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Part 162: 11/20: A Very Elaborate Game Over

Part 152: 11/20: A Very Elaborate Game Over

Last time on Persona 5, we got fucking murdered. Let’s see how that goes for us!

The Trick

Music: Trick

Akechi prods Maaku’s corpse with his gun.

Uhhh, you shot him square in the face, my dude. That’s kind of an awkward position to contort your hand into to do yourself.

Music: Desire

Shido! ...Fuck, I forget who that is.

Oh, right, this dude.

Regardless, all that’s left is to deal with the remnants.
The continued deaths of these teenagers would be a bit much, don’t you think? I considered making it appear they had a falling out… but that would only amplify public frenzy… It would be best to have each of them meet with an unfortunate accident once the storm blows over.
Is there any possibility they’ll want to avenge their leader?
No chance. They’re nothing but cattle anyway… They have no backbone without his guidance. I will keep my eye on them just in case though.
I’ll be counting on you.
They will live their lives cowering in fear of death. An apt punishment for obstructing our work.
Make sure to kill that strange cat once you find it as well.
Understood, though I doubt there is anything to worry about. It’s merely a cat, after all.

Things will become quite busy once the word gets out… I’ll need to prepare my comments on the matter.

Beyond that… what of the director of the Special Investigations Unit?
Perhaps he’ll be struck by a mysterious illness sometime soon…

“If only I got to monologue evilly… one last time…”

What? The data for the next scene is corrupt… I’ll have to skip past it and return later. My sincerest apologies.

Bad News

Music: Nothingness

This next scene has a lot of unsubtitled VO and text. I’ll do my best to grab what I can.

And now we return to our continued report. This morning, the police have announced that they have detained a suspect who may in fact be the leader of the Phantom Thieves group.

The suspect is reportedly a young man...
Ann-chan, can I get you to look over here?

That group sure was something.

How ‘bout we have you do an idol theme, y’know? That cool?

What a surprise to think that the culprit behind all this is just a minor.
But considering how quickly they announced his arrest, the police must surely be confident in the outcome of this case..

Hm? Well I’ll be…

Huh? Uh, yeah…
You stopped visiting so abruptly, everyone was worried about you. It’s your second year, right? Are you still doing track and field?

Also, the young man continues to remain silent, refusing to implicate any potential accomplices.

The girls stare at Yusuke.

I wonder if something happened…

Oh. Yes…

With your skills, there’s no need to worry about your future.

He’s just a high school student. How do you think he was contacting the others?
The police here can search any online communications. His accomplices may slip up eventually.

I can only assume this is the rest of the group.

Still, it seems the Phantom Thieves’ most recent targets have gone comatose. Actual harm has been done here.
Given the lack of physical evidence, their method is still a mystery. Regardless, the police are looking into attempted murder charges.

And actual murder charges.

From what I’ve gathered these messages are just praising “Alibaba” and badmouthing the Phantom Thieves. It’s nothing critical, it’s just weird that none of it gets subbed.

I thought I lost it this whole time! Hahahaha!
I’m sorry…
Well, your grades are excellent, AND you’re student council president. I’m sure you’ll be admitted anywhere you apply. That one Phantom Thief should have followed your example. You hear? It seems he was caught. Some high schooler. I wonder why he turned to a life of crime.

We also received word that the young man was placed on probation for assault.
Because of his previous record, he had to leave his hometown. Perhaps his motive lies there.

Um, why are you hanging out with Sugimura, Haru!?

That Phantom Thief could never have changed anything.

So you’ve been coming home late. That’s what I’ve heard.

We have breaking news. The young man being held in custody has committed suicide. The police have confirmed his death, although details have not been released. To repeat, the suspect has committed suicide.

I’m just going to reiterate that none of this TV report is subbed, so if you’re one of those hardcore weebs who plays everything in Japanese even when there’s a perfectly fine dub sitting in front of you, you ingrate (and also, Persona 5), you have no idea what the fuck just happened, and it’s the entire point of the scene.

This station will continue to report any further updates as they arrive.

It may be difficult to uncover his methods now. Perhaps that’s why he decided to take this course of action.

Oh no! I think Ryuji’s the traitor, you guys!