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Part 172: 12/1-12/3: Cinnamon Roll

Part 162: 12/1-12/3: Cinnamon Roll

Anon: Suicide is cowardly.
Anon: he got what was coming
Anon: So did he do it or not!?
Anon: Execute accomplices too!

This election’s already decided!
I mean, I can’t imagine anyone but Shido in office.
It’d be nice to have a strong country.
Shido has this in the bag! I can’t wait for the election.

Anon: A worthy end for a villain
Anon: c’mon, leak his name!
Anon: kid had it coming, lol
Anon: he went down easy

Music: Suspicion

Those Phantom Thieves incidents were horrible. I never thought terrorists would attack Tokyo. I’m glad the election’s almost here. We’ll be able to breathe easy with Masayoshi Shido in office.
Yes… He seems promising. It’s looking like next year will be a better year.
Do they not see the disaster that looms in the distance!? Failure is intolerable. We must act swiftly.

Music: Disquiet

However, most companies’ bonuses appear to have gone down compared to last year. Many blame the government for the state of the economy, which will be a challenge to rebuild.
I want a bonus, too. If I work hard, will you give me one?


While we’re out, we get two more Model Guns from capsule machine trades. We probably won’t even use all of these in this run, but they’re nice to have. We also have not hit the limit for Model Guns he’ll give us yet, but we may soon.

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like you to join us… Do you have time today?

Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be able to express myself if you’re there with me… Well, I’ll contact Takakura-san now.

Please, if only a taste. This wasn’t made with particularly expensive beans, nor was it brewed by any sort of coffee expert.

Interesting… ...Anyway, what is it you wanted to discuss with me? Does it concern the company?
My apologies for bothering you at such a busy time.
It’s not a problem.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

The truth is… after my father’s passing, I couldn’t bring myself to trust anyone at Okumura Foods.
I see…
...That includes you, Takakura-san.
That’s quite cruel…


*giggle* Right… I’ll be OK. Takakura-san, what do you think of that coffee? I grew the beans in my own garden, and even handled the preparation.
I honestly don’t believe it’s a particularly good cup of coffee… But I put my heart into making it. That’s why I asked you here today, Takakura-san.

I’m not suggesting we need to put this level of effort into the Okumura Foods coffee chain. And I’m not suggesting we should put a halt to the plan either. However, I won’t let my company serve low-quality food to our customers.


Music: Alleycat

I used to be a regular at his cafe. That’s actually how I ended up joining the company to begin with. To be honest, I was strongly opposed to closing the cafe… but I didn’t have the power to make that decision at the time. I was planning on naming the new chain after his shop to make up for that though. I’m going to create a business that is loved by customers and employees alike, just as his cafe was. A place where people can come to drink in the subtle joys of life.
Is… that so…?
Haru-chan. I believe you have every right to distrust us. After all, things would have turned out differently if only someone had chosen to stand up to your father… Be that as it may… I can truly sense the passion you put into this coffee. It seems you really are like your grandfather.

I must apologize as well, for encouraging you to abandon your shares. I thought they would be a burden to you… but I was clearly wrong.

Aww, look at that! The soulless corporate executive actually had a heart of gold all along! What an applicable, true-to-life lesson!

Haru-chan, if you’d like… why don’t you take part in our next company meeting?

The truth is, the rumors of my being pleased at your father’s death were troubling, to say the least. I understand not everyone agrees with the vision I have for this company… But I’ve spent great effort struggling against our board of directors to push Okumura Foods back on the right path. What I need is to communicate that thought as clearly as possible… Just as you did with this coffee. Do you think you could assist me in accomplishing that? I want to rebuild this company from the ground up.
W-Well… um…

Excellent. Your grandfather would be proud… as would your father.

Her father was a fuckin’ shitheel, dude. You trying to talk her out of this?

By the way, the coffee was superb.

I was under the impression that you were quite thrilled about the arrangement with Sugimura-kun… That is why I was so insistent on hurry the marriage. I wanted you to have all the support you needed…

Aww, he wasn’t evil, just a fucking moron!

H-Huh!? Um…!
Be honest, Haru-chan. What are your thoughts on Sugimura-kun?

In what way?

But… I have no interest in him. I have no interest in being his wife either. I would prefer to walk my own path. One in which the only person in control of my actions… is me. Not my father, and not Sugimura-san.
...I understand. You’ve grown so quickly, Haru-chan. I didn’t realize you became such a strong, kind, mature woman. My apologies for not coming to see that sooner.

He said the reparations will be immense if I refuse the marriage…
I haven’t heard a thing about this contract. Have you seen the document?
Huh…? Well, now that you mention it… no, I haven’t.
And neither your father nor our lawyers mentioned it to me. It seems he was lying… and may have had the help of particular people within the company. You see, those who don’t agree with my vision brought him into meetings with the hope that he would eventually take over. However… we don’t need a politician in our midst, particularly considering the humble roots of our corporation. As for the marriage cancellation, I’ll handle it. It may take some time, but it will be done… I promise.

Takakura-san enjoyed the rest of his coffee before heading home…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Not only about the company, but about Sugimura-san as well. I was so afraid… but now that it’s over, I think it was honestly pretty simple. I only made it to this point because you were with me though. ...Thank you, Maaku-kun.

*giggle* Anyway, um… I only started trusting people again because you were by my side helping me. So, I want to return the favor. Please confide in me if you ever need help. I’ll be there for you.

Maaku nods.

I can feel a strong bond of trust from Haru…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Takakura-san said something… a little strange, didn’t he?

Goodness, why would he say that…?

I am obligated to protect the floof. And not just because of the money.


You know… at first, I thought I was asking you for help because of the Phantom Thieves… But I think really… it was so I could spend time with you. O-Oh! I guess I’m already getting better at saying what I think…

There’s no turning back…

We got a girlfriend!!! Eat it, Mishima!!!

U-Um, maybe we should go somewhere a little more private… Some of the maids are still around here…

Haru sweats.

O-Oh, but um, we definitely can’t go to my room! Who knows what they would say about that…

Don’t worry, we don’t need to hang out in your room. We can have sex anywhere.


That’s a weird thing to say, but all right.

Haru and I spent some time alone together…

Discussing where to hide the bodies, no doubt.

Anyway, the platonic option for Haru is honestly probably the most depressing one in the game. She gets really sad, so I’m glad we’re choosing her.

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s as though his stance against the Phantom Thieves has boosted his popularity.

Hey, ‘sup girl? Wanna hang out late—shit this is a group chat

It’s all a charade though!
More importantly, why ain’t anyone complaining about the police? After all, their big catch committed suicide while he was in police custody. That’s a scandal no matter which way you cut it.

Why isn’t anyone showing more interest in the identity or motives of the Phantom Thieves? Do people not think they are the masterminds behind the horrible crimes of late?
Yeah, you would think people would make a bigger deal of it.
I was wondering that myself. It felt as though the commotion surrounding the suicide calmed down far too quickly…
It’s like nobody cares about that anymore.
Yuppp. They’re too busy fanboying over Shido.
God, this don’t make any sense. It’s creepy as hell…
…… They’re right; this is totally bizarre. What’s going on here…?

You can’t blame them for worrying. Those representatives are out of a job if they don’t get your vote. So, which party are you voting for/ I’m thinking about going with the United Future.
Ah, Masayoshi Shido’s party. Yeah, I think he’s very promising.

God, this is so weird.

Here, we just make two Treasure Traps (raises the chance of Treasure Demons spawning) and one Goho-M (lets us leave the Palace instantly), giving us the trophy for crafting every tool.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Anon: Execute accomplices too!
Anon: so he HAS to be guilty
Anon: Justice with Akechi!
Anon: hope things are safer now

Music: Disquiet

We have so many goddamn carrots.

I have a great deal I’d like to tell you… Are you free to speak today?

Thank you. Um… can we talk at your place? O-Oh, that’s not how I meant it! I-I just wanted to have some of Boss’ coffee! You’re OK with spending time there, right?

Aww, I was looking forward to a great night of passionate, pants-on hugging.

Haru Rank 10

Heh, the load screen image has hearts next to it, that’s cute.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Yes. I often have the urge to drink a fresh cup of your coffee.
Heh, that near brings a tear to my eye. You’re heading up to Maaku’s room, right? Go on and take it upstairs.

Sojiro is the best wingman.

Thank you, I will.
Well, I’m heading home now. Close up shop for me, will you?

Not just about the new chain, but about the future of the company, and even about Father… I think my presence angered some people at first, but in the end they all listened to my thoughts.

I’ve had diplomatic dealings with VIPs before, but I’ve never once spoken my true feelings… That aside, after talking with management, I’ve decided to let them handle Okumura Foods. It’s simply not something I would have been able to supervise on my own. And after their sincere acceptance of the public’s criticism, I felt it was OK to trust them. As for my future goals… I’m interested in opening a small private cafe. Everything will be home-grown, from the coffee to the salad. I want to set my own standards. It’ll be a shop that people love, like Grandfather’s… and like this place. What do you think?

People love Leblanc? News to me.

But when you say that… I feel like it will actually happen.

I’ll need to study and improve my knowledge beforehand. After all, right now it’s only a hobby. Perhaps I should apprentice here at Leblanc in the meantime?

The coffee I had after spending the night crying… Its warmth permeated through my body… I hope to open a store where others can feel that warmth. Either way, I think this dream of mine will be no easy feat. But I somehow managed to tackle my childhood dream of becoming a heroine of justice. If I act with resolve and believe in my actions, I know I’ll be able to achieve anything.

Music: Sweet

I would have been married to a man I didn’t respect… and lived a horrible life. I’m glad I can be with you instead…

Let’s not tease her. Just enjoy the moment.

As long as you’re by my side… It feels like everything’s going to be OK… And if you’re ever in trouble, I will be there for you. After all, you were there for me when I needed it. I can help you now. I have the strength to do so, I can sense it.

Music: The Spirit


Haru is a tad underdeveloped, but also underrated in my book. She's voiced, once again, by Xanthe Huynh.


Music: Swear to My Bones

Goodbye, Milady, I’m sure you’ll turn into something cute and refined.



Astarte is a psychedelic hellbeast that will consume us all in the very near future! How fun!

For real, though: Astarte is a fertility goddess, the Hellenized form of the Middle Eastern goddess Astoreth, a form of Ishtar. Besides fertility, she is also associated with sexuality and war. Apparently the Bible also mentions her as the “Queen of Heaven.”

Music: Sweet

Also because your Persona just turned into a metal album cover that’s been decorated by a hippie on entirely too much LSD.

So, um… T-Today…

Haru and I spent some time alone together… …… It’s getting late… I should probably take her to the train station…

Astarte’s resistances upgrade so Psy is blocked and Ice is resisted. We opt not to go for Evade Nuke, which you are free to ignore and kill one of the -karn skills for. We’re keeping those for a reason that won’t be relevant on this playthrough, but they’re great even still.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Our guest today is Yukari Takeba, who’s a breakout hit on superhero shows while also going to college!
Oh, she plays Feather Pink on that show that’s on the air right now, right?

Good for Yukari, though it’s kind of weird that she’s had the same gig for four years. Don’t those sentai shows change the casts pretty regularly? Also, why would she still be in college?

Oh hey, a crossword puzzle. Let’s give it a shot.

Pff. Who needs more knowledge? I do this for the thrill.

Are you gonna try a crossword puzzle?

Oh, so that’s what you were lookin’ at? Huh, I see. I’m about to head home. Don’t play around with those puzzles for too long, all right?

Music: Everyday Days

This is the crossword minigame. We have to use the letters we’re given to fill in a clue.

This one is pretty easy, but only if you remember your COFFEE FACTS.

Oh, wow… Even I couldn’t figure that one out.

Maaku gains Knowledge +2.

*yawn* Did we really spend this much time doing crossword puzzles? It’s late, so we better sleep.

Wait, that took up time!? We filled in one answer! What the fuck?

Nonononono, go back, I’m not over this!

Anon: he went down easy
Anon: So did he do it or not!?
Anon: Execute accomplices too!
Anon: Just like Akechi-kun said!

Well, that was a travesty. At least it’s snowing, that’s fun.

Will they be able to return to their original worlds!? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Return of the Phoenix Rangers.”

Sojiro has unique dialogue for today only. Weird.

Huh, it’s… not actually snowing. Also this dude is a fuckin’ champ, wearing a t-shirt and shorts on December 3rd.

Nobody’s available to hang today, so I’m going to show off somewhere we haven’t been to yet: the maid cafe!

Music: Welcome Back, Master!

I’m so happy you came! This is your home, so please relax! So, what will your order be?

If you remember the tutorial message from earlier, the maids are clumsy and may mess up if given a trying task. The top two items here are simple, while the bottom two require more dexterity.

Let’s stick with something simple for now, though.

An Oo-hot Tea, correct!? As you wish, Master.

This is pretty overwhelming… All the pink hurts my eyes…

It really is hot, so please be careful.
Um, is this really tea? It doesn’t have a scent…

Either way, I thin you learned how to get people to like you!

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Have an amazing rest of your day, Master! I’ll be waiting patiently for your next visit!

I don’t know much about politics, but I like Shido!
This is the first time I’ve felt like voting.
I was really moved when I heard his speech!
He’s gonna be prime minister, right? That’s so cool!

Anon: he went down easy
Anon: he got what was coming

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

While we’re doing things we’ve never done before, let’s hit the gym.

Music: Everyday Days

You came here with your friend the other day, right? I’m happy you could come back!

The other day… seven months ago. (Yes, I know we were here more recently with Ann and Ryuji, but the first visit with Ryuji is really what the game expects out of you here).

Now… I recommend using this equipment, since you’re a beginner. This is a treadmill. This will, of course, improve your physical stamina.

“I’m explaining this to you because you look like a moron.”

You’ll also learn some mental control by regularly checking your heart rate.

That sounds like bullshit for “it also raises your SP.” But, I believe it.

Are you going to take anything?

>Take Anabolic Steroids

Protein, huh? You have 11 of those. How about it?

Well, let’s begin your workout.

Oh dear.


Hmm, it seems you trained yourself both physically and mentally.

Oooh, it looks like you’re getting results from that protein shake as well.

The protein shake gives us a minor boost to any HP or SP gains from training. It’s pretty handy.

All right, we’ve spent enough time here. Let’s go home.