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Part 159: 11/19-11/20: Replay Value

Part 149: 11/19-11/20: Replay Value

A black-clothed figure leaps stealthily through the air, crossing the room via the lights above.

Well, aren’t you pleased with yourself?

Huh? Oh, what the fuck now? Receiving an anomalous signal… It’s interfering with the image upload? What’s going on? Hold on, switching to an alternate track!

Joker motions for Crow to start.

Crow fires just past Joker... the process snapping the support for the light rig.

Distraction successful. Though, uh… maybe a bit overzealous. Someone could have died. Wait, they’re all cognitions. Never mind.

With that, Joker heads off.

Over there! Let’s get rid of them!
All right! The enemies are focusing on Joker. A perfect diversion!

Totally. Skull could never come up with something like that.

Because he has no sense for aesthetics.
Shut up, Fox!

You guys can praise my marksmanship, if you’d like.

LOL, Akechi’s so desperate for praise.

Joker, do you read me?
We’ll recover the stolen treasure.

Joker places the Treasure for the team to retrieve.

The agents transform into masked creatures.

Joker leaps through the air...

...before landing directly on top of the enemy, grabbing its mask, and...

...ripping it clean off.

The enemy’s body bubbles up and explodes into a mass of red and black goo.

It then turns into whatever the hell this monstrosity is.

Oh, hey Arsene. How’s it hanging?

You have progressed well through your recollections. Last spring, you awakened to this furious power. Now, use that power… and defeat the enemies before you!

This solo fight can be a bit annoying if you don’t have the proper Persona for it, but our Seth is up to the task. Someone asked if we could make the Arsene from the intro and I don’t think it’s quite possible, at least out of NG+. It just knows skills we don’t have access to yet. Making a high-level Arsene in the first place would be a massive chore, too.

Recall everything… Remember the bonds you have forged with your friends… If you are fated to continue past this point, then we shall surely meet again...

Bye, Arsene!

If we recover the Treasure now, we can split up and get away!
Run, run! Yahoo!

Where should we meet up?
No worries, I’ll navigate!
Hey, Joker!

He’s always so cool.
Reckless, I’d call it. Sheesh!

Huh? No way! What’s this reading?

An ambush?

The frame is off-center here because it’s just cooler that way.

Guess the drugs were too strong…

No dozing off!

What about the camera? Are you thinking it can be used as video evidence?

So you’re not that stupid.

I’ll tell you now, don’t think that you’ll get out so easily. Obstruction of justice, blackmail, defamation, possession of weapons…

Hey, I was only ever the victim of blackmail! Many times!

We can add murder too, right? It’s a full course.

We’ll make you understand. One must take full responsibility for their actions.

Your name, you little shit! Giving the silent treatment? If you don’t spill it, your friends will suffer instead.

“He’s bluffing! They only caught me!” That’s what you wanna say, right? That’s fine. You can believe it or not.

Sign your confession.

What’s happening? It’s getting worse!

Halt. No one else goes in there.
It’s urgent. There’s something I need to confirm with the suspect.

Niijima-san, your director is on the phone.

Don’t make me repeat myself. Niijima, this case is already out of your hands--
I will not be convinced unless I confirm it. Director, this is my case.
I never win when you’re like this, so I went ahead and cleared it with them. Good luck, but I won’t be expecting much.

Your time will be cut short. We can’t permit you to talk with him for long. His methods are still unknown. We can’t guarantee it’s safe, even just to talk to him.

What’s going on?

What the--


Oh god