of the bureaucrat’s secret meeting. The other party must be the one behind the slush fund. And that other party…

Again with Shido. God, I’m hearing his name all over the place. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though.

Shido…? You mean the politician? I can’t believe someone close to him could be so horrible…

Gee, I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that this Shido fella might not be on the up-and-up!

Yup. It’s pretty clear that confidant was blackmailing the bureaucrat, and killed him for not paying up. Kayo must have managed to escape, but then ended up suffering a mental shutdown somehow… I’m not sure what could possible cause something like that though… In any case, maybe that’s why they decided to leave her alive… Heh… They underestimated her journalistic talent.
That’s an amazing story… It’ll be a huge scoop if you’re right!
But given the current situation, it’s going to be difficult to write an article about it. I wouldn’t have Kayo’s testimony, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to corroborate her story. I’d get crushed if I tried to take them on without being fully prepared…

I’m gonna do whatever it takes to pursue the truth! I said I need to be fully prepared, didn’t I? It’ll just take a while.
So then…!
I’ve resigned myself to a long battle anyway. I have her photo. Now I gotta get some solid evidence, and lay the groundwork to prove her innocence. I’m going to avenge Kayo! (to Maaku) ...Well then, our deal’s over. It’ll be too dangerous for you to stick around from here onward. You understand, right? The opposition won’t think twice about taking down anyone in their way. I’m sure I’ll get targeted… so to be safe, you shouldn’t come here again.

You must have nerves of steel...
Geez… You’re really never honest with yourself, Ichiko-chan. You’re not gonna find anyone else who listens to you as encouragingly as this guy. You know that, right? It’s gonna be a long battle against a tough enemy. You should have him by your side through it.

Uh-huh, sure. And what about you, kid? You’r not afraid to face the danger ahead, are you?

Fine. If you’re sticking your nose in this on your own free will, then there’s nothing I can do. I’ll solve this case on my own… but I appreciate having a friend who’s got my back.

We don’t carry that… There’s some generic stuff in the back though… Oh, and I’ll grab an oolong tea for the kid.
Mannn… Lamest kickoff party ever! ...I guess the booze doesn’t matter though. It’s all about the company!
I feel like my bond with Ohya is growing deeper...

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I know at first it was for the articles, but you don’t have any obligation to stay now, you know. Ohhh, I know. Did you take me seriously when I told the chief we were a couple? Geez, you kids today are so naive!
I should choose my words carefully...
That couple act…

Sorry, but no, I’m not into you like that. Maybe if I was the kind of person who drummed for fourteen straight hours and got deeply into Nicolas Cage.

O-Of course. Thank goodness…! It would’ve been way too much trouble to be with a minor… ...What’s taking Lala-chan so long? And what’s with the heat? I mean, don’t you think it’s hot in here? All this heat is making me tired…

Oh, never change, Ohya.