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Part 160: 11/20: Communication Breakdown

this is easily the weirdest thing anyone’s ever asked me to do.

I don’t give a shit. Can you do it?

i don’t even like you. why are you coming to me for help?

Can you fucking do it or not?

maybe? i think? again, this is a weird case.

How weird?

a simple proxy to hide your computer’s location isn’t gonna work. they’ll sniff right through that. i’ll have to spoof the signal from multiple locations at once, and even then you’ll only have a five minute window to upload it from a public wifi signal. don’t do it from the same place more than once, and under absolutely no circumstances do it from your own home.

Thank you.

also, word of warning: there might be some… minor corruption of key words or phrases in the process.

What does that mean?

it’s an unavoidable part of the process.

I can deal with whatever it is. I’ve come too far to stop now.

you’re probably going to go to prison, lol.

Part 150: 11/20: Communication Breakdown

Music: Aria of the Soul

Now that you have traversed your long, perilous recollection, you truly have entered the present.
The effects of that drug are gonna wear off soon. This is your golden opportunity. You must grasp the truth that will save you from the brink of ruin.
The evil influence who wishes you dead is fast approaching.
If you want to win this unreasonable game…
If you wish to take back your stolen future…
Recall the bonds you formed with your allies… And grasp the truth that will save you from the brink of ruin.

Music: Interrogation Room

So that’s what led to your ending up here. What a disappointing end to the hero of justice. I still can’t believe it… but I now have a general idea of the methods you used for your crimes. There’s much more I’d like to ask, but my allotted time is nearly up… I do have a suggestion though.

Your operation was leaked, and you failed to change my heart. There’s no point in being obstinate now. You’ve corrupted the order of this country and caused an uprising against its very existence. You’ll most likely be given life imprisonment or the death penalty. ...Unless you accept my proposal. Going forward, I will read a list of people who are closest to you and this case. Tell me honestly whether or not the following are involved with the Phantom Thieves.

One of the victims of the Kamoshida case—Ann Takamaki. Ichiryusai Madarame’s pupil—Yusuke Kitagawa. The daughter of Wakaba Isshiki—Futaba Sakura.

Hey, Sae? Sae! I think you skipped one? Just checking?

The heiress to the Okumura Foods legacy and daughter of its CEO—Haru Okumura.

Oh, there it is.

Those are your accomplices in the Phantom Thieves case, are they not?

So you won’t sell out your friends… Then let me change the question. ...I find it hard to believe that high schoolers could have pulled off these crimes by themselves. Were there not others outside of your direct group who encouraged your crimes or lent their aid?

...You had the cooperation of people outside your group, did you not? Can you tell me about them?

...I see. So you won’t speak a word about either your teammates or your collaborators? Do you even understand the position that you’re in?

Might he be a part of your team too?

Aww shucks, Akechi’s such a swell guy we don’t even get the option of selling him out

It’s a setup, lady! I’ve been framed! You got the wrong guy! I don’t know a thing about these Phantom Thieves!

Even now, you’re still acting as though you’re a hero of justice? Your teammates have sacrificed you in order to escape, yet you wish to defend their honor? Why won’t you talk about them?

Sae slams the table.

...Then tell me! What is this “justice” you speak of?

What an awfully simple response! *sigh* You continue to stand firm… Are you implying that we have no evidence on you? ...You’re right—we have nothing. And it doesn’t help that your story sounds like a fairy tale! But many people have fallen victim to this! We need to learn the truth.

After all this, you’re still--

Are you listening? The side effects of the truth serum should be wearing off. I won’t be deceived by such a poor act.

I feel like… I’m forgetting something important...

“Minor corruption,” eh?

...Can you hear me?

Although I find your story to be quite interesting, I won’t be able to speak with you any longer.

What are you getting at? ...That’s right. No matter the results of this case, I won’t be receiving credit. I even had to call in a large favor just to conduct this interrogation…

That’s right… If I remember...

Niijima mentioned a special interrogation room, didn’t she? Good. It looks like we can make this work if we lure them there.

...Our time’s up. We’re done talking here. ...Goodbye.

Why…? Because this is my job. Don’t ask me such odd questions. Anyhow… there’s one last thing I want to ask you. There’s something that’s been bothering me for some time now.

A short while later, I received word you were caught in the act… within some bizarre phenomenon. ...But that was all I was told. You were told someone sold you out, correct? If that’s true, who could it have been? Don’t you have any idea…?

That’s right… There’s something I need to do…

...All that’s left is to figure out a way to hand it over. It’s all up to you, Leader.

OK then.

We’ll be counting on you to pull this one off.

Music: Disquiet

Sae slams the table again.

If you know something, you must tell me! I won’t allow things to end like this!

I’ve been told the lock on it is quite complicated. But, it’s only a matter of time until it’s cracked. What’s so important about this smartphone? Are you going to unlock it and show me the data?

She hasn’t slept for days while she’s been getting that app ready.

What are you trying to get at here? And what about this smartphone?

The traitor…?

Maaku recalls the voice of the traitor…

Sae slams the table again. Geez lady, what’d it do to you?

I need you to be clear with me! Who am I supposed to show this to?

*sigh* What are you plotting? I can’t even begin to fathom it.

...But it appears my time is up. This is as far as our conversation can go. This will be my last involvement with this case… Heh… ...Very well. I’ve listened to your whole story, so I may as well play along to the end. And that honest look in your eyes… I used to view the world the same way too, once. I’ll place my bet on you.


Music: The Spirit

Sae jumps straight from Rank 6 to Rank 10. Also, no romance option for her, which is weird considering how otherwise horny this game is. She’s voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell, a newer VA who voices Midnight in My Hero Academia, Ymir in Attack on Titan, and Urbosa in Breath of the Wild.


True Justice?


Music: Disquiet

I’ll be going now.

Sae’s ready to follow our instructions. But who ever could the traitor be!?