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Part 180: 12/7: [redacted]

Music: Regret

...You’re so lucky. Lucky to be surrounded… by teammates who acknowledge you… And once Shido confesses his crimes, you’ll all be heroes. As for me, people will find out my past deductions were just charade. My fame and trust will vanish.

Oh boo fucking hoo.

...I see. So you were turning people psychotic, then solving the cases yourself. And you did that by joining forces with Shido.
In the end… I couldn’t be special…
Dude, you’re more than special…


It pains me to admit… but your wit and strength far exceeds ours. We only defeated you by teaming up… I was honestly… envious of your natural ability.

Oh, fuck this

It was frustrating to see how much my sister trusted you…
I have no intention of forgiving you for what you did to my father, but… I sympathize with you. I wholeheartedly understand wanting to get back at the adults who took from you…
But when you gained the power to fulfill that desire, you only used it for your own self-benefit.
If you have the ability to use multiple Personas, you probably have the same talents as Joker. But because you went through life alone, the power you awakened was fueled by lies and hate… Still, you thought that was enough, right…? That part, I totally get.
You excelled at everything over us… yet that was the one thing you lacked.

All right, let’s go back and get that callin’ card ready! (to Akechi) We’re gonna take Shido down. What’re you gonna do?

Fucking what!? He’s a mass murderer!!!!!

So yeah, all you guys worried that things would all be hunky dory after Akechi’s fight were maybe on to something, there.

You should get rid of me… if you don’t want me getting in your way. ……

Music: Desire


That’s… Shido’s cognitive version of Akechi!

One thing that my portraits can’t really capture is just how creepy and dead this motherfucker’s eyes are.

Captain Shido’s orders… He has no need for losers. Well… this just moves the plan up a little. He was going to get rid of you after the election anyway.

You can’t possibly be surprised by this, my dude.

Did you truly believe you’d be spared after all the murders you undertook? Don’t tell me… Were you actually feeling good about having someone rely on you for once? Oh by the way, the captain says it’s time you receive retribution for causing the mental shutdowns.
What the hell, man!? That bastard’s the one who put him up to it!

I was wondering how he’d protect himself if I used my power to tear through his Palace. Turns out you’re how. So he’s making a puppet kill me… Sounds like something he’d do.
That’s right. I’ll do anything. But look at yourself… you’re the true puppet.

Not only is Cognitive Akechi a fucking sociopath, he’s also a vampire apparently.

You’ve been nothing but a puppet from the very beginning.
You little…!
So this… is how Shido thinks of Goro Akechi… It’s… it’s too horrible!
It’s still not too late! We can change his heart together! Even if he’s your father… No, because he’s your father!

noooooo let him dieeeeee

Oh my goooooooooooooooooood what’s going on with your goddamn face!?

No… He’s not alone! He has Shadows too…!?
You know what? I’ll let someone volunteer to take his place. Who knows, you might delay his death.
Damn you…!

Oh, that’s just the same as me. I’m going to take all the blame for our captain. I’ll die for him too.
This is what Shido thinks of Akechi-kun, even after making him help with the murders…!?

Uh, yeah, you already said that, Makoto.

(to Akechi) Here, I’ll give you one last chance. Shoot them.
Haha… I was such a fool.

...Don’t misunderstand. You’re the one who’s going to disappear!

Music: Alleycat

Fuckin’ sad music playing over your heroic sacrifice, fuck you. You didn’t earn that.

You fool! Are you trying to get yourself killed!?
The real fools… are you guys. You should have just abandoned me here a long time ago… You would have all perished… if you had tried to face these with me weighing you down…

Let’s make a deal… OK? You won’t say no… will you?
Why at a time like this…!?
Change Shido’s heart… in my stead… End his crimes… Please…!

I kind of want to do it less now that you’re asking me, jeez. Fine, whatever.

Akechi smiles and nods.


Music: The Spirit

It’s Akechi, everyone! The charming Detective Prince you all know and love! He’s voiced by Robbie Daymond!

(A funny thing here is that Akechi is the only Confidant in the game to give no permanent benefit, if we acknowledge that Sae’s “?????????????” just means that we get to keep playing the game. Lol, Akechi was worthless to the end)

Music: Alleycat


Not bad.

Isn’t there some way to get this open, Mona…?

I’m only getting… the weaklings…

Welp, too bad, let’s go.

Come on, you guys! We can’t let a rotten criminal like Shido do what he wants any longer! We can’t… no matter what!

Part 170: 12/7: A Murder Of Crows

Now, before we go, it’s time for...

Did you know? According to some tweet I read once that I never saw any other substantiation for, apparently data miners found evidence that Akechi was originally intended to have his own Palace! This would probably have been very early in development, I assume. Pretty weird, right? Oh well! Anyway, that’s the end of Akechi. Let us never speak of him again.