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Part 168: 11/24: Nice Boat

Part 158: 11/24: Nice Boat

Music: Desire

This is bullshit…! A country that children can be proud of, my ass! It’s completely sunken in his head! If a guy like this stands above everyone, we’re seriously done for!
This is beyond ridiculous!
The same goes for Akechi.

Oh, that rapscallion!

What in the world is he thinking…?

Probably something along the lines of “I’m gonna get that paper, boy!”

Whether it be for glory or for simply a reward…

This is not how any human being has ever formed a sentence in all of recorded history.

My father died because of someone like this…!
We gotta sink Shido instead of this country!
A Palace with not just the center of the distortion, but the entire country sunken… I can’t believe there’s someone with this tremendous of a desire… Be careful! This will be completely different from past Palaces!
We’re definitely gonna take his Treasure!

All right!
We must put an end to this by December 17th, the day before the elections!
Let the infiltration begin! Time to pay him back for setting us up into a trap!

I swear to god I’m not altering these lines, this is actually what the characters say. This shit is voice acted, how rushed was this production?

Music: Ark

This song sets the mood pretty well. Unfortunately, this Palace is long as shit and you are absolutely going to get sick of it.

Speakin’ of that, shouldn’t Maaku’ve been disguisin’ himself on the way here?
Uh, seeing someone in a disguise with a bunch of kids in school uniforms would be super weird…

I get that they really want us to not worry about the whole forced clothes swap for the sake of the animated cutscene, but they also really shouldn’t be drawing this much attention to it.

Well, we won’t have to worry about any of that once we steal the Treasure… Let’s do this!

Let’s go find out. It’s time we begin our infiltration.

We walk inside…

...and our clothes change, to boot.

But why are even the passengers wearing masks?
You think they’re tryin’ to be Phantom Thieves, back like Haru with that Beauty Thief stuff?
Th-That’s quite enough!
Whatever the reason, it reflects Shido’s mentality. Surely he doesn’t view others normally.
Given the insane nature of his distortion, I’m surprised they even appear as people…

These people suuuuuuuuck.

When we head up the stairs, we are accosted by a Shadow.

Joker, an enemy!
Urgh, it’s attackin’ us with all these people ‘round!?

This is Cerberus. It’s weak to Ice and it attacks with Fire and Physical. It also Drains Fire and Resists Nuclear. While again, we can’t negotiate with miniboss Shadows (really just any Shadow in a scripted fight, as this barely even qualifies as a miniboss), we’ll encounter its regular Shadow form from the dog-type Shadows of this Palace shortly and pick one up for our collection.

I mention that it resists Nuke because while it’s really the only option in the long run due to her lack of good Physical skills for the endgame, getting rid of Makoto’s Flash Bomb and leaving her with only one damage type makes some fights rather annoying. Still, she’s incredibly useful and I wouldn’t switch her out of the party for anything.

We switch out Haru’s Climate Decorum, which we sadly never really got a chance to take advantage of, for Snipe, a skill that increases her damage with Gun skills by 25%. Again, building Haru towards Gun is fucking broken and I highly recommend you do whatever you can to follow my example, it’s great. She gets a couple more Gun-related skills and they’re all excellent, so it’s well worth it.

Indeed! Those privileged enough to be on this ship are all on the winning team!

It seems they think no harm will come to them because they’re here on Shido’s ship.
They’re not even sensin’ the danger… C’mon, let’s make ‘em see what this ship really is!

Joker, we should go. It would be a problem if we started drawing attention to us.

First off, “starting!?” We just fought a literal Hellbeast! Second, I wanna talk to the evil political conspirators!

This is Dakini. It has no weaknesses and Resists Fire, but it uses party-wide Physical.

This is Narcissus. Its only skill is Nocturnal Flash, which inflicts party-wide Dizzy. It’s weak to Fire, Resists Wind and Bless, and Blocks Electricity.

An… interesting component of parts of this Palace is the huge-ass loudspeakers literally “BLARE”-ing Shido’s bullshit campaign speeches. It’s honestly kinda charming. Not the speeches, I mean.

There’s a climb spot next to this chandelier leading to probably the most well-hidden treasure chest in the game.

If we climb all the way up...

We obtain an Idaten Ofuda. Probably never going to use this, but it’s a party-wide Agility buff. I only include it because it’s absurdly out-of-the-way relative to what it actually contains.

Let’s head into the next room.

Hrmmm… I can sense the Treasure’s presence! It’s that way. Let’s go, guys!

Music: Suspicion

There are slots to stick in something like a keycard… Whoa, there’s five of them!

I hear something.

You heard something? From the loudspeaker? Right next to us? Better declare it!

Since there is no one against the plan, this bill will be unanimously passed as drafted.
Passed? What’s goin’ on? Was that Shido’s voice?

...The what now?
It’s that large conference room that’s usually seen on the news.
Ohhh, that thing. Gotcha. …So, what’re they doin’ inside?
Most likely a meaningless vote… one in which whatever Shido proposes will always go unopposed.
So he’s doing whatever he wants by keeping only his supporters in there.
What do we do to get in, though? Should we find these keycards?
Maybe we need some kind of qualification, one that vows to be his follower or swear loyalty.
So basically, we need to prove that we’re on his side.

You sure move on quick…
But what’s this qualification thing about?

That thought never crossed my mind.
Asking around doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The guests here are the cognitive versions of them in Shido’s mind. They’ll know any secrets he shared.
True. You have a point.
That said, the ruler here is that evil Shido. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did turn hostile.
Right… Yeah, wouldn’t they attack us…?
We should prepare for the worst, of course, but I think we’ll at least be able to talk to them. This ship is most likely an ark loaded with those that Shido believes are worth keeping alive. It’d explain the luxury cruise ship. I doubt idiots who can’t even hold a conversation would be here.
We can at least gather information. It helps that everyone’s wearing masks. We’ll blend in even with our attire.

No we won’t!

He must believe that no one shows their true face to anyone else… just like him.

The group nods.

Music: Ark

There’s no doubt… I can sense the Treasure behind this door. Looks like we’ve already hit the jackpot. Let’s go talk to the others!

So, for this segment we have to walk around this room and find the rest of our party to advance. They’re not hidden or anything, just scattered among the main room and the connecting hallways.

Yes, that must be why he can enter the sacred place. I heard he’s not easily seen either…
But why would someone of his stature always be by the poolside?
Well, he must like it there for some reason… but I don’t think it’s the swimming. Hahahaha!
Beyond this door is the “VIP area,” and the main assembly hall is a “sacred place.” It looks like we can’t get in unless Shido accepts us.

My, such flattery! A high-class aura emanates from you as well!
So you noticed! Hahahaha!
Most certainly! Ahahaha!

Man, I hate these people.

Hey, these guys totally ignore me when I try and talk to ‘em… Do I look that much like I don’t got any money…? Is it ‘cause of the skull mask or something?

Poor Ryuji.

But I’ll do it… I’m going to avenge my mom.

I don’t normally point out random chest contents because they’re generally pretty banal, but a Model Gun is great.

I either remained silent or spoke in simple pleasantries during Father’s business relations…

That’s all she has to say to us! How productive!

I just saw him at the restaurant… To think an important politician like him has been invited here… Well, support from the political world should mean mental shutdowns are as viable as ever!
Ahaha, I’m quite envious… I wonder if there’s a way I can get to know him better myself…
Hahaha, if you wish…
Hearing people speak so casually about the mental shutdown business makes my head spin… ...But it seems as though we need certification from five VIPs to become a “special customer.” These people are willing to share anything. Perhaps it’s because their faces are hidden?

If we try to head upstairs to the next area…

...we’re blocked by a Shadow.

Causing a commotion might ruin our ability to gather intel. Let’s leave it alone for now.

Indeed. Mr. Shido has quite the large circle of acquaintances.
It seems you have to be at least that important to be considered a VIP… I’m truly envious…
Why don’t you go play the slots with him? That might get his attention…
It appears these people all want to be accepted as one of Shido’s special customers. Either way, I’ve gained some information on the VIPs. We should discuss later.

I actually saw what looked like a map on our way here. Why don’t we go check it out?

Not great, but not bad either.
I was able to get a bit of intel as well. We should sort through what all of us gained for now.
Well, I took a look at the map we obtained earlier and found what appears to be a safe room.

Oooh, it’s close.
Perfect. Let’s go over our intel there.

Let’s head over to the safe room, then.

Music: Wicked Plan

The casino earlier looked pretty real too, but talking with these guests was a whole ‘nother story.
You have that right…
This ruler’s observational skills and insight are off the charts. Shido’s a formidable foe…
C’mon, no need to freak out!
I’m not freaking out! I was just thinking it’ll be easier to make a plan since they can talk normally. All right, let’s put together the information we gathered.

And those letters become the keycards?
Exactly. Now, let’s go over what all of us have learned. First, according to my intel… One of the VIPs is an influential politician by the name of Ooe. He’s supposedly seen at the restaurant at night and sits at a table near the window.
Um, I’ll go next. I heard about a prominent VIP who used to be… nobility? It sounds like he’s usually by the pool.
Next is my intelligence. It seems the president of a television station is also a VIP. He always plays slots at night. It would seem he spends his money quite lavishly.
Crap, I’m startin’ to forget people already…
Next is my turn!
For real!? Even you got info?
Of course. I eavesdropped. Supposedly one of the VIPs is the president of an IT company. He’s always in his room and reportedly enters from an exclusive hallway.
Well then, I’ll close us out!
How the hell’d you get info with your looks…?
It seems like some guy they call the “cleaner” is another VIP. I’ve heard that he’s cautious, so it’s probably best if we check the other VIPs first.

Isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t we get him before raising a fuss with the other VIPs so he doesn’t catch on?

Cleaner? I wonder what they mean by that.
Wait a minute. After all the VIPs we listed, this one’s a cleaner? Is he really a VIP?

Man, we’re idiots.

I’m sorry… I couldn’t get any information.
Me neither! So don’t worry about it, OK? Let’s just work harder during the battle.
You’re right… I’ll do my best!

But there’s a bigger problem, y’know… My memory’s, uh… not so great. Anyways, who was who…? Uhhh…

Some time later…

I can only remember about two of them… What about you, Joker?

Oh dear lord…

The politician Ooe, a former noble, a TV station president, an IT company president, and a cleaner. We get certification from them and obtain letters of introduction that’ll serve as keycards.

For some reason the voice acting swaps the order of “letters of introduction” and “keycards.”

But only go for the cleaner after the other four have been dealt with. Right?
Whoa! Now that’s impressive! You go, genius!
If we can’t remember the details of the VIPs, let’s reconvene inside a safe room.
All right, let’s get this done quickly!

Huh? You wanna go back already?
There are people in here with special letters. That means Shido trusts them to a certain extent.
It would be best to consider them as powerful individuals… We do not want to get too hasty. Let us take our time here.

Normally I’d complain about the game forcing us out, but I wanna get the rest of my party Confidants up before we tackle this.

I guess we do have a little time to spare. Well then, let’s head back for today.

Music: Ark

Now returning to the real world from Shido’s Palace. Thank you for your hard work.

Music: Beneath the Mask


Do what you need to. I’ll try to help any way I can. Just don’t be reckless, got it?

Whaddya mean?
I have to agree. I’m sure he’s quite used to traveling, especially on extravagant ships.
and it should be obvious he’s not using his own money for it. There are all sorts of rumors online.
Ohhhhhh, I get it! He’s using tax money? Not cool, Shido.
I think he believes that which belongs to others in turn belongs to him.
Even people’s lives.

Right. We gotta pay him back for what he did to Maaku too.

Keep Futaba safe. I’m counting on you.

Roger, chief.

The Diet decides things with a majority vote, but what happens if the vote is split fifty-fifty? A: Speaker of the House decides/B: They flip a coin

The correct answer is… A! The Speaker of the House decides! Let’s hear an explanation!
The Speaker of the House decides, in accordance with Article 56, Section 2 of the Constitution. After the general election, by law, the Diet’s first act must be to appoint a new prime minister.
Oh, you got it right! A tie probably doesn't happen very often, though.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

I’ve decided what I want to do with Shido after goin’ into his Palace.

“Let’s kill him.”

We can’t let him run free. If there’s a heart we gotta steal, it’s definitely gotta be his.

Oh, you want to do… the same thing we’ve done with everyone else? That’s lame. Why even bring it up?

I really get it now. I want to avenge you, that’s a no brainer, but that’s not it. If we let him run the country, the weak will be totally effed. Isn’t it our “duty” to protect them?

Remember when I told you that heroes who lurk in the shadows are borin’? Forget what I said. Those heroes are way cooler. …… Hey, Maaku. Once we change Shido’s heart… ...No, never mind. Forget it. Let’s do it. Let’s steal that bastard Shido’s heart. I’ll do everythin’ I can to make it happen. Thanks for listenin’ to me, Maaku. Seeya.

Sure thing, buddy.