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Part 163: 11/20: Behind The Scenes

Part 153: 11/20: Behind The Scenes

Music: Aria of the Soul

But why were you killed? Why did you have to die? Do you remember…? It seems you forgot an important fact while your consciousness was hazy. Indeed… Your “death” was a necessity for your escape from certain doom. *chuckle* What a tremendous plan. How might you be capable of executing such a feat…? Well then, let us rouse the memories which are missing…

That’s right. It was during the school festival...

Maaku shakes his head.


There’s no way he could’ve reacted like that if he hadn’t heard me.

My thoughts exactly. It was your social studies trip. We met him in the hallway of that TV station…

This whole deal feels sketchy.

Yeah. It’s impossible not to think that of him. OK… Let’s get everyone on the same page right away.

So Ann knew the whole time? But she’s a terrible actress!

If it’s possible, I want to eavesdrop on their phone conversation.
That’ll be tough…

I agree.
Hmmm… I’d have to plant a bug directly on the phone…
So it’s impossible even for you…

...That’s perfect.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the details later.

Futaba’s going to do something…? I wonder if it’ll be OK...

It’ll be a gamble…
I think it’s gonna work. You can’t tell a thing.

Wait, you weren’t even in that last scene, Maaku!

This “game” is not over yet.

“Another fifteen hours, give or take.”

There are still things that must be done.

...That’s right. This is what really happened to me at that moment...

But before that, we need to rewind and see that Sae scene we missed last time!

Music: Disquiet

How do they know I have this…!?
Goro Akechi is evil. He didn’t come to interrogate the captured Phantom Thief… He came to kill him.

(phone) We could say he stole the guard’s gun and committed suicide during his imprisonment… How about that? Yes, the guard will be one of ours. We’ll have to eliminate him after to destroy the evidence though...

Don’t trust the guard, either. He’s an accomplice as well. Now then, I’ll tell you detailed steps to take. You must save Maaku Hamiru.
You want me to… save him?

U-Um, nothing… Anyway, what brings you here? I thought you were done with your business…
Did anyone else stop by?

…… Nobody?
Th-There’d be no reason for anyone else to come down here!

It’s Akechi-kun. He had to take a sudden call, so he won’t be able to make it down today.
...I’ve been asked to handle things instead.

I suggest you go into hiding at once if you value your life.
Y-Yes, ma’am…
And don’t say a word of what transpired here. Trust nobody. Forget this ever happened.

Well, that was simple! Now, where were we?

The Reveal

Maaku, you wily alive bastard.