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Part 150: 11/13: Side Note: Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper

Part 141.5: 11/13: Side Note: Seasons Don’t Fear The Reaper

Music: Tokyo Emergency

...Juuuuuust kidding! We’re not going into the Palace just yet. We’ll reload a save and do that next update. First, though, there’s something I really need to show off.

Music: Mementos

Yeah, there’s been an outbreak… I’m sure lots of people are suffering through it.
I see… Those feelings might have an effect on Mementos…
What’s this flu gonna do to it?
It might have something to do with people’s negative emotions…
Uh… what’s that even mean…?
I’m not entirely sure. This is a first for me too, so let’s go find out with our own eyes.

Hmm, whatever could the effect of Flu Season be? Well...

Music: Last Surprise

...It’s despair. Remember despair? The ailment that makes you totally unable to act, drains your SP, and kills you after three turns? That seems a little overpowered, doesn’t it? Well, just you wait!

See, Mementos weather effects apply to any fight in the main halls (so the boss areas are unaffected), not counting ones where you get ambushed for some reason. Any fight. If you remember back to the very early updates where we went to Mementos and got a certain warning, you might already know where I’m going with this.

Music: Mementos

We’re going to hang out on the early floors so no Shadows bug us and just sit in a dead end waiting. For what, you ask? Why, we’re waiting for it to spawn.

Five minutes or so later…

The rattling of chains can be heard…

There he is… off in the distance.

The Reaper!

Music: Last Surprise

After one failed attempt where he killed me, I decide to let him ambush me because he doesn’t get two turns at the start when he does that. Unfortunately, he can’t get the despair effect when this happens, so no dice. I eventually just hit him again and it works. And boy, does it work.

One thing I should point out is that I was wrong once again: Anat can transform, just not in a cool way. The animation of Johanna rolling up pre-skill use still happens, but Makoto doesn’t hop on, it just transforms into Anat at the very end. Lame.

This fight honestly isn’t worth not cheesing, for the simple reason that The Reaper takes almost no damage from anything. Almighty does slightly more (Akechi’s Megidola does about 3 times this), but still not enough to make even a dent.

The Reaper has an absurd amount of SP for the record.

And we beat it. That was easy guys, I don’t know what the big fuss was about.

We get 72 thousand experience for… that. Whatever, I’ll take it, but it sucks that I have to reload and lose it all.

Only 3500 yen!? What!?

And that was enough for our entire party to level up about nine times. Cool. We probably won’t end up doing that again without reloading, but it’s a neat trick that the game seems to all but encourage you exploit. For this LP, I’m fine with doing things the intended way… mostly.

Anyway… next time, we’ll actually finally enter the Palace. I mean it this time.