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Part 166: 11/22-11/23: Not Even A Plot Twist

Yes, I know that song’s not actually about the cool kind of revolution. Shut up.

Part 156: 11/22-11/23: Not Even A Plot Twist

Anon: We’ll finally have peace
Anon: c’mon, leak his name!
Anon: kid had it coming, lol

He’s a hero.
I’m so glad Akechi’s back!
I hope they can catch the rest of the Phantom Thieves too!
He really is amazing!

Anon: so he HAS to be guilty
Anon: Justice with Akechi!
Anon: hope things are safer now
Anon: Evil is destined to perish.
Anon: he shoulda confessed first

Music: Disquiet

Of course. He’s the only reliable politician there is. Plus the current government has been getting wrapped up in scandal after scandal. Even more importantly, there’s just an aura about him. Like he can fix whatever problems we have.
Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me who does it. I just wanna see our society back on track. Especially after it turned out those Phantom Thieves were nothing more than scum in the end…

“You’re a bad teacher,” the fuck? Why is that even an option?

You’re alive! The news is reporting you committed suicide… Call me when you can. I was so confused. But… as long as you’re safe… Don’t worry about school! Just take care of yourself. ♥

This is the first of many text conversations we will receive over the next few days as our maxed Confidants naturally worry about us. We’ve already maxed every Confidant that’s relevant to this, so we’ll receive all the messages. Sojiro, Sae, Akechi, and Igor, as well as fellow party members, obviously will not send us anything.

Music: So Boring

How could the police let him commit suicide in jail? They need to get their shit together.
Quiet down! You’re in class! Break’s been over for some time now. I swear, you’re like monkeys in the zoo. ...Hm? Oh yeah… I received word from Hamiru’s family that he’ll be absent for a bit. Geez… What do you people think school is, anyway?
It’s almost time…

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oooh! Thank god you’re safe! That suicide report was all over the news, and Ms. Kawakami said you went back to your hometown… I was honestly worried about contacting you… Even Sakamoto was dodging the question when I tried to ask him. But don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone! By the way, the Phan-Site is a real mess right now… But I’ll keep supporting you from the shadows! Good luck!

Really!? That’s good. It’s chaos over here because of the Phantom Thieves! You’re still alive, so you must be scheming something, right!? I gotta prepare myself for one more mountain. But I’m glad you’re OK. I’m busy, so I’ll talk to you again later.

Anyway, today’s a day off, so eat your curry and take it easy. You can take your time with it too. It’s not like any customers are gonna be showing up.
Let’s try and think of the keyword once the chief’s curry has energized you.

Music: Disquiet

I’ve tried all sortsa stuff, but no luck so far.
It is hard to understand the thought process of a criminal mastermind like him.
Y’know, I’ve been wondering… If he’s been behind all of those mental shutdowns… Doesn’t that mean all the weird accidents from these past few years were his fault? Like, that subway accident back in April…
Now that you mention it, that accident lost the Minister of Transport his job…
Wait… Are you trying to say that Shido caused that accident? But it’s the subway! Does he not care at all about innocent lives!?
This man seems to be truly unbelievable…
Supposedly there are still tons of victims from that in the hospital even now.
Masayoshi Shido… How many has he killed over the years?
How could we ever understand what goes on in the mind of such a horrible man…?
Hey, wouldn’t it be faster if we just go there and try and think about it on-site!? Let’s try that!
If we’re going to go, I’d like Maaku-kun to join, but…
Will that be OK? Won’t somebody spot him there?
Eh, we’ll prolly figure out the keyword in no time once we’re there. Plus I can throw off anyone who tails us with my blazing speed!
...All right. Let’s have Maaku-kun join us then. Remember though… We’re going with the intent of not being seen.
Mkay. Well, let’s meet in front of the Diet Building and force that bastard’s Palace open!
All right, let’s head to the Diet Building. Make sure you aren’t discovered, OK?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh yeah, the classic “just a hoodie” disguise. Undefeatable. They’ll never see it coming.

You gotta be kiddin’ me… You realize you’re done for if you get caught, right? …… Sheesh, the stunts you pull sometimes… Just don’t stay out too late.

Music: Suspicion

We already have “Masayoshi Shido” and “Diet Building.” All we need is “what” he thinks of this place.
Maybe “Mt. Fuji” since it’s the highest place in the country?
Conditions have not been met.
What about a “mansion”?
Conditions have not been met.
Since he’s going to subjugate everyone as prime minister… perhaps a “school”?
Conditions have not been met.
What about an “arena” like the Colosseum?
Conditions have not been met.
“Imperial palace”?
Conditions have not been met.

I thought we would’ve gained entry by now…

Not with these trash guesses!

Maybe we shouldn’t have called Maaku-kun here…

Well, this should be good for a laugh. Explain.

Shido stole the cognitive psience research, right? Maybe it had some special move written it.

A special move? Genius! To pull it off, you have to do a double dragon punch motion, impossible for all but the most honed cognitive fighters.

Is that even possible?
Who knows? I’ve got no idea.
There was nothing like that in the notes I saw.
Anyways, what kinda person is Shido? I can’t figure him out…
I did some light research on him last night, but I couldn’t get a grasp on the type of man he is.

That man over there’s probably a legislator, right? I’ll try asking him.

Impostor! Newspaper Club Member is a good person, and I won’t let you impersonate her!

What kind of person is Representative Shido? What’s he think about the National Diet?
His stance is “dedication for country”--it’s how he’s garnered everyone’s trust. He’s an admirable man of action with a first-class determination. I’d say he’s a model politician. I believe that he’ll help create a wonderful future in which young adults like you can live in ease.

How did you hear that from over there?

It makes sense he wouldn’t tell teenagers anything unnecessary.

Wait, is it about us?
That doesn’t look good.
We should leave at once. Tomorrow’s a day off, so let’s have an early strategy meeting. Meet at Leblanc, OK?
We should all think about this tonight…

Well, that was pointless.

However, I believe that this country’s citizens are still living their days in anxiety. These scandals only increase our distrust of the current government. As a citizen myself, I am enraged!

Music: Disquiet

Look who’s talking.
What does it mean to be a politician with responsibility? Working toward personal gain without consideration of the country is outrageous!
The election’s public notification is tomorrow, but no matter where I go, people are cheering for Shido.

Where are you going, though? Here, your house, the street that connects them…? I’m just saying, you don’t exactly get out much, man.

Everyone’s being deceived so easily.

I checked his profile as well, but I couldn’t find much outside of his title and education. He’s currently 53 years old, and has gone from being a metropolitan assemblyman to a representative. Though he is a cabinet minster, he’s split from the ruling party to form the United Future Party.
Shido’s a cabinet minister!? For real!?
He was specially appointed to the position. That’s his current title.
Apparently he also won a contest for who people would most like to have as their boss.

“I’d like him to lay me off, heh.”

Even the news sites write about him as though he’s assured to become the prime minister.
If only we could find out the meaning behind Shido’s words…


It’s preposterous.
This isn’t the popularity level of a normal politician anymore.
What’s so great about him? I seriously don’t get it.
He’s a strong leader who protects his citizens… Well, supposedly. Is everyone blind!?
We’ll just need to shed light on who he really is.

OK, I’ll tell her that.
OK, we’ll figure out the keywords tomorrow for sure!

Extremely Ron Howard voice: They won’t.

I get no one knows the truth about him, but it still creeps me out…

Some are insisting for police to take responsibility for failing to prevent the suicide. But most of the public is praising Mr. Goro Akechi and his team for stopping the Phantom Thieves.
Looks like we really pulled the wool over their eyes! We better act now before they realize…

Nice Phantom Thieves banner, totally inconspicuous.

It’s just like Shido-san said!
We can’t go wrong leaving things to Masayoshi Shido.
Shido-san’s gonna be in this election too, right?
Politicians like him are promising!

Anon: he went down easy
Anon: Execute accomplices too!
Anon: Just like Akechi-kun said!
Anon: as if this settles things…
Anon: so he HAS to be guilty

Anon: he got what was coming
Anon: Justice with Akechi!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’m relieved to hear that. You appear to have avoided your destiny of death… However, I can’t see anything past that. Please be extra careful. If you’re unsure about anything, I’ll be waiting at the usual spot.

Stop making me worried. I’m glad you’re OK. I just got nervous when I saw the news. Well, I’ll be at the clinic if you need any medicine.

Oh, that’s right. Aren’t you all supposed to be gathering here today? Make sure you finish eating before everyone shows up.
It’s almost time for our meeting. I wonder if anybody has figured out the keyword…

Music: Disquiet

Conditions have not been met.
...No good.
How many’d we miss?
Perhaps he truly does have a barrier up.

That’s not something to be excited about!
We know all the way up to “Diet Building” too…
...So you enter keywords into the Metaverse Navigator.
Boss, can you turn the TV on? Shido might be on it.

Him, and his stupid, composed face!

Is it true you withdrew yourself from the media as part of your plan to capture the Phantom Thieves?
I truly apologize for causing such a stir. Honestly, it required a lot of courage to openly oppose them when their popularity was at its peak. I mean, people often lashed out at me online and whatnot.

Then, was it also your plan when you said they weren’t at fault after their popularity declined?
That was to catch them off guard. I could say I applied my profiling knowledge. Once they lost public support, someone they thought was their greatest enemy lent a hand… That’s the same strategy used in romance, wouldn’t you agree?

What the fuck are you talking about?

It’s not just on TV or online. Newspapers, magazines… I see his face everywhere.
On the other hand, no one’s hoping for our comeback on the Phan-Site, like at all!
The Phantom Thieves are “evil.” Shido and Akechi are “just”… It should be the other way around.
They’re manipulating information using the media!
Leaving Akeachi aside—we’ll get back at him later—our main issue is Shido.
Were there any instances before when you didn’t know the Palace keywords?
Well, there was the time with Futaba.
We didn’t know anything about her, so all we could do was make conjectures.
Then, why don’t we just go directly and see Shido?


That’s impossible. He’s surrounded by bodyguards and followers all the time.
There’s no way high school students can get an appointment with him either.

There’s also a rather large chance he knows your names and what you look like, geniuses.

Well, we do have an adult with us…

No, that’s still impossible. Besides, that’s too dangerous a method.
*sigh* Well this is a problem…

A commotion can be heard outdoors.

Isn’t that an election-campaign car?
Oh right! The candidates are currently campaigning!

Music: Desire

Yeah, he did!


Before the others even have a chance to stand up, Ryuji and Haru run out of Leblanc.

Music: Disquiet

This way. Hurry!

Time to chase the morons. I get why Ryuji is running, he’s an idiot. But why Haru? She’s not normally that impulsive. I guess it’s because Shido killed her dad, but if that’s the case doesn’t Futaba have an equally compelling beef?

By the way, did something happen? You didn’t seem well a moment ago…

We’ll stand out too much if we all go together. Please investigate on your own, Maaku.
So the one behind the death of Haru’s father may be out there… Please check it out, Maaku-kun…
...I’ll just wait here and bide my time.

Our government is littered with scandals, and criminals have taken a strong foothold in our society! Such a disgraceful past must be discarded… We must set sail into a new future of dreams and hope!

He’s here!? Where!? Where is he!?
Whoa, this is amazing! Let’s go check it out!

So our nation can once again become a powerful one with abundant wealth and luxury! So our beautiful home will be acknowledged as the best country in the world!

That’s right. He’s a strong, admirable man!
Even more than Dad?
Hm, well… yeah, I’d say so. Shido is a wonderful person.

What a wuss.

Let us all set sail toward a happy future together!

The audience applauds.

You guys wait here! I’ll go get intel for us!




I just wanna talk to him for a sec!
He’s a busy man!

Come on, stop…!
But, these guys--

It’s utterly hilarious that Shido cultivates this friendly image that he’ll murder to protect, but also having a slightly unpleasant encounter with a brash teenager is enough to make him drop the persona (heh) entirely. Just openly threatening a minor. Awesome.


Music: Tension

This country is filled with clueless children… I worry for Japan’s future. Let them go. My next appointment is coming up.

Wait… He’s the jerk you told us about before…!? The same guy!? For real!? Seriously!?
You’re sure… aren’t you?
Shido’s the one who ruined your life…
Holy shit… I don’t believe it…
Let’s get going, OK?

Wow, that’s just shocking. I’m so thrown out of wack that I think this is a good place to stop for today. Imagine how much more surprised I’d be if the game had made any attempt to hide that twist whatsoever!