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Part 161: 11/20: Here Comes A Pleasant Boy

Music: Desire

Part 151: 11/20: Here Comes A Pleasant Boy

Oh, hey Akechi! Funny seeing you here! What’s the occasion?

Why do you seem so surprised?
I needed my director to step in to get access and I was directly responsible for this case. How did you get approval?
For the same reason you did. I am heading up the investigation team, after all. It’s only natural I’d have the right to interrogate our culprit as well, don’t you think?

...That was a joke, of course. I’m merely here to assist with the public security interrogation. I am surprised it’s this far underground though… There aren’t any others incarcerated here, yes? Nobody would ever know if things got a little violent…

Oh, you rapscallion, making your jokes about committing police brutality! America’s Japan’s sweetheart, Goro Akechi!

If I remember correctly… didn’t you say there was another culprit besides the Phantom Thieves?
That was but a lie I spread to set them up. Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot that I had deceived you too, Sae-san. After all, if you wish to trick your enemies, you must first trick your allies.

Sae! How rude! Akechi’s clearly here to break us out! He knows that we can’t trust anyone, not even you!

……!? My god…

Hm? Excuse me?

……? What is this phone?
It belonged to the leader of the Phantom Thieves. I believe you’ll need it for your investigation.
Not personally. I was acting alongside the Phantom Thieves myself, remember?
True. This is undoubtedly a great accomplishment. Good luck in there.

Sae walks past Akechi.

Oh god, he’s got the Adachiface!

Going in unarmed to interrogate a murderer makes me uncomfortable…

You can’t hear the noise I just made with my throat, but imagine a goose trying to laugh.

FUCK YEAH! 1-8-7 ON A COP! I’m into it! Yo, let’s bounce!


That’s right. You and your little friends were vital to our plan. And now, it will be completed. Your popularity truly was quite stunning. That just made using you all the more worthwhile…

Hey, man. This seems dumb, but I used to be really into Payday 2. I know few things have the potential to bring people together like killing cops. I get it.

The Traitor Revealed

Music: Betrayer

Why did that guard’s gun have a silencer pre-equipped? Apparently it's blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but he does install the silencer when he grabs the gun. The gun model doesn't reflect this, though.

Maaku just stares forward like a complete imbecile here. I guess it’s shock. Who could ever have believed that Akechi wasn’t on the straight and narrow?

Nope. I just can’t comprehend what I’m seeing right now. It’s too absurd. This is a dream, it’s the only rational explanation.

Akechi’s true plan was to destroy all the Fruit Gushers safely stored inside Maaku’s head, noooo!

Maaku's psychic connection to Sojiro causes a dish to break. Or it's just synchronicity for narrative purposes, whatever. Either way, shit is awry.