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Part 156: 11/16-11/18: I Love You, Fake Dad

Part 147: 11/16-11/18: I Love You, Fake Dad

Anon: 30 million yen OMG XD
Anon: this site pisses me off

Music: My Homie

...Is this on? Ms. Chouno, please come to the faculty office at once.
What could this be…?

Surely it won’t be a ruse like the last eight times!

I’m off to the faculty office, so make sure you study on your own.

This woman’s skills were amazing, but I can’t help but feel shocked by how brazen she was…

Morgana just feels threatened by strong, independent women, naturall—oh wait she was a murderer

Goodness, there are so many ways to trick people. So many secret techniques and maneuvers… I’m sure you learned a bit more about the Proficiency you’ll need to smoothly get by in this world.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Now, it’s raining, so we can’t hang out with most of our Confidants. Therefore, we should do something we’ve never done before:

Read in the library!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

There’s danger afoot in the internet world too, it seems.

They were like gentleman thieves targeting evil corporations, but now they’re glory-seeking hackers. They’re sort of like us Phantom Thieves in that nobody knows exactly who they are...

They’re Futaba, you moron.

That section on computer security was difficult, but I’m sure you gained some Knowledge from it.

Maaku gains Knowledge +3.

This isn’t even news anymore…
I don’t care about politics.
Just arrest the Phantom Thieves already!
We can’t entrust these incompetent politicians to do anything!

Anon: id bet money on the arrest
Anon: Akechi-kun, save us!
Anon: stop shitposting lol
Anon: Record-breaking evil

Music: Beneath the Mask

On these irregularly broadcast specials, we share limited-edition items that are all the rage! Today, we’re talking about the Angel Tart from the Taisho Store! It’s available till Christmas!
Oh, I love Angel Tarts. I’ll buy them, even if I have to wait in long lines to get them. When I see these on the shelf at the store, it makes me feel like Christmas is almost here.

Despite this offer being made today, this item is not actually available for purchase just yet. Odd.

We’ve had this game console set up in the attic for some time now, let’s go use it.

We can play one level per night, so with all these games we’re probably not going to be able to get the trophy for beating all of them. However, we’re playing this game for a different reason. It doesn’t actually matter which game we select for our own purposes tonight as long as we don’t pick Gambla Goemon.

Music: Star Forneus

Whoa… You’re blasting away the enemy ships one by one… Not bad for a beginner. Oh, there aren’t any enemies on screen now… Did you win?

Hey, I think you’re supposed to aim for the core in the middle. Try focusing your fire on it!

We get seven seconds to press it twenty-five times.

Just hammer that X button.

Music: Everyday Days

I bet jumping into the enemy barrage increased your Guts.

Maaku gains Guts +2. You only get the social stat upgrade and complete the level if you finish the prompt given to you. This is why we didn’t want to choose Gambla Goemon, a game rooted in luck. We don’t need the social stats at this point, but I’d still rather complete the level so it doesn’t feel like I just wasted a time slot.

Anon: waste of tax money imo
Anon: they’re def guilty
Anon: lol this place went to shit
Anon: Enough is enough!!!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

*sigh* Let’s read this fucking PUA manual, I guess.

Music: Everyday Days

This picture of the author… That smug grin just irritates me.

It was just a sleazy book about picking up girls, but it did have some good tips on being charming.

Maaku gains Charm +3. Man, it’d be fucking amazing if my Charm actually went down after reading that shit.

Music: So Boring

Sine, cosine, and tangent. This is where a lot of people aren’t able to keep up. Why would you panic just from seeing a graph? I don’t get it. A complicated formula gets condensed down to a single line… Isn’t it simple and elegant? All of them have distinctive shapes that stimulate the imagination. Now then, Hamiru-san. Take a look at these graphs.

That’s correct.

Likewise, D is called the devil’s curve because it looks like a Chinese yo-yo called a diabolo.

“Chinese yo-yo” is probably just one of those fake drug names from that Twitter bot that posts made-up Ice T quotes from SVU.

It’s not directly related to devils in any way.

Are you sure? Math is pretty Satanic in my book.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Some people may think of math as an enemy like a devil…

Gah! The script predicted my joke!

...But there’s research that suggests that people who excel at math have higher incomes. If you’re shooting for a higher salary, sometimes you need to be willing to fight demons.

A little on-the-nose, game.

Honestly, I feel like fighting demons would be easier than trying to understand graphs like that…

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Watch that false plural, cat.

Now that we’ve played a video game, we can buy a book of game secrets from the Shinjuku bookstore.

I see Shido-san sometimes when I’m walking around town. I got to shake his hand! His smile really left a big impression on me.
I’ve been hearing a lot about this Shido. I hope popularity isn’t all that he’s got to offer.

Mwehehe! You’re free, right? There’s something I really wanna talk to you about. It’d be awesome if you could make some time for me.

OK! Let’s go to your room then.

Music: What’s Going On?

And believe it or not, she replied.

“She asked me how I got her email address and then blocked me.”

We even ended up talking on the phone about elementary school. She said the only reason she got mad at me about her diary was because she was embarrassed. Apparently she thought I would hate her if I knew about her secrets… so she ran away. I guess me and her are pretty much the same after all. Long story short… we made up! I finally apologized to her.

I’m surprised you’re so excited about it… but I’m glad. Anyway, it’s too far to actually visit each other, so we’ve been sending emails back and forth. We even made a promise recently… to both go to high school next year. Y’know… there’s no way I would’ve been able to call her and apologize before.

Oh, I almost forgot! Kana-chan was really surprised the Phantom Thieves listened to her request. She’ll never know the truth of the matter though… Mwehehe! I’ve finally finished that promise. “Get along with Kana-chan”… Um… This is really important, so I’m gonna say it again… Thank you, Maaku. Wait a second… I never even said it the first time. I guess that means I’ll just have to say it again now! Thank you, Maaku. Seriously.
I can feel a strong bond of trust from Futaba…

Um, is it OK if I ask you for a favor real quick? I mean, I just finished a super-old promise.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

C-Can you… pat me on the head? Mom used to do it when she was happy with me. Just… pat pat. ...Can you do it?

Uhhh, okay?


M-My heart…! M-My face…! It feels like they’re on fire! *pant* *pant* C-Calm down, Futaba…

Phew… Looks like that strange outburst is finally over. My heart’s still beating real hard, but I’m totally good now. Sorry for making you worry. I just remembered… I still have one more promise to do. “Being OK without you around.” ...Is that really possible? Meh, I’ll find out some other day! Peace out!
I walked Futaba home...

Music: Beneath the Mask

Once you send that calling card, there’s no turning back. Make sure you finish preparations tonight.

Topics of safety, particularly how to deal with the Phantom Thieves, are receiving a lot of attention. The key to winning the election will likely be how the parties address this challenge.
Are they just using us as scapegoats? They really just do whatever serves their interests…

I’m going to the church with Futaba. Sorry, but you’re coming along too.

We’re going to visit Wakaba’s grave. We’re leaving soon. Get ready in three minutes.

Sojiro Rank 10

I’ve been so busy with the shop and all… No, that’s not it… The guilt is what kept me from coming, I thought Wakaba would be angry with me…

Music: Sunset Bridge

I sure kept her waiting… but it felt good to tell her about how much Futaba’s improved lately. Oh… I told her about you too.

Huh… This is the first time the four of us are all together.

This is what my real smile looks like.
I approve.

Futaba walks away.

Oh, I have some news. The family court gave me a call the other day. Futaba’s uncle decided to retract his report. It was ‘cause of you, wasn’t it?


I’m sure she’ll make a fine lady either way. After all… she is Wakaba’s daughter. *sigh* Do all fathers have to go through this anxiety…?

But you showed me so much more… You showed me I have a family I need to protect. Not just Futaba… But you too. I may not always be reliable, but feel free to come to me if anything happens. I’ll be there for you… as family. And… Ah, I know. I’ll teach you everything I can. You’re a full-fledged man now. That might not be enough to return the favor… but it’s all I can do.
I feel a strong bond with Sojiro...

Music: The Spirit

Master Curry allows us to make curry that restores even more SP to all our allies. We still haven’t made curry yet, but we’ll go into it in a bit.

Sojiro… Sojiro is fucking great. He’s played by Jamieson Price, who just kills it. What an amazing character, and what an amazing performance.

Music: Sunset Bridge

No problem, man. I wouldn’t do that to you, for one. Second, we had a weird head-pat moment earlier today and it just cemented how odd our whole relationship is.

I can’t imagine you calling me “father”… Although, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

Make up your damn mind.


Yeah, yeah…

Now, there’s actually a slightly different version of this scene that plays if you get it before Sojiro finds out you’re a Phantom Thief. He’ll just wonder if Futaba’s uncle had a change of heart instead of pretty much knowing you did it yourself, so it doesn’t change much.

Anon: lol this place went to shit
Anon: Oh how far they’ve fallen
Anon: Is the admin an accomplice?

Geez… You all look like a bunch of dead fish. What was it? Your phone? Video games? I know you were up late. I always wake up at sunrise. On the other hand, kids these days… Hey, Hamiru! Are you awake!? Look at this map!

Exactly. The correct answer is the summit of Mt. Fuji.

However, what affects it most is altitude. So, excluding the outlying islands, the sun rises earliest on Mt. Fuji.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

That said, who knows when dawn will ever come for this country. The government and police are completely incompetent. Those Phantom Thieves need to be caught before anything else.
Just you watch… We’ll show you who’s just.


Anyways, tomorrow’s finally it! I hope everyone remembers!
The date of our plan? Of course we remember.
That means we’re sending out the calling card today, right?
Yes, today is our only option. The police have yet to actually make a move, but I am certain we have reached our limits.
We wanted to wait as long as possible to make Makoto’s sister panic… right?
Yes. Taking that into account, today would be the best option. We can speak in more detail about this after school. I will tell Akechi-kun as well.
All right, see y’all at Leblanc!

Music: Suspicion

Ain’t this place always empty though?

Everyone here is a witness.
U-Uh, I was just jokin’…
Um, we’re supposed to be discussing where we should send the calling card…
Considering how big the hype’s gotten, she’ll prolly just think it’s a prank, won’t she?
I could always put it on Sae-san’s desk. People know me there, so I could gain access easily.
That’s not a good idea. If you’re the only one who can get in there, it’ll easily be traced back to you.

Yeah, detective. Geez, what a moron.

...I’ll do it. I can just tell her it came for her in the mail. That would be the least risky method. No matter what she asks, I’ll tell her I don’t know anything.
But Makoto, that’s…
You’re our leader, so this will be up to you. Should we leave the calling card to Makoto?

Is that… really the only way...?
I’ll be OK. I’ve already traversed far more dangerous ground than this.
We will leave it to you then. Thank you for agreeing to this. I will need to step up my game as well to make up for it…
Very well then. We’ll enter from in front of the courthouse. Does six o’clock in the evening work for everyone?
Yup, got it.
Same as always.

Music: Disquiet

We continued talking after that… but I don’t remember about what… My memory is a haze...

All that’s left is to carry out the operation that Makoto outlined earlier.

Music: Desire

Oh, so Sae is envy. I… guess that makes sense? Sort of? If you squint?

“For its sake, you are even willing to promote injustice as justice… From, #Millennials…”
I found it in our mailbox…
To think they would send me one…

Sae crumples up the calling card Yusuke worked so hard on.

What nonsense! They only care about disposing of those who are an inconvenience for them! Fine… I’ll just have to catch them first!
And when you do… you’re going to interrogate them, right? In some kind of underground room, was it…?
Why do you ask?
Oh, I just remembered you mentioning something like that before…
That’s right. It will be in a special interrogation room underground. My time will be limited, but I will do whatever it takes to make them divulge their secrets…!

It’s late, but I should contact the director and let him know about this calling card…

Once that happens… why don’t we go on a trip to some hot springs? Just the two of us.

“I can yell at you just like old times. It’ll be great.”

Music: Days of Sisters

Sis… Um, I-I’m on your side!

Makoto begins crying.

*chuckle* What an odd girl…

I’ll head up to my room then.

There’s something I need to inform you of… I received a calling card from the Phantom Thieves. It was addressed to me directly and--

And you’ve transferred command of the investigation to someone else…!? No, of course not… Yes… I understand. I’ll remain on standby until further instructions… Please excuse me.

Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound good.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You always say that.

Thanks, Mako-chan. It’s all going according to plan then.
So, it has finally come to this. I actually feel somewhat nervous.
Don’t freak out so much that you screw up, all right?
You’re one to talk.
I ask that you go easy on me. Well then, see you tomorrow.
Hold on a sec! Crow, go over the operation again before you leave.
It is just as we discussed earlier, is it not?
This battle will decide our future. We must ensure we’re fully prepared beforehand.
Very well. Our objective is stealing Sae-san’s Treasure. We will meet at the courthouse at approximately 6 pm.

We’ll be relying on you.
What a wonderful, trusting relationship. I will do my best in this as well.
All right… We can’t afford any mistakes, especially not this time. Tomorrow’s a big day for us, so let’s give it our all!

Our special feature today is on Masayoshi Shido, who just might become our next prime minister.
Shido-san is popular as a man of the people. People really have high hopes in him as a politician.

There isn’t much you can do to prepare at this point, but make sure you give this all you’ve got.

...You know what I want to say, right? Make sure you don’t do anything rash, you got it?

Don’t worry, man. We got this.

Had to try.

We’ve never actually made curry, and it’s one of the three things we’re allowed to do on calling card days along with make infiltration tools and make coffee, so let’s do that. It’ll give me a chance to explain why it’s not actually that useful!

Hey, there are some leftover curry ingredients here!

Now, curry can only be made on specific days when the fridge has leftovers in it. Today, it does.

Making curry for tomorrow? That’s not a bad idea...

Normally we’d get a prompt asking us if we want to call Kawakami to do this for us, but it’s a calling card day so we can’t.

Oh, you’re cookin’ dinner…? I’m about to head home, but… Careful with the stove, all right?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

...This curry really has a lot of ingredients, doesn’t it? Did I see you put fruit in there?

Now, we don’t get Confidant points with Sojiro for curry like we do with coffee, because he leaves and decides not to crap all over it. But you know what we do still get?


Aww yiss, grated apples. Mild and delectable, bitches.

I wouldn’t think coffee would go with curry either, but there you go.

Ahh! It’s starting to smell good… I bet this will be a hit!

Maaku takes one bite and immediately starts wolfing it down. Take it easy, man. We need some of that for the Palace.

This curry has a lot of thought and love behind it, huh… Maybe if you eat it in the Metaverse, it’ll heal your wounds too.

Master Curry restores 100 SP to all allies. Unfortunately, curry is a food item, meaning it is only usable out of battle, as Jeff and Vinny discovered during the infamous TaP Soda incident. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem; Haru’s vegetables have the same restriction (Only the Sun Tomatoes have this restriction, oddly enough. In addition to what follows here it just means there's no reason to ever make Sun Tomatoes). The main problem with curry though is that until you get to Sojiro’s Rank 10, which upgrades it from 50 (?) to 100 SP, you need a bunch of it if you’re really hurting for SP.

There’s an interesting trade-off here with the veggies, which don’t take a time slot but do take time to grow, vs. the coffee and curry. Haru’s Sun Tomatoes restore the same amount of SP for the party, but honestly once you get Kawakami to Rank 9 and she quits her job you can have her be doing stuff for you every night with no penalty, so why not just have her make curry and use all of Haru’s gardening time on full-SP-restore Moonlight Carrots? I went into this writeup thinking curry was useless (and I had my reasoning, as we head into the endgame the later bosses are all marathons, so SP restore you can’t use in battle is worthless for them), but honestly, it has its uses.

By the way, there’s really no reason to make coffee once you get Master Curry unless you just need to give Kawakami something to do, they restore the same amount of SP but the latter is partywide.

There might come a time you’ll be asked to serve it to someone. It wouldn’t be a waste to practice. We should rest now, we have a big day tomorrow.

We certainly do. Buckle up kids, because shit’s about to get nuts.