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Part 155: 11/14-11/15: A Minor Delay

Part 146: 11/14-11/15: A Minor Delay

Music: Beneath the Mask

Looks like we’ll manage to get it out before that investigation starts going down too.
We still don’t know anything about the true culprit behind the mental shutdowns though…
I wonder if we’ll learn anything from Niijima-san’s Shadow.
I doubt she has ascertained any relevant clues.
I agree. That is why she has the warrant out on the Phantom Thieves, after all.
Furthermore, the public believes arresting us will solve the case. The public prosecutors won’t stop now. They have the weight of the general public on their shoulders.
If only we knew who the true culprit was, we wouldn’t have to fight Niijima-san’s Shadow…

True, but there would be no end to the mistrust if we began doubting our peers.
Either way, we only have one opportunity to turn the tables.
This final calling card shall be my magnum opus. Simply let us know when you’re ready, Maaku.

Oh shit! More Mystery Stews! These restore 30% SP for one ally in mid-battle, with the caveat that they reduce all three battle parameters.

Although we have received many tips, we still have not uncovered any new clues. The police are considering rescinding the reward money and will continue their investigation.
They’re really treating us like we’re major criminals! I’m not happy about that one bit.

We need a massage after heading into the Metaverse.

Music: Crossroads

I don’t really mind it, but keep yourself in check, OK?

Lala says this every time we come in. Unfortunately, this is going to be the last time we talk to her.

You should wear a mask… Places like a crowded train can be dangerous.

Could you join me?

Take a seat.

Ohya Rank 10

Music: What’s Going On?

I’m gonna scrap the others and rewrite them as well. Yep, tomorrow morning then…

He’s been great. He’s ignoring the higher-up’s orders to help me. I’m doing a special expose on the Phantom Thieves, and the chief’s helping me. It’s about their origin and the root of the problem they’re trying to solve. ...I think it really captures the spirit of journalism.

The higher-ups were against it, but this expose has been very popular with our readers. Since we’ve sold so many copies, there’s nothing they can do about it… or us. So, we’re planning to throw in additional articles while we have the chance.

That’s what I figured, so I reserved a bottle at the wine shop.
Sheesh. OK, I’ll go get it for you.

What? Why would you leave!? This is your bar!

Music: Sunset Bridge

I wanted to speak with you… in private.

Oh god no, I turned you down, lady

Oh, loosen up a bit, will ya? I’ve been quietly making preparations to write a story about Shido’s confidant too. I’m going to uncover the truth… I swear to Kayo. Thanks… again. Whenever I felt like giving up, you encouraged me to keep going. It’s all thanks to you that I was able to get this far… Mister Phantom Thief.

I gotta just cut to the chase and start handing out cards if everyone’s gonna just figure it out. Also, fuck this, Lala wasn’t here to figure it out too!

The chief’s change of heart happened exactly the same way as those other cases. And the timing was absolutely perfect. You’re the only one who could have orchestrated all that.

You can’t say that! I’m telling!

I’m convinced from all the recent coverage that the Phantom Thieves truly are valiant. Helping the weak… Punishing the bad… They actually do all those things. In a sense, you and I have the same objective. We both want to expose the ills of society… Sooo, I won’t tell anyone about your true identity. Let’s form a united front to fight evil. ...If it weren’t for you, I never would have been able to return to my journalist self. My high schooler source who manipulated information ended up manipulating my heart too…

Uhhhhh, what?

I’m gonna return the favor one of these days, all right?

I feel a strong bond with Ohya...

Music: The Spirit

So, this description is straight-up wrong. The security level will drop to 0 overnight, but it absolutely will not be prevented from ever increasing ever, because that’s both an active detriment when you’re searching for Treasure Demons, and would make the second half of itself totally irrelevant. I believe the increase is only like 3%, though.

Ichiko Ohya is one of the less interesting Confidants, sadly, but Amanda Winn Lee doing more Drunk Yukiko is always fun.

Music: What’s Going On?

Shall we get started then? Considering we’re already in a celebratory mood?

I will not accept your refuuusal!


Anon: Enough is enough!!!
Anon: Is the admin an accomplice?
Anon: id bet money on the arrest

Music: So Boring

Why do these teachers always have to go on about their boring personal lives? At least in P4 we had the puppet teacher and the one who wore the weird pharaoh outfit.

I wonder if the Phantom Thieves had a hand in that. Many of those shows had noble thieves and shady people. Given current trends, it may be seen as insensitive. Nezumi Kozo was one of the gentleman thieves in the Edo period. According to one theory, he stole over one billion yen, making him the most wanted man of the era. Now then, Hamiru-kun. When he was executed, something was done to his appearance. Do you know what it was?

Exactly. He was to be paraded through the city, then be decapitated and have his head put on display. They put light makeup on him and made him wear a beautiful kimono. The parading around town of a well-known criminal was a sort of performance back in the day. The citizens wouldn’t have been satisfied if he had looked shabby.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I wonder what will happen if those Phantom Thieves get arrested. These days, it won’t just be their heads that will be put on display.
...People are having fun thinking about that, huh. I can’t take this...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I’m sure lots of us in high school feel that way. After all, we’re busy with clubs and studying. But I still need to cover politics for the newspaper club. Maybe I’ll write about a popular candidate.

It was inevitable for their party to disband. Still, I look forward to the rise of our next leader.
Are you talking about politics? They disbanded because of the Phantom Thieves, right?
I’m not interested in politics at all. I know this serious-looking guy is popular though.

I think so. Just one event can make huge changes. That’s my take on it.
Oh, yeah, and there’s the election at the end of the year. Maybe the whole world’s gonna change too.
I’m not really sure. We can’t vote yet, so all we can do is watch and see what happens.

One thing we’ve never done is go to the retro game shop.

We clean them out.

Right, I should buy those stocks for a big payout next year!
Is that more info you got from the internet? I thought you weren’t interested in politics.
We’re not even married yet, so quit nagging already! This one’ll work out. My celebrolution!


To be honest, I’m over this topic. Every station is covering it and saying the exact same thing. So we might as well stand out!
Still, if you don’t go along with their wishes, you may be…

P-People of Shibuya… please… lend me your strength… The Sun God, devoured by the surge of darkness, remains confined in his holy place… Pray for his return! Send your well wishes to Yongen-Jaya!

All right, let’s just get right to it: we’re sending the calling card today. Because the calling card is available to send, none of our Phantom Thieves buddies are available to hang, meaning we have no Confidants to advance, so there’s really no better choice. But before we can do that, we should pick up our vegetables from Haru.

We’ll need to assemble before we can do that though, yes?

And let’s plant some more carrots in their place.

Now, let’s head straight to the hideout from here.

I understand. I’ll need to change first, so you can go on ahead.

Music: Suspicion

So, when d’ya wanna send it? The earlier the better, right?
No… In my opinion, we should wait until right before the time limit.
May I ask your reasoning behind that idea?
Sae-san is a realist. Even if she believes the Phantom Thieves exist, do you think she knows how they steal hearts? Furthermore, there is a chance she expects that she herself will be targeted.
So because her heart is ready for any possibility, the calling card might not have enough effect?

This seems contrived, but okay!

I only say that theoretically, but I believe so. Hence, it would be prudent for us to wait until we are driven into a corner to act. If we do so with no time to spare, I assume even Sae-san would have to be somewhat agitated.
Hm, ensuring the Treasure actually appears… That sounds quite logical. Impressive, Akechi-kun… Though it’s a bit vexing that you know more about my sister than I do.
Haha, that is only because of my work as a detective. Well then, if our time limit is November 20th and we act the day after sending the calling card… Shall we send it out on the 18th?
We should prepare as much as we can before then. Well, I can’t complain about having more time. Make sure you’re ready, everyone!

So, uh… just kidding! We can’t send the calling card yet! But, more importantly, having this conversation has re-unlocked our Phantom Thieves buddies to hang out! Let’s go see Haru again!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Did you need something in the meantime, Maaku-kun?

Um, I’d like you to spend some time with me if you’re free… I need to speak with you about Takakura-san…

Thank you. Let’s get some coffee while we talk… Oh, I know! Why don’t we try it at Big Bang Burger for a change?

Uh, sure I guess. We’re going to your place, why not? Sorry, it’s just not what I think of when I think of coffee.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Gotta be honest, kind of a step down from the elephant turds.

Several people I asked said that he often complained about my father… But just as many seemed to say the exact opposite. One side has to be deceiving me, correct? I’m honestly suspicious of everyone at this point…

Unless it’s some third thing and everyone is lying!

I suppose I’ll just need to learn the truth of the matter myself… ...To be honest, Takakura-san has been pushing the marriage particularly hard lately. He says it will help provide vital backup for myself and Okumura Foods, both in public and in private… He’s even started asking Sugimura-san into important company meetings… There’s also the contract Sugimura-san made with my father… ……

Is marrying him my only option? Though now that I think about it… that may be my best chance to help the employees my father left behind…

Either way, graduation is quickly approaching… I’ll need to decide my course of action soon enough… You know… before you came along, I hadn’t even considered not going through with this marriage. I believed I would simply marry the man my father had chosen, and let the rest of my life pass me by. I wonder what would have happened if my father didn’t have a Palace… Would I have just resigned myself to the fate he had made for me…?


Honestly though, things would have been far worse for me if I hadn’t joined the Phantom Thieves.

God, everyone’s just blabbing about this in public now.

Plus, I would never have had anyone to talk to like this… If there’s anything I can do to return the favor, please tell me. I want to help you as much as I can!
I can sense Haru’s trust in me...

If you really want to pay me back, how about you MAKE MORE GODDAMN VEGGIES, PEASANT

I hope someday I can just look out at the sea with a nice cup of coffee and forget about all this… And… I hope you’ll be there with me, Maaku-kun. We can forego the elephants though, don’t worry.
Well then, shall we go home?

Music: Beneath the Mask

The challenging party’s got a lot of good politicians, so their chances were slim to begin with.
Now, after the psychotic breakdown stuff, people are putting their hopes in that one party leader.
Well, right now, there isn’t anyone better. Guess you can’t blame them for hoping.

According to a medical institution in Tokyo, the number of patients may rise even further next week.
The flu, huh? You’d better take care of yourself so you don’t get sick.

Catching a cold is sometimes just fate, you know… Well then, what would you like to do today…?

There’s something I’d like to ask you… Please have a seat.

Yes, please sit down.

Chihaya Rank 10

Music: Sunset Bridge

I do a phone consultation with them from time to time, and they’re all very cheerful…

That goes for my fortune-teller customers as well. I’ve been getting thanked a lot more lately. Even by the people who get bad fortunes! Particularly when I tell them they can alter their fate!

I had a best friend in the town I used to live in… She was the first person I read a fortune for. When she started avoiding me, I read the fortune of our fate. It was a terrible result, but I prayed that it would somehow work out. However, that never happened… That’s when I started to believe that fate couldn’t be changed. No surprise though, right? Because I didn’t take action on my part to try and change it. I haven’t talked to her in years… Maybe I’ll try contacting her sometime.

Yeah, you’re right!

Chihaya performs a reading.

The power of conviction is amazing. Her fate and mine are connected! I will no longer be swayed… by names like monster or Maiden. I am simply a fortune teller who provides advice to people with broken spirits. So that they will have conviction and face their future without getting pushed around by fate. ...That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!

Now, it’s your turn to speak. What would your conviction be… as a phantom thief?

She figured out we’re a Phantom Thief! That’s every single fucking person we’ve befriended! We’re so bad at this!

Sorry, I used fortune-telling to find out your true identity.

Oh, that’s so much better. She divined it from the fucking cards. Amazing.

I couldn’t help but think that you had something to do with the chairman’s confession. Then I discovered that you’re the Trickster who causes a sensation in the world. It was the same card as the figure who helped me take down the chairman. *giggle* It finally struck home for me…!

But I don’t care what your true identity is. As long as you’re around… I can always be my true self. So, it’s fine. Only… the fate of the Phantom Thieves is rather unclear. The arcana is set in a tricky position. You can almost say it’s facing both heaven and hell… This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it.

I’m sorry. I really can’t read this sequence. However… I’ll be by your side! As the fortune teller who changes fates, I will guide you so you can avoid misfortune!

A little late for that, but I appreciate the thought.

I feel a strong bond with Chihaya...

Music: The Spirit

Now, this is actually the best Confidant ability in the whole ga—nope, it’s fucking trash, especially for how late you get it. Holy shit, why would they even put this in?

I thought Chihaya was just kind of an asshole at first but she’s cool. She’s voiced by Sarah Williams, who I hadn’t really heard of before this but voices Neferpitou on Hunter x Hunter, Peacock in Skullgirls, and Nonon in Kill la Kill.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Still, what a strange sequence the cards were in when I read the fortune about your true identity. Several cards with strong personalities gathered around the Trickster. It’s quite improbable… It was almost as if it were trying to connect them together. You either have amazing charisma, or you’re a trouble magnet.

Guess which.

The verification tests are over, but don’t forget about me, OK? Please visit again sometime.

Oh, I’ll be sure to. I need those sweet, sweet Money Readings, after all.