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Part 18: 4/22-4/23: Blacker Than A Moonless Night

Part 17: 4/22-4/23: Blacker Than A Moonless Night

Now that we’ve handled that ordeal, we just have to escape the castle.

Music: Desire

Kamoshida does a sick diving somersault to grab the crown.

What’s wrong? Not running away? Why don’t you run…? Aren’t you a great athlete?

I’m doing this all for them! What’s wrong about demanding a reward for that!?
Now you’re makin’ excuses…? We’ll do something about that distorted heart of yours.
Scared? Right now, you’re seeing the same view that Shiho did. I’m sure she was scared too… except she had no choice but to jump… What will you do? Will you jump? …Or would you rather die here?

Do you want to finish him off? It’s your call.

Music: Regret

Shut up. I bet everyone told you the same.

Go ahead and finish me off… You do that… and my real self will go down too… You have that right since you’ve won...


You’re kind, Lady Ann...
I’ve lost. You’re through when you lose…

Hey, just so you know, we don’t have time to waste. This place is about to collapse!

Castle Escape

Music: Collapse of Lust

This goddamn cat, I swear.


Despite the fact that we were in a tower, the exit to the Palace is now a massive hallway. That’s animated cutscenes for ya.

Morgana, back in cat form, jumps atop Ann’s head.

No fair, you jerk!

Suddenly, Ryuji starts limping.

...It’s true. We can’t go there anymore.
What about the Treasure!?

Well, we weren’t holding it during that cutscene, so...

What the…?
...A medal? Wait, where’d that crown go?
What’s goin’ on…?
It means, that was the source of Kamoshida’s desires. To him, this medal is worth as much as that crown we saw in the palace.

So, that perv kept clingin’ to his past glory and couldn’t let it go...
But… this means that Kamoshida’s heart might have changed, right?
Our expulsion’s on the line here!
This is the first successful example for me too. However, there’s no doubt that this has affected Kamoshida’s personality quite a lot. The entire Palace disappeared, after all.
Ugh, I feel all antsy! Ain’t there a way to check now?

Come on, why the gloomy faces? Be happy! We completed this with great success, you know.
We just don’t know if everything’s OK yet...

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. Remember how Kamoshida’s Shadow said that he’s returning to his self in reality?

I promise you that line sounds exactly as awkward when voiced as you’d think.

Still… He did seem to regain his conscience somewhat at the end.

There are definitely those who have been saved thanks to what you’ve done.
Anyways, I guess we gotta wait. It all boils down to what’s gonna happen to Kamoshida… or if we’re gettin’ expelled for real...

...Yeah, let’s go.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You think? I’m glad to hear that… Anyway, that cognitive world was pretty crazy, huh? What a mysterious place. I can’t believe we actually stole someone’s heart… Speaking of mysterious, there’s also the matter of Morgana’s transformation. When we were escaping, didn’t he turn back into a cat even though we were still in the Palace?

Basically, the Treasure changes the shape of things. Once that’s gone, the power no longer works. Though the real reason I changed quickly back then was because I’m so incredibly skilled! How’s that? Isn’t that amazing!?

Oh yeah, I forgot Morgana is reading these messages too. I think I feel a little better after talking with you. Thanks. We still haven’t seen any results, but it feels like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. I hope you don’t mind talking to me too much. Well, see you tomorrow.

Nothing goes your way in life. Let it get to your head, and you’ll get the rug pulled from under you.

Geez, Sojiro, way to take a shit right in my lap. This dialogue plays after clearing a Palace. There’s an additional bit of dialogue that you get the night before, but I forgot to include it last time.

It’s called a bank transfer scam, and they’ve been happening much more frequently in the city. Many young people have been victimized, and the police are being told to stay on the alert.
The victims are mostly young people? Oh, you’d better be careful, too.

Yeah, sure thing, cat.

It’s such a pain to put on makeup, and I hate shopping, so I usually end up just lazing about the house.
Same here. Good thing there’s home shopping. They always have the best stuff on Sundays.
Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about! They even sell surgical masks for when you’re sick.
I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. It’s so popular they always sell out if you don’t call the same day.

I slept in, so I ran out without eating breakfast… I feel so weak because of it… After we took down Kamoshida, I just feel so spent and out of gas, you know? You get me, right?

Right? Now all we have left to do is wait for that board meeting… Anyways, I’m hungry. I guess I’ll buy some bread at the school store...

Music: So Boring

You kids are lucky to receive direct instruction from a world-famous athlete like him. Sports have been regarded as sacred things that invigorate people since ancient times. So much so that the emperor himself even participated once.

It’s Nero. *sigh* It’s good to throw yourself into your club activities, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your studies.
….. Sorry...

What event did Emperor Nero add to the Olympics so that he could participate?

Nero’s the crazy one, right? Or was that Caligula? Singing seems like a pretty batshit answer either way.

Correct. Hm. It seems you’ve been studying after all. Apparently Nero was tone deaf, but he ended up winning. The emperor held absolute power, after all. Because of these kinds of selfish actions—not to mention a lecherous side—he became known as a despot.
Whoa, he actually knew that?
Maybe I should ask if I can borrow his notes...
Wow, you must be really smart to be able to answer a question like that!

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

That said, recently people have begun reevaluating Nero’s reign. Regardless though, he was lacking in sportsmanship. He should have taken a page out of Kamoshida-kun’s book! Hahaha!
Don’t give us that crap. Kamoshida’s the real despot.

Music: Disquiet

*shakes head*
You really think he changed?

Well, yeah...

Mr. Kamoshida has taken the day off.
He ain’t here…?
Don’t tell anyone that you heard this from me… But we received word that Mr. Kamoshida is placing himself under suspension. It’s such an important time before the tournament too… Principal Kobayakawa went to talk to him about it, but he supposedly wasn’t making any sense...

The talks about your expulsions may be put on hold too… I don’t know too much about it though… Anyway, I’ve relayed what’s going on to you.

At least it sounds different from a mental shutdown… I guess all we can do is wait...

Well, that’s nerve-wracking. We have no idea when Kamoshida will come back or what his reaction will be when it does. Let’s hope for the best.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Of course, waiting is pretty boring… I wonder what Ryuji and the rest are up to?

“The rest?” There’s only one other person you could possibly be referring to, Morgana.

We should go on a trip or something. Whaddya think?
Sorry, I’m gonna have to pass.
What, you busy?
Yeah, I’ll be visiting Shiho in the hospital after school for the next few days.

Yeah, thanks. I’m totally down to go somewhere once things calm down though.
It sounds like we won’t be able to see Lady Ann after school for a while. How unfortunate.

This cat is way too thirsty for this girl.

I hear Mr. Kamoshida’s taking a leave of absence. Maybe it’s because of that calling card. I’m sure this Phantom Thieves stunt is just a prank. Still, the newspaper club should follow this.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were real? As a member of the newspaper club, I’m going to see what I can dig up on them!

Oh, are you talking about those psychotic breakdowns? It’s nothing that crazy. Maybe I’m just tired.
Hey you might feel better if you eat something. Let’s stop by Big Bang on Central Street.

Just down the hallway...

*giggle* I’ll post online and everyone will know what me and Ikesugi-kun share… *giggle* I’ll tell them, “He seemed a bit tired… so I massaged his shoulders for him. ☆” *giggle*

Yikes. Well, none of our business.

This time, let’s try using the phone to make an appointment.

I’ll prolly end up going easy on myself if I do it alone… Anyways, it’d prolly be the most efficient if we trained together. How ‘bout it?

This message plays if you have a Persona in your current arsenal that matches the Arcana of the Confidant you’re about to hang out with. It gives you bonus points, and it’s really annoying because you always want to have a matching Persona so it forces you to structure your Personas around it or just constantly resummon. It’s actually much less of an issue in P5 than in previous games just due to how many of the Confidants in this game are gated entirely by the story.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon...

I was trainin’ for nationals back in the day… but now I totally suck balls.

Music: Suspicion

...Running, huh? I saw you from the window.
What, you gonna try to come crawling back to the track team?
Huh? H-Hell no...
Sure… Speaking of which, this was your secret training spot, wasn’t it? Well, it’s our spot now. You know, us. The former track team.
We don’t even have a locker room anymore, thanks to someone I know.

Yeah, this isn’t anything like a fight. Not even close. Hold on, aren’t you that transfer student? You’re really gonna hang around with this loser?
You better watch out. He’ll hit you the second he gets pissed off. I heard his dad was the same way. Like father like son, right? Now that’s some scary shit.

Look, back then, I...
I don’t need to hear your excuses. Everyone was going through the same bullshit with Kamoshida. The beatings, the impossible exercises… but we put up with all of it for the track team.

Man, I was stupid for ever thinking you were my teammate.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I haven’t changed at all… But y’know… you actually helped me calm down a little. I’m glad you were here with me. Thanks man!

Time for another Weird High-Five.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper...

Ryuji can now follow up an attack by Maaku that doesn’t down the target randomly. These don’t come into play that often but they’re still handy.

...Let’s call it a day.

The hell’s your problem!?
Now they’re just arguing with each other… …I should stay out of it. Anyways, nice trainin’ with you.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

And I told her we settled things with Kamoshida. She still hasn’t regained consciousness… but I had to go make amends.

But I wasn’t there when she needed help. I’m a failure as a friend… I have to do all I can to make up for that, starting now. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to move on.
Man, I didn’t know you were so passionate. I totally didn’t notice that back in middle school.
I think it’s because of you guys. I’m a little embarrassed though… Anyway, Ryuji, Maaku… I hope we can keep helping each other out from now on too.

Somethin’ I wanna ask you. C’mere, let’s have a chat.

Oh fuck Sojiro knows I’m a Phantom Thief my life is over oh fuck

Care to have a little chat with me? What, it’s just some small talk.

Good. There’re a lot of things I want to ask you. I’ll clean up, so just wait there.

Okay, we’ve been through this ringer before. Just stick your face in the TV, Dojima’ll have to believe it.

Music: Alleycat

Okay, stay calm, that could mean anything.

You’re not causing any trouble, are you?

Maaku starts sweating profusely.


Seems like we’re safe, but I’m not convinced he’s not going to Columbo us here.

I’ve gotta report to your probation officer twice a month. It’s already a pain in the ass as is, so please don’t make me have to write even more crap.

You can go and get yourself killed if you want, but don’t go dragging other people into your mess. The last thing we need is more idiots like you roaming around.

Harsh, man.

Yeah, I’m heading out now. Sorry about that. ...I know. The usual, right? OK. I’ll see you later.

If you could lend a hand, it’d really be a great help...

Sure thing, Fake Da-I mean, sir.

Now, we’re talking. Either way, I won’t ask you to work for free. If you agree to help me, then… I’ll teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Not a bad trade, eh?

All right. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a deal.
The distance between me and Sojiro seems to be closing slightly...

Music: Interrogation Room

You may call yourself a phantom thief, but you’re still a minor. Someone had to support you. Furthermore, they did so knowing you were a part of that group… ...Isn’t the owner of that cafe an accomplice of yours!?

“And where did you learn to brew such delicious coffee, you hooligan?”

Music: The Spirit

The Hierophant, also known as The Pope, is associated with religion, conformity, and tradition, but also restriction and challenging those very norms that confine you.

No Confidant bonus for Sojiro just yet.

“There’s just one more thing.”

See ya later.

Sojiro is one of my favorite characters in this game, and he’s voiced by Jamieson Price giving what might also be my favorite performance. He’s just fantastic all around.