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Part 158: Side Note: Double Or Nothing

Part 148.5: Side Note: Double Or Nothing

We’re not quite done yet here. There’s a few minor beats with this fight that I feel the need to show off.

First, we need to remove everyone from our party.

Then, we can enter the fight alone.

Have someone snipe the pocket when that glass lid appears! You’re in charge of choosing who’s gonna be the sniper!

Uh, that’s kinda gonna be a problem, Futaba! There’s no one else here!

So, what do we do? Well, we do all we can. We fucking wait. We wait a long-ass time. 10 (!) total cycles of the roulette, in fact.

L-Luck, my ass! You’re probably cheating! How else would we keep losing like this!?
…! Why would I cheat…?
There’s no way you’re not, you liar! It’s totally obvious! You’re only up against me and Joker, you know! You’re supposed to be an adult! You should be ashamed! More importantly, are you so weak that you have to cheat to win? And you call yourself a Palace ruler? You’re just a wimp! You should totally be ashamed!
You only dare talk like that because you can’t beat me…
Shut it! To begin with--

And just like that, she transforms just from Futaba chewing her out. Way to go! Now we can get thrashed near-instantly because we’re alone and our HP and SP are in the dumpster from the repeated roulette spins!

I assume the reason this happens is that the devs didn't want the game to ever be straight-up unwinnable, even if you were doing weird garbage like removing everyone from your party. This is also probably the reason most of the boss actions are so lame.

The other thing I wanted to show off is dumb and really only funny to me, but whatever:

Haru gonna snipe with a grenade launcher. And it works. Haru is the greatest sniper of all time.